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Alamosa, Southern Colorado (USA) – August 12, 2015

ChiefSeattleQuoteThe nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima is not going away any time soon.   It is an officially admitted fact that over 300 tons of radioactively contaminated water PER DAY continues to spill into the Pacific Ocean.  (See here)   This has been going on for what is now well over four years.  The radioactive Strontium content of this contaminated water is rising.   (See here)  The proposed ice wall that’s intended to keep ground water from reaching the molten cores and contaminated water from leaving the site has failed so far.  Unless new technologies or completely different approaches are invented and tried, decommissioning could take centuries.  (See here)   As things look now, there is no end in sight:  radioactive pollution of groundwater, ocean and atmosphere is likely to continue unabated all along…

SOURCE: TEPCO (though censored since); Plucked from:

SOURCE: TEPCO (though censored since), via

Disturbances to various parts of the ecological web, which most likely have already begun with unusual blooms of certain radiation-stimulated and/or heavy-metal-thriving bacteria, fungi, algae and other small organisms, can be expected to affect the whole web of life through bio-accumulations and food supply disturbances moving up the food chains.

It is even possible that radioactive pollution is playing a role in the warming of the Northern Pacific, through one of the nuclear industry’s major pollutants, Krypton-85, altering the water cycles, as well as perhaps contributions from radioactive decay of added radionuclides.

Anyhow…  What is there left to be said?

Click image for more @

Click image for more @

  It is certain to lead to increases in mutations, immunity disorders, heart diseases, cancers and nervous system disorders, etc. over the coming decades, including in large animals higher up the food chain, humans being no exception whatsoever.

Go ahead, kick your feed up and light up before surfing on…


A beach in Fukushima, 15 miles south of the disaster site, November 2013.   Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven. Click image for more.

Unless you’re already suffering health consequences in the fallout path, you probably can still opt out into denial and dutifully do your data entry, upload your children’s biometrics, perhaps ‘like’ some alternative news posts, etc. on the military industrial complex’ early-alert anti-uprising, citizen surveillance, and behavior modification research platform (also known as ‘facebook’)…  But the reality of our collective predicament may melt down into your gadget-covered awareness to become undeniable during this 21st century nonetheless.  One thing that is certain, though: the current widespread apathy is going to absolutely leave future generations mind-boggled that this extremely serious situation wasn’t met early on with the brutal honesty and all-hands-on-deck emergency mobilization it calls for.   All for short-sighted profiteering…  It’s freak’n insane…

July 20, 2015: “Only Just Beginning…” – Arnie Gundersen & Paul Gunter on Fukushima’s Nuclear Crisis.

Government monitoring of the spread of strontium and other far-more-dangerous-than-cesium radionuclides is so dismal that *I* with my one rainwater sample from that radioactive thunderstorm on June 14, have done more Strontium-89/90 testing of precipitation  in Utah and Colorado combined than the US federal government has done in the past 3 decades.   It wasn’t able to *proof* with 95% scientific certainty that Fukushima is still fissioning, but, at least if you’re capable of seeing past 3-sigma detection definitions, my data DOES suggest this is quite likely.

What the hell is Antimony-124 (and likely Cesium-134, Strontium-89 & Ruthenium-106) doing in the rain over mainland USA?  Or why such an uptick above background in radionuclide-absorbing lichen at the energy level corresponding with Iodine-131?   Coincidence that a very specific jet stream patterns allowed for quickly-rising Fukushima emissions to reach this area within 3 days?   See August 1, 2015, “Synopsis / Improved Version: ‘Mainland USA June 14 2015 Radioactive Rain & Lichen Data Revisited’.

The number of people doing actual independent research is ridiculously limited.   I can only hope that changes…  Though most just spread blips of information from various sources, the following sites can still help to connect some dots:

You know… I could continue documenting the data gaps on the monitoring networks, and analyze them for patterns corresponding with atmospheric dynamics.  I could… yeah…  But we already KNOW the monitoring networks are rigged.   Browse through my 660+ blog posts and you’ll find dozens of documentation examples.  It’s ongoing.

Alright, what’s going on at EURDEP, the totally rigged-to-hide-anything-too-unusual data exchange platform of the European Community…

Let’s see…   For futility’s sake…  Prior to August 11, 2015, 12:00 UTC, maximum gamma radiation levels, 1 month data:

Some maroon dots, many of which are calibrations (like the cluster in Latvia), or seemingly random glitch dots (which might correspond with radioactive clouds moving higher up), or notoriously erratic monitors (like in Macedonia).   It gets a lot more interesting when you sample monitors and graph the data.  That’s when you can see that monitors that appear to have had nothing unusual are often the ones with significant data gaps.    Let’s look in the northern regions which get fallout from the same jet stream that brings the nuclear industry’s gifts to the Northern Pacific and Alaska (see also here and here):

In Iceland, 3 of the 4 monitors remain off-line…  The one left is colored nicely low (yellow, aka “nothing to see here”), because…  almost half the time the data is censored anyhow:

IcelandsLastStandingJust Iceland?  Let’s see… further north on the Norwegian island of Spitzbergen… seems to have received the whiff earlier:

SpitzbergenHow about further west on Denmark-claimed Greenland:

Greenland_mostSOuthWesternMonitorEven further west on that little France-claimed island off Eastern Canada:

MostEasternCanada_FrenchIslandHm… Okay, how about most northern Norway?

NoordkaapThat darker dot in Northern Sweden:

darkerDotNothernSwedenThe Norwegian capitol Oslo in the south:

OsloReally think it’s “coincidental” how that corresponds with the data from this German Island in the North Sea:

HelgoLand_GermanIslandNorthSeaOr Northern Denmark:

NorthernDenmarkAnyways…  Different month, same shit.   Come on, Vikings, slay that nuclear monster already!

Let’s look a little south at Belgium, where I grew up….  The Belgian government, ignoring pleas from citizens, including official requests from the nearby German city of Aachen, etc, is hell-bend (no pun intended) on continuing their hallmark demonstration of stupidity and signaled loud and clear they don’t give a shit about future generations:  the country that’s already #1 in breast cancer incidence and in the top 5 for many other cancers, is extending the lifetime of the reactors full of microcracks in both Doel (by Antwerp) and Tihange, far beyond their design…

Belgium_tihangeLeakNote the couple darker dots near Tihange?   Consider it an appetizer for Western Europe’s all-too-predictable coming nuclear catastrophe.  Did a small release of radionuclides escape from the Tihange NPP this past week?    Sure looks like it.  Wind changed erratically, hard to figure out without spending a lot more time on this, but in any case, regardless of where the upticks came from, you won’t find a peep in any Belgian newspaper about this, of course.  Even if the whole thing exploded, they would try to pull off the same PR tricks Japan is using right now too.  “No reason for concern.  The release is below maximum levels”, blah blah blah.  You can count on it.  Deception is the name of the nuclear game.   They don’t even know yet where exactly they’ll store the accumulating heaps of hot spent fuel…

Anyways, here’s a sampling of the past month’s data from monitors in the red circle near and west of Tihange:

Tihange_justUpwind Huy

Values over 200 nSv/hr are most likely to have a man-made component to the rain-out event

Andenne_upstreamMaasWant an excellent Trappist beer with that?ChimayTake a deep breath across the border to the north?

Maastricht_NLDid you know Luxembourg handed out free iodine pills to its half a million citizens in 2014 to help protect them in the event of a serious nuclear incident, supposedly because of “proximity to France’s controversial Cattenom nuclear power station”?  Interestingly Luxembourg’s monitoring system appears strangely more sensitive to radioactive pollution than any of its three neighboring countries’, very often showing “glitch dots” that hint of fallout-containing clouds higher up.   Just an impression.  This glitch dot may have been a hot particle hitting a monitor:WestLux

That data gap right after or around July 26 can be found on many monitors, perhaps related to the larger data gaps and disturbances seen further north, but the uptick in the first week of August in that region appears more likely related to a release from Tihange.  I don’t know though.

Few monitors show both events:BiersetThat early August data gap coincides with a small high pressure system bringing stuff from higher up down.   Why that so often corresponds with monitors turning themselves off… “Go figure”.  Surely that can’t have anything to do with the psychopathic greed heads at the nuclear-pushing IAEA having been involved in writing the data processing software…, could it?

CentralFranceLooking at some of the monitors further south, such as in France (example above and below), gives me the impression we may have 3 events here:  a Fukushima-originated whiff reaching Europe with the northern jet stream, small releases from active reactors, such as Tihange and elsewhere, and perhaps a whiff of radioactive smoke from the latest Chernobyl-region wildfires swirling back over Europe.

GlitchThisMost people already go into cognitive dissonance mode when shown just a tiny bit of evidence of the ongoing cover-up, even though these blips of censored data don’t even scratch the surface…

When I reflect on thát…

♬  …all I want to do is get high by the beach… 

get high by the beach…

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The websites listed above will probably suffice to keep you informed.

Stupid…  Peace Out …

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