Chernobyl Wildfires – Again. (August 2015)

Part of the Chernobyl contaminated region is on fire yet once again… 

See RT, Aug. 9, 2015: @

Looks like a high-pressure system over north-eastern Ukraine is blowing the likely-radioactive smoke into Russia, but some may swirl clockwise to the south and re-enter Eastern European countries.  Toy around with Nullschool for details.  (At time of checking I looked @,52.70,2048 ).  To estimate the most likely new fallout deposition areas, you have to track the smoke path, and try to find out where that coincides with precipitation.

More tools for figuring out what may be send back into the air, including fallout deposition maps and radiation monitors in the region, see my blog posts from the previous wildfires in that area, such as  July 2, 2015 @Chernobyl Grass Fires (End of June, Begin of July – 2015) – A Quick Look + Update, as well as the May 3, 2015  post re. the spring fires @ “Chernobyl Forest Fire UPDATE – w/ Final Additions: 150+ Bq/m^3 Cs-137 in air 100 km from Forest Fires on April 29“.  For those seeking more insights into the current situation, hopefully those previous post will give helpful leads.

Radiation Monitors @

If you document unreported aspects of this fire, please leave a link in comments.  Thanks.

(Sorry:  I don’t have the time to delve into tracking the possible fallout smoke cloud this time.  Though I haven’t been following the latest developments, is this latest fire curiously again happening at the very time when discharges from Fukushima-Daiichi have reportedly intensified in the preceding week, according to F1 web cam observers…?

On a probably unrelated side note:  A car-hood rain swipe of last evening’s rainstorm (Aug 8, 2015 – SLV, Southern Colorado) measured 11 µSv/hr on contact, mostly fast-emitting Beta, most-likely majority natural radon progeny.  This marked the first such spike since the June 14 thunderstorm, which I had lab-analyzed.  A Fukushima-fallout contribution is possible, but less likely than last time.   I do not have the resources to investigate it further.)

Other blog posts possible of interest may include:


For more, see also option in Nuclear News Links.

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“The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophes.”

– Albert Einstein

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2 Responses to Chernobyl Wildfires – Again. (August 2015)

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  2. MVB says:

    Additional fire in September 2015. [h/t ‘pure water’ on ENEnews @ ]:

    ” One more fire, or as a matter of fact several of them near Kiev at the same time:
    And here:
    The list of recomendations include
    -avoid going out (schools were closed)
    -take vitamins and fermented products like yogurt
    -take several showers per day
    One of the burning areas is in Ivankovo region, which is among the most affected regions after Chernobyl. If I remember well it is the 3 time this year when major wild fires devastate Ukraine.”

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