How to scatter plot the EPA’s Radnet data

“Happy 4th of July”… 

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I got a message from the near future, “I followed the link you provided via enenews to the EPA radnet for Fairbanks. But I don’t know how to read the data. Can you provide a primer? […]  Please advise.” Okay…

On ENEnews (here) I had commented,

“[…] I suspect, just as right after it began, most is ending up in the Northern Pacific. For my location, the fallout pattern during which I sampled the rain is actually quite rare and the ecosystem here is generally still healthy and thriving with all the recent rain, but those atmospheric fallout deposition conditions happen all the time over the Pacific. All the time. Just scrutinize nullschool data. For a hint just run EPA’s Radnet data for Anchorage y Fairbanks for the past week and ponder all thóse beta data gaps…  […]”

So… When you click on , you get this message (screenshot: July 6, 2015, my annotations added): EPAradnetquerypage_annotFor this example, we’ll go with Anchorage, Alaska: AnchorageAK_1week_radnet_preJuly7_2015If you use a more secure browser like Firefox, you have to click ‘Allow’ to it to load the data, otherwise it looks like it’s loading f o r e v e r… AllowEventually… you get the data: eventually...Scroll down…

ToGraphs...2If you’re like me, you may run into the system’s notorious sudden mood swings and get a message like this:

ANdThenSomeOr this: Oh Fun...

Or a variety of other ones, all having the same effect.

But, if you don’t give up, you often get your graphed data.  It used to say the location, now you have to add that yourself. How lovely again… [sarc.]

Look at that:  half the week’s data censored:

AnchorageAK_1week_July6_2015Hope that helps…

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This blog post was back-dated to July 4, even though it was posted on July 6, because I wanted the more important blog post to stay at the top for a bit longer:   Gamma-Spectroscopy Results of Colorado Radioactive Freak Rain: Fukushima’s Fissioning Mini-Sun on the Edge of the Pacific Ocean is COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL

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