Fin Whale Die-Off by Alaska area ‘a Perplexing Mystery’… + More Data Rigging Evidence: EPA Radnet Beta radiation monitor @ Fairbanks Spiking when DATA GAPS @ Anchorage

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May Whales Roam This Beautiful Earth Forever.

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This blog posts adds to “(May 28, 2015 – How does it taste, Alaska? Metallic?” and wonders IF perhaps ocean creatures are being affected by radioactive fallout, similarly as I’ve out-loud-wondered about the ‘mysterious’ sudden die-off of Kazakhstan’s Saiga antelope, which, by the way, must have occurred roughly in the same 10 days!)




You know what I find ‘curious’ about all these baffled perplexed vexed expert scientists? They all -somehow- discount Fukushima’s ONGOING gushing of radionuclides into the Pacific.  Why discount that?  Based on practically no data and a lot of blind faith in the statements of a couple men?   Add to that the airborne releases being deposited in erratic patterns, with relative “hotspots” most likely over regions of the Northern Pacific… and that 1) the effects of low doses of fallout have been systematically underestimated, and 2) though we know the effect of various radioisotopes varies from species to species, little is actually known about the specifics.    This is the stuff that has me stare into space sometimes.  ‘Cause you know what *I* find baffling, perplexing,… truly ‘a mystery’?  That they aren’t very aggressively pursuing this vein of investigation!  In my mind, that’s outright ‘bizarre’…

Meanwhile I came across Fukushima Diary‘s relay of the latest TEPCO data.  (Fukushima Diary is listed in my top 20 of Nuclear News Sources).

What he just relayed is, unfortunately, right in line with my Sept. 25, 2014, “Strontium-90 skyrocketing in Fukushima’s On-Site Groundwater. German meltdown model that predicted this suggests worst is yet to come“…

That just to sketch a bit of a context, somehow lost on the perplexed.

So I was wondering if I could pinpoint a fallout deposition zone in this latest whale death region, by looking at radiation and wind data.

(I mean… Who knows, right?  Why, again, ‘radioactive fallout’ or even ‘Fukushima’ is somehow not to be mentioned…  What is this? THEY LIVE‘ ?  Where’s the transmitter?)

Does anyone have the precise location the whales were found in, and the direction they likely came from or where they were most likely before they died?   If I knew that, perhaps I could do a better job at this…

!!!–>  I was looking at just the days before.  Then, by re-reading the reports relayed by ENEnews, I realized the whale deaths occurred probably about a month ago.   So, to be clear, the below SAYS NOTHING about the whale deaths, BUT I’m sharing it as-is, because the same “methodology” could be applied to other dates.   Maybe I’ll expand into more earlier time periods another day (in which case, they’ll be added at the end of the post), but for now I have to wrap this up due to time limits I put on myself for this post.

Methodology EXAMPLE

In Nullschool, you can see the wind slow downs at 250 hPa (jet stream height), and very clearly at 500 hPa (just below); Change date to June 17, 2015 6:00 ETC: ->,71.15,274    Areas marked with a red squares and question marks are areas I would check for traces of fallout right at the times the wind patterns are like that.  (If I were a perplexed scientist seeking answers, that is…)   The small green circle is right near Kodiak Island

Nullschool_AlaskaNorthPacific_June17_2015_06.00ETC_annot1There’s also a high pressure west of AK marked with a yellow circled and H.

Anyhow, to find out if perhaps this wind pattern brought down fallout, I checked the EPA Radnet monitors for Anchorage and Fairbanks for the June 15-21 week (has Beta too!).   There is no radiation monitoring ‘network’, just a couple monitors very far apart from each other: Fairbanks, Anchorage & Juneau is it for this enormous region:

Click for Google maps

Click for Google maps

Now, part of why I’m sharing this blog posts is to show yet another example of data rigging.  As I’ve pointed out numerous times in the past year, the same thing that’s going on in Europe with EURDEP is going on in the American EPA Radnet too:  systematic data omissions.   They’re invisible unless you do some puzzle work.   Check out this latest discovery of such an example:

Also via my page Online Radiation Monitors:

US EPA Radnet queries:

-> Scatter plot ’em and you’ll see that the 3 peak dots in Beta at Anchorage more-the-less yet strikingly correspond with the 3 DATA GAPS at Fairbanks.  This just happened this past week, Annotated to makes it easier to spot:

Fairbanks_Anchorage_AK__June15_21_2015_You see what I mean?   When it might matter most, there’s nothing to see.  With nothing to see, the so-called authorities can stick to the sorry story they broadcast, that nothing unusual is being detected.  Obviously, we-the-people are not allowed to know some things…  How high do these hidden radiation measurement data points really go?  What was in the air that they are being omitted?

So… running with the hypothesis again that radioactive fallout reaches the surface in those areas where upper air wind slows down…    WHAT IF a peak fallout deposition (of the kind that is extreme enough that “levels of concern” need to be omitted from the public data graphs…) happened somewhere over areas off the Alaska coast, in the Northern Pacific Ocean?   Is it really that lunatic tin-foil-hatted wacko to wonder if this may be playing a role in strangely coinciding animal deaths?

See, if the ‘experts’ were to take these suggestions serious, they could simply start by studying these wind patterns, and search for the specific slow-downs that could bring down high-altitude air (with whatever’s in there), then they could jump in their research cars, boats & helicopters and go take various samples on land and ocean, as well as from air filters they carry with them, and then put the samples in scintillators on the way to the lab to not miss possibly quickly decaying radioisotope energy emission markers.  And then have ’em analyzed ASAP in detail, with microBecquerrel per gram precision, and maybe at least get some clues about which isotopes are making the monitors spike.  Maybe the ninja isotopes that have mysterious jedi trick capabilities to turn radiation monitors off could be identified, and the executives of the corporation that sends out these monitor-gagging ninja radionuclides could be arrested for tampering with nuclear infrastructure?   [sarc.]   Or perhaps if enough tests are done, they could rule out what I’m wondering about?  You know, they could just go up to higher altitude and collect air filter samples for analysis too…

Or, I suppose, they can just stay ‘perplexed’…

And I can keep shaking my head and be like, “what the hell are they waiting for…?”

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Note: in the title, I had Fairbanks and Anchorage reversed (as the web-link still shows).  If you spot other errors, please point ’em out to me.  Thanks. 

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24 Responses to Fin Whale Die-Off by Alaska area ‘a Perplexing Mystery’… + More Data Rigging Evidence: EPA Radnet Beta radiation monitor @ Fairbanks Spiking when DATA GAPS @ Anchorage

  1. Craig says:

    Too many people cite ENEnews when it comes to radition and they have been proven to be the biggest liars of all. Sorry, but whales have been beaching themselves and dying off long before Fukushima.

    • MVB says:

      ENEnews edits/summarizes/emphasizes in a tabloid-esque manner, I’d agree with that, and without reading on you could get convinced of things that upon scrutiny are not entirely correct. I’ve found that out many times. Not exactly ‘lying’, more a strong ‘confirmation bias’, I’d say. But the exact same is the case with mainstream media and apparently many top scientists, except that they seem to have a peculiar negative confirmation bias, to the point of not even testing, and then making claims about lack of evidence.

      Of course whale deaths and beachings are nothing new. And there’s the whole issue with Navy sonar tests, too. All I’m saying is: don’t discount Fukushima’s ongoing radiation releases. It deserves to be investigated. My impression is many ENEnewsers feel that way too. Is that ‘lying’? I mean, come on, Craig, the top experts agree that these die-offs are highly unusual. They’re all ‘at a loss’. Same with the saiga antelope, curiously both during a month that radioisotopes were detected that no one seems to have an explanation for. All emails to UNEP, IAEA, TEPCO remain unanswered.

      And, sure, that’s not new either. Nuclear agencies, governments and scientists have been lying long before Fukushima too. We wouldn’t be in this mess if they had been honest, would we?

      Take care.

      • K says:

        I completely disagree with Craig’s comment about Enenews. If it wasn’t for Enenews, the subject of Fukushima would have faded into the backdrop, as the nuclear industry would have loved for it to.

        If it wasn’t for Enenews, hundreds of thousands of people around the world wouldn’t be getting an amazing free education on radiation and the dangerous effects of low-level radiation.

        If it wasn’t for Enenews, excellent blogs like allegedly apparent would not have a central “depository” to post their excellent analysis on nuclear energy releases and effluent emissions, etc.

        People today lack a sense of loyalty and gratefulness. Enenews is not perfect, but it deserves loyalty for having the backbone to tackle an issue that no one wanted to tackle. I am grateful to Enenews for its continued coverage of an issue no one else will cover.

        In the past 4 years, Enenews has provided several scientific studies, scientific reports, collating of media coverage, timely interviews, a Forum where people can post radiation readings, a Forum for people to post petitions and meetings, etc.

        IMO the one thing that hurts Enenews is the “COMMENTS” section which has become the wild-wild west and is infested with commenters who IMO are trying to bring Enenews down.

        To keep Enenews elevated and respected, Enenews admin needs to keep tighter control on off-topic, crude, rude, ranting, wallpapering, etc., comments and only allow comments which inform and maturely discuss the issues.

        Enenews is very good, but with a little tweaking it could be great.

  2. MVB says:

    Important additions to consider in investigating the possibility that radioactive fallout (from Fukushima or otherwise) may play a role in the ecological upheavel of the Northern Pacific:

    Via ENEnews @ Juen 26, 2015

    CodeShutdown ( shared an important observation:

    polonium 210 seems to be in fish and plankton and people. It seems to be about one five hundredths the amount of potassium 40 in humans on a becquerel basis which is more or less meaningless. Its in cigarettes, so one could have a cigarette equivalent dose, like the bananas.

    “The concentration of
    210Po is 148 mBq/g in phytoplankton 3,145 mBq/ g in shrimp
    and 1,026 mBq/ g in mussel soft tissues 262 mBq g in fish. In contrast, humans have an average
    210Po concentration of 0.148 mBq /g, yielding a dose that is up to two orders of magnitude lower than those received by marine animals+

    Source I found for that is:

    See also my post,

    Besides speculated neutron bombardement, other ways to end up with Po210, see the decay chain possibilities to end up with Po-210:

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  7. MVB says:

    In the same vein of mystery die-offs with experts scratching their heads:

    July 18, 2015: “Oregon: First-Ever Statewide Fishing Ban Coincides With, But Does Not Cite, Widespread Unexplained Fish Die-Offs (In Some Areas Mortality Near 100%)”

    !-> @

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