Summer Solstice 2015 – Blip

Just a rant / ramble / conversation with imaginary friends and foes / …

“Let the fires burn tonight
Let the jugs of wine get drunk
Let the truth be known tonight
Don’t go lettin’ yourself hide

Go and sing to the mountains
Go and sing to the moon
Go and sing to just about everything
Cuz everything is you …

[…]” – Sing to the Mountain, by Elephant Revival

It was me who turned my blog ‘Private’ for just 41 hours.


48 hours of hourly blog traffic. The couple blips were due to ‘Google cached’ somehow being counted in the traffic, at the end by me, in the middle by someone interested in Buddhism and/or aliens. Anyways, as of 2pm Mountain Time June 20th, blog’s back up.

Not the first time I pull the plug, I suppose…  Maybe it was a last.  Possible.  The pointlessness of doing so has sunk in…  You may thank Big Brother for its return, as Google Cache and web-Archives like the WayBackMachine make disappearing my blog not really possible anymore anyhow.   In November-December 2013, there were about three weeks that there was nothing to see here either, shifted out of with “Blog Currently “Radio Silent”“, and then I re-appeared its content.   Back then, that was for very specific reasons (after my visit to Japan).   When I make the mistake of reflecting on ‘the past’, such as whatever I sensed were valid reasons at that time, I do wonder if it had all been ‘just in my head’… No way to know for sure.

Once again, I’ve come to question the point to my armchair investigations and attempts to expose lies and all that jazz.  Just like in Useless Nuclear Disaster Information! — [Fukushima Update – February 2013], to bring up a (perhaps more informative Fukushima-related) rant from the past, I’ve simply come to question the reason for this blog.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again

and expecting different results.

 – Albert Einstein

Obviously, the ‘experts’ know everything best, and ‘the media’ takes their word for it.  I get no answers from experts and top bureaucrats.  Journalists… nevermind… Journalists?  Maybe I ask really stupid questions…  They could say so, though, so I can quote them, and then you know what you’re supposed to think about my posts and questions.  That would be something, wouldn’t it?   :-/  …

In April, I shared, “Just Another Spring Day, Staring into Space…”, when the factor of raging dust storms helped me “reach my limit”.  Then there’s them sploggers, folks who steal blog content to boost their traffic.  That gets to me at times, especially since I make so many corrections after posting, and I absolutely hate it when I unintentionally sent ‘misinformation’ out into the world…  (See also,  “So if this blog goes silent again… Have a toast to the plagiarizers, the trolls, the spooks,… They won.“).

No it wasn’t them this time, it was just me being moody.

Them dust storms gave way to record spring snows and more rain than has ever been recorded in the month of May in this part of Colorado.   Now many valley meadows are flooded now (Some nature photos) and Mosquito Season might go on all summer this year…  (I’ve already been “eaten alive.”)

HomeFor2015Though I’m still just camped out, things are actually changing for the better in my life (I put an actual bed in my tent (ha!), which is a nice shift from sleeping on the ground for most of the past two years, and I have a drive-way and just got tap water on-site this past week! Happy camper!), but nevertheless… every now and then I feel like, ‘fuck it’… All of it! – and then I want just walk away from even giving a damn, or following the news, never to look at another online radiation monitors‘ graph or nullschool wind patterns again.   You know?   Some of you  know…   But I would like to take the whole damn blog with me.

This blog is just thoughts, impressions, ideas, things I found interesting at that time.  I don’t know what to think of some of what I discover myself.  I got an all-encompassing disclaimer for a reason.   My views and opinions are subject to change without notice.   Maybe this blog has been one giant mistake?  I do actually wonder about that at times.   For the most part, it’s just information, pretty freak’n useless information…   Who cares it was unavailable for 48 hours?  (Okay, I got 2 emails and 1 request for private access)  So I guess a couple folks had to look for useless information elsewhere…    Woopty Doo…


A Depeche Mode modified version may be called for… (click image for unrelated song)

A lot of people believe Fukushima’s cores disintegrated through the concrete (See my take in “Land of the Sinking Sun…“) and some have been speculating about ongoing fission flare-ups, too.  I voiced my concern that this is what’s being detected all the way in Europe (See my recent blog posts, like, “Pink Unicorns beach themselves on the shores of Lake Dystopia” and many other posts, listed in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive).

Same:  I don’t know if a fallout rain-out event caused a relative radiotoxic hotspot that affected the Saiga antelope, lead to their already-weak immune system being weakened, even just a bit, and BAM: 134,000+ of ’em succumbed en mass to some bacteria that already does many of ’em in in the spring many years.  (See previous post, The “Mysterious” mid-May 2015 Kazakhstan Saiga Antelope Die-Off – aka “Do Not Mention Radioactive Fallout…”I don’t know.  I’ve become a tad cynical on the “reporting” about it, though, and now simply expect that at some point, they’ll discover “the responsible virus” and that will be the end of it.  Case closed.   Meanwhile, the UN folks I emailed, just like folks I emailed at the IAEA and TEPCO months ago, have – so far – been completely unresponsive.  And there have been no follow-ups.  Unless you call that cuddly saiga toy a ‘news’ update…

Anyway, either the I-131 detections came from Fukushima, or there’s a major nuclear accident that’s simply not even being reported.



I don’t know what to say, to the point of wondering if what I already wrote was better left unspoken.

Something different:  Did you see this book list in “US Intelligence : Bin Laden Read About ‘Illuminati Conspiracy Theories’ and MKULTRA” [Vigilant Citizen / VC / BBC]: “Four years after the triumphant announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death by the US government, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently released a list of books allegedly found in his compound.”   Though I didn’t didn’t believe the news at that time (See blog post, May 1, 2011: Lier Obama catches skeleton Osama. Oh shocker… (yawn)), it’s a great book list.  It also includes Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert, whom I hung out with at the local pub months before he allegedly committed suicide.  ;-/  (See April 18, 2014, “R.I.P. Michael C. “Tracker” Ruppert …“)


— — — — — — —



If you are viewing this page on any website other than it may be plagiarized.  Please let me know.   All content is copyright © Michaël Van Broekhoven, administrator of the Allegedly Apparent Blog.  Content cited, quoted etc. from other sources is under the respective rights of that content owner.  For more details, see my Disclaimer, Share Policy and Fair Use Notice  If you wish to reproduce any of my content in full or in more than a paragraph or quote, please contact me first to (maybe not) obtain permission.

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2 Responses to Summer Solstice 2015 – Blip

  1. Paul Bancroft says:

    thank you for being back online :)
    i was worried a grizzly had got you… or the feds.

  2. marlon says:

    keep the light on Michael, people are searching for diamonds in the crap.

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