There Comes Another EURDEP-Data-Gap-Inducing Whiff…

DISCLAIMER (I may be wrong about EVERYTHING. No expert. No claim to truth. No credentials. Nada.)  But you may want to have a look at some stuff I point at anyway…

Even if it’s just to ‘get your freak on‘…

So um… But seriously…


Are any ‘actual scientists’ taking what I’m pointing at seriously?   (it would be nice, actually…)

To recap, this spring I-131 was detected in places that are not near labs that produce Iodine-131 for medical reasons, such as in Norway (March 2015), Sweden (May 2015) and Northern Finland (May 2015).  Iodine-131 is a recent-fission tell-tale radioisotope.  Less shocking, I-131 was also detected at CERN, Switzerland.  (That would be like detecting it in Fleuris, Belgium, one of the other places where this is leaked more frequently and legally.)   More noteworthy was the detection of Zr-97 in Northern Germany (May 12-13), however, and the detections in both northern and southern Finland of Nb-95, Ru-103, Cs-134, Cs-137, Co-60,… (May 22-25).  See the previous dozen blog posts or so, or my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

I do not know how to shake the scientific, media and political world out of its apathetic slumber when it comes to the ongoing Fukushima-Daiichi catastrophe.  Nor can I prove my suspicions or allegations at this point.  But the data I did find DO tell a story of a very peculiar fission materials leak…  And there is no way I’ll shut up about this until an in-depth investigation gets to the bottom of this.   (No worries, nature photo fans, I’ll alternate between pointing at a likely slowly enfolding hellish nuclear melt-out scenario poisoning the Pacific and beyond…, and enjoying this magnificent world with sharing nature photography. “;-)”…)

I would rather cause acute “PANIC!”  than that this apparent complete denial, which prevents the required global response to meet the challenge at hand for the coming centuries ahead, ruins quality of life in the long run.    Yet whether I try a headline like, “Radiological Emergency – Northern Hemisphere – RED ALERT !“, or one like, “Pink Unicorns beach themselves on the shores of Lake Dystopia“, or spell it out, “Yup… Fukushima is Still Fissioning – A Nullschool Wind Data Analysis of May 2015 EURDEP-Finland/Germany Radioactive Air Samples,” or keep it vague a la, “[…]“, it doesn’t really seem to matter that I brought it up at all…    Last I checked no mainstream or even “alternative” media outlet is even investigating this.  What-the-hell…  So I resort to sarcasm like,  “Anyway…“.   And this past month isn’t the first time I, and a handful other bloggers, have noted these things.  Last fall, for instance, weird radiation upticks over Germany caught my attention, written about in, “Did Germany just get a Massive Amount of Fukushima Fallout and “No One Noticed”? (A Eurdep-Nullschool investigation of the Nov. 16, 2014 radiation Upticks…)“, and expanded upon last January (with I-131 detection data as well) in, “DATA of ‘Fallout Signatures’ on Radiation Monitors Suggest Fukushima Still Going Re-Critical Underground At Times. Airborne Fallout Continues To Come Down Across the Northern Hemisphere“.

So… I don’t know…  I’m just going to keep at it, I guess, until – hokus spokus abracadabra, miraculously – the permanent shutdown of, and global ban on, all 400+ meltdown-capable nuclear fission reactors, and immediate stop to the 60 additional such monstrosities currently under construction, becomes reality…   ;-D

So I was browsing the ever-shifting jet stream wind patterns this morning…  

[Nullschool, @ -> click “Earth” (in a browser like Firefox or Safari), go up to 250 hPa height, turn the globe (mouse-click-drag) to where you want to look at…],66.89,266    … Annotated Screenshot:

Nullschool_June15_2015_1500UTC_250hPa_WesternHemi_annotOkay, you see that jet stream slow down and fan-out just south of Iceland?

Wait, here:  I’ll turn the globe… here, below, is a view of the same, showing more detail over the northern Atlantic (@,61.63,512 ); Annotated Screenshot:

Nullschool_June15_2015_1500UTC_250hPa_NorthAtlantici_annotThere’s 2 areas where jet stream-carried radioisotopes could come down:  instead of northern Iceland, it’s more likely noticeable in southern Iceland this time.  SO I’ll definitely check on Reykjavik.   And then perhaps northern UK, particularly parts of Scotland, and perhaps small signs in Southern Norway… Then it speeds up too much to cause the pattern I’ve been documenting.   The other possibility for upticks would be on the more southern arm of the fan-out, maybe Belgium, The Netherlands, …maybe North-Western Germany?).  –> On quick checks I get the impression the radioactive upticks are confined to a more northern band this time…

You can see what I’m pointing at, yes?  I added a couple scribbles to help with that (above).  Most of the air in the jet stream just continues onward, but those two zones have “potential” to detect the pattern I’ve come to suspect, namely

1) Fukushima is still fissioning and sending radioisotopes high up to jet-stream level; 2) where the jet stream slows down, trace amounts of the synthetic radioisotopes descend (the fact that I-131 upticks correspond with Be-7 upticks indicates there’s validity to this hypothesis!); 3) some may reach the surface in detectable quantities.  Signs of ‘(3)’ is what I’m looking for.

And how does EURDEP respond “to these wind patterns”?  Anything?

Most graphs, below, are 1 week data, a couple show higher resolution for just the past 2 days, and one shows two months.  I’ve highlighted the data gaps with a red box.   If you’re in law enforcement, talk to your supervisor about sending the SWAT teams into the IAEA headquarters, will you?*

*Obviously, like unvalidated public data, that’s just a joke.

Here’s a sampling:

 Greenland_South_EURDEP_1week_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Reykjavik_Iceand_EURDEP_1week_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Bolungarvik_Iceand_EURDEP_1week_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Raufarhofn_Iceand_EURDEP_1week_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Stavanger_Norway_1week__EURDEP_1wk_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Runde_Norway_1week__EURDEP_1wk_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Oslo_Norway_2DAYSonly__EURDEP_48hrs_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Longyearbyen_Norway_2DAYSonly__EURDEP_48hrs_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Lerwick_UK_EURDEP_1week_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Holwerd_Nederland_2DAYSonly__EURDEP_48hrs_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Siauliai_Lithuania_EURDEP_1week_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Tiree_UK_1week__EURDEP_1wk_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC OSTERH.-SCHARMB.OT.Pennigbuttel_Germany__2MONTHS__EURDEP_2mo_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETCCould all be completely coincidental, of course…

— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —

In other news… France, Belgium, England, ready to evacuate a couple million people?  Could happen sooner than you think.

Checked all surrounding monitors…  (Looks fine.) Soon maybe, but clearly not yet today

What’s it going to take…?     And Why wait:


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