A Sprinkling of EURDEP data (33 fairly random data sets, 1 week, re- June 12, 2015) + couple SLV Photos

Downtown Crestone, Colorado - June 12, 2015

Downtown Crestone, Colorado – June 12, 2015


snapshot of today’s blog traffic, or lack thereof, from Europe.  I’m sure that will look all normal again soon.  It usually shifts after I say something about that.  Maybe it’s all nothing…

DISCLAIMER – June 12, 2015

I was unable to get through on EURDEP yesterday.  The site kept crashing on me. (See also “[…]“)  Today it’s better.  My plan was to sample tons of radiation monitors and see if I could figure out a speculated/hypothesized radioactive cloud passing over Europe, hinted of through various radioisotope detections recently, and a very significant spike in Iceland. After I circled and checked 34 radiation monitors, however, it got painstakingly slow to load any data, so I called it quits.  As a result this blog post has very little to show. The rest was written while checking, in my usual “journey of writing a blog post’ style.  I don’t know what I’m going to find when I start.  Sometimes a blog post turns out so “nothing found at all”, that I just delete the post before anyone even gets to see it.  A lot of work for nothing is part of what it takes to find “gems” like data gaps that correspond with spikes, major spikes, highly unusual radioisotope detections, etc.   So, anyway, this is ‘what it is’… Maybe there is still something in there for someone also doing similar investigations…


I checked mostly in Northern Europe, fairly randomly, and now I’m going to see if the spike that was observed on one of the Icelandic monitors has left other marks downwind this past week.  All data is EURDEP Public “Advanced Map”, mostly unvalidated.  And you’re advised not to do anything with it unless you get approval from the folks in charge, as per their disclaimer.  So, please don’t take my word for it.  I’m “just entertaining myself“, albeit at nuclear gunpoint…  See also MY Disclaimer.

I was going to write the names on the map, but after writing one in Sweden I figured it would be much faster to just number them:

EURDEP_1week_Gamma_Max_June12_1200UTC_Annot30.aThe Gamma radiation levels were almost all completely normal.  Although some data gaps leave everyone guessing if that hides a spike or not.

This all just ONE WEEK data, pre- June 12, 2015

Note that the graphs are in nanoSievert per hour (nSv/hr), with 1 nSv = 0.001 µSv/hr; See also Radiation Units & Conversions.

1.   Qqaqortoq, Greenland

ChartImg.axd2. Bolungarvik, Iceland

ChartImg-1.axd3. Raufarhofn, Iceland

ChartImg-2.axd4. Reykjavik, Iceland

ChartImg.axd5. Svolver, Norway

56. Krangede, Sweden:


7. Brønnøoysund, Norway

78.  Drevsjø, Norway

89.  Molde, Norway

910.  Bergen, Norway

1011.  Gävle, Sweden

1112.  Vinje, Norway:

1213. Norrkoping, Sweden:

1314. Aalborg, Denmark

1415. Herning, Denmark:

1516.  Voru, Estonia:

1617.  Sorve, Estonia:

1718. Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, Scotland:

1819. Tiree, Inner Hebrides, Scotland:

1920. Knock Airport, Ireland:

2021. Aberporth, Wales:

2122.  Leuchars, Scotland:

2223.  Kolhorn, The Netherlands:

2324. Zottegem, Belgium:

2425.  Bad Kleinen, Germany: (turned off in the evenings)

2526.  Lodz, Poland:

2627. Wlodawa, Poland: (24 hours averages only)

2728. Kramolin – Ko´setice, Czech Republic:

2829. Santa Maria, Switzerland:

2930. Klaipeda, Lithuania:

3031.  Hammerfest, Norway:  (tiniest mini gaps)

31b32. Sodankylae, Finland:

3233.  Tsypnavolok, Russia (no data):

3334.  Kholmogory, Russia:


As you can see, few spikes, couple insignificant bumps, here and there short data gaps,… But no apparent clear pattern.  Maybe this gives more an idea how much work it is to actually detect ‘a pattern’ in this data, as – obviously – a random sampling like the one shown above offers very little.   The erratic nature of pollution cloud movement, with only measurements at ground level, is very difficult to pinpoint, unless the cloud is much more dense.  This is obviously not a major fallout cloud.  It’s just that I suspect it came all the way from Japan and, if that’s the case, it would be remarkable enough in and of itself if it would cause noticeable gamma upticks here and there.   Whether or not the various data gaps, spread to time and space in no particular pattern, have anything to do with fallout being omitted is really impossible to determine with such weak indications.  At minimum it would require very sensitive radioisotope analysis of frequent air filter samples to determine that.  Although Europe’s doing a much better monitoring job compared to diabolically-negligent North America, it is still dismal given the situation, I find.    But anyways…

So, if you spot something worth looking to more in the above 33 samples with data, leave a comment.  Or look into it, write a blog post, and leave me a link.   I’ll look at some more stuff, see if I can find something…

Kinda pretty... ;-)

Kinda pretty… ;-)  Abstract Eurdep Art.

Anyone heard anything about what “the neighbors” of Finland replied when Finland asked them about their detections of Niobium-95, Iodine-131, Cesium 134/137, Ruthenium-103, Cobalt-60,…   Is this being shoved under the rug?   All these radioisotopes blew in from somewhere…


I guess I’ve documented this situation as best as I could.  Sorry for mixing it in with non-relevant entertainment.  (It’s a coping thing.  Kinda intense information to process sometimes…)

PS:  Kevin Blanch is in Vienna, Austria, check out his latest YouTube videos if you’re interested in he is learning, experiencing, and sharing:  @ https://www.youtube.com/user/kevindblanch/videos

Wishing all health, prosperity, and the courage to be gentle and honest with yourself and the world.


North Crestone Creek. Early June 2015


Flooding near the U-bend in T Raod, between Moffat and Crestone, Colorado. First half of June 2015.

More photos   and more radiation data analysis!   soon…

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