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NW_Iceland_June9_2015_spikeCafé Dawn, Salida, Colorado — June 11, 2015

One of the ways “I entertain myself” is watching the response in blog views to specific blog posts, like after yesterday’s Radiological Emergency – Northern Hemisphere – RED ALERT !

 Since I scrutinized radiation data from mainly Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden & especially the measurements from Finland), and noted a very significant radiation spike in Iceland (shown again, left), I was curious to see if my findings would be noticed in these these fine northern European regions…   A little odd, again:  …. ;-/

BlogStats_Eurasia_June11_2015_2pmMTI guess not.  2 views from Norway.  That’s all in 24 hours.  The rest of the Viking world looked at other news, I suppose.  Freedom of speech never felt safer.  That’s the upside of the control grid: I can ramble all I want.  “They” make sure it doesn’t reach much of an audience anyhow.   Maybe even what I get to see is fake…  No way to tell anything anymore online, is there…?   Usually when I mention something about that, someone passes some links to friends or so and views from certain quiet zones picks back up.   Not now.

But yeah… I’m sure… “It’s all in my head…”

An uptick like that coinciding with rain, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ATLANTIC in a country without nuclear power plants... Really, not news-worthy?   Iceland, HELLO?   Anybody home?  ... ;-/

An uptick like that coinciding with rain, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ATLANTIC, in a country without nuclear power plants… Really, not news-worthy? Iceland, HELLO?  Anybody home? … ;-/  Data: http://www.gr.is/verkefni/gammageislun/bolungarvik/  [h/t Vital 1 on Enenews]

Can they even see this blog?

Other countries mentioned were Poland (8 views), in an example of EURDEP system rigging), Macedonia (major spikes), France (5 views), The Netherlands (16 views), Spain (2), Italy (2),… (spikes, bumps, omissions,…); Germany (11 views;  detection Zr-97), etc. etc…  The Blog Stats are kinda boring… – See, Yup… Fukushima is Still Fissioning – A Nullschool Wind Data Analysis of May 2015 EURDEP-Finland/Germany Radioactive Air Samples.  and “Anyway…“… and some before that.   Japan?   4 views.

Anyway… indeed…

Much more odd, however is that traffic from Belgium dropped to zero.  (After France (5 views), the two most nuclear-powered countries in the world are Belgium (where I was born and raised and, like the US or UK, always have views from) and Hungary;  views from both dropped to zero.  For Hungary that means nothing (statistically speaking), but for Belgium, that’s odd, especially given views from the “European Union” servers rose to an unusual 7.   Hm…   Well, in a nut shell: I simply don’t have enough consistent blog traffic to draw conclusions from erratic shifts.   But it’s still interesting (to me) sometimes…

I mean, hell…  I often can’t even access my own blog site…


They come in several variations, all equally frustrating…  while everything else loads just fine…


It gets extra-annoying – maybe you can imagine – when I can’t even get in my own email inbox… ;-/  I am not allowed to read my emails…  What-the-hell, right?  I don’t know enough about computers to understand how that’s done.   Maybe this is everyone’s experience…

Yahoo_glitch_accessDenied_toMyInbox_April23_2015The document I requested… My INBOX, you mean?

Or I’m not able to do much… ;-/  Poof, there goes my email access again…

Yahoo_email_May 27_2015Sometimes, I’m like…  Hm, that’s interesting, Canada is having a jet stream slow-down zone that almost certainly sprinkling those fine people with Fukushima fallout…  Should I write about that?  Nah… [checking my blog through proxies from Canada… Error… Error… Blank Screen… Error…]  Why bother…  They wouldn’t be able to see it anyways, at least not the day it would matter…May15_2015_CanadaAccessBlocked

Seven views today from the servers of the European Union today is “something”, I suppose.  Maybe some EU bureaucrats took notice (?) that I’m “calling on hackers” to expose their rigged radiation monitoring system?  Not sure anymore these days which one would be illegal, the rigging or the hacking… or the ‘just kidding’ about that…

All of you blog visitors, by now you’ve gotten my drift, I reckon:  This is all just “for entertainment purposes only”.

“;-) RIGHT?!”

Who cares about future generations anyhow.  Right?  Child leukemia, friends in their 30s, 40s & 50s dropping like slow-motion Saiga antilope, the fallout condition known as ‘Chernobyl Heart‘, the orphanages with deformed kids…  Why do you think The-Powers-That-Bomb let Belarus be a super-restricted dictatorship?   Why do you think Japan is allowed, err, encouraged by the US, to sink into a US-style de facto fascist dictatorship with a bullshit puppet “democracy”, State Secrets Act and all?

I know that if the brain gets its dopamine kick from seeing ‘likes’ on the NSA data entry portal Telescreen, facebook, that the fb-rewired brain may not know what to do when confronted with raw non-fiction non-entertaining heart-wrenching realities… Like a massive cover-up of contamination and its consequences, that’s being downplayed by an unbelievably powerful cartel of psychopaths. “Like?”   

Does anyone in their right mind think this is not a big deal that the radiation monitoring systems are rigged to hide the fallout spikes?




If you don’t understand the significance of these photos, I suggest these two documents for context:

Still ‘like” being LIED to by the government agencies that were entrusted to be transparent and honest about radiation monitoring?  We may never even find out about the consequences of Fukushima and all the other hushed smaller leaks and accidents anymore…   The cover-up is massive and all-encompassing…

Anyways, them blog stats… Statistically not striking enough to fuss about, I suppose.  On GeoPeeker all looked fine; and unfortunately many of the proxies plugged into Teleport.to are too slow, offline or unreliable to do much with that toy anymore.   Used to be good.  Hope it gets fixed, was kinda fun while it worked well…  ;-/


Poof!  (Except for Poland at that time) There go blog views… downwind ZNPP… 

To flashback to last year, when I went through a spate of many weeks investigating the radioactive cloud that escaped from the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power plant, causing major spikes downwind in Latvia and upticks and data gaps (rigged omissions) further downwind throughout Europe, I totally became under the impression that this little blog of mine was getting messed with, as written about in, “Access Denied” – Blog Blocking Confirmed !   It was interesting to see the traffic patterns shift around from day to day, week to week.

But “whatever”, right… (?)

Eventually the allegedly hacked documents hit the mainstream.  RT was going to investigate.  Remember that?   Shortly after, that stated intention was deleted from from their news story.   And all went back to silence, like nothing ever happened.

Fukushima like that, times infinity.  More often it is the databases themselves that mysteriously “are having a little crash” … Like EURDEP, they must love me there…  You dont wan’t to know how much patience it takes to sort through the data with all those delays and access hurdles…   “They’re sorry”…   I feel sorry for them…


For instance, I want to document either the small upticks OR the data gaps downwind from that Iceland spike…  June 11, 2015, lovely afternoon in the Colorado Rockies:


You may be about to experience some more “problems” soon, I hope…

Visit again?  Oh, I WILL.  (It’s likely…)

Whére is it spiking?  WHERE is the fallout cloud from Fukushima coming down NOW?   Edge of the jet stream in Latvia? Lithuania?  Russia, approaching Moskva???

Grrr… http://earth.nullschool.net/#2015/06/12/0300Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-2.86,58.48,1024  

I’ll get to it, mofo’s.   We’ll get to it.   Turn yourselves in at The Hague, will you.  I’m sure we can work out some kind of ‘amnesty’ in exchange for ‘clearing the air’…

There are people that need to be arrested.   I don’t know who they are.  Well, I have some ideas…  A lot of them get a lot of votes in elections… That doesn’t make it easier…


Front seat,

watching the world go down…

Today I feel sad and defeated, again…

I have no idea how to intelligently respond to this situation…


Click Image for source

Nevermind any of this…

— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —

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  1. femalefaust says:

    what is your ip number? put it into your header & i will also code it & send that on twitter — that gets around a lot of redirect drop-to-zero-traffic shenanigans if they are shenanigans…

    • MVB says:

      I don’t understand.

    • WordPress.com probably does not allow direct access to sub-domains or allow navigation of their directory structure, femalefaust. You may have to go through their nameservers which (I believe) were part of the problem earlier this year – a direct IP address probably wouldn’t have worked even if you could use one because you still are using their nameservers to get to subdomains.

      Michael: Old-school work-around for nameserver problems was to substitute the IP for the server name something like this (which doesn’t work at all for WordPress):

      Their support people can tell you more if you’re interested, but I’m guessing the standard two answers to “How do I use a direct IP address for my blog” are 1) Why would you do that? Our nameservers always work from anywhere all the time, or 2) Sure, for $$ a month we can set you up.

      There’s a very good possibility their nameservers were part of the problem earlier this year, but you’re not likely to get any admission from support if they even know or understand the question. And if a country decides to block access, then the IP address probably wouldn’t work either. See http://www.dawn.com/news/1171842

  2. You need to bite the bullet and set up a twitter account for your blog, Michael. You’re already popular there: https://twitter.com/search?q=eurdep&src=typd

    If you do searches for “radiation finland” for example: https://twitter.com/search?q=radiation%20finland&src=typd , you’ll see almost nothing except the government line of “No problem here – move along,” and surprisingly few people questioning the detections. And, of course, zero follow-up from STUK.

    I think user in countries where EURDEP is hiding results would like to know, but that’s probably tough for a Google search. A tweet with a picture and hashtags would probably go a lot farther for drawing attention to all your work. Your EURDEP graphs with the big red boxes are especially enticing visuals. It would be nice to see more locals affected by this interested in the EURDEP censorship.

    I know… Twitter… [groan]. But between nullschool and EURDEP, you have great graphics to share. Facebook? Personally, I wouldn’t bother with that today. Too much noise.

  3. femalefaust says:

    i must agree re twitter. low social overhead, too. here’s an anecdote, if you have a moment, Gentle Readers of Michaël Van Broekhoven’s most excellent weblog:

    back in 2011 you may remember Time’s ‘is Fukushima a China Syndrome” propaganda piece. at the time i saw red, since this bullshit is contrary to the evidence in the stills from TepCo’s helicopter over-flight vid — the ones that show corium briefly but quite clearly — it really offended me. I had already sent a copy to various people, Gundersen, Lochbaum, etc, (yes that was me and not that ass Portzline but more on that in a bit) but obviously that wasn’t enough. I decided that Sunday morning to roll up my sleeves and try to make a difference.

    i was pretty new to Twitter.

    i searched out every so-called journalist who had dutifully re-tweeted Time’s headline, and there were quite a few of them, and personally addressed a tweet to them, questioning their logic given the molten nuclear fuel “clearly visible in the attached.” and i had the still, enhanced and enlarged both by my own hand and a professional, attached to the tweet, along with a link to my site where one could get the entire video in several formats, including as a series of stills.

    took me the better part of the day.

    no one answered me, mind you. it might even have spurred whoever decided to challenge and DMCA my copy of the vid on Youtube (I ought to have held my ground, dammit), and it might be how that mealymouthed liar Portzline got his hands on the stills to call them ‘his’ and fabricate the story of how he discovered them, but…

    within a week or two the stupidity tide had visibly turned, and i think Twitter has a lot to do with it.

    …not only that, but most of the time, even hard to reach people will answer a tweet; authors will engage, discuss their work; actual real debates will ensue; and real-time journalism and activism have in Twitter an invaluable resource.

    the shibbolethish could hardly be as bad as elsewhere — but i don’t surface on surfacebook — and, were it transparent as an in-the-flesh meeting with a dear old friend, well, it would be lying….

    be seeing you.

    commenting from belgium — checking your access —

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