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[This blogpost was edited June 9, 2015] — I like to say that “I’m sure I’m reading too much into all of this again… It’s all probably NOTHING,” but I don’t know.  I wouldn’t go through the effort of documenting the radiation upticks if I didn’t suspect that some of them are connected to what’s going on in Fukushima.

What I am very unsure about is blog access interference.  It’s not nearly as obvious as after the ZNPP radioactive cloud leak in late 2014.    Mainly because I don’t get much traffic from these areas (Iceland, Baltic States) to begin with, it’s not enough of an anomaly for it to mean anything.  but it still tickles me when I write very specifically about a country (radiation data from mainly Finland, graphed radiation data from Iceland), and then notice that blog traffic is higher than average overall, yet precisely from those two countries… “zero interest.”  It reminds me of exposing the Zaporizhia leaks and seeing traffic downwind drop to zero

But that latter part is probably nothing.

OhFInland_WhatGives?_June8_2015Much more importantly:

The radiation data, however, is actually pretty solid.  Zr-97 in Germany, I-131, Co-60, Nb-95, Ru-103, Cs-134 & Cs-137 in Finland, I-131 also in Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.  Widespread upticks and “glitch dots” across Europe.  A monitoring system slow-down / data unavailable for the USA…  It makes me wonder.    Rather doubtful that it’s making much of a difference, but it compels me to dig some more…

Online Radiation Monitors –>  USAEurope …  For the scenario I’m investigating: fissioning [actual Uranium fission chain reactions!] sending super-hot gasses and particles up to jet-stream height (or maybe higher?), the monitoring at ground-level in Japan would miss that entirely, so Japan’s monitoring data is not very interesting for that reason at the moment.   The Canadian and Russian monitoring networks simply suck, which is unfortunate cause dozens of areas where scrutinizing monitoring results (for indications of fallout reaching ground level) would be véry interesting, remain unmonitored (or data not shared).

Let’s see… right now…  Obvious to me, there is an ongoing fallout zone from Fukushima’s May 2015 re-criticalities (uncontained fissioning underground – see these blog posts for orientation, below)moving around the planet:

FUKUSHIMA STILL FISSIONING… If we had a free press, wouldn’t this be all over the front pages? Seems that with all things nuclear, the press takes their cues from the experts at the IAEA… or the handful of establishment (and perhaps even controlled opposition) anti-nuclear mouth pieces, who remain awfully silent on these recent developments…

For a more raw expression of upset with the ongoing IAEA-(deception)-pushed nuclear madness, I recommend Kevin Blanche’s video’s, like ‘This is Fucking War!’

The media silence about Fukushima still fissioning (no “cold shutdown” whatsoever) and apparently still spewing enough radiotoxins into the AIR (not just the groundwater) that sensitive monitors pick up on more than half-way around the globe… can’t go on forever.   

I start out with Nullschool… lovely toy…  Meteo – > !–> For current wind data (open in a browser like Firefox for it to work!), see 

Looking at how the jet stream was entering Europe on June 9, 2015:

June9_2015_0000UTC_250hPaLet’s see at 700 hPa…  Hm… so there’s “a funneling” over Iceland…and then it fans out, with clearly various areas in Europe with what I’d call “likely fallout conditions”…

June9_2015_0000UTC_700hPaLet me take another look at EURDEP, ( —> Advanced Map –> Disclaimer –> …);  this time for the whole past month, Gamma, max values:

Some obvious calibrations,… (like in Latvia and a few in France)

Couple more (non-calibration) maroon and dark blue dots than usual, though… 1Month_Gamma_Max_EURDEP_June8_2015I’ll pick some monitors and show you some graphs, further below.

Duckie Award

“Duckie Award”

Stumbled upon this:  Crazy value:  What do you think of an almost +35 µSv/h uptick in Valluga, Austria … roughly (right after) the time the air sample in Germany tested positive for Zirconium-97 ?

Whoa-Coincidence, right?  Or did a hot particle from the same radioactive cloud, so to speak, strike that monitor ? Austria_May13_2015Not validated.  Yeah… Guess that makes it easier to ignore…

Still: Look into “the dose deception” to understand why a hot particle can cause such a high value if it were to actually directly land on a monitor.    The crazy measurement occurred between 19:00 and 20:00 on May 23.   The Zr-97 was detected in North-Eastern Germany in the 24 hours before 6:00 May 23 (included in “Yup… Fukushima is Still Fissioning…”)

I tell myself the same thing for an equally well-timed +0.45 µSv/hr “glitch dot” right then, same day, on the coast of The Netherlands…

DeZilk_NL_May13_GlitchDot..How about a validated (albeit unquantifiable & tiny) detection of Cobalt-60 in Norway as well?  Could that neutron-activation product in the air we breath peak anyone’s interest?

Cobalt60_Norway_midMay2015If you were to get alarmed, that’s fine with me, but I recommend you should totally read my disclaimer.

Okay… Not trying to say “BOO!” with radiation data.  It’s just data.   But it may all be pointing at something extremely serious that, as far as I can tell from skimming the mainstream media, is simply not even being reported.   For outlets that do report on Fukushima, see my Nuclear News Links.

The following is from the French Alps…  Notice the unusually high uptick over high-altitude Aiguille-Du-Midi this week (end of graph, on the right):

FrenchAlps_3months_tillJune8_2015Some more:PontevedraSpain+ 2 µSv/hr upticks, anyone?   Macedonia:Veles_Macedonia_June7_2015 KicevoMacedonia_May2015+  1 µSv/hr “glitch dot” in The Netherlands:

Leeuwarden_NL_May25_2015To put a +1 µSv/hr measurement in perspective… right after the Chernobyl accident in 1986, Finnish researchers flew airplanes through the radioactive cloud, which measured 0.8 µSv/hr.  Rainouts made surface monitors spike to around 4 µSv/hr.  See more at Jan 15, 2015’s  !-> Gaging Recent Radiation Spikes: How do the Recent Gamma Upticks Compare to those Observed after Chernobyl?

Small uptick coinciding with the major uptick in Northern Iceland (, shown below, next), this one in Sweden:Mala_Sweden_June7_2015

More on its way?

Quick look at EURDEP gamma, right now (past 24 hours, last value)…   Okay… What’s that blip in North-Western Iceland… Let’s look at that one:EURDEP_1day_June9_2015_gamma_lastValue

Bolunggarvik, Iceland, Gamma radiation, last 24 hours…

Dang + 1.3 µSv/hr, eh?   In what very clearly is NOT “a calibration”  That’s exactly the kind of signature fallout makes on a graph…Bolungarvik_Iceland_June9_2015Data for this location for the past month:

Bolungarvik_Iceland_June9_1monthPrior_2015Interesting that it didn’t switch into the more common data-gap mode…

How about that?  (the spiking came back down too, see added graph from 12 hrs later, further down)

 Jet stream (250 hPa)  at June 8, 2015 2100 UTC…  turn the globe, zoom in one step…,71.36,512   Annotated Screenshot:

Nullschool)June8_2015_2100UTC_250hPa_annot1Anyways… Let’s see in the United States…    

Oh…  How timely…

TimingIsEverything_June9_2015bMay take even longer than usual?  Goodness…

Lets’ see… Madison, WI


cewolf;jsessionid=D98570769C08BA4C150466925959DB19Sucks that they changed the interface, making it even more time consuming (I have to add the location name myself now, and can’t run Beta + G3+G5 without also graphing G10, G2 & G4… ;-/  Why is just about every change they’ve make a step backwards?

Here’s Gamma energy range 3, and Gamma energy range 5:

cewolf;jsessionid=D98570769C08BA4C150466925959DB19-1 cewolf;jsessionid=D98570769C08BA4C150466925959DB19-2Not too bad…

Colorado Springs, Colorado: cewolf;jsessionid=D98570769C08BA4C150466925959DB19 cewolf;jsessionid=D98570769C08BA4C150466925959DB19-1 Too time consuming…

Back to Europe… What else could I look at?

  • T-Alpha-Art & T-Beta-Art in Ispra, Italy: Ispra_Italy_TalphaARt_TbetaArt
  • Unquantifiable, but validated, detection of Ruthenium-103 in Helsinki, Finland?  Is that what that means? : Ru103_Helsinki_weekEndingJune9_2015

Anyways… Maybe I’m just misinterpreting everything I look at…  It was 3:00 am by the time I went to bed, writing, “I should probably just close my eyes and doze off.  Have to get up early…


  • Added in the morning of June 9, 2015:

NW_Iceland_June9_2015_spike Oh good, it was “just a whiff”.  We can all go back to watch the games…

A sampling of some more EURDEP monitors, 1 week data, ending June 9, 2015:

FrenchAlps_June9_2015_1week WestUK_June9_2015_1week Tuscania_Italy_June9_2015_1weekWhoa, or “hahaha”, that’s “a GREAT glitch dot” on the Black Sea shores of Northeastern Turkey there…   + 299 µSv/hr on May 21 would have made for excellent “fear porn”, wouldn’t it?   “Too bad” it’s Not Validated (NV).  That doesn’t mean it’s not a valid measurement, though.  Who knows what caused that…?  Usually when equipment malfunctions and shows erroneous results, it doesn’t just flip right back to working fine…

NE_Turkey_blackSeaCoast_May2015_NV_…Though “glitch dots” (as imaginary “hot particles”, undoubtedly riding on unicorns, tend to drop sooner than when “a radioactive cloud mixture” tends to touch ground level.  At least that has been my impression…

NE_Turkey_blackSeaCoast_May2015_NV_urroundingTime (See also observations from this winter, if you can sort through my chronological Nuclear Blog Post Archive…, which needs updating again…)

Réally “a bummer” that the data flow from the I-131 / Cs-137 monitor in Cyprus got cut… Still not sharing anything…

Cyprus_May2015_I131_Cs137Remember back in November, when upticks arrived from the southwest (unlike now when they’re blowing from Europe’s northwest), as documented in the blog posts:

!–> Jan. 31, 2015:  DATA of ‘Fallout Signatures’ on Radiation Monitors Suggest Fukushima Still Going Re-Critical Underground At Times. Airborne Fallout Continues To Come Down Across the Northern Hemisphere.

!–> Jan. 24, 2015:  Did Germany just get a Massive Amount of Fukushima Fallout and “No One Noticed”? (A Eurdep-Nullschool investigation of the Nov. 16, 2014 radiation Upticks…)

Yeah… not one news outlet looked into it.  Not one.

PS: June 14, 2015 – Many thanks for the emailer who reminded me the graphs are in nanoSievert, not microSievert.  Corrections made.

Why it matters (besides more and more people getting cancer…)

Meanwhile we keep seeing reports… like this one from National Geographic, June 5, 2015:  Number of Starving Sea Lions in California ‘Unprecedented’ — Rescuers say that more than 3,000 baby sea lions have washed ashore this year, raising questions about what the future holds after three years of mass strandings.    3 years, huh…  Hm…

“[…] It’s clear that the pups’ main problem is a lack of food, rather than disease, but it’s less certain what’s wiping out food supplies from year to year, and whether the problem will persist. This year, the most likely culprit is that warm water blob, which has disrupted food webs and might also be killing masses of seabirds. But that blob wasn’t there during the earlier strandings, when oceanographic conditions looked much more normal.  It’s also uncertain whether prey populations have died out or simply relocated. In either case, sardine populations are low enough this year to close sardine fisheries off the West Coast.  Sea lions are considered sentinel species, which means they’re used as indicators of ocean health—and the indications aren’t looking good.

And then there remain major unanswered questions I had recently…  But, obviously, one thing most these news reports have in common is this:  They don’t mention Fukushima’s ongoing radioactive pollution as a possible factor to be explored more.  Call me crazy all you want, but I find that strange.

Same goes for the unbelievably sudden and massive Saiga Antelope die-off in Kazakhstan…

“… The animals began dying from an unidentified cause around 10 May. The death toll soared within days to 27,000, at which point the Kazakh government requested help from the secretariat of the convention [UN Convention on Migratory Species.]. A team of vets, led by Richard Kock of the Royal Veterinary College in Hatfield, UK, flew out on Friday.   “It’s very dramatic and traumatic, with 100 per cent mortality,” Kock told New Scientist from Betpak-Dala in central Kazakhstan. “I know of no example in history with this level of mortality, killing all the animals and all the calves.” The animals die through severe diarrhoea and difficulty breathing.”

Yeah, I’ve never heard of anything that could possibly cause respiratory issues, impair immunity, and lead to severe diarrhoea and death… either [sarc.].

The Chernobyl Forest Fires re-releasing massive amounts of hazardous radioisotopes (including Cs-137, Sr-90, Pu 239/240, Am-241, etc.), and that Fukushima had yet another obvious major fissioning flare-up in early May… and somehow… somehow the possibility that this may impact some species’ immunity system more than others is not even brought up… A mystery it is, I suppose…

“Could the problem have anything to do with climate change? Pollution? Digestive problems from vegetation that was more lush and moist than usual?”

… [sigh] …

See also these other recent exercises in futility…: 

Maybe there will never be another blog post with just nature photos?

— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —

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