EURDEP’s Automatic Omissions continue: A look at Iceland’s radiation monitoring Post- Chernobyl Forest Fires & Post- Fukushima’s May 2015 Re-Criticality Flare-ups

195 miles south of Rocky Flats, Colorado

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Ah… I know… I said the next blog post would be just nature photos…

But then a little devil in a radiation hazmat suit on my shoulder whispered, “Aren’t you curious how this radioactive cloud that reached Scandinavia and Germany all the way from Japan this May affected the monitor in that super-clean air of North-Eastern Iceland?

(See !-> Finland detected radioisotopes data & !-> Nullschool-powered Japan-to-Europe jet stream Wind Pattern Analysis).

This past winter, I pasted the EURDEP gamma record together for Raufalhöfn, Icelandfor the purpose of long-term trend spotting.  The signal is so clean there, and the natural background so low, that even Zaporizhia’s radioactive cloud left an brief but unusual gamma uptick mark at the very end of November 2014, amazing given the distance, and double amazing of course given that Ukrainian leak officially never happened.

duckieSo – curiosity made the cat catch this duckie too –  Did that monitor register anything unusual from the dispersed radioactive smoke that blew north for some time after the Chernobyl (spring 2015) radioactive forest fires?  And, this is what I’m most curious about: Did the recent radioactive cloud over North-Western Europe, which we know contained Iodine-131, Zirconium-97, Niobium-95, Cesium-134, Cesium-137, Cobalt-60, etc. (a mixture that screams “Fukushima is still fissioning!“) affect this monitor’s gamma measurement.  Did it?   How high did it spike?

Here is last 3 months of 2014:


Repeating the December part, here’s the record till March 8, 2015:

3months_annot1_PriorMARCH8_2015_Iceland_RaufarhofnAnd then  – …drum roll… – here are the last 3 months:

3months_annot1_PriorJUNE8_2015_Iceland_RaufarhofnI rest my case.***

Systematic omissions is the name of this game. 

*** Not until the Nuclear Era has been brought to a peaceful ending. 

What the population of Absurdistan to do now?  We are an imaginary nation, with pink unicorns grazing the purple jungle of our boundless imagination, fluffy clouds gracing our clean blue skies…, gently ruled by a blog administrator waving an anarchist flag with a Buddhist eternity knot on it…

Shall I pull out my flashlight and S.O.S. the Pleiadian constellation?    ;-/

  • Offered without comment:


Maybe the next blog posts will just be nature photos…

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I’ve documented dozens of cases of what looks like rigging.  A coupe examples from the past (in this case from Vlissingen-Haven-The-Netherlands-long-term-pattern-spotting), see these:

germany_asutria_portugal_italy_romania nederlandbelgie_augsept2014_shiftJust look closely.  You’ll see the pattern.  I’ve added the blue and red lines to help spot them more easily.

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11 Responses to EURDEP’s Automatic Omissions continue: A look at Iceland’s radiation monitoring Post- Chernobyl Forest Fires & Post- Fukushima’s May 2015 Re-Criticality Flare-ups

  1. “…Shall I pull out my flashlight and S.O.S. the Pleiadian constellation?…”

    Seriously? NO – don’t bug us. We were about to hit the big RESET button and terraform your planet about a half-dozen times over the last decade out of sheer pity. Our boss wouldn’t let us – I think she’s gone insane. I bet her fifty zlotniks (a princely sum) that you earthlings would destroy yourselves before our surveillance mission of your planet was over. I win by default if we have to terraform. I think she has financial problems and really needs the cash, so I humor her.

    Start flashing your flashlight at us though, and I’m sure to get an itchy trigger finger.

  2. Paolo says:

    For your personal info.
    Worldwide nuclear military fallout: less we have strontium respect cesium more we have plutonium. Medium planetary ratio Cs137/Sr90 observed in fallout then implicate that 50 tons plutonium used. NB for U235 ratio is 1,08 For Pu239 3. Observed ratio is
    1,6 and more –> 50 tons Pu

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  4. MVB says:

    Number of Starving Sea Lions in California ‘Unprecedented’ — Rescuers say that more than 3,000 baby sea lions have washed ashore this year, raising questions about what the future holds after three years of mass strandings.

    Clues to Causes

    It’s clear that the pups’ main problem is a lack of food, rather than disease, but it’s less certain what’s wiping out food supplies from year to year, and whether the problem will persist. This year, the most likely culprit is that warm water blob, which has disrupted food webs and might also be killing masses of seabirds. But that blob wasn’t there during the earlier strandings, when oceanographic conditions looked much more normal.

    It’s also uncertain whether prey populations have died out or simply relocated. In either case, sardine populations are low enough this year to close sardine fisheries off the West Coast.

    Sea lions are considered sentinel species, which means they’re used as indicators of ocean health—and the indications aren’t looking good. […]”

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