Photos – SLV, End of May 2015. (And then some…)

In an intergalactic parking lot deep inside Mount Blanca…


Actually… ;-)  I went north to use up store credit (from 2 years ago when I briefly lived in Portlandia) I had @ IKEA, south of Denver.   Lovely to put a mattress on the queen assembly-kit-bed I pulled out of storage.  Still just in a tent, but at least I am now sleeping in my own bed… Ah… a luxurious novelty after almost two years on (most of the time) a narrow Thermorest pad…   Ahhhh. ;- D

Before I get into the splendor of this region… some more F1 ponderings…  Years ago, I used to think all the fear about Fukushima affecting sea life as far as the North-American west coast was a bit far-fetched.  Not so sure anymore.  The fact that I can’t find data on what I would want to look into is not reassuring.  (See also my comment about Kelp Watch 2015, further below).  I have basically become ‘concerned’.  I would still go swimming in the ocean.  I still eat Alaska salmon.  I’ll fly if I need to.  But I’ve begun to wonder more seriously, What the hell is really going on?

By the way, anyone know if Finland has figured out yet why there was Cobalt-60, Iodine-131, Neobium-95 and Cesium-134 in Finland air in early May 2015?  How’s the whitewash going, TEPCO?  Ready to feed Olympic athletes Fukushima food?

Man… Good the weather has turned, ’cause I’ve been a bit on a roll…

Time to step back again.

Salida, ColoradoJune 1, 2015Mreow!

DISCLAIMER & Please No Photo Sharing.  Tx.

June 1, 2015, Northern Sangre de Cristo Mountain range (photo for snow line reference), and San Luis Valley turning green, if not getting submerged:

June1_2015_a June1_2015_b May29_2015Some random photos from the last 10 days of May, all in the northern SLV (upper Rio Grande headwaters basin) bioregion: Rain, man… rain… unbelievable…  And I though I had moved to a high desertMay23_2015_downtownRainWe’ve had afternoon/evening thunderstorms practically every day… which… is a little bit odd this early on, without it actually being hot…   “Hmm…”

I could – of course – clueless as I roll , asking the most ridiculous questions (só utterly bullshit nonsense-spewing that super-smart people, ranging from the US Navy experts to reactor safety inspectors with multiple PhD.’s, can’t help themselves projecting their apparent fears onto my little silly blog… wrah-haha…  [See comments underKevin Blanch: This is Fucking War!“-haha]  Thanks guys…  Too funny…) – But, yes actually:  I could pose some questions about why “the weather” may be so seemingly OFF…

If I dared I could even delve into the releases of Kryton-85 and climate change possibilities…  And perhaps I would end up in that highly politically incorrect field of questioning increased CO2 levels as the main cause of “global warming”, err… “climate change”, err… “climate disruption”,…   Yeah… Maybe I should…

Alright… How about this as an appetizer:

Yeah… I concur [albeit sarcastically]: let’s just declare that whole field of research a “Nothing to see here, MOVE ALONG!” zone.   Cause, ya’ know…  before you know it, I’d be “that guy”…  Now that the weather has turned to fantastic summer weather, it’s likely that I’ll be online much less.  But I’ll come back to this topic at some point.  It’s likely I will.  (When the snow-melt run-off turns otherwise trickling creeks into raging rivers and washes some roads away or so… (?))

Here, some lichen: lichenMossForest

Sticking to ‘just weather’ for now: It’s been the wettest ánd snowiest ánd coldest month of May on record for this part of Colorado.   Amazing, really good for the water situation, but…  Not a pleasant ride for sleeping in a tent, I can say that much.

Crestone’s local weatherman, Keno [] summerized the month of May 2015 in this Special Weather Statement:

Precipitation wise, May 2015 saw not only the wettest May ever on record, with 5.05 inches recorded, demolishing the old record of  2.18 inches, set in 1993, but it went down as the second wettest month ever on record for our area. The wettest month ever remains to be July of 1998, at 5.74 inches. This May only saw 5 days where there was no precip reported on, which is also a new record. May 2015 also set an all time record for most snow to fall in the month of May, at 18.4 inches, breaking the old record of 15 inches, set in 2001. For the entire month, we saw 8 days where snow fell. Also, this May went down as the coldest May ever on record, with an average temperature of 47.6 degrees, breaking the old record of 48.4 degrees, set in 1983. We also set a new record for the coldest average high temperature in the month, at 60.1 degrees (old record was 62.2 degrees in 1983). […]”  More @

SO Beautiful, though…   Moisture.  Mmm…

In a rainstorm, the valley floor can look like an ocean…

WillowView_RainOceanMay2015[Speaking of Oceans… Seen the latest Kelp Watch results?  @

No data on Cobalt-60 again (Don’t you think it’s wee bit strange that Greenpeace and I (myself) found CO60 in kelp, but the establishment experts don’t?), no data on radioactive Sulphur compounds, no details on the specific radioisotopes in the Uranium and Thorium decay chains (Only “early” and “late” (which means they have the details!), and just gamma activity… while most of the key decay is in Beta and Alpha…)  Where’s the Gross Beta Count?  The Gross Alpha Count?  Why is the sensitivity for Iodine-131 so grossly high (1.5 Bq/kg? Really?  To make sure you can’t catch TEPCO red-handed for ongoing criticalities, or what? – Finland measured their air samples in microBq (and found I131, Co60, Nb96 and Cs134 in MAY 2015 ! -Hello!?; If Finland’s STUK’s MDC (minimum detectable concentration) was 1,500,000 µBq/m^3, you can be sure they wouldn’t have detected anything either…)  No details to see if any of the natural decay radioisotope ratios are off.  No info on what some of these radioisotopes decay into, like stable lead, cobalt, etc.   [sigh…]   Alright… I’ll back off.  Obviously their focus of research is just to see how the currents move radioCesium, and little else…   What a wasted opportunity… Sad.    See ‘The Gist of That Pondering’ and surrounding blog posts (Chronologically Archived HERE) for context.]

Although this past winter was relatively mild in this region, it sure dragged on for a ridiculously long time…   Now that the snow’s melting (fast!), I might have photos of RAGING creeks soon…

Some more PHOTOS taken at the end of May:

May 23 –  lovely interfaith gathering and 13th anniversary at the Japanese Shumei International (, one of the many spiritual centers in the Crestone – Baca area, included Taiko drumming: Shumei1 Shumei2Going by their video presentation, the founders of Shumei seem to like the United Nations, something that cannot be said about many Colorado residents…  Ha! Crestone area somewhere:   ;-)

Crestone_UNfreeUN Watch:

 Cheers to summer having arrived!

NOAA Forecast - Click for most recent.

NOAA Forecast – Click for most recent.

Click Image to see at SOURCE:

Click Image to see at SOURCE:

See also,  PLUME GATE – Internal NRC Communications Released under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) proof deliberate Cover-Up of Severity of global Fukushima Fallout in 2011. Recent SFP4 News May Have Been Part of Cover-Up 

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