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Van Gogh? Furry Wolf? Bird of Prey?

Or a clue to where over the Pacific Fukushima’s radioactive fallout may be raining down today*? *”Current” = June 29, 2015, 15:40 MDT, TCW view of Northern Pacific on Nullschool, wind height 700 hPa. You may also want to check … Continue reading

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So Beautiful here… YES.

Mmm…  I took these photos today (June 27, 2015) on my way to Moffat (near Crestone, between Alamosa and Salida in Southern Colorado’s Northern San Luis Valley) today: And these on the way back: Mmm… — — — — — … Continue reading

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What really happened at Blayais NPP near Bordeaux, France? Regional Radiation Monitors were turned off.

Colorado Rocky Mountains, USA – June 27, 2015 Got an email, “Something going on in ‘Blayais NPP’  124 workers evacuated, 2nd incident in week“  –> The shortlink opens to Where is this? Anything on the Radiation Monitors in … Continue reading

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Fin Whale Die-Off by Alaska area ‘a Perplexing Mystery’… + More Data Rigging Evidence: EPA Radnet Beta radiation monitor @ Fairbanks Spiking when DATA GAPS @ Anchorage

Shortlink:    Soundtrack:  Humpback Whale Sounds @ May Whales Roam This Beautiful Earth Forever. Disclaimer:  THINK FOR YOURSELF. This blog posts adds to “(May 28, 2015 – How does it taste, Alaska? Metallic?” and wonders IF perhaps ocean creatures are being … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice 2015 – Blip

Just a rant / ramble / conversation with imaginary friends and foes / … “Let the fires burn tonight Let the jugs of wine get drunk Let the truth be known tonight Don’t go lettin’ yourself hide Go and sing … Continue reading

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The “Mysterious” mid-May 2015 Kazakhstan Saiga Antelope Die-Off – aka “Do Not Mention Radioactive Fallout…”

Blog Soundtrack: Here comes the rain again… – Eurythmics “The saiga antelope has roamed the earth since before the Ice Age, but now a sudden and mysterious outbreak of disease threatens the saiga’s existence.  In just two and a half … Continue reading

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More Nature Photos (SLV, Southern Colorado – First half of June 2015)

Some more photos from the first half of June 2015. All photos by © Michaël Van Broekhoven (All Rights Reserved. Please don’t share), taken in the Northern San Luis Valley (SLV) of Southern Colorado, in or near Crestone, Colorado, and … Continue reading

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