How does it taste, Alaska? Metalic?

 Crestone, “The Spiritual Center of Colorado” – May 27, 2015 – Fantastic spring weather this morning! YES!   It actually feels like winter is finally over.  At least today… in the morning… ;-)  Photos soon…

Apparently feeding the big bad wolf of scrutinizing the crime syndicate known as “the government” is a hard habit to kick…  So, another spasm on my journey to “just letting it go“:  I was looking at jet stream wind patterns again, on, watching for a clear slow-down zone over Alaska, watching day-to-day.

See, if my theory is valid (that F1 is still fissioning and releasing radioactive particles and gasses to the upper atmosphere) then there should be Fukushima fallout coming down, measurable in Fairbanks, Alaska (that’s the one I picked to scrutinize this time) when the jet stream’s slow area moved right over the monitored area.  Such a pattern emerged at the end of May 23, with a very slow spot on May 24, 2015, looking promising to test my hypothesis:,50.83,512   To figure out the route the air carrying the hypothesized fallout traveled, you have to also look at the wind below it (For instance, at 500 hPa you can see that wind that blew over F1 first moved west, made a counterclockwise turn and moved just south of Southern Japan before heading east over the Pacific.

In any case, I suspect the upper atmosphere is loaded with ionizing radiation from Fukushima, so the slow area of the jet stream corresponding with radiation uptick is what I’m looking for.   I marked the approximate location of Fairbanks, Alaska, where you see it’s dark blue (not much wind):


Now let’s see what effect air that blew over “the cauldrons of hell” has on a professional Gamma & Beta radiation detector thousands of miles downwind…  Via my USA page for Online Radiation Monitors

Oh what a pity again.  Just for that time… a big data gap…

How mysterious…   [sarc.]


The Graph just showing  BETA radiation, May 19 through May 29, 2015:

FairbanksAK_May2015DataGaps_BetaOnly_Line_No data, eh?   Alright then…   ;-/

Moving along, ’cause – it’s true: there réally is nothing to see here…

By the way, in case you missed its mention in previous blog posts: Fukushima fallout has been detected all the way in Scandinavia this month of May 2015:   In Finland and Norway in May 2015   as well as in Sweden in March 2015

The implication of this European data, namely detection of Cs134, I131, Nb-95 and Co-60 in Finland is extremely significant:  Nb-95 & Cs-134 have neither resource extraction nor medical use (so that can be ruled out) and in combination with Co-60 and I-131, it means it’s coming from Fukushima, where fissioning has not yet ended.

At least one of the molten coriums is somewhere underground, off-and-on releasing radioisotopes that indicate without the shadow of a doubt that fission chain reactions are not yet over.   Otherwise there would be no I-131 in the mix.

There never was a “cold shutdown”.  There’s at least one mini-sun sinking into the earth, perhaps on its way to our lovely planet’s core…  Who knows how that will affect the magnetosphere…   This is just the very beginning of a catastrophe that could go on for many centuries.

Please, someone, proof me wrong:  Tell me exactly where the Nb-95 + Cs-134 + Co-60 + I-131 detected in Finland came from.   ‘Cause, you know… I COULD be wrong .   See also my disclaimer: I’m not an expert.  (Experts build fission reactors on fault lines…)

Can this cover-up be over yet?  Any journalists left out there?    Jeez… wth…

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Of course, you could just look at art instead.  Some contemporary music videos express aspects of ‘the energy of modern civilization’ so beautifully.  Piece of art: 

  Yeah, even in these chains, you can’t stop me.  ;-)

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6 Responses to How does it taste, Alaska? Metalic?

  1. says:

    “…Cause, you know… I COULD be wrong…”

    Hah ha… you don’t even sound mildly convincing, Michael.

    Let’s see now: there were a total of 0 Western journalists (even in the fringe pubs) that every cared to comment on the obvious EPA data censorship right after Fukushima. As you have repeatedly shown, you need little more than wind charts and data gaps in RadNet reports to show the government is intentionally censoring evidence of releases. That fact alone should have raised some questions among European journalists on how Eurdep was used to censor releases from the European population.

    Now I don’t expect government mouthpieces in the MSM to bother looking at the facts, but I’m surprised nobody from the alternative media (as it were) has even thought about this. Not that it matters – I don’t expect the EPA or Eurdep to be embarrassed and suddenly confess and show the data. Their arrogance is infuriating beyond belief and incompatible with the government of any democratic republics. Not to mention immoral – this is personal health information on radiation dosing that is being withheld. I guess they can justify their lack of morality with the banana dose arguments though [sigh].

    Sorry for the rant. Thanks again for all your work to document this.

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