The Gist of that Pondering


Earlier this week I posed a question, here, and on ENEnews.  

The raised issue is elaborated upon in the previous blog post, “Additional Ponderings Re. Pacific Ocean Ecological Crisis. Wondering about Effects of a speculated Fukushima-induced Polonium-210 (Alpha-emitting) surge’s on Sea Life. Iodine-131, Cobalt-60, Cesium-134 & Neobium-95 detected in Europe (May 2015!)“, the writing of which was a bit of a journey.  This the short version.  the long version is a bit disorganized, with an almost-ADD intro, that jumps from relevant stuff to music videos, stuff about the nuclear mafia, a book I read and recommend, and other tangents.

The key part, however, includes decay chains images and solid data, links to various articles and background.   If you can tolerate (or enjoy?) that mixture, you might agree the concern is far from invalid.

Rephrased, with a little more thought put into it, this is the gist:

Are any of the dead or diseased beached Pacific sea life reported along the North American and Japanese coasts, being tested for Lead-206? 

And the reasoning behind that question was twofold: 

1) It’s the very end of the radioactive decay chain of Uranium, of which an unknown amount was aerosolized during the very beginning of the Fukushima-Daiichi multiple meltdown mess, undoubtedly together with many other interacting isotopes further along in the radioactive decay process. 

2) Additionally specifically rousing my curiosity is likely unintended man-made production of very hot alpha-decaying Polonium-210, which turns into Lead-206.

On the second idea: namely Po-210 perhaps having been directly created artificially:  Through bombarding bismuth-209 with neutrons in the meltdown rubble.  Bi-209 + neutrons => forms bismuth-210, which has a half-life of 5 days. Bismuth-210 decays into polonium-210 through beta decay.  Polonium-210 has a half-life of 138.39 days, and becomes Pb-206.

Where do I get that there was (perhaps still is) neutron bombardment happening in the rubble?  Well, a lot of Cobalt-60 has been released from Fukushima, most likely due to massive neutron bombardment of steel. (More indications that was the case are mentioned in the previous blogpost.)

And where do I get that there was Bismuth-209 in the rubble to be bombarded with neutrons in the first place?   Lead-209 (half life only 3.2 hours) beta-decays into Bi-209.  When stable Lead-208 (natural stable lead is about 1% Pb-204, 24% Pb-206, 22% Pb-207, and 53% Pb-208) is bombarded with neutrons it becomes Pb-209.  So in an intense neutron-bombardment environment, which the Fukushima meltdown rubble was, it is rather likely that lead, used for radiation shielding and thus likely present in the rubble in large amounts, gave rise to a Polonium-210 surge. 

If there was a spike on Po-210, it would not per se show up in a radioactivity test, as it may have already decayed away into stable Pb-206.  As far as its effect on sea life, I’m merely speculating, but if the concentrations were significant, there could be damage due to alpha radiation, accompanied with lead poisoning signs.  And then there’s the little-known fact that Alpha-Radiation creates hydrogen peroxide upon tissue impact.

For more, see the Additional Ponderings

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28 Responses to The Gist of that Pondering

  1. MVB says:

    Important doc:

    Fukushima plutonium effect and blow-up regimes in neutron-multiplying media
    V.D. Rusov 1 , V.A. Tarasov 1 , V.M. Vaschenko 2 , E.P. Linnik 1 , T.N. Zelentsova 1 , M.E. Beglaryan 1 , S.A. Chernegenko 1 , S.I. Kosenko 1 , P.A. Molchinikolov 1 , V.P. Smolyar 1 , E.V. Grechan 1

    1 Department of Theoretical and Experimental Nuclear Physics, Odessa National Polytechnic University, Odessa, Ukraine
    2 State Ecological Academy for Postgraduate Education, Kiev, Ukraine

    Abstract: It is shown that the capture and fission cross-sections of 238 U and 239 Pu increase with temperature within 1000-3000 K range, in contrast to those of 235 U, that under certain conditions may lead to the so-called blow-up modes, stimulating the anomalous neutron ux and nuclear fuel temperature growth. Some features of the blow-up regimes in neutron-multiplying media are discussed.

    h/t Bobby1 @ comments under “Iodine-131 detections in Finland and Norway preceded by detections in Japan.” !-> @

  2. Check this out:
    A lot of people in Poland recently have brain haemorrhages. My father just died a week ago due to the massive haemorrhage, he was 82. Several of my friends noticed me that their relatives have similar conditions, all this happened in last 3 weeks!

    • MVB says:

      the link gives radiation data for common “natural” radioisotopes. Nothing to be seen on sudden uptick in brain haemorrhages? Can you elaborate?

      • Well, I’m just looking for explanation for the increase of haemorrhages. Even the father of one of the candidates for Polish presidency, Pawel Kukiz, died 2 weeks ago for the same reason.

      • Thanks. I will put his info on my blog, people don’t realize that radioactive smoke can cause this kind of reaction.

      • My GM meter (Russian) shows increase of about 30% in area where I live, comparing to previous measurements which were done in 2014. It is an average and I think it’s significant.

        • MVB says:

          Gather some samples
          – soil samples
          – soil samples from near roof drains
          – mushrooms if you can find some
          – air filters?
          Just put ’em in the freezer and search for at least someone with a gamma scintillator; that could at least give an idea if there’s certain isotopes present. Have it analyzed at a lab if you can. Best case scenario you learn more about naturally occurring radiation and build data for reference in case of future incidents. Worst case scenario, you may prompt official investigation and maybe even evacuation of a newly discovered hotspot.

        • hadia says:

          @monitorpolski, I live in Germany and my brother lately suffered from multiple thromboembolic
          diseases – of absolute unknown causa – young patients suffering from cardiac attacks-

          I admire MVB´s absolute correct analysis, by which data should be proven.

          I personally listen to my gut feelings, which indicate that the percentage of every day emergency cases have risen, anyway. Maybe the hotspots of nuclar dust/winds etc. come and go and meanwhile 5 years have passed since FUKU. So nothing could be impossible imo.
          my condolenz to you in Poland.

    • says:

      I would think the spikes in Bi-214 are a serious issue, monitorpolski. Following the chains of decay for U-238, you can see that Bi-214 is part of a segment of two- or three-day long chain of decays starting with Radon-222 and ending (temporarily) with Lead-210 and its 22-year half-life.

      The only way for Bi-214 decay counts to double is for Rn-222, Po-218, Pb-214, Bi-214 and Po-214 decay counts to also double, assuming radon is the source. Radon varies quite a bit from day to day but will usually follow a cycle during a single day. The Bi-214 spikes shown on that monitoring graph are unusual unless you live near a coal mine, a natural gas field or some other possible source of significant amounts of concentrated radon. The Bi-214 itself is not a concern from a radiological standpoint – it’s just that it’s easy to measure.

      Keep that in mind, then consider the radiation risk of Po-210 (not itself directly a factor here). A single *alpha* decay of Po-210 is claimed to have 100x the biological effect of an average gamma decay. The multiplier is disputed, and some scientists put Po-210’s energetic alpha effect as high as 1000 or 10,000 times that of an average gamma ray. So 100 becquerels of Po-210 could cause the same biological damaging effect as a hundred thousand or even a million becquerels of (for example). The point is that a single alpha decay of Po-210 is far more damaging than a gamma decay of something else.

      This is a good description of the potential biological damage in a human of Po-210:

      Now back to Bi-214. If you detect say 10 becquerels of Bi-214 decay, then within the last two days there were ALSO 10 bq of alpha Rn-222 decay to Po-218 and 10 bq of alpha Po-218 decay to Pb-214 and 10 bq of beta Pb-214 decay to have created 10 bq. of Bi-214 you detected. Furthermore, the 10 bq of Bi-214 will have beta-decayed to Po-214 in a matter of minutes, which will almost immediately decay by alpha to Pb-214.

      So detection of any ambient Bi-214 in air means you have really breathed in a mix of all the radionuclides in that decay segment, meaning you have potentially exposed yourself to three high-energy alpha decays inside your body: the Rn-222 to Po-218, the Po-218 to Pb-214 and (eventually) the Po-214 to Pb-210. And each one of those alpha decays is far more damaging than a gamma – it’s like being exposed to three times the damage of a single Po-210 decay.

      Most of the symptoms of acute or chronic internal alpha radiation poisoning would be difficult to distinguish from other serious old-age ailments – digestive issues, weakened immune system, respiratory and circulatory issues, etc. Polonium-210 (and I imagine Po-218 and 214) have a affinity for blood and cause a number of unusual additional symptoms. Could brain hemorrhage be one that the elderly are prone to? I don’t know – this is just idle speculation.

      The most practical way to test this theory would be to measure the amount of one of the radionuclides in urine and estimate the body burden of the rest in the chain. Liquid-borne alpha emitters are difficult to analyze, but I wonder if labs could quantify something like Bi-214 easier and do estimates from that. You could at least get some idea if radon decay (wherever it was from) was responsible. This isn’t medical advice for you or your family – I’m just thinking if this was an issue in some part of Poland then there would be something the medical community could actually do about it – even if it was just to rule it out.

      Another possibility is that the Bismuth-214 spikes are coming from something else besides radon, but I have no ideas on that one. Tobacco is a good bio-accumulator for lead-210 and polonium-210. I have recently noticed that a good deal of people that I know that smoke are trying to quit (again) now because of unusually bad and long-lasting hacking coughs they have developed. I may just be noticing this more because I’m more aware of it now, but I never recall so many having problems at once. The smoking doors at shops and office buildings sound like tuberculosis wards and it’s well past the cold and cough season here.

      • Thank You all so much for Your input, I will translate Your input to Polish and publish it, I’m sure there will be respond from professionals. I was sure it was serious. I’m getting info via e-mail that here are more sudden deaths.
        Now I have to take care of the funeral of my Father.

    • says:

      Ukraine’s Energoatom also reported that they shut down Rivne (Rovno) Nuclear Power Plant Unit #3 for refueling and maintenence on May 23rd. Every time Ukraine either scrams or opens up one of their filthy reactors, there seems to be clouds of mystery radiation swirling around Europe.

      Since Ukraine has the most heavily censored media in Europe and is secretive about anything related to their nuclear power production, you’ll never find out anything from them. The surface winds at for the last couple of days would seem to be favorable for blowing anything from Rivne towards Lublin. No idea why that would affect Bi-214 measurements unless the spectrometer was not distinguishing between another Rivne-released radionuclide and Bi-214. I would think opening a reactor would produce the kind of spikes Lublin is seeing rather than some variation of a natural source.

      • bo says:

        Really amazing blogpost with complimentary comments, I’m finally starting to understand some of this ( though not all ) . Thank you Michael, Paveway.

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  8. MVB says:

    See also “Fin Whale Die-Off by Alaska area ‘a Perplexing Mystery’… + More Data Rigging Evidence: EPA Radnet Beta radiation monitor @ Anchorage spiking when DATA GAPS @ Anchorage” (June 22, 2015), to which I added the following comment:

    Important additions to consider in investigating the possibility that radioactive fallout (from Fukushima or otherwise) may play a role in the ecological upheavel of the Northern Pacific:

    Via ENEnews @ Juen 26, 2015

    CodeShutdown ( shared an important observation:

    polonium 210 seems to be in fish and plankton and people. It seems to be about one five hundredths the amount of potassium 40 in humans on a becquerel basis which is more or less meaningless. Its in cigarettes, so one could have a cigarette equivalent dose, like the bananas.

    “The concentration of
    210Po is 148 mBq/g in phytoplankton 3,145 mBq/ g in shrimp
    and 1,026 mBq/ g in mussel soft tissues 262 mBq g in fish. In contrast, humans have an average
    210Po concentration of 0.148 mBq /g, yielding a dose that is up to two orders of magnitude lower than those received by marine animals+

    Source I found for that is:

    Besides speculated neutron bombardment, other ways to end up with Po210, see
    the decay chain possibilities to end up with Po-210:


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  15. hadia says:

    @MVB Merci so much for your immense effort of work you put into your blog. Ich denke, langsam kommt das Rad ins Rollen und die “Blinden” werden sehend. How long I myself was blinded by the nuclear cartel mafia and believed our politicians. Slowly but safely the anxious scientists and non-scientists step out of their wintersleep.Let us encourage all the brave ones with straight character. (Sorry, my English not same quality always, since I am suffering from partial brain “probs”). Advise all people to take Magnesium plus Kalium, plus Gingkotablets.
    No more SPEED, we´r almost there (where??)

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