Denver Channel 9 News: “Crestone, the Spiritual Center of Colorado”

Crestone, Colorado, May 12, 2015: 11:11 pm wee-woo-wee-woo… ;-)

A fellow local artist friend sent me this. ;-)   Aired on April 21, 2015 @   “Thousands are flocking to…” sound pretty funny when you know how few people are actually here.

“[…] Some felt a strange power in these hills.  You hear anything from crystal caverns in the Sangres to UFOs buried in the sand dunes. […]” 

:-)   Some of my blog posts that touch on those “strange powers” include:

“Along with all the spiritual centers, Crestone also has one of the largest concentrations of artists in Colorado”

 I don’t know if I’m counted as one of the many artists here, but some of MY PAINTINGS started in Crestone as well.   See also tons of photos of this beautiful, but harsh at times, region sprinkled throughout my blog posts (such as Autumn 2014 – Photos of Road Trip – 2/5).

Better than a quick superficial tourist visit (although I bet great if you go hiking!), or buying property on a whim (over 50% leave (“are getting the hell out of here”) within a few years; it is NOT per se a comfortable place!), I would highly recommend doing a meditation retreat here.   Since my spiritual background is mostly in Shambhala – Tibetan Buddhism, I resonate most with some of the Buddhist offerings, and suggest inquiring with these if you’re interested:

But there are MANY more offerings.  Some are mentioned in this short incomplete list from the county:   Crestone Spiritual Centers – Saguache County, Colorado.

Maybe see you over green tea at the Cloud Station Café some day…

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9 Responses to Denver Channel 9 News: “Crestone, the Spiritual Center of Colorado”

  1. John says:

    Love is for all, love is forever
    Only love can make things better
    Voices sing its lovely praise
    Everyone for all, till the end of days

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