May Snowfall Record Broken: 40 cm (16″) of Fresh Snow ! (Southern Colorado, May 9-10, 2015)

Almost a half meter of snow in May?   Here on the slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the Crestone/Baca area of Southern Colorado, at around 8200 feet altitude, over 16 inches fell, or a whopping at least 40 centimeters of fresh snow fell overnight.

For now, I am snowed in… May10_2015_9amThe tree / view shown in yesterday’s blogpost (towards the end just before the tree rings, showing before and during snowing) now looks like this: May10_9amHow fast things can change…


“(Weather statement updated at 220 AM MDT on May 10, 2015)

Three weather records were broken at the Crestone/Baca weather station on Saturday, May 9. First, a record snowfall occurred, with 15.9 inches falling, not only breaking the record snowfall for the date (which was 3.0 inches, set in 2013), but this amount also breaks the all time record  (for now) for the entire month of May, which was 15.0 inches, set in 2001. But of the time of this report, another 1.8 inches has fallen past midnight (standard time – which all weather data is based on) on Sunday, May 10, with light snow still falling. The record snowfall for May 10, was only a trace, so a record snowfall for this date has already been broken too, with another round of snow showers possible later this afternoon. […]”       (SOURCE:

See more weather info via my Meteo page.

Just north of Colorado: almost all of Wyoming is covered in snow:

The Sierras in California received a bit of this blessing as well, although the drought remains a major problem for much of California.  Here in Saguache County, in its eastern area by the Sangre de Cristo range, the drought is officially (technically) over:

It’s really inconvenient for me right now, but it’s really good news for the water situation.  The amount that likely fell higher up above the tree line must be several extra feet! ;-)

“More water in the bank.”

Finding my way to my tent last night…

Fun looking for my tent last night... ;-)

Alright… now I’m ready for spring to return.

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12 Responses to May Snowfall Record Broken: 40 cm (16″) of Fresh Snow ! (Southern Colorado, May 9-10, 2015)

  1. bo says:

    Sorry about the snow michael.. but it does look beautiful there!

    I’m driving by to see if you thought the radcon 5 s in upstate NY were related to Indian Point.

    Here’s Buffalo right now
    On the day of fire Albany was radcon 5 for half the day.

    • It’s gorgeous, and below 9000 ft it melts quickly. Thanks for the drive-by ;-) –

      I did check monitors in the region and nullschool right when that cloud went up, but didn’t spot anything unusual, so I didn’t give it more time.

      As far as that alert, I suspect that the effect of snow-melting will cause more of these “false high readings” (on NETC), as the colors and alert settings are based on deviation from the average, and (I think it was VItal1 on ENE who pointed this out when I asked about this in relation to Hoikkaido’s high readings on NETC) that that average is based on the past 3 months. Snow blocks ground radiation. SO in spring, when the snow melts… You get the picture? The Midwest and northeast will continue to have high NETC rad readings like that off and on, every spring after a snowy winter. You’d have to look at the actual graph and see the specific measuement to be able to differentiate it from what I’m suspecting. I’m not an NETC member, so can’t see those.

      • bo says:

        Ooooooooo EUREKA
        I really appreciate the insight.

        Enjoy the snowy wonderland.. looks like Narnia!

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  3. Some folks are running with it for “Little Ice Age” effect…
    Like this one on YouTube: May Snow Records Broken, Planet Wide (75) | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035, posted by Adapt 2030

    I think it’s just natural variability, just a freak spring storm. However, I do expect “Little Ice Age”-style Global Cooling in the next decade. Yes, unfortunately, I do. See my blog posts:

    2014: Global Cooling ahead? (w/ Global Annual Average Temperature Anomalies, etc,…)

    2011: Why I Question the CO2-driven Global Warming “Scientific Consensus”

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