Wow, That is some Damn Radioactive Rain… (A Geiger Counter Measurement from Southern Colorado, May 3, 2015)

DISCLAIMER & DO NOT SHARE PolicyBliss Café, Crestone,

8000 ft elevation, Southern Colorado (USA) – May 3, 2015

[NOTE:  Inserted May 6, 2015:  My inquiry into what can cause this continues.  I’ve ruled out Tritium.  The cause is most likely natural, but a man-made aspect could be part of the mix as well.  See future blog posts, such as the May 5 post and comments @ Rain Appears to be ‘Back to Normal’ – Or, wait, maybe not… – (May 4 & 5, 2015 Geiger Counter measurements) + Further investigation of Radioactive Rain Events – End insert.]

A couple folks on online some ENEnews Forums (or is it Fora?) [scroll back through the pages], mentioned having observed unusually high Geiger Counter measurements in various parts of the US  lately, so – just for funI decided do do a 5 minutes test.

We’ve been getting some rain lately, so the air is nice and clean again.  I cleaned the slightly dusty (mixed with some pollen) hood of my car with a handkerchief and measured 5 minutes horizontal (@ elevation 8,200 feet in the Sangre de Cristo mountains between The Great Sand Dunes and the town of Crestone:  546 counts => 109.2 CPM  


The “Normal” I have observed here over many days weeks and months of testing here and there, mostly last year, is around 65 CPM, or roughly “below 70 CPM”, so 109 CPM is definitely slightly elevated (by at least 56%).   Since I don’t have an “indoors” right now (as I sleep in my car with the windows all cracked a couple inches for fresh air), I can’t do a windows-open versus windows-closed measurement comparison, like I did a few times in December (Blog post, Dec. 29, 2014: Medcom Geiger Counter Measurements in Southern Colorado – Dec. 2014 Notes).

In microSievert per hour, the dose on my clean car hood would fluctuate around 0.280 µSv/hr, and reach as high as 0.311 µSv/hr;  bit high, but not completely unusual at this altitude.

Then I noticed that my handkerchief seemed rather radioactive from having cleaned that little spot on the hood of the car…   Hm…  Odd.   So I got a clean coffee filter (tested neutral when still dry) and swiped the wet car with it.   Here’s a snapshot of where the dose rate went… Wowza: over 6.0 µSv/hr ! 

WetCarRainDropsSample_May3_2015 So I did a 5 minute Count Test… and observed:  9941 Counts in 5 minutes => 1988.2 CPM, or roughly 1990.0 CPM  (almost two thousand Counts per minute!).  A.k.a. 28.2x (2820 %) more than normal background.

Don’t get me wrong: It COULD be natural.  Current-day Geiger Counters, like the Medcom Inspector Alert are incredibly sensitive, also to various naturally occurring radioisotopes.   Only a lab sample radioisotope analysis could scientifically settle this mystery.   There’s a lot of Thorium and Uranium in the soils and rocks here, so I’m not going to assume that there is man-made radioactive fallout in the mix.  But I tried something similar (same test actually) in the summer last year and it didn’t do much…  So it does make me REALLY curious.

But…  Still…  I mean… 6 µSv/hr???

6 µSv/hr is significantly móre than the 3.7 µSv/hr I measured in a relative hotspot on the ground in Iwaki, Fukushima (outside the evacuation zone) on Nov. 13, 2013 (See (Nov. 18, 2013), A Visit to Fukushima, Cut Short. With PHOTOS and Reflections.)

Of course, the reason I’ve become véry cautious to come to conclusions is the fact that all those radioactive kelp seaweeds from Japan  I had lab-tested just happened to be loaded with Potassium…  (!-> See also K-40 vs. Cs-137);

So: no idea which radioisotopes in this recent rain are sending my Geiger Counter into the stratosphere.  I did take some dry samples too (just the dust on the car, no raindrops), and did not barely have the same effect.  (Just x2, not x 28) [Added after-thought: it is possible that that car had not even been in that rain; it was just a random car that was dry, while mine was still wet. -> SO the assumption that arose for me, namely that it was the water itself, might have been wrong. See also next few blog posts.]

!-> I wonder if a significant part of this uptick is due to high concentrations of (Beta-radiation-emitting) Tritium (H3).  (?)    Could it be the トリチウム  (Tritium)…?

Now, something else  that makes me think that it may very well NOT be entirely natural is the fact that the EPA is hiding their data, again, right at this time at the closest monitor getting likely similar rain… (Colorado Springs, see data graph below).

Moreover, also disturbingly, the US EPA did stop testing for Tritium (quote: “NAREL discontinued gross beta analysis of precipitation in January 2010 and discontinued tritium analysis of precipitation in January 2012” – See (April 10, 2015) “Fingerprints of an ongoing Cover-Up? EPA data makes Fukushima look over 1000% less serious than Chernobyl…“…

Radnet_May3_2015_pastWeek_GrandJunction_Colorado_USA__B_G3_G5The nearest monitor (still a ways away, just over 100 miles), has most data blocked out for the very period this rain came down…:

Radnet_May3_2015_pastWeek_ColoradoSprings_Colorado_USA__B_G3_G5If it were ‘just natural’, why would the EPA hide the data?  My guess is that the very same thing is going on with Radnet as with Eurdep: some algorithm is built-in in the data processing software, and it hides any unusual spikes from the record.   (Just a hunch…)

Radnet_May3_2015_pastWeek_Albequerque_NewMexico_USA__B_G3_G5A quick check on Nullschool (wind data –,20.60,271 ] reveals this area in in a major jet-stream slow-wind area, being fed moist air swirling around the SouthWest, tracing back with the jetstream… Hm…

It’s looking like a large area of the US may currently be a Fukushima fallout deposition zone…  

Nullschool_250hPa_May4_0000UTC_SOuthernColoradomarkedHence the EPA inserting data gaps…

Same sh*t in Europe… (as far as blocking out data when it matters most… See previous blog posts re. the Chernobyl Fires, and THIS.)

What does one do with information like that?  Issue some kind of “Government of Absurdistan Radiological Emergency Alert“, a la  Wash your clothes if you walked in the rain; take a shower?  Cover your green leafy vegetables?   Run indoor air filters if you have a home?

People still think this is not going to affect them…  Yeah…   I like that thought as well. WHO_cancer2012 Maybe. So happy for all this rain… Spring is looking beautiful… And yet… and yet… Those may be the most radioactive clouds I have ever seen…


Entering Crestone, Southern Colorado, May 2, 2015

Peace out –

— — — — — — —

  • !-> MAY 4, 2015 – 7:47 am ADDITIONS: 

Good morning.  Good to be alive.  A gorgeous morning it is again. ;-D

I took a measurement overnight, just to check the air radiation levels:  Inside my car on the front seat, horizontal, with Beta window upwards: May3_2015+GC_horiz.BetaWindowUP_inCar_openWIndows_Overnight-> In 375 minutes (24 – 17:45 = 6hrs15min), it logged 25,680 Counts =>   68.5 CPM

-> So, that’s completely normal for this elevation.  I tested dust swipes on dried cars: tiny upticks, the kind that is to be expected in this region, nothing unusual.  So, it really was the rain itself yesterday that was radioactive, I think most likely due to Tritium (H3), or in the form of ‘Tritiated Water’ (HTO).

  • TRITIUM & Tritiated Water:   When Tritium replaces one of the stable hydrogens in the water molecule, H2O, and is called tritiated water (HTO). Like H2O, tritiated water is colorless and odorless.  Tritium has a half-life of 12.3 years and emits a very weak beta particle. (Source:
  • Tritium is radioactive hydrogen.  […]  Like all radioactive substances, tritium is a carcinogen, a mutagen, and a teratogen. Laboratory work with mice and rats has clearly shown that tritium is particularly potent as a mutagen and teratogen.  (Source:[A teratogen is an agent or factor that causes malformation of an embryo.]

Now… IF that is the case, why such a surge in Tritiated Water in the rain now?    Did they really start dumping massive quantities into the Pacific, or, through mass-evaporation directly into the air?

Not impossible given it’s what the top dog [woof woof ;-) ] suggest they do:

Japan Times, April 8, 2015: Tepco may evaporate tritium-laced Fukushima water instead of ocean release. 

[…]  “I think they will need to make that decision,” U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Stephen Burns said when asked at a media briefing Wednesday at the U.S. Embassy whether Japan should release the tritium-laced water.”

No, Mr. Chairman Beta-Burns, NO.  NO!   They should not.  They should build many more storage tanks, and build ’em up to very high earthquake safety standards.  And  this mess needs to be safeguarded from entering the environment FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES.   And meanwhile gigantic research efforts needs to be encouraged worldwide to find ways to transmute this radiotoxic mess.

Excerpt Screenshot of article:

Here’s one from 2 years ago:

Click to watch on YourTube @

Click to watch on YourTube @


(Sept. 25, 2014),  Strontium-90 skyrocketing in Fukushima’s On-Site Groundwater. German meltdown model that predicted this suggests worst is yet to come.

!-> (Jan. 31, 2015):  DATA of ‘Fallout Signatures’ on Radiation Monitors Suggest Fukushima Still Going Re-Critical Underground At Times. Airborne Fallout Continues To Come Down Across the Northern Hemisphere.

See also Hmmm… DSCN3176 Here’s some turkey vultures perched in a tree: vulturesDowntownCrestone_May4_2015They were right near that unfinished giant commercial building that is now for sale.  The lady who had it build – I met her at the local bar last year – she died of cancer before it was finished.

CLICK ME.The beat doesn’t always go on…

Kinda cool entry way:

door!-> Insert added at begin of blog post on May 6, 2015. 

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 Last Updated: May 4, 2015 [+ note added in green re. maybe never-rained-on car; added on May 6, 2015]

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  5. Loni says:

    Much information here, and most of it, disturbing but not surprising. Keep up the good work, and if you’re ever in the Northern California area, let me know, and I’ll have my lady friend cook you a great meal. (You’ll never survive my cooking…….no one does.)

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  7. Randy says:

    I too enjoy your posts and website. It is one of my stops in learning how bad things really are. Stop by for a beer if your ever in South SALT lake Utah.

    • Thanks Randy. Got to reiterate, that this radioactive rain I measured still *could* have been entirely natural, given the deposits of Thorium and Uranium in these mountains. So not necessarily ‘bad’. Thanks for the invite!

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