(More ADDITIONS) Bismuth-214 as a Fallout Indicator? Systematic Omissions: More Evidence of EURDEP Hiding Data when it Matters Most…

Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) – May 2, 2015.  Greetings!,

More evidence that EURDEP (the European Commissions radiation monitoring service) is “cooking the books”, so to speak, through systematic data gaps in some data sets (which they never ‘validate’ for the public either) right at the times there are other indications of radioactive clouds reaching ground level…

It was one of yesterday’s last additions, namely the observations from POLAND ( @  http://www.monitor-polski.pl/pozary-wokol-czarnobyla-moga-byc-powaznym-zagrozeniem-dla-europy/) that got me wondering about the significance of such spikes of Bismuth-214.

Bi-214 is naturally occurring, like K-40, Po-212, Pb-210, etc.  But, many of these ‘natural’ isotopes are ALSO created in ‘man-made’ nuclear fission reactions.  Because of that, they are often part of nuclear fallout, which tends to include many other (more dangerous) radioisotopes not being tested for.

First I did was check EURDEP for Bi-214 data.  Freakishly dismal monitoring: Germany, and one monitor in Lithuania:

Given the wind patterns following the Chernobyl Forest Fires this past week, Lithuania interests me most, so that’s where I started.  This week’s Bi-214 and Alpha-radiation measurements from Lithuania:

To find out how unusual that is, I looked at monthly data, and went back until November 2014, graphing for Bi-214 and K-40.   Here’s these month-data graphs pasted together for a continuous half-year record.  NOTE: This is all ‘unvalidated’ Public Map data from EURDEP.  Press and scientists are advised to check with EURDEP directly.

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Some very interesting things show up in the half-year Bi-214 & K-40 data record (my annotations added):

LT_Cusam_01_Lithuania_B1214_K40_6months_EURDEP_pre_May2_2015(The data gaps with “?” I did not investigate in-depth.)

☆  The November 16, 2014 data outage corresponds with widespread upticks over Germany, as well as detection of elevated Cs-137 and I-131 in Cyprus, as documented in the blog posts:

☆  The late end of November 2014 data outage corresponds with the spikes observed in Latvia, which traced back to the troubled Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant in the Eastern Ukraine, as well as slight upticks in Finland, Romania, and elsewhere, even as far away as Northern Iceland, as all documented in the blog posts:

☆  The data outage since the start of the Chernobyl fires corresponds with upticks in mainly Estonia and Latvia, as documented in the blog posts:

(For additional insights on Bi-214 in Chernobyl fallout, I also looked at https://repozytorium.umk.pl/bitstream/handle/item/1635/Chernobyl%20fall%20out%20in%20salt%20from%20Ciechocinek.pdf )

The implication is the same as I’ve stated before:  The systems in place for monitoring have been co-opted by pro-nuclear influences. EURDEP Public Map is rigged to hide problematic radiological leaks.   I suspect that the EURDEP data-processing software has built-in logarithms that filter out the most likely fallout events as much as they could mathematically pull off.

The fact that the IAEA (not a nuclear watchdog, but an agency that aims to encourage the use of nuclear fission technology “for peaceful uses”; therefor NOT NEUTRAL at all) was involved in the setting of monitoring standards and creation of data-processing software is, -just my opinion-, not reassuring

 A little look into EURDEP clarifies that:   “Since 2013 the platform is compliant with the requirements of the International Radiological Information Exchange (IRIX) format, developed by IAEA.


As well as:


See also A Green Road’s, (May 24, 2012)  IAEA, WHO, NRC And Others; Weaving A Web Of Control, Lies And Deception.

I’m not making this allegation lightly, though.  The more I look into this, the more it is clear they omit the data when it matters most.  Then, with no data available, they go on telling the public there’s “no reason for concern”.

Just for the hell of it, here, 2 more…

WHY is that the ONLY Alpha-radiation monitoring station in Poland that had a data gap this past week is the one furthest to the east? EasternPoland_1daySkipped_T-ALPHA_EURDEP_1week_pre_May2_2015Or why did Finland suddenly stop relaying its Cs-137 data… in the middle of April 27, 2015?   There usually is a short lag, so I assume that as soon as a spiking was detected, the data stream was stopped, likely including a period before the spike.   Given the initial wind path from the Chernobyl fires, this might fit the apparent cover-up pattern as well:


See, I think it’s automated.  I don’t think there’s hundreds of people sorting through the data.  And it’s the same dismal situation with the EPA’s Radnet in the US.

How can a rigged system be transformed into a system with transparency and integrity… when the people guarding the system have stakes in this multi-billion dollar nuclear industry complex that would be exposed, and perhaps even held liable for millions of cases of cancers and heart disease worldwide…?

Remember Eisenhower’s 1961 warning the world of the military industrial complex. Well, too late now.  The psychopaths are in control.



Beautiful world, still…

SangreDeCristo_endApril2015_MVBIt’s good to be here in the Rockies…


Excerpt:   “[…] The levels of radiation were slightly elevated at the Chernobyl site […]”   What about some specifics?  “Slightly elevated”, what the hell is that?  In any case, I know from studying Chernobyl (See Jan. 15, 2015:  Gaging Recent Radiation Spikes: How do the Recent Gamma Upticks Compare to those Observed after Chernobyl? ) that even a minor dose increase can correspond with a very significant radioisotope presence dispersed in the air.  So it is a troubling statement, especially given the wind wasn’t directly blowing towards the site.   Is this why Belarus and so many other countries are hiding their radiation data?

  • May 2, 2015 – Meanwhile Belarus has disappeared its radiation data page (screenshots of the daily averages for April 28 & 29th) can still be found at my page, Radiation Monitors – Belarus.  What are they trying to hide?

Moreover, where does this Firefox WARNING suddenly come in from when trying to visit this Belarus government website?

FIREFOX: “[…] this error could mean that someone is tampering with your connection […]”

Um, yeah… I’ve noticed…


  • Let’s see how April 30th looks on http://www.flashearth.com/ … Oh, how odd, the satellite imagery no longer lags 48 hours, it now lags 72 hours…   Bummer.
  • BlogStats_Europe_SatMay2_2015_4pmMTAnd don’t you think it is just a tiny wee bit “WEIRD” that right after I expose RT for spewing bullshit and documenting that radioactive fallout may be heading into Russia and not towards Kiev, as well as Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Finland, that blog traffic from 3 of those 5 countries just -poof- drops to zero?  (as of May 2, 2015, 4 pm Mountain Time past day Blog Stats);  I know this is a marginal blog of utter insignificance, but still…   Slightly odd, no?   Is the zero traffic from Austria a hint of why that may not be a coincidence?

And the beat goes on…

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 Last Updated: May 3, 2015

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15 Responses to (More ADDITIONS) Bismuth-214 as a Fallout Indicator? Systematic Omissions: More Evidence of EURDEP Hiding Data when it Matters Most…

  1. Hello,
    Thank You Michaël for Your professional interpretation of the data. I will post in my blog translation of your article tomorrow. I took the data from the University in Lublin, Poland (UMCS).
    What needs to be mentioned is that they have the “renovation” of detection devices after we found very strange peak in July 2012 – it was none of the isotopes they claim to have been monitored! This is what I saved then:
    All the archival data since then was deleted! So, it’s quite possible that the monitoring they show now is much lower than the real measurement.

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  5. MVB says:

    Comment made by ‘Bo’ on a later post copy-pasted here, excerpt (CTBTO data showed increasing Bi-214 levels post-Fukushma):

    Bismuth blogpost from zukunashi san

    Here is an older post where he notes increase

    And this is his recent update where he notes flatlining

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