ADDITIONS: Belarus Radiation, Satellite Image Chernobyl Fire, EURDEP-Sweden goes silent, ESTONIA & LATVIA Radiation Graphs,…

RT VIDEO, added to the end of this Blog Post.Cloud Station Café – Crestone, Colorado (USA) – May 1, 2015 – gorgeous spring weather.  Many updates added throughout the day.

EURDEP-2days_GammaT_unvalidated_ScreenshotMay1_2015_945amMTSampling some monitors in the region:

  • On weekly graphing of EURDEP monitors, the outage in Sweden looks like this, below, + various random samples of monitors elsewhere in the region and beyond:

EURDEP_Bjuruklubb_Sweden_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Malmo_Sweden_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Kilsbergen_Sweden_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Siauliai_Lithuania_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_VORU_Estonia_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Vilnius_Lithuania_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Wlodawa_Poland_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Banjalankoski_Finland_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Jurmala_Latvia_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Olandssodraudde_Sweden_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Hamar_Norway_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Snasa_Norway_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Aehtaeri_Finland_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Sinop_Turkey_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Sanak_Poland_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Iasi_Romania_gammaT_1week_preMay1_2015As you can see, the outage in Sweden and large data gaps (in Lithuania) in the Baltic region “mysteriously” correlates again with times during which spikes were seen not so far away (in Estonia) as the wind blows….  See additional graphs further below.

I’m not so sure that this has anything to do with volatile radioactive particles that were re-released in the Chernobyl-region forest fires, though, given the slow movement of the smoke plume and the way the wind was blowing.  I doubt it would have reached that far that fast. Unless it is getting much higher up…

(Also: I did not spot anything unusual on the “independent” monitoring networks, like Radmon and uRadmon)

The wind turned yet again… My impression is also that it cannot be ruled out.  I hope these countries are analyzing their air and precipitation samples and hide nothing about what they find.

WIND MAPS:   May 1, 1200 ETC

Europe on Nullschool ( ) , with the town of Chernobyl marked approximately (51°16′ N 30°13′ E), showing winds @ 1000 hPa (just above the surface), 850 hPa (bit higher) and 250 hPa (jet stream height, for May 1, 1200 ETC:

Nullschool_May1_2015_1200ETC__1000hPa_Europe_Chernobylmarked Nullschool_May1_2015_1200ETC__850hPa_Europe_Chernobylmarked Nullachool_May1_2015_1200ETC__250hPa_Europe_ChernobylmarkedLooks like that IF the fire contains enough radioactive particles, it MAY show up in … maybe eastern Latvia, but looks like Estonia is the most likely region to get hit by that “nuclear gift that keeps on giving”…  (The monitoring networks of the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are rather dismal, in my opinion.)

ESTONIA & LATVIA – radiation data from EURDEP

Nothing stands out when you look at the map, except for that line in Finland, but that’s normal there.  (You get to know what’s unusual and what’s not when you visit often.)

Estonia & Latvia is what I’ll mainly focus on: (Note that wind directions shift a lot, this rough sketch was just an impression; Check the later-in-the-day Nullschool wind data further down):

A look at a few more monitors in Estonia, Latvia and Finland (via EURDEP, plotting Gamma T week graphs):

EURDEP_Toravere_Estonia_1weekGamma_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Viljandi_Estonia_1weekGamma_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Savonranta_Finland_1weekGamma_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Silene_Latvia_1weekGamma_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Balvi_Latvia_1weekGamma_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Rezekne_Latvia_1weekGamma_preMay1_2015 EURDEP_Toravere_Estonia_1weekGamma_preMay1_2015arva-Joesuu EURDEP_Savonranta_Finland_1weekGamma_preMay1_2015alacgriva_Latvia

It is possible that the outages, data gaps, and obvious (minor) spikes (so small they can not be differentiated from natural spikes, yet they may be far more carcinogenic) during the same period in the same general region have nothing to do with the Chernobyl forest fires.  The spikes COULD still be natural rain-outs of primarily naturally occurring radioisotopes.  But if it’s all natural, then why the gaps?  Why would one ever want to hide unusual natural variability?

It could also be from “something else”, perhaps hiding more evidence of Fukushima fallout reaching Europe with the jet stream, I have no idea.  I’m just documenting the oddities.  I hope this will jump-start more in-depth investigations.  As usual: more questions than answers.

See my Nuclear Blog Posts ARCHIVE for more.

  • No blog traffic from Estonia anymore?   Hmm…

BlogStats_May1_2015_1245pm_MTReminds me of “Access Denied” after the Zaporizhia nuclear accident set off monitors last year…   Let’s see…  …

My Blog as seen from Estonia, courtesy of mysterious internet forces...  (May 1, 2015 @ 12:55 pm Mountain Time)

My Blog as seen from Estonia, according to, “courtesy of mysterious internet forces…”   (May 1, 2015 @ 12:55 pm Mountain Time)

Those apparent ‘access interferences’ tend to come and go, though.  Still don’t quite know what to make of ’em.  Anyways, thought it worth mentioning.  You never know…

(Add-on: Two views from Estonia followed later in the day.  So maybe it was nothing.)

In the video, @ 1:05 in, one of the ‘experts’, Noam Segal of the Israel Energy Forum, stated: “there are winds carrying the smoke north, towards Kiev”.  [Jeez…  Talk about misinformation…  Can someone get this guy a link to my blog so he gets a clue which way is north of the fires… Or a map of where Kiev is… Goodness the SH*T that gets aired these days…]

[Added-in NUANCE, added on May 2, 2015 10:45 pm MT.  Actually, the wind turned quit a bit.  I noticed when scrutinizing Nullschool a bit more that there were times the wind did indeed blew from the North.    So I went to to plot the wind direction graphs for Kiev and Chernobyl.  On these you can see that at the time RT aired the above video, on May 1 in the afternoon, that the wind was blowing from the southwest, as also seen on Nullschool.  So that news wasn’t news.  If it was meant as a warning, it came over 24 hours too late.  Nevertheless, just want to acknowledge my oversight:  there were some moments early Thursday April 30 that smoke blew roughly from the fires towards Kiev.  Which path the smoke took precisely can’t be deducted from these graphs, though.  It just means that northern Ukraine is likely to have received a dosing of Chernobyl fallout from these fires as well:

– end added-on insert.]

The video ends with some archival footage from the days and weeks after the Chernobyl accident in 1986, including Gorbachov’s admission of what had happened.

There’s one rather odd illustration image in the video, however, when they zoom in on the Chernobyl site (hours after posting this, it was used on Seemorerocks without the questioning…), on which fire images are seen all around the Chernobyl plant area (wtf?):

What happened?  Is the arsonist still setting fires?  Or is that graphic “just for effect”? (Both would be pretty messed up…)

May 1, 2015 – 1800 UTC:  Let me double check on the wind and location of Chernobyl in relation to Kiev…   Map: (for fire location details, see previous blog post):

Map_FireLocations_KievNear Surface: Nullschool_1000hPa_May1_2015_1800UTC At 1800 ETC, smoke is being blown to south-east corner of Belarus and into Russia: Nullschool_850hPa_May1_2015_1800UTC

I use Google Translator to help make sense of Polish.  Noteworthy were spikes of Bismuth-214 that were unusually high (more @ Polish site).

  • Last update for May 1, 2015 (already May 2 in Europe), 10 pm Mountain Time: -> Clouds (infrared) for May 2, 2015 @ 3:15 am UTC does not even show smoke.  If fires are still going, the smoke would be blowing north-east now, towards Russia.   The clouds that went north into Belarus and MAYBE reached as far as Estonia (see above) would be moving into Eastern Finland shortly.  If there are no upticks of any kind there, then that speculation may have been wrong.

This might have been a fairly localized event that got hyped to enormous proportions for who knows what end…

  • And there’s more going on than meets the eye…  Something I mentioned in a comment on ENEnews:

As mentioned in comments, it makes me think of dynamics pointed out by other independent investigators…: 

(If you think or realize that the mainstream media, both east and west, is totally manipulated, and you think the so-called “alternative media” is somehow not, seek help.)

But I’ll leave it at that.  That was it for my 24 hours “Relapse #3″…

Leave a comment if you spot an error or have additional information.  Tx.

(PS to myself -hehe:  This being my third “Relapse / Slip” since announcing that I quit nuclear blogging “until housed”, I think I can already say, “three strikes and I’m out”.  Obviously I’m an addict and may need a support group, al la “Hello, my name is Michaël and I’m in recovery from blogging about nuclear issues…”  Unlikely any time soon…)

— — — — — — —

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Last Updated: May 2, 2015 (nuance added re. wind directions)

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