Just Another Spring Day, Staring into Space…

You can't make this shit up...  (Click to watch/Listen on YouTube)

You can’t make this sh*t up… (Click to watch/Listen on YouTube)

I wonder sometimes… is there actually truly, for real, something wrong with me?  Why can’t I just play along?  “Fukushima is happy happy HAPPY!”   Forget about those mini-suns sinking down on the edge of the Pacific, spewing untold amounts of many dozens of radioisotopes into the ground, the Pacific and blowing all around downwind… non-stop.  Ignore the fact that ever more friends get cancer before they’re even a half century old.  Just get drunk on Fukushima! [Saké ad].   Such a cool company, TEPCO… Nice TV commercials.  They remind me a little of Electrabel’s ads in Belgium, actually.   Anyways…

Let’s see…  Today is April 16, 2015.   Made some edits to the blog posts from the previous several days.   Broke up my camp site a couple days ago, too; At night I’m sleeping in my car again, for now…   It’s snowing this morning in Salida, Colorado, just north of the San Luis Valley…


For the few folks out there who don’t know where Colorado is, there it is:

Yesterday, my car window’s electric mechanism broke down and so I was stuck with an open window.   Good fresh air, around freezing point.   Drove down to Salida to have it fixed.  Needed be there for several more errands anyhow.   Chilly ride…

Man… it’s been a bit of a rough couple weeks.  I mean “rough” …by my standards.  Not that bad.  The wind, though… the effing wind…  [sigh…].  Living outside without a home and the comforts most people take for granted… (like running water, a bathroom, a kitchen, a roof, heat,…).   I know it may sound like “a vacation” to some… camping, hanging out in coffee shops, staying warm in the evening at local bars, getting to know the locals,… spending way too much money eating out because… well… it’s just not that fun cooking by yourself in the middle of the woods during sand storms.  Not that I mind the taste of sand, but… Anyways… Been saying “anyways” a lot lately.  Anyways…  Soit.  It’s exhausting in a way only the wind can exhaust.  Positive ions, I don’t know…  So easy to get dehydrated in this high-altitude desert too…

It is really pretty, though…  From The Desert Sage parking lot, a couple days ago before sunset, the trees and distant mountains re-emerged after a windy day…

Crestone_AfterDustDuskI really should pull over, or maybe chase one down for better pictures some day, ’cause some of these ‘dust devils’ (very localized mini-tornados that whip up the dust in a fierce upward-rising air vortex) can be quiet beautiful, too.  Bad shot, but, anyways… I was driving:

dustdevil_bOn one exceptionally not-so-windy clear day (first half of April 2015, too), the herd of grazing Tibetan Yak and Peruvian Lamas graced the San Luis Valley floor, flanked by the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountain range (Crestone area in the center)….   All the way to the right (south) in the picture you get an almost-glimpse of the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  (If you want to be sand-blasted, good time of the year for a visit! – lol); The valley floor is around 8,000 ft., the mountains go just over 14,000 ft. altitude:


As seen from the bend in the road between Crestone and Moffat, Southern Colorado.

I’m not going to say anything new in this blog post…  Nothing new.  In fact, I’ll take a blog post I wrote in in 2012, rehash it, and feed it back to you for another showing:

Our planetary nuclear situation will remain rather unaffected by me merely sharing bits and pieces of recent radiation data.  We need technologies invented or implemented to make the abundance of clean & simple fuel-free electrical power available to all, quickly.

More importantly, people need to get in touch with their bodies and heart.   On the upside, I do just sit in meditation more often.  And I still find much inspiration in the Podcast @ Dharma Ocean (who have a retreat center in this area too).

  • But turns out to be a really hard habit to kick… to overdose on nuclear news…   See what ENENEWS just found and added to its pile of doom…

http://enenews.com/  Move along, nothing to see here.

Anyways…  If you actually bothered to read all those articles, I understand I will be able to waste only so much more of your time.  I don’t actually want to waste your time with information anymore.  It will, almost certainly, be just as utterly useless to you (and probably uninspiring, given the nature of the topic) as the above, as it ultimately is to me…

Click Image (Courtesy of the AsiaToGaza Daily) for source:  quiet-environmentalist.comThe Fukushima Daiichi mess will likely remain precarious for decades or centuries to come, but “significant progress” is being made towards, eventually, bringing the disaster under control.

Like… a new robot, 4 years in the making, managed to move 10 meters closer to the molten cores.


The Guardian (UK, April 13, 2015):  Fukushima robot stranded after stalling inside reactor, excerpt:   “[…] Dale Klein, a former chairman of the US nuclear regulatory commission who now advises Tepco, said dangerously high radiation inside the three damaged reactors had made extracting the melted cores particularly difficult.  “Radiation levels in these structures is higher, and working inside them is problematic,” Klein said recently. “This is a challenge that has never been faced before in the world, and there will have to be new equipment developed to make that happen. […]”

How about Mr. Klein add some apologies to that, for having been part in promoting and approving those very types of reactors, and put a bit of his leverage behind shutting all that sh*t down?  No?  … Yeah…  Didn’t think so… .

Now, what will you do more with that information than me?  And I’m just parroting it along, too.    Anyhow, if you haven’t had enough of this yet, knock yourself out sifting through all these countries’ online radiation data, which I assembled for your convenience awhile back.

For an endless stream of updates on this challenge for humanity (and commitment to safeguard the waste for many tens of thousands of years…), here’s a shortened menu of Nuclear News Sources.   To become annoyingly “overinformed”, I suggest you check ‘m all, daily, and try to talk about it with people you meet:

By now you probably also got the idea that this disaster will be evolving on a time scale of years, decades, even centuries, rather than day by day, week by week.  Millenia, in fact, and when we get really serious about nuclear waste, you have to think in terms of many tens of thousands of years.  You have to consider sea level rises and drops, inter-glacials and ice ages, meteor hits and earthquakes at least as powerful as those known to occur.  IF you give a damn about future generations, that is.  Clearly, the nuclear industry is more concerned with quick profits…  and supplying radio-imaging isotopes for the cancer industry, … an amazing closed circle for never-ending profits they’re setting up there… and fission materials for the psychopaths who still consider all-out nuclear war “an option”.

Anyways… the construction of nuclear reactors could NEVER have been approved without industry lies and government collusion, fact distortions, massive subsidies, & public perception manipulation.

CLICK IMAGE for SOURCE and pdf excerptsFor some basic facts, I suggest the pdf. A Primer in the Art of Deception – The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science’, by Paul Zimmerman.   Good information.

The nuclear industry and the people & governments that ‘support it’, remind me of a George Orwell quote (from his 1948 book, ‘1984’):

“What can you do, thought Winston, against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself, who gives your arguments a fair hearing and then simply persists in his lunacy?”

The technology seems to have its own mad momentum, ignoring critics, downplaying the dangers, downplaying the cancers, barely and merely being ‘hopeful’ to find a solution for the thousands of tons of nuclear waste piling up all over the world.  In the light of the challenges we face, I am disheartened when I see strong characters in the nuclear industry elite show not even a hint of genuine caring or humbleness.  Not even sorrow, regret or embarrassment.   They just want to keep going, as if nothing happened…

Like, take Obama…  The Obama administration has cut fewer nuclear weapons than any other post-Cold War administration.

The Obama administration has cut fewer nuclear weapons than any other post-Cold War administration. Click graph to view full size.  CLICK IMAGE for SOURCE:  https://fas.org/blogs/security/2014/10/stockpilereductions/

The Obama administration has cut fewer nuclear weapons than any other post-Cold War administration. Click graph to view full size. CLICK IMAGE for SOURCE: https://fas.org/blogs/security/2014/10/stockpilereductions/

And worse, even…

If you think the above from 2010 is outdated.  Here’s one from 2015:


The reason for recycling parts of an old lengthy ramble is this: I’m still wondering how I can best focus my energy.  “Ha…”  What will I do when I grow up…?

I still don’t think playing ‘amateur newscaster’, ‘public educator’, or some sort of ‘investigative journalist’ is the best use of my time.  I still relapse…  I do it mainly just to kill time.  It’s a sad state of affairs, in my own opinion. Sure, the intent remains “to be helpful”, but I don’t think any of my writing here has made any difference whatsoever.  NONE.  Really.  Not in the way that it matters.   I don’t think it will, or even can…  especially with how information flows are increasingly being manipulated.

Our words fall on deaf ears.   Reading might make you more informed, but so what?  What are you going to do?  Sign a petition?  Write a letter to a CEO to get some well-crafted bullshit form letter back?  Write an informative blog post about it, so perhaps a few more people learn what you learned as well?  I do appreciate that some others are doing it, don’t get me wrong.  Here’s a still-good one from April 2012 on Washington’s Blog:

Nuclear Power Is Expensive and Bad for the Environment … It’s Being Pushed Because It Is Good For Making Bombs

But I want to be effective.  Having my facts straight, and being able to make well-founded logical arguments is actually completely irrelevant when it comes to the nuclear establishment.  They’re  totally insane.

696> Nuclear Roulette –  The Truth about the Most Dangerous Energy Source on Earth, by © Gar Smith

“Nuclear Roulette is an act of love and reason for Mother Earth. We’ve had five decades of poisonous decision making in the face of millennia of life. Now is the time to safeguard our generations yet to come. Gar Smith’s powerful writing tells the stories that inform our good work.”      —Winona LaDuke, indigenous rights activist and author of All Our Relations and Recovering the Sacred

From the foreword by Ernest Callenbach and Jerry Mander:

Nuclear power is not clean, cheap, or safe. With Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima, the nuclear industry’s record of catastrophic failures now averages one major disaster every decade.  After three US-designed plants exploded in Japan, many countries moved to abandon reactors for renewables. In the United States, however, powerful corporations and a compliant government still defend nuclear power—while promising billion-dollar bailouts to operators.  Each new disaster demonstrates that the nuclear industry and governments lie to “avoid panic,” to preserve the myth of “safe, clean” nuclear power, and to sustain government subsidies. Tokyo and Washington both covered up Fukushima’s radiation risks and—when confronted with damning evidence—simply raised the levels of “acceptable” risk to match the greater levels of exposure. 

Nuclear Roulette dismantles the core arguments behind the nuclear-industrial complex’s “Nuclear Renaissance.” While some critiques are familiar—nuclear power is too costly, too dangerous, and too unstable—others are surprising: Nuclear Roulette exposes historic links to nuclear weapons, impacts on Indigenous lands and lives, and the ways in which the Nuclear Regulatory Commission too often takes its lead from industry, rewriting rules to keep failing plants in compliance.

Nuclear Roulette cites NRC records showing how corporations routinely defer maintenance and lists resulting “near-misses” in the US, which average more than one per month. […]”



So… I’m going to sit with all that..

I’m going to try to shut the f*ck up…

Under a tree. 

Feel my body…  Breathe…  Stare into space. 

Wait for inspiration to arise… 


Home... home... I so want to go home.  I don't really know what that word even means anymore...

Home… home… I so want to go home. I don’t really know what that word even means anymore…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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8 Responses to Just Another Spring Day, Staring into Space…

  1. Kay says:

    I hope you’ll rest and come back strong. I don’t ever want to stop ‘learning’ which is why I’ve read a good amount of your blogs and I HAVE LEARNED from them. For that I thank you and hope you find your peace. Keep taking those gorgeous photos.

  2. John says:

    You cant ‘wake people up’ who are content in their slumber. The people seeking truth actively pursue it. The majority of people are happy to be told what to believe in 30 minutes every evening on the news before they watch their favorite programming.
    I know you know all this. It is heartbreaking.
    I wait for someone else to bring these subjects up before I mention anything, or its like talking to a brick wall. I like Testla’s quote, “The only way there can be world peace is if the whole world becomes enlightened”.
    I read everything you write, you are very intelligent and one of the best researchers I have found.
    I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better, dare I say happy! :-)

  3. John says:

    I spelled Tesla’s name wrong in my last comment. I also could not find that quote anywhere, lol. I remember seeing it somewhere. Here is a copy and paste of one of his quotes.

    “Each day we go to our work in the hope of discovering,—in the hope that some one, no matter who, may find a solution of one of the pending great problems,—and each succeeding day we return to our task with renewed ardor; and even if we are unsuccessful, our work has not been in vain, for in these strivings, in these efforts, we have found hours of untold pleasure, and we have directed our energies to the benefit of mankind.”

  4. pavewayiv@gmail.com says:

    All you have to do is be human. That’s why you’re here, now. Nothing else really matters.

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  6. Thanks. Much appreciated.

    I wrote some more in the next blog post. I’m sure you’ll understand.

    Thanks for the encouragement and interest.

    Drop me a line if you come across something you feel I really should know about.

    Much love!

    – mvb

  7. wildninja says:

    The world makes people who care deeply about truth feel like something’s wrong with them. Forget the world. Focus on what matters to you, and as author John Eldredge said, the world’s a screwed up place; let them feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it.

    I appreciate the time you put into researching all of this. I have grave concerns about these “accidents” and the misinformation out there. I differ from you in that I believe in a strong defense that means outgunning the enemy, but let that be an encouragement to you that even people who don’t totally agree with you pay close attention to what you’re saying. Appealing to a wide cross section is a powerful place to be.

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