F… F… Something with an F… (Not SUNPP, but much Further Upwind…)

Late April 14, 2015 – By car Mifi – somewhere in the middle of a desert…

(This blogpost, with the previous one, was a bit of a journey.  More UPDATES added at the end – April 15 – 8pm Mountain Time)

Edited. Click for original source.

Edited. Click for original source.

Thanks to some heavy redacting of an oversight of mine (+some oddities, see at end) when viewing the Radmon.org past-week/month data for its monitor in Israel today, I’m revisiting yesterday’s blog post, “IF Ukraine’s Yuzhnoukrainsk’s SUNPP released radioactivity April 11(ish), 2015, then it blew South into Turkey… where EURDEP’s monitors are all turned off… (“Hmm…”)“.

In that previous blog post I documented some monitor data gaps, especially a long country-wide EURDEP monitor outage in Turkey, directly downwind from the Southern Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant (and, as it turns out, actually a better fit for being downwind from Fukushima…), which (the one in the Ukraine) was reported to have had some “electrical glitch” on April 11, 2015 (or shortly before in the evening of the 10th).  Turkey’s monitors went off-line in the evening of April 10.  Seemed like there could have been a connection.   However… Maybe not!  On closer investigation SUNPP may have had nothng to do with all the data gaps, etc.

What started with noticing something odd in the eastern Mediterranean, snowballed into a slightly more hemispheric exploration…

First what got me to wonder some more:   The radmon.org monitor for Israel showed a brief spike in the night from April 11 into April 12th, which I figured could be related to the event I was looking into in the Ukraine, not even thinking about Fukushima when I started.   It isn’t known if there was a radioactive release at the SUNPP.   Anyways, as seen in the previous post,  I took screenshots of the gamma radiation graphs for that Dolphin monitor in Eilat, Israel.  Since EURDEP-Turkey remained offline, I checked some independent Online Radiation Monitors again, including Radmon.org in Israel…

Looked fine at first glance:

Radmon_April14_2015_1015pm But then when I scrolled down to the week and month data, it looked different… Took me a couple double-takes: apart from that nicely event-less last 24 hours, apparently the last 3 weeks of data, shown yesterday, have been disappeared from the longer graphs.  The new cut-off date seemed to have turned into March 22…  [My bad: see added note below image]

!-> Added April 15, 2015:  UPDATE:  I was WRONG about the Radmon.org data redaction.  Nothing was “deleted”.  You have to click the “Update Daily Graphs” button. 

So, what I though was Odd…  But anyhow… “moving along… nothing to see here anymore…”“, was ultimately just an oversight on my part.  Sorry about that.

Nevertheless, it got me to pay closer attention to additional graphs.  And thát also lead me to see [h/t pvw4] that even with updating, the data flow was stuck.  More on that further down.

!-> So, next, I went to http://earth.nullschool.net/ to look at the jet stream patterns (April 14, 2015, 1200 UTC, 250 hPa, North Pole view), and began to wonder…  What if…?  Really?  Fukushima’s aerial affecting ground monitors in areas where the jet stream slows down?   AGAIN?…  Is this just how it’s gonna be now… ? Main fast wind bands blow counterclockwise in this screenshot:

Annotations by me.  Data by http://earth.nullschool.net/

Annotations by me. Data by http://earth.nullschool.net/  (See above added note: Monitor data in Israel was NOT redacted.  I hadn’t updated the graphs.)

So I zoom in on Europe, this time at 500 hPa to get a better view of the overall scene…  I add some arrows on the boundaries of this wind band to see how it spreads and narrows.  Some areas are more interesting to look at than others.  Now… pretty obvious that if major upticks in Turkey are being hidden in Turkey… they may have nothing to do with surface winds blowing in from the Ukraine, but everything with a major slow-down of the jet stream right there… Nullschool_April14_2015_1200UTC_500hpa_EUrope_hemispheric_annot You already know where this is going, right?

!–> If not, you might want to check up on, (Jan. 15, 2015) “DATA of ‘Fallout Signatures’ on Radiation Monitors Suggest Fukushima Still Going Re-Critical Underground At Times. Airborne Fallout Continues To Come Down Across the Northern Hemisphere.”  and related posts found in “my archive.”

Let’s sample a couple random monitors in these various areas and see if there’s “glitch dots” (the “calibrations” that aren’t calibrations… -See EURDEP’s dismiss-every-uptick-Disclaimer), or fitting ‘data gaps’ along the slow-down path … into the jet stream’s major wind speed break, aka “fallout zone”, currently known as ‘Turkey’… In no particular order (all data: 1 week prior to April 14, 2015 @ 12:00 UTC): Leuchars_UK_APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma Wattisham_UK Lista_Norway_APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma Lublin_Poland__APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma Malta__APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma Vinca_Serbia__APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma Argos_Greece__APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma LomnickyStit_Slovakia__APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma AntalayaKas_Turkey__APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gammaSo if you look at the (Advanced map, public data, most data “unvalidated”) EURDEP map and all looks normal, they fooled you.  This is map below shows one month of Gamma-T Max.  How many maroon dots would be on this map if they didn’t edit out all the fallout spikes?  Would the whole map be maroon?

Enjoy the delusion until it sinks in:  unless you check and scrutinize individual monitors, no way to know which monitors have data gaps.  Some data gaps last days...

Enjoy the delusion until it sinks in: unless you check and scrutinize individual monitors, no way to know which monitors have data gaps.  Most of them do.  Some data gaps last days…

By the way, they have a new toy to fool you even better: ‘THE SIMPLE MAP’.  No details!… A taste of the future.   We’re just worker bees in a nuclear maze…

Anyways,  guess you’ve seen enough too… In any case:  The event at SUNPP was likely minor, and might not have released anything measurable.  Maybe it didn’t even release radiation.   …Very much unlike the ongoing situation in Fukushima… It is seems to be pretty high on the priority list of the IAEA and its European Community and North-American henchmen to cover-up how bad that situation actually is…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

UPDATE – April 15, 2015 –  8pm Mountain Time

  • First of all, the EURDEP monitors that were offline, such of all of Turkey, for over 3 days are back online, and also showing data from during part of the outage.  An example from a randomly picked monitor in Turkey:


  • Secundo: – Radmon.org, appears to have some issues, such as strangely withholding some data in selected areas.  The ‘dolphin’ Eilat, Israel monitor remained stuck for over 30 hours on the above shown screenshot time.  (Maybe it still is?)
  • Also on Radmon.org:   While many global monitors are feeding data just fine in real-time (Portland, Oregon being one, if you want an example), other monitors had the same data-update outage seen in Israel.  Such as this monitor in Grimsby, UK, with a 29+ hours data outage at time of taking the screenshot,  24 hour graph:

Radmon_Grimsby_UK_screenshotAPril15_2015_1135pmUTC_ 7 day graph shows major upticks on April 10 and right at the time the data flow is cut on April 14, 2015 18:13 UTC: Radmon_Grimsby_UK_screenshotAPril15_2015_1158pmUTC_7DAYS_data_ The month-long graph shows these spikes are unusual.  (On a side-note, the 3-month graph seems to have calibration adjustments in it, making comparisons difficult without knowing more): Radmon_Grimsby_UK_screenshotAPril15_2015_1158pmUTC_1MONTH_data_

  • Back to Eilat, Israel:  (Note: in the below image, the above-shown graphs for UK are from the monitored colored yellow, @ “67”)  As of early April 16, the radmon.org data flow for this monitor  remains stuck (@ ‘204’ in grey, circled)  at April 14 (details in top screenshot), and is now officially ‘dormant‘:
Check http://radmon.org/ for latest

Check http://radmon.org/ for latest

  • On uradmonitor.com/, I caught a + 2.7 µSv/hr spike measured in Timisoara, Romania on April 14 @ 21:00 UTC:
  • (I have found no further evidence of noticeable Blog Access Interference.  For the most part, all seems fine this time.)
  • !-> By the way… When the US EPA turns off its Radnet monitors on the Alaska coast... for days or over a week… that’s not exactly a good sign, either.

Nothing to see in Anchorage, AK:


Further south, also near the coast, Radnet monitor @ Juneau, AK., see below.   Note the time of the data gap:

RADNET_US_EPA_1week_preApril15_2015_JuneauAKs Inland at Fairbanks, AK:  Note the uptick and its overlap with the data gap shown above. RADNET_US_EPA_1week_preApril15_2015_Fairbanks Anyways, you know where to find the radiation monitoring tools if you’d like to explore all of this yourself:  allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/ [Nuclear tab ] /radiation monitors /all    Go at it! ;-)

  • Lesson learned: To do this kind of research right takes WAY more time than a quick stop using Mifi inside my car to throw some things together.  (Not sure I want to give it the time it takes right now…).

I suppose this and the previous blog post is at least a partial record of some abnormalities on monitors, and, given wind patterns and previously documented cases of this, to me it’s indicating a high likelihood that upticks and data gaps (which have been documented to hide significant upticks) can be traced back to Fukushima-Daiichi‘s ongoing spewing of various radioisotopes into air and water…

Sad situation…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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[Last updated & edited: early April 16, 2015.  (‘FINAL’)

For possible related news, see my Nuclear News Links page]

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