IF Ukraine’s Yuzhnoukrainsk’s SUNPP released radioactivity April 11(ish), 2015, then it blew South into Turkey… where EURDEP’s monitors are all turned off… (“Hmm…”)

[Note:  Next blog post suggests the reason for the ongoing EURDEP monitor outage in Turkey, and tons of large data gaps elsewhere as well, may have more to do with hiding the severity of the situation in Fukushima… ;-/  ]

April 13-14, 2015 – Crestone & Salida, Colorado (USA) – DISCLAIMER

NO! NO! NO! reads the banner seen in this archive AP photo, showing one of those anti-nuclear protests in Istanbul , that like all of 'em did jack sh*t to prevent the madness from marching onward...

NO! NO! NO! reads the banner seen in this archive AP photo, showing one of those anti-nuclear protests in Istanbul, that like all of ’em did jack sh*t to prevent the nuclear madness from marching onward…  Turkey just began the construction of their very own dirty bomb, see further below.

...monitoring the monitors of the monitors...  (Click for some music to go with it.)

…monitoring the monitors of the monitors… (Click for some music to go with it.)

(Be alarmed:  This is ‘purely for entertainment purposes.’   Rest assured that if anything unsavory had actually happened, the Kiev-Ukraine officials that made the questionable agreements with Westinghouse would surely tell the world the whole truth.  As would the Turkish government, which, now that they are members of the nuclear madmen club (see further below), can surely be trusted to relay objective pertinent information as well.   Same goes for the European Union, from whose servers this blog is seeing almost daily traffic lately… )    “;-)”

Flashback:  Scrutinizing wind and radiation data has lead to uncanny findings in the past…


TO REFRESH YOUR MEMORY… (Click image for more)

And the reason for this blog post: nullschool_EURDEP_sunpp_april11_combo

Some comments under, “Fingerprints of an ongoing Cover-Up?  EPA data makes Fukushima look over 1000% less serious than Chernobyl…” from the other day, referred to something may be up at SUNPP, one of the Ukraine’s nuclear plants that’s in the process of switching nuclear fuel (from Rusatom to Westinghouse).  Reportedly (see below), they had yet another of them “electrical glitches”…, which lead to me looking at some radiation monitors in the European region last night.

I found it curious enough to revisit it today.  Hence I offer a sandwich of wind and radiation data for you take take a bite from if you feel so inspired.

I’m obviously running behind on the news (which is a good thing, imo), but apparently on April 11, 2015, there was “a little electrical glitch” at the Southern Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant (SUNPP):

Which might mean something (close enough…) like this:  “[…]  An automatic power surge protection disconnected SUNPP’s Reactor #3 from the grid; the reactor’s operating power was reduced to just 10%.  The incident has no connection with the operation of the fuel made by Westinghouse, and deals exclusively with the work of the electrical equipment.

The very same was said about the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) incident at the end of November 2014, which I documented at length, actual radioactive cloud included, brought together in an overview @ (Jan. 12, 2015), !-> Cover-up of Zaporizhye Nuclear Accident Near-Certain.

More of the very same media sound bites that were used then too, just like now:

Continued:  “The radiation background at the site of the South-Ukrainian NPP is at the level of natural background values ​​that were measured prior to starting nuclear power plant. The emission of radioactive substances into the environment does not exceed the allowable values

If you check Online Radiation Monitors –> Ukraine –> SUNPP, you indeed get the impression that all is fine: 0.12 µSv/hr, 0.13 µSv/hr, 0.14 µSv/hr, same as seen in the reference screenshots I took on Dec. 3, 2014.

Continued: “South-Ukrainian NPP is located on the shores of the Southern Bug in the Mykolaiv region Yuzhnoukrainsk and is a separate division of NAEC “Energoatom”. Is part of the South-Ukrainian energy sector.  A March 20 report states that the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant used the upgraded fuel loading FA-WR made by the American-Japanese company Westinghouse in the reactor complex’ third power station.

On March 18, Russia’s representative on the Board of Governors of the IAEA, Grigory Berdennikov, said that the decision by Kiev to use fuel produced by the US company Westinghouse for Ukrainian nuclear power plants could lead to a serious accident.

At the end of December last year, Ukrainian Energoatom and American Westinghouse signed an agreement to increase the supply of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants in the US in Ukraine until 2020.  Moscow is uncomfortable with this, noting that Kiev’s deal with Westinghouse ignores considerations of nuclear safety.

In this case, the IAEA said that Ukraine itself should decide on the purchase of fuel for nuclear power plants. 

Information was sourced from,  http://rusvesna.su/[A news outlet in the Eastern Ukraine, it seems.] 


…half-truths are often great lies…

Anyways…  No biggie.  No release of radioactivity.   All levels are normal.   It’s the kind of stuff they’d say even if a reactor melted down too.  In the world of happy nuclear make-belief, there certainly will never ever be a ’cause for concern’.   Ever.  That’s “the fun part” [sarc.] about ‘the news’ these days.  You can’t believe a word of what these straight-faced clowns are spewing in the mainstream anymore.  Objectivity seems to have gone out the window completely.

(Where have the reporters gone?  Oh… In the Ukraine, they go HERE...  In Turkey, they go HERE…)  It appears to be just all-out propaganda (ideology & agenda-driven) information warfare out there…

Do I suspect of claim something else happened?  No.  “Not at all.”  I’m just here sipping coffee in a mountain town in Colorado and can’t help myself but wonder sometimes.  As in, “Hmm…  Let’s see…”      You can surely make up your own mind.


  • Where is this place exactly?  There, at the pointy tip of that Google Maps dot:


Let’s see, for April 11, 2015 at 12:00 UTC, wind speed and directions at 1000, 850 & 500 hPa (hectopascal) – See also this table showing air pressure and elevations:

  • 1000 hPa, (just above the surface): Nullschool_SUNPP_April11_2015_1200UTC_1000hPa_annot1

–> Clearly, near-surface winds blew south to Turkey.  Other potential areas to look for possible radiation upticks could be around the island of Cyprus, and perhaps in Israel as the surface winds turn eastward just north of the Egyptian northern coast.  If the release was more significant, surface monitors would not necessarily pick up anything, though, as the hot radioactive cloud would rise quickly to higher air layers:

  • 850 hPa (about 4500 ft altitude):  Nullschool_SUNPP_April11_2015_1200UTC_850hPa_annot1

–> In this case, it would also move due south over Turkey, and then turn east over Northern Egypt.  There is slow-down of winds over the North-Eastern Mediterranean, including over the western part of Cyprus and Northern Egypt.

  • 500 hPa (about 16500 ft altitude):   Nullschool_SUNPP_April11_2015_1200UTC_500hPa_annot –>  At higher elevations there is no wind-slowdown along the direct down-wind-path, but as far as the general region goes, these obvious slowness over central Turkey and Cyprus.  Because an assumed cloud would go up and only come down in parts of its trajectory where the wind slows down, “glitch dots” or other signs of an assumed radiation release are highly unlikely to show up anywhere at ground level along this higher wind path sown in the 500 hPa map.  Whatever radioisotopes release there was, if there was any (I don’t know;  Just playing around with these online tools…), would be carried far away with the higher-elevation faster winds.   (That’s a whole other level of investigating this.  I’m, for now, just looking regionally. For maybe-evidence of some possible effects in Japan, see further down.)

So, IF (big if) anything happened and whiffs of the radioactive release blew close enough to the surface to affect surface monitors, then Turkey, Cyprus and perhaps monitors in Israel would be the places to look for potential evidence.  Right?

  • !–>  So… I checked some ***Online Radiation Monitors*** on EURDEP (European Commission), and two independent networks with at least some monitors in the area: RADMON and URADMONITORS.   (I don’t know why I do this anymore.  For fun, I guess.  Cheap infotainment.  To feel feel good about my disclaimer…?   I don’t know…)

At EURDEP when I plot just 2 days prior to April 13, 2015 12:00 UTC, something rather fishy stands out immediately:  No data for Turkey, and all Maximum Gamma data for Greece and Cyprus at all the same, at the lowest color dot indication:

SO, next I’ll plot a couple EURDEP Gamma radiation graphs from the region (switching to 1 week data (1 week prior to April 13, 2015, 18:00 UTC), so I can see the missing monitors).   These do not per se show anything.  Just EURDEP 1 week data, sometimes with a few scribbles added, in no particular order:

Turkey_1 Turkey_2 Turkey_3

(Turkey’s entire monitoring network’s turned off, 3 days and counting….  Highly unusual to last this long!)

Greece_turkishcoast_1 Nicosia_Cyprus_Gt_I131 Serbia_1 Bulgaria_Coast_1 Bulgaria_2 Romania_coast_1 Macedonia_1

  • Now a look at independent networks, like:  Radmon.org….

Radmon_April13_2015_1426SMT_Checking on Radmon Radiation monitor for Dolphin at Eilat, Israel (CIRCLED, abov), one month gamma data: Radmon_1 month_preApril13_2015_Dolphin_Eiliat_Israel Same place in Southern Israel, 1 week Gamma data:Radmon_1 week_preApril13_2015_Dolphin_Eiliat_Israel

  • Uradmon_EuropeanArea_3 –> Problem with Uradmonitors is that they only show the last 24 hours and I dont see a way to look up past data.   For the past 24 hours at those two Turkish monitors, all seemed fine.   If anyone took screenshots of the data there on April 10, 11 and 12th, do share…

SO… IF there was a release, and if that hypothetical release was significant, and the radioactive cloud rose up to jetstream altitude… then it is possible to show up on… !-> Japanese monitors in the next few days: http-:earth.nullschool.net:#2015:04:11:1800Z:wind:isobaric:500hPa:orthographic=86.69,10.24,275Here’s a graph for Tokyo at the moment:

!-> And the NETC, http://www.netc.com/…  Hokkaido up north continues to look bad, but I’m convinced that’s because of how NETC calculates its “deviation from average” on 3 month averages (So I heard in a forum on ENEnews), and it’s spring…  so those lower averages during the snow-covered winter are bound to color spring red

Anyways, for the record:

UPDATES BELOW ASIDE, I will not be following this situation closely.  If someone else does, and document it, do leave a comment with a link, please.

— — — — — — — — —

UPDATE – April 14, 2015 – 11:41am (Standard Mountain Time – Colorado (USA) –

This morning, at 8:21am Standard Mountain Time (Colorado, USA), a glance at NETC showed widespread upticks in Japan in areas that were just fine yesterday.  However, that’s been happening a lot lately, so hard to say what the cause may be (Fukushima fallout blows around with the jetstream too, it seems, for instance).  Anyways, here’s a screenshot from this morning (compare to screenshot from yesterday):

Click for Latest @ http://www.netc.com/

Click for Latest @ http://www.netc.com/

On the month graphs at http://new.atmc.jp/ you can see such spikes are not all that uncommon, yet usually coincide with rain.

!-> More monitoring options at Online Radiation Monitors – Japan.

Looking at the weather (including higher-up wind patterns on Nullschool), looks like the upticks are associated with a low pressure system that’s been moving east and is now heading northeast.  The southern Japan upticks should consequently dissipate over the next 24 hours and those north of Tokyo might intensify.  If the cause is natural or a mixture of natural and man-made can in cases like these only be exacted through air filter and precipitation radioisotopeanalysis.

And the beat goes on…

!-> AH… Maybe it was all just a drill … for that oh-so-predictable perilious time in the future when an earthquake strikes the nuclear power plant Turkey just started building on the Mediterranean coast…  and, as part of this drill, EURDEP automatically switched to “routine head in the sand mode”…   No clue what they’ll do with the nuclear waste for the next half million years, but the radiation monitoring system – √ check – is clearly ready to be turned off…

TurkeyJoinsNuclearMadmenClub_April14_2015— — — — — — — — —

UPDATE – April 14, 2015 4:45 pm (Dawn Café, Salida, Colorado) –  Precisely as predicted this morning, the gamma radiation upticks seen in Southern Japan, which I assumed to be associated with the low pressure system that’s heading north (which COULD be related to a possible radioactive cloud release from Southern Ukraine 3-4 days ago, no way for me to confirm this), dissipated in the south and intensified in the north, as evidenced in this 4:34 pm (Standard Mountain Time – Colorado) screenshot of NETC data:

Anyhow, I’m sensing that even if the release was significant enough to contribute to upticks all the way in Japan 3+ days later, it was probably brief and brought quickly under control.  Not that I KNOW, but… Anyways.

  • Blog Access Interference again?  Noticed something else…  Remember when that NATO-backed regime in Kiev sent a ZNPP-time-stamped-yet-statistically-unverifyable “hello-cancer-uptick-2025+” radioactive cloud to the Baltics at the end of 2014, it was accompanied by strange blog traffic abnormalities… which lead me to write the (Dec. 5, 2015), “Access Denied” – Blog Blocking Confirmed ! post.  I was advised (by people dear to me) to drop that angle and just focus on the science, so I didn’t give this as much research time.   …  It’s just… -sooorrry… – I’ve seen upticks in blog traffic about the above… but not for Turkey.  Interesting, a little “tickling” even…, no?   So I gave some of the proxy tools mentioned in the above-mentioned blog post another shot.  And sure enough…

My blog itself, sure, you can can get there from Turkey, just -most of the time, extremely slowly, which makes the appearance of this blog look like this (via Teleport.to):


And which causes one to not make it high up in Google searches either.   The New York Times, just to test something mainstream, came through just fine [= http://www.nytimes.com.prx.nl.teleport.to/ ], for contrast.  This blog post… slow loading…


-> Tada:  For THIS very blog post, however, I get the same result as I get for enenews.com and a few other outlets, which is a blank page with that typical ‘error’ message written in the corner:

Nope...Yay for “Freedom of speech!”  I can continue to say whatever I want, ’cause those who don’t want it read by certain audiences make sure it won’t be read by them.   ;-D

What a relief…  :-/

— — — — — — — — —

For what it’s worth…


MrrrEOW !

— — — — — — — — —

While pondering happenings in the Ukraine, here’s something for your consideration…:

JUST FILLER.    (CLick for source)

“Move along… Nothing to see here…”    (Click image for source)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


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[Last edited & updated at 5:13pm on April 14, 2015. 

For possible related news, see my Nuclear News Links page]

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  1. John says:

    Surrounded by souveniers of nuclear madmen.
    Boiling water, splitting atoms.
    Multiple chains, everyone should have them.
    They’re yours to keep, you cant refuse.
    Wonders of modern science, on the loose.
    Water, air, and food, for help I’m wishin.
    Dont mind me, I’ve gone fission.

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