Couple Photos from the drive back through the Colorado Rockies

Southern Colorado – April 2, 2015

These are from last week’s drive back from Boulder to the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado (USA):

DSCN2594Missed my exit somehow, so I went with the I-70 traffic till Highway 93 south.  Different route, not that much longer and very picturesque as well, more through the heart of the Rockies.  ;-) DSCN2597 DSCN2606To arrive in Leadville, Colorado:  DSCN2615And onward to the south of the state… DSCN2629

Salida, Colorado: DSCN2638

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains by Crestone, Colorado:

DSCN2663I live in there somewhere… ;-)

DSCN2681I do get a signal (internet access through the cell phone network), but sense that blogging may be limited for some time, until some pragmatic challenges are resolved.

Being with the mountain energies…

 May all beings on the Earth, without exception,  enjoy peace, happiness and complete prosperity. ☼

— — — — — — — — —


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