Northern Atlantic Covered in Icebergs

On March 26, 2015, the Northwestern coastlines of Ireland were apparently clearly still covered in ice:

FrozenCoast_NorthWestern_Eire_March26_2015Anywhere I was able to see down to the ocean surface of the Northern Atlantic Ocean, there were icebergs visible, all the way from Northwestern Ireland to Northeastern Canada:


  • Trajectory:


–> In the foreground is my Medcom Inspector Alert (to measure radioactivity), here showing a (horizontal air-exposed) Gamma + Beta radiation of 13 CPS.  See previous blog post for my latest on-flight radiation data, which revealed clearly elevated Beta radiation in the airplane’s air, and further confirmed the significance of horizontal versus vertical measuring positions for pancake-shaped.


Unlike the Western North Pacific, that part of the sea surface is currently significantly colder than average.  Here are a couple Temperature Anomaly maps (not showing temperature, but how much the temperature is different from the average temperature):

March26_2015_sst_anom March26_2015As you can see, the area I flew over is unusually frigid, unlike many more areas that are above-normal warm.

Ocean Surface Temperature Barely Rising

The “hot plateau” with no or no significant warming, that began around 2002, is also visible in the sea surface temperature data.  The multi-decade trend, however, is rising, and recent record highs suggest the apparent lack of global warming, now going on for well over a decade, could pick back up.  But it’s too early to tell.  Some temporary cooling, as seen twice in the past decade, would keep the plateau going.  If not, warming might resume:

NCDC SST GlobalMonthlyTempSince1979 With37monthRunningAverage _ MVB_annot_March27_2015

I wouldn’t bet on much warming, though, not with how the sun is continuing its descend into what may become the quietest sun in a century within years from now…

With skyrocketing CO2-levels, the claims that the well-documented global warming seen in the period 1986 – 2002 (which I do not contest whatsoever), that this can be attributed with high certainty to having been “mostly due to man-made greenhouse gas emissions”, that part remains rather questionable, as far as I’m concerned (see link below for why I think that).

Last summer I said I was going to wait until 2016 to revisit this topic, as climate change takes time, but as it goes with most things I actually enjoy looking into and then decide to quit that because of the amounts of time it takes to figure things out for me, every now and then I relapse.  This is such a case. ;-)

February 20, 2015 in New York City.  New York, and much of the East Coast and Western United States has experienced unusually cold weather with temperatures in the teens and the wind chill factor making it feel well below zero this past winter.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) CLICK for SOURCE:

February 20, 2015 in New York City.  New York, and much of the East Coast of North America has experienced unusually cold weather with temperatures in the teens and the wind chill factor making it feel well below zero Fahrenheit this past winter 2014-2015. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Jumping on every weather event as some kind of sign of proof for climate change models seems ridiculous to me anyhow, icebergs all over the Northern Atlantic included.  As I wrote in my last more in-depth look at climate change data (atmospheric land and sea surface temperatures, ocean heat content, and solar activity), see (June 29, 2014), !-> Global Cooling ahead? (w/ Global Annual Average Temperature Anomalies, Ocean Heat Content mystery, Solar Cycle 24-25, Political Climate,…).“, I consider it more likely that we’ll see significant global cooling no later than 2024 (in less than a decade), with the onset of that likely to be obvious by 2018ish.  Haven’t crunched any solar data lately, but that’s what I arrived at last year.

Anyways, here’s some more North Pole data: Surface Ocean Water Temperature (showing that where those icebergs are floating, the salt water is 5 to 8 degrees Celcius… Hmm…  They better melt away quickly or I would cast doubts on the temperature data…), Ice Extent (with orange line showing the late 20th century average), Ice Thickness (if you follow this, you’d know that multi-year thicker sea ice has been growing again the last few years…), and Sea Ice Concentration, all for a day at the end of March 2015, closely relating to the time I flew over the Northern Atlantic:


March 27, 2015


March 26, 2015


March 27, 2015


March 24, 2015

DATA:  Also linked from my Meteo page, the (all with sources shown) reference pages of WUWT, a (sadly pro-nuke, banana-dose-bs, etc. incl.) science & opinion blog that has been at the forefront of debunking alarmist warmista claims is also handy to find your way to well-respected reliable data:

I live on the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range in Southern Colorado, which, as I will find out shortly, still appears snow-capped in this NOAA snow cover map:

For a more global idea of snow anomalies, check of which this is the data for March 27, 2015, showing areas with unusually little snow (Most of Europe except for a little piece of Norway, half the Tibetan Plateau, most of Western North America,…) and other areas with massive amounts more than normal (Also including half of the Tibetan Plateau, as well as much of Siberia and Far-Northern and Northeastern Canada, …);  Differences within the same regions can be huge:

It’s way too early for me to speculate whether or not there are any possible signs of “impending cooling” showing up already, or any hinting of a return to a more pronounced warming trend.   Time will tell.    I don’t think that the few people who’ve told me, “I hope you’re right”, quite understand what the consequences of global cooling could be.   Major global cooling (Little Ice Age – 17th century style) could be far more disastrous for energy and food security than a return to the kind of warming seen in the 20th century…

The Frozen Thames River, England 1677

The Frozen Thames River, England, 1677

A couple blog posts of possible interest come to mind:

Now bring SUMMER ! ;-D

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