Anti-Nuclear Protests in Belgium four years after Fukushima

Belgium  –  March 11-15, 2015  – Disclaimer

Antwerp, Belgium - March 11, 2015

Antwerp, Belgium – March 11, 2015

Fukushima is being remembered in Belgium.  There have been various articles in newspapers and magazines.  The topic is hot given Belgium’s extremely precarious nuclear situation.

After finally posting my flight Atlanta-Amsterdam radiation data, I watched “Le monde après Fukushima”, a French 2012 Arte France documentary by Kenichi Watanabe about the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster, which began on March 11, 2013.   It was broadcast with Dutch subtitles on ‘Acht’ (8) in Flanders, at 0:35am March 11, 2015. You can also read more about it (in English) in the 311 Documentary Archive.

You can watch it it in French / en fraçais on YouTube:

Of which the following is just a screenshot. (Click image to watch on YouTube):

Many other TV stations air Fukushima documentaries this week as well.

March 11, in the afternoon, I went to Antwerp in Belgium’s Northwest by the river Scheldt.  Last year, summer 2014, I shared some pictures of Belgium, including of Antwerp’s magnificent Gothic Cathedral.  I might share more photos from Belgium soon; been quite busy.   But I did have time for an afternoon in my birth place.   I arrived by train…

DSCN1695After 4 pm, a couple environmental organizations (Greenpeace Antwerpen, Intal, Climaxi (fka Friends of the Earth),… ) had planned a commemoration of the Fukushima nuclear accident, accompanied by pressing for the permanent closure of Belgium’s aging nuclear reactors, which stand only 10 miles from the Antwerp City Center, and a shift to clear renewable energy.   De Wereld Morgen reported about it (In Dutch), “Geslaagde Flash Mob in Antwerpen Herdenking Fukushima.

Some (March 11, 2015) photos from De Groenplaats, a large square right near the Cathedral in the Antwerp city center:

Before the “flash mob” (which was more like a theater-skid in which some bystanders could participate), people were enjoying the nice spring-like day, while a large banner drew attention to the issue.  “Fukushima aan de stroom?“, meaning “Fukushima by the river?”, with an ‘A’ in the style of the city logo superimposed over a radioactivity symbol, drawing attention to the dire consequences of far-from-impossible future major nuclear accident at the very nearby Doel nuclear power site:

DSCN1709During the skid, with the cathedral in the backdrop:

DSCN1715 DSCN1714At the end of the skid, the disaster is encircled by sustainable energy ideas:DSCN1723Followed by a couple speakers and some photo ops.  There were no more than 150 participants, if that.  But it did manage to draw attention to an issue that ought to be on the top of the political agenda.

DSCN1735And that was that.   Belgian *Dutch language) VRT TV News aired a short clip.

  • !->  March 15, 2015 —  I didn’t make it to the demonstration in Huy (Hoei) near the (also very troubled) Tihange nuclear reactors site today (March 15, 2015), where some 1,000 demonstrators called for their permanent closure (VRT TV News in Dutch), subtitled, “Germans demand closure of Tihange as well“, with one demonstrator from nearby Aachen pointing out in the TV news that the distance from Fukushima-Daiichi to Fukushima-City is the same as from Tihange to Aachen, “you could just as well call these reactors Aachen 1, 2 & 3”.   True that!
March 15, 2015:  Germans and Dutch also demand closure of cracked Belgian reactors @

March 15, 2015: Germans and Dutch demonstrators also demand closure of cracked Belgian reactors @

More of my blog posts on the topic of troubled Belgian reactors:

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