Some Recent Nuclear Blog Posts (March 1, 2015 overview), Blog Stats, Radiation Findings, Fukushima News Links,…

Crestone, Colorado (USA) – March 1, 2015 – DISCLAIMER & all that jazz.

FYI:   I just updated my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

!!!–> Latest updates might be available through some of the outlets listed on my Nuclear News Links page, such as Nuclear News Net , Simply Info, Enformable, ENEnews, or Greenpeace-Nuclear.

My marathons of data crunching and independent investigating gave rise to a major uptick in blog traffic, with over 15,000 visitors in the past 3 month (some 32,000 views), from all over the world.  Wowza:

BlogStats_90days_preMarch1_2015_over250viewsEspecially in December (over 80% of the 3-month traffic from Poland, Ukraine and Russia happened in December, for instance), my reporting on the nuclear troubles in Zaporizhia, Ukraine drew in many thousands.   A return to researching apparent fallout patterns, (disturbingly) tracing back to the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan, and some reporting on other related topics, has been part of causing a couple ‘blips on the blogosphere radar’.

Some of the more worthwhile blog posts (imo) on the nuclear topic, from the past 3 months, include:

Investigations into various radiation upticks this winter rather often traced back to the still-leaking Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster site.  !-> I updated my Japan Radiation Monitors page, which lists all tools to do this yourself.

Some recent investigation highlights:


You could, of course, just click on Home, and scroll down.  That way you can balance all that nuclear stuff with pretty pictures of Southern Colorado, etc..  ;-)

!!!–> More Nuclear Industry news and Fukushima updates might be available through some of the outlets listed on my Nuclear News Links page, such as:

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Quick radiation check – Had a quick look at stuff I used to spend way too much time with.  Using Nullschool for wind data and NETC, US EPA Radnet, and Eurdep for radiation data, my quick checking gave me the impression that ‘the situation’ continues:  F1 is leaking directly into the air and that’s showing up on radiation monitors here and there along the jet stream path.  Since that is not always the case, it probably flares up off and on.

DIY:  You have to zoom-in, check wind at different altitudes, and various radiation monitors.  If you want to get more precision, then incorporating the location-specific (jet stream and lower) wind speeds and precipitation as well could help.   Composite image of some of the checked:

Nullschool_500hPaMarch1_2015_0800PST_NETC_0845PST_Composite_March1_2015_snapshotMy first impression is the jet stream patterns, of the air mass after it passed over Fukushima, still corresponds quite well with the observed radiation upticks over the North-American Pacific Northwest, as well as the US Southwest, as well as over parts of Europe, and parts of Japan.  (Note that some upticks may be caused by radioactive contamination in the jet stream after more than one rotation around the Northern Hemisphere, likely adding some ‘noise’ to the already erratic dispersion patterns.)  To document the details without special software made for that sort of thing is very time-consuming.   I’m taking a break from that.

Checking on this snowy Sunday afternoon from a lovely tea/coffee house the Colorado Rockies shows me that the upticks seen on the NETC network are likely to come down by 14:00 JST (Japan time) at the latest tomorrow, and would return (to Chiba and perhaps Tokyo) by 16:00 JST on Tuesday.   I won’t be monitoring all this closely.  I’m just passing along the tools for others to document it, if you were to feel so inspired.  If you take the time to share it in blog posts, please comment with a link.  Thanks.

Hope this is somehow helpful.  – PEACE.


Heading North in the San Luis Valley on Highway 17 to Salida, Colorado.  Meanwhile it’s snowing again.  Some parts of Colorado are expected to get over half a meter in the next few days.

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[Except for minor edits, last updated:  March 2, 2015]

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