A Rock Arch in the San Luis Valley Area? And other PHOTOS (SLV – End Feb. 2015)

Before I went camping in the snowed-over Great Sand Dunes National Park, on the way out of the tiny town of Del Norte, in Southern Colorado, this is the view of the Rio Grande (Feb 27, 2015).

DSCN1162Hm… swimming across the Rio Grande… Tempting.  ;-)

Flashback to road trip Denver-San Francisco in early October 2014, this was the view from the same location, second week of October 2014:

DSCN8107At that coffee /restaurant, I heard about a nearby area called ‘Elephant Rocks‘ and decided to go  look for it.

Along that journey, some more photos:

DSCN1169I got a little distracted by all the natural beauty and ‘Elephant Rocks’ will have to be explored another time.   Amazing how diverse this valley is.  This is a corner I had never checked out before.  I did glimpse some of the Elephants Rocks (in the foreground), though:


Supposedly, so I heard, they were deposited there by a huge distant volcanic explosion and then eroded over the millennia.

I noticed a sign suggesting there’s an arch.   In the San Luis Valley?  A natural rock arch?  Here?  (See some photos of Arches National Park in Utah from that aforementioned road trip.)   Good I had four-wheel drive…  The winding deep-snow dirt road went on for quite a ways.  Very cool:


Been coming to this valley for over a decade.  I had no idea about this.

DSCN1217 DSCN1224

Looking the other way, from under the arch.  In the far distance on the right you can see the San Luis Valley flat and, further beyond, the Northern Sangre de Cristo mountain range:

DSCN1230 DSCN1242Tons of fresh snow is said to be on the way.

DSCN1150Drive safely, everyone.


— — — — — — — — —


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2 Responses to A Rock Arch in the San Luis Valley Area? And other PHOTOS (SLV – End Feb. 2015)

  1. Kay says:

    Gorgeous photos. Everything looks so beautiful and peaceful.

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