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Documentary: Pandora’s Promise Was A Lie – The Fukushima Story

Crestone, Colorado, USA – March 30, 2015 [Hat Tip to Zen Gardner @ !-> An almost 3-hour documentary that recalls the beginning of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, going into various newscasts that cover the whole spectrum of views (from … Continue reading

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Northern Atlantic Covered in Icebergs

On March 26, 2015, the Northwestern coastlines of Ireland were apparently clearly still covered in ice: Anywhere I was able to see down to the ocean surface of the Northern Atlantic Ocean, there were icebergs visible, all the way from … Continue reading

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More Geiger Counter Measurements: Flight Brussels -> Atlanta (Elevated Beta Radiation Signal Found in Data!)

Boulder, Colorado ;-), USA – Friday, March 27, 2015 This blog post is mostly data, with some photos and interpretation.  (I’m on the edge of rolling my eyes when it comes to data processing, but all this field experience and … Continue reading

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The Tibetan Buddhist “Stupa of Miracles” in Huy, Belgium

March 26, 2015, 4:40pm -Atlanta Int’l Airport, Georgia, USA My time in Belgium has come to an end again.  Heading back to the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  :-)  For closing some photos of one of the Tibetan Stupas in Belgium. More photos … Continue reading

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Train Station of Liège, Belgium (PHOTOS)

For something on the town see:ège For another cool one, see also (March 16, 2015) Antwerp Central Train Station (Photos). Photos taken in my layover time, switching trains in Liège: The biometrics of some strangers were reduced or removed: Later … Continue reading

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More Geiger Counter Measurements Confirm: Angle of Pancake Tube Matters, also at Ground Level. (Data)

Herent, Belgium, March 2015 – data. I’ve been doing some extra testing on the side to see if I can arrive at a clearer picture of these factors: Does it matter how I hold my Geiger Counter, vertical versus horizontal? … Continue reading

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More PHOTOS from Belgium – (Antwerpen, Leuven, De Haan, Brussels) – March 2015)

Herent, Belgium – Monday March 16, 2015 All photographs by © Michaël Van Broekhoven – All Rights Reserved. My time in Belgium is flying by…  Below are a selection of a few dozens more photos taken on March 11 & … Continue reading

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