Winter Camping in the Sand Dunes (Southern Colorado PHOTOS)

San Luis Valley, Southern Colorado (USA) – Last day of February 2015

Nice chilly winter weather.  ;-)  I heard on the car radio that more snow was on the way for this area, 3″ to 8″ of fresh snow, and it would start coming down last night.  “Hmm…, I thought,  it might be nice to wake up this weekend in a snow-blanketed Great Sand Dunes National Park…

Del Norte, Colorado

Del Norte, Colorado

By the time I got there, the Great Sand Dunes N.P. Visitor Center was already closed. Luckily, I found a Park Ranger.  Or: he found me. ;-)  As the only visitor in the park, he seemed to think I was lost.  “Can I help you find something?”  ;-)  He gladly wrote me a backcountry camping permit and off I went in the snow-reflected dim moon light.

For wilderness camping here, you have to hike past the first upper dune horizon, say, an hour or so hiking in, minimum.   Pitched my tent in a flat spot that was not too wind-swept, and slept well.   Some geometrical mandalas, but no dreams…  Some coyotes howling in the early morning.

It did snow, but less than 1″.  (1 inch is 2.54 cm)  Oh well, was still véry beautiful.

Some photos:

DSCN1302When the wind died down, that’s about a close to ‘true natural silence’ that I know.  Always good to spend time in “my backyard”. ;-) DSCN1297 DSCN1307 DSCN1308A couple days ago, my 3 months of rent-free winter living (in a foreclosed home that the bank just demanded vacated) did not come to an end, but the comfort of radiant floor heating and a bath tub that was part of that streak of lucky awesomeness did.   On the upside, however, my view got even better,  ;-) at least this morning: DSCN1255Home sweet home in the snowed-over Sand Dunes.  LOL   ;-D

DSCN1273That tent there, my current piece of “prime real estate” ;-),  is a 4-season 2-person MSR Fury.  I’ve been véry satisfied with it:


Bonus:  This time of the year, even on weekends apparently, there’s practically no one there.   Not sure why…  It’s exceptionally pretty in winter. :-)   And in case you wondered, it’s not the accessibility.  The roads are fine, kept clear by crews working days and nights: DSCN1152 I Looking forward to the surprise of running into you in that 30 square mile giant dune field some future snowy day, perhaps…  ;-)


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12 Responses to Winter Camping in the Sand Dunes (Southern Colorado PHOTOS)

  1. Kay says:

    Does the air smell fresh and clean there? I can’t remember the last time I smelled fresh air. By me it’s either cooking odors, vehicle exhaust, pesticides, fertilizer, red tide, overly-perfumed people…

    • Oh yes, very good air here, especially after some precipitation. In spring, “the windy season”, it can get quite dusty (and sand-stormy at the dunes), though, until the thunderstorms kick in at some time in summer. After a rain, the scent of sage can be very lovely too, and in the forest, the smell of ponderosa and juniper pines… Mmm… Now in winter it is clean and crisp… like the silence… . I find it very helpful to spend time in these natural harmonious places. Glad you enjoy the photos. ;-)

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