SLV – February 5, 2015 Photos – (+ Feb 3-4 Rad. Uptick documented & Radiation Data Sources)

Crestone, Colorado (USA) – Feb. 5, 2015 – Disclaimer


Photo taken early February 2015 @ ‘Stupa of Enlightenment’, Crestone, Colorado. The light on the top is Venus.

Couple random bits, as I attempt to shift out of radiation data-crunching overload:

  • !-> Came across this blogpost from back in 2013, “Association of fibromyalgia symptoms with beta radiation levels,” which I found interesting for the significant statistical correlation he found between fibromyalgia symptoms and beta radiation upticks.  Beta emitters include Tritium, Iodine-131 and Strontium-90.    I think that correlation is an incredible find, ’cause it makes total sense:  Radioactive contamination causes oxidation, thus ‘free radicals’, thus the need to boost anti-oxidants.   Fibromyalgia might be a “oxidative stress disorder” (, and theremay be a link with cancer incidence
    Source of shown supplements:

    Source of shown supplements:

    (, and the very diet that is recommended to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms has much overlap with a diet for reducing the effects of fallout, for which boosting anti-oxidants is recommended too. (more Vitamins D, E, & C, omegas-3 fatty acids, more Potassium,…).    I will be looking into this more.

Image insert: “Premier Antioxidant” and “XenoStat“, both made by Austin-TX-based neutraceutical company Premier Research Labs, are among the supplements I would recommend for reducing the harmful effects of fallout if I were someone who would make such recommendations.  (I’m not. ;-))   The better health food stores carry them, or can easily order these.   Some additional observations on the topic of diet in regards to reducing the harmful effects of fallout, I shared in Cs-137 versus K-40.  This is definitely a topic I need to return to at some point.

  • Speaking of Strontium-90: graphite, which Norway has some good exploitable deposits of, may be able to help clean Sr-90-contaminated waters.  See (Jan. 22, 2015) The Norway Post, Norwegian mineral may clean radioactive water in Japan(So many good ideas, yet so many delays…  Just try it out on a couple hundred water storage tanks?  Anyways…)

Re. the higher altitude air,  I had even written, “Higher up, doses can be measured that would be extremely worrisome if it was due to radioactive dust particles in the air“, not realizing that perhaps part of those high readings might very well have been due to radioactive dust particles in the air of the plane…)  :-/

That information DOES actually fit well with the Nullschool analyses I did for various upticks in Europe and the US: 

!-> The hot volatile fallout from within the Fukushima rubble, rises very high very quickly, ending up in the upper layers of the troposphere (where planes also fly), and then, cooled down, works its way to the surface over the years.  Hot particles gravitate down sooner and may show up as seemingly random “glitch dots” on surface monitors, while the bulk of the radioactive mess remains at higher elevation.  The higher elevation radioactive plume reaches the surface when the conditions are right for more horizontal dispersion (slow-down of  jet stream and slower winds below), and may show up on surface monitors when the concentrations are dense enough (which is more likely when the air layers blow in the same directions too).    The long-term data records shared in previous weeks can help in spotting the patterns.

I’ll give another example:

Just the other day, couple glitch dots, seemingly unrelated, on the slower northern edge of the jet stream coming in from the north over the UK.  The next day, couple glitch dots in France too.  Further south, at higher elevation Aiguille-Du-Midi (12,000 ft), the transient disturbance is much more identifiable.  Also noteworthy (the French are actually one of the few who ‘validate’ the data), is that small upticks are often validated, while extreme ones aren’t.  And yet, when you study the wind patterns and the overall European radiation scene, rather often the extreme “glitch dots” are very much part of the apparent fallout pattern.  Here’s some EURDEP data from this week:


Can you imagine accidentally inhaling such a particle that is emitting an additional +240 µSv/hr at an unknown distance?  What if it got onto crops and ended up inside of you?  This is the sort of contamination that 1) will only show its nastier effects over the coming decades, 2) the overall nuclear catastrophe is bound to affect the health of hundreds of thousands of people at one point or another (with cancer and leukemia only one part of the effects), but 3) because the deposition is highly erratic, and much of the available data highly redacted, it will be near-impossible to prove that the cause of more sickness and discomforts is related to the Fukushima-Daiichi ongoing catastrophe.

Wind patterns were south-bound, so the radioactive cloud high up moves south: showing a clear disturbance at a high elevation ground-level monitor in France, but only glitch dots on a few monitors elsewhere in France:


I’m not going to break it all down in time frames and zoom-in details this time, but here’s a Nullschool image at 500 hPa for Feb 3, 2015 @ 12:00 UTC, showing the jet stream; shown below.  You follow the wind lines and end up in Eastern Japan, roughly around the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Disaster site.   There you have it.  Yet another one.   I do not need to keep putting my time and energy into further documenting the very clear fact that Fukushima-Daiichi is not only leaking into the groundwater and Pacific Ocean, but continues to release large amounts of radioisotopes into the atmosphere as well.

I added a couple black arrows:


!!!->  For more on all this, see my blog post (Jan. 31, 2015), “DATA of ‘Fallout Signatures’ on Radiation Monitors Suggest Fukushima Still Going Re-Critical Underground At Times. Airborne Fallout Continues To Come Down Across the Northern Hemisphere.“, as well as many more in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive (period Dec. 2014 – Jan. 2015).

Well, okay, one more thing:  In the above Nullschool image, you can see that that side-arm of the jet stream shows a significant slow-down over Alaska.  That tells me there’s a good chance that the US EPA Radnet monitor in Fairbank, AK might show related ground-level radiation upticks this week.  How fitting…  Courtesy of the US government, here’s your tax-payer money at work… to provide you with heavily redacted data, again. 


I think I have sufficiently documented “the situation”:  F1 is leaking like a faucet, fallout is coming down all over the Northern Hemisphere and will likely continue to do so for years, perhaps even decades, and the governments with radiation monitoring networks are using these networks to cover up the facts, rather than expose them.



All are included in Online Radiation Monitors (a sub-tab of my Nuclear Tab in the top banner, next to my Disclaimer & Share Policy), and my Meteo Page:

Other Networks to check include:

More information may be found through Nuclear News links.

This is a blogpost gone terribly wrong.  I intended to just share more photos of this beautiful region…

Here, some beautiful cottonwoods along T Road between Moffat and Crestone:


More photos some other time…


— — — — — — — — —


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[Last Updated:  February 5, 2015 @ 11:13 pm Standard Mountain Time (Denver, CO, USA)]

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2 Responses to SLV – February 5, 2015 Photos – (+ Feb 3-4 Rad. Uptick documented & Radiation Data Sources)

  1. John says:

    Another possible solution.

    “This invention provides melanin nanoshells and their use for protection against radiation, particularly ionizing radiation, and electronic pulses, and methods of making materials comprising melanin nanoshells.”

    “An example of such radiation resistance is provided by reports that melanized fungi colonize the walls of the damaged nuclear reactor in Chernobyl”

  2. Dud says:

    What goes up … might be transmuted by Cosmic Rays?

    also …

    Nullschool – zerohedge – CosmicRays My “Coincidence Detector” is going into OverDrive! (lol)
    Grombel, my “BS Detector” seems broken on this site. That is funny as it seems to work fine on MSM sites!

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