Years of Radiation Data: EURDEP @ “Schauinsland / Freiburg, Germany ” (Part 4 of 4)

January 21, 2015 – Colorado, USA

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Image Source: Dees Illustration

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In this series, I’ve been showing multi-year EURDEP public map (Gamma) dose rate data (much of it “unvalidated”) intended to improve our ability to discern and interpret abnormalities:

Below:  Part 4:  Schauinsland / Freiburg, Germany  (EURDEP + CTBTO !)

See my Online Radiation Monitors page and Radiation Units & Conversions for more;  Feast on the previous 3+ blog posts for additional context and observations.)

I picked this location for two reasons:  There’s two monitoring systems for this location and I wanted to see if the EURDEP and (very limited, but it’s something) CTBTO data line up, and, secondly, because while the monitor is in a nicely forested region, it is typical for inland Europe:  relatively surrounded by nuclear power plants and several major (nuclear medicine) radioisotope producers.

  • For EURDEP monitor DEZ1213 – SCHAUINSLAND FREIBURG (Germany), I’ll start @ May 2009.    Settings:  Gamma-T, outdoor Air, 1 month prior to the first of a month @ 00:01 UTC (that gives the previous month the best, without having to deal with the length of the months)I have adjusted the range to just 0.060 µSv/hr to 0.160 µSv/hr. to show more detail.   Amazingly, this monitor does never leave this 0.1 µSv/hr range width
Image Source:  The Inner Door

Image Source: The Inner Door

  • Besides this EURDEP monitor, there is also a CTBTO monitor here:CTBTO monitor DEP33 @ SCHAUINSLAND FREIBURG“, for which some data was released for the period March 24 to May 6, 2011 (I think they chose those cut-offs because, from a concealment objective, that’s the best period for the nuclear industry to share: It omits the data for the initial (very fast decaying) Noble Gas and Radio-Iodines’ spike between March 11 and March 24, nor does it show the waves of fallout that followed in the months and years after spring 2011…).  To top, even this tiny data set was redacted with 3 data gaps, cutting out 10 days total.
  • Besides being at a higher elevation, Nuclear power plants (NPP)’s refueling operations, inspections, small leaks, as well as emissions from nuclear medicine radioisotope manufacturers and processors are likely a major factor in the common spikes, bumps and ‘disturbances’ seen in regions with a major presence of the nuclear industry (Eastern USA, Europe, East-Asia).  This maps doesn’t even show all sources that emit “permissible” levels of various radioisotopes, but it gives an idea of likely influences from the wider surroundings:

Black = Active NPP; Grey – Inactive NPP.  Red dot:  DEP33 & DEZ1213 monitors

So it’s to be expected that precipitation will show more pronounced upticks in this region, and that depending on regular releases and wind directions, this monitor location will see so many spikes and bumps that an accident somewhere may not stand out so much.


  • Starting off with EURDEP data:


  • 3 months at a time, From May 1, 2009 through February 28, 2011:

EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__1_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__2_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__3_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__4_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__5_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__6_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__7_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__8_

  • The following has March 11, 2011 marked on it.  See additional graph at the end of this blog post for the related CTBTO data.

EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__9_FUKU_The CTBTO data in the blue square is found at the end of this blog post.

  • Continued, June 2011 – January 21, 2015:

EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__10_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__11_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__12_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__13_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__14_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__15_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__16_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__17_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__18_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__19_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__20_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__21_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__22_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__23_ EURDEP_SchauinslandFreiburg_GammaT_3x1mo__24_

 Observations / Commentary:

  • The ‘baseline’ varies so widely that spikes can’t be assessed without additional data from specific radioisotope analysis of air filter samples.  [Added Note:  Just as can be seen in the Swedish long-term record, the drops in baseline occur in winter.  I was told this is due to snow on the ground shielding the ground radiation, which besides natural isotopes in minerals also includes deposition from accidents like Chernobyl.]
  • The highest value recorded was in July 2014.
  • There is no obvious signal in the EURDEP public gamma data of the Fukushima-Daiichi NPP multiple-meltdowns in 2011, nor of the 2014 Zaporizhia NPP incident(s).
  • The last 2.5 months, since the beginning of November 2014, appears to have one of the most unsettled ‘baselines’.
That might be the location of the CTBTO facilities in the Black Forest.

That might be the location of the CTBTO facilities in the Black Forest (on the right).  Just a guess.  :-)

A Closer look at the period (March 24 – May 5, 2011) for which we have both EURDEP and CTBTO data:

In the below rough composite of 2 data sets, I’m showing (by visual approximation) the highest measurement for the 24-hour periods measured/released by CTBTO, with the blue y-axis and dots showing CTBTO data (the highest value is outside the range (1427 µBq/m^3), marked in red with arrow):

CTBTO_EURDEP_comp–> You can see that the tiniest of uptick in gamma dose may correspond with a significant spike in radioisotope-combo activity around the same time.   The effects of the early spike around March 17, as well those around April 12, and May 1 were kept secret.

One thing to remember is for “assessing the consequences of Fukushima”, the data used by UNSCEAR is the data that wás released, which as you can see was cherry-picked, very clearly heavily redacted.  UNSCEAR appears to be little better than the IAEA’s propaganda wing, which, while it tries to make itself look very professional and scientific, “somehow…” always comes out belittling the effects of a nuclear accident.  This is part of how they do it: through omission.

That’s it for this monitor, and for this multi-year mini-series.  

For what it’s worth…  Cheers.

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[Except for minor edits: Last edited (‘final’):   January 21, 2015 @ 4:54 pm Colorado + Note added re shielding by snow @ Feb 3, 2015]
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