BREAKING – Zaporizhia NPP: CIA-run ‘Radio Free Europe’ Breaks Media Silence: Donetsk Separatist Official Warns Of ‘Second Chernobyl’

Crestone, Colorado (USA) — Dec 29, 2014

Finally a blip in the mainstream news:  Good Ol’ CIA-directed Cold-War-spawn Radio Free Europe (RFE) / Radio Liberty [= wiki entry], of all outlets, breaks the monthlong mainstream silence on this matter (which I’ve been wondering about quite a bit…) :

Donetsk Separatist Official Warns Of ‘Second Chornobyl’

! See @ –> (late on Dec 28, 2014)  (Note: ‘Chornobyl’ is the more Ukrainian-sounding name for what in Russian is closer to ‘Chernobyl’)    

Excerpt [my emphasis]:  

“By RFE/RL    December 28, 2014

The so-called deputy chairman of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, a pro-Russian separatist group in eastern Ukraine, has warned that Ukraine faces a second Chornobyl due to a decision by Kyiv officials to switch nuclear fuel suppliers.

Denis Pushilin said in a December 28 statement that the decision to use nuclear fuel produced by U.S. company “Western house” at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant (NPP) in southeastern Ukraine had led to increased levels of radioactivity in the area.

Pushilin said “currently the level of radiation is 14 times higher than the acceptable norm” in the area around the Zaporizhzhya plant and that the problem started November 28 “after an unsuccessful attempt to exchange rods of the Russian-made third block [reactor] with the product of the American company Western house.”

In reporting Pushilin’s comments, Russia’s Interfax news agency noted that it could not confirm “from any other source” the separatist official’s claim of dangerous levels of radioactivity in the Zaporizhzhya region. 

Pushilin claimed the Temelin nuclear plant in the Czech Republic had experienced similar problems when local technicians attempted to use foreign fuel in the Russian-built reactor.

In reports in Russian media, Pushilin does not indicate where he received his information about the Zaporizhzhya plant or the use of nuclear fuel in that plant and the Czech plant.

The U.S. company Westinghouse does have a contract to supply some 10 percent to 15 percent of Ukraine’s nuclear fuel and just this year extended that deal until 2020, which could see Westinghouse supply as much as 25 percent of Ukraine’s nuclear fuel by the end of that contract period. […]”  Continue reading.

Screenshot with photo of Denis Pushilin:

How about thát:  “I” (drawing from many sources) nailed it from the beginning!   Building upon many internet findings since the news broke on Dec. 2, in my Dec. 15, 2014 overview blogpost, Was there a causal link between the Nov 28 2014 Accident at the Zaporizhye Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine and recent Radiation Spikes in Latvia and Romania? I wrote [new emphasis]:

“There is NO WAY news of a radioactive cloud being tracked would be written if there wasn’t at least “a relatively benign” radioactive cloud (one not made of radioCesium nor radioIodine, for instance, but perhaps less carcinogenic gaseous isotopes?).   Then what could it have been?  Perhaps it had something to do with a refueling attempt of these old Russian reactors by US’s Westinghouse, which is eyeing the profit potential of taking over Ukraine’s nuclear fuel supply chain“, before and after which I supplied links with background information on all of that.

Every bit of information relayed in this RFE article I had already touched upon.  The (not mentioned) odd radiation bumps and spikes on EURDEP monitors, was only what got me digging, what I found (list of my related blogposts at the end of this one) only increased my sense that something’s been up, and that it was being covered up.

Funny that RFE wrote, “In reports in Russian media, Pushilin does not indicate where he received his information about the Zaporizhzhya plant or the use of nuclear fuel in that plant and the Czech plant.”  As if that’s a secret.  Maybe he learned about the Westinghouse fuel experiments through Russia Today (RT):  August 28, 2014:   OSCE shares Moscow’s concerns over Ukraine’s nuclear deal with US.   And maybe he read about the Czech failed experiment on NiqNag’s blog, in the Dec. 7, 2014 blogpost, those westinghouse rods won’t even fit properly (square vs hexagonal).   All that and more has been linked to from here for almost two weeks in the above-mentioned ‘Was there a causal link…” blogpost.   And his reference to on-site radiation @ “14 times higher than the acceptable norm”…?  Maybe them ‘separatists’ somehow figured out that those hacked communications were legit?  Or maybe he got thát @

Let’s hope more revelations will bring the full truth to light, and that the radiation release isn’t as extreme as Chernobyl or Fukushima.     And that this insane industry wakes up to its madness and decides to peacefully and carefully shut itself down once and for good…  (Yeah I can dream, can’t I?… ;-)  )

My blogposts related to this issue, as well as some not-neccesarily connected odd blog traffic changes in early December, have been these so far (in chronological order):

1:45 am MT UPDATE…  Jeez.  Haha:   Less than two hours after I read the RFE article, RFE already edited it:  They sure toned it down quite a bit, Different title, slightly different text, changed the top photo,…   That was quick!

New Screenshot:

But they still haven’t figured out where he got his information, huh?  Strange…

The Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE)’s Swiss president Didier Burkhalter has warned this past summer about exactly that:  the potential threat that possible US atomic fuel supplies to Ukraine might cause as the country remains in crisis. […]”   “The head of the OSCE and Swiss president Didier Burkhalter says he is concerned about nuclear safety in connection with the US intention to supply the country with nuclear fuel.” (Source:

A laptop and some wifi in a remote mountain town in is the US was sufficient for me to find most of it…


I do it too, though, editing after posting, that is: 

[Last edited:  Monday Dec. 29, 2014 @ 2:08 am MT (Colorado, USA)]

  • Dec. 29, 2014 afterthought:   It is entirely possible, however, that all the “hacked” documents were 100% fake, simply developed by pro-Russian separatists to make the US-backed Kiev Junta look bad.  And that Mr. Pushilin’s claim is purely opportunistic, throwing a couple sources together and running with it for public relations purposes, not necessarily knowing anything more than my guesswork from a distance.   Thát remains a possibility, too.    And that can be the case regardless of there having been a radiation leak or not.  
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18 Responses to BREAKING – Zaporizhia NPP: CIA-run ‘Radio Free Europe’ Breaks Media Silence: Donetsk Separatist Official Warns Of ‘Second Chernobyl’

  1. Majia says:

    Great find. It seems increasingly likely that some sort of accident occurred. Yesterday my Virus protection system for my computer encountered an “error” and had to completely re-load after I had spent time looking for information on the Ukrainian plant.

  2. jan says:

    Polish censorship in the media and the press about the failure of the Zaporozhye in Ukraine

  3. @ Jan – What is this? How was this list made? How is it “Polish censorship?”

  4. says:

    Pushilin is prone to anti-Western hyperbole (probably because Blackwater/Academi/Xe is shelling his city and killing his family and neighbors in Donetsk), so he wouldn’t be expected to have anything positive to say about Kiev or the recent Westinghouse fuel dealings.

    Southern Ukraine NPP and Zaporizhzhia NPP are both in the Russian-speaking and heavily ethnic Russian populated part of Ukraine, just like Pushilin’s western Donetsk/Donbass regions. The people that work in the nuclear plants probably know or are related to many people in the Donbass – some workers probably came from Donetsk or Luhansk. Pushilin is probably relaying gossip about elevated radiation (credible or not) from people that work at the plants or live in nearby cities. The people of southern Ukraine and the Donbass have no animosity for each other – its more of an argument about management.

    From the sound of the articles (to me), Pushilin was referring to radiation levels related to the earlier refueling (2012/2013) or current (end of Nov. start) refueling at *Southern Ukraine* NPP Unit 3 – although he’s offering the warnings specifically for the upcomming Zaporizhzhia Unit 2 and 5 core changes this February. They may use the new Westinghouse bundles in those reactors as well.

    Anyone working on or around the refueling floor at SUNPP would have known all about any elevated radiation from damaged Westinghouse bundles. Since they would lose their jobs for speaking publicly, we’re unlikely to ever hear what happened.directly from them.

  5. Tx Paveway3, Your input has been greatly clarifying and helpful this month.

  6. katkan says:

    They’re saying it is rising???
    Translation by cyber-berkut of a letter they say they hacked, from Westinghouse Ukraine to head office. The relevant parts are those relating to deformation of the fuel assemblies. This is exactly what is known to have happened with all the other attempts at using Westinghouse fuel in Soviet reactors.

  7. says:

    This article is probably the most coherent English article I’ve seen for using re-approved Westinghouse fuel. Keep in mind that this is by the U.S./Westinghouse-friendly replacement Chair of the Ukrainian State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate (equiv. to the U.S. NRC). The previous Russian-friendly chair that opposed the Westinghouse fuel was booted out in April by the new government.

    “Review: would U.S. fuel assemblies be suitable for Ukrainian NPPs”
    Serhiy Bozhko, SNRIU Chairperson

    By the way, the subject fuel bundles can be seen in this Rosatom TVEL pdf brochure. I believe SUNPP uses both TVS-2Ms and TVSA-PLUS assemblies.

    This IAEA pdf is a Westinghouse technical report refuting many of the defect claims regarding their fuel assemblies tested at SUNNP. The TVS-WA Ikea (WFA) bundles are diagrammed on p. 10:

    Which leaves one wondering if all the defective fuel bundle hype was just part of a Rosatom vs. Westinghouse marketing war or if leaky fuel assemblies (or maybe just beyond-design-life reactors) were responsible for spewing something out a month ago. Sad part: I guess we’ll find out one way or another over the next a few years…

  8. Dang. Tx for the heads up. Just as I was about to sigh and step back from my semi-obsession with the weirdness around ZNPP… It’s back.

    My blogpost about the alleged hacked communications re. ZNPP 11/29, 11/19 & 12/02: Ukrainian Hackers Claim Zaporizhia Nuclear Accident Communications, mentioning Radiation Leak, warn of “Second Chernobyl” – Не наводи панику! @

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