Ukrainian Hackers Claim Zaporizhia Nuclear Accident Communications, mentioning Radiation Leak, warn of “Second Chernobyl” – Не наводи панику!

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Colorado Rocky Mountains – Heavy snow, December 26, 2014 — I hope you all had heartwarming mid-winter gatherings and celebrations.    (+ Dec 27, 2014: At the end of this blogpost I add another related hack, reported on LiveLeak)

Total accumulation may be nearing a foot on the valley floor...

The wind knocked much of it off the trees.  Total snow accumulation may be nearing a foot in the valley…

While I’d prefer to stay in lala land myself, something is not sitting well with me…  I sure hope independent researchers all across Europe wake up, ’cause… from my perspective (which is practically “snowed in, so kinda stuck with lots of time on my hands…”) there are actually a few too many oddities about this Zaporizhia nuclear accident to just take the Ukrainian authorities’ word for it.     I don’t know…   If the below is credible, this is a bombshell hack…

(By the way:  This is yet another addition to my Dec. 15, 2014 overview blogpost, !–> Was there a causal link between the Nov 28 2014 Accident at the Zaporizhye Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine and recent Radiation Spikes in Latvia and Romania?“)

As I mentioned at the end of that blogpost already, I have no idea about the credibility of this, but it seems worthy of inclusion:  According to a sensationalistically-edited YouTube video, an alleged “Ukrainian hacker”, calling himself “Cyber Riot Novorossiya“, show leaked [hacked] communications strongly suggesting a cover-up of a nuclear accident, far more serious than was reported in mainstream media. (The bombshell details are further below)  The video is so bad, I’m not surprised it’s widely ignored, but if you have a look at the alleged hacked internal communications, it becomes more understandable that the hacker may have been in freak-out mode…  I’d say: skip the video, go straight to the documents.  I show excerpts of interest below.  Scroll down.

[!–> ADDED Jan 7 , 2015 Insert: more sources  [h/t who also has a good timeline of ZNPP-related events @

Here are the documents that have been published by the hackers:

/End insert.   Rest of Blogpost left as-was:]

The video that alerted me of these allegations is titled “Truth about Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant accident: correspondence of the plant’s Director General Tishchenko” [= skip to supposed emails @ t=85:] and has been mentioned on the Ulrich Hartmann Blog [in German] and by Doubt Tank / Doubting Steven Blog [English], and probably elsewhere as well.    Screenshot from [99% pathetic editing – imo] video:  

!–> The original SOURCE of this appears to be the individual or group’s Facebook page @ and related Twitter account, by people describing themselves as, “We are waging information war on the fascist and puppet government of Ukraine. We intend to make public all their darkest secrets.” –> that last link includes the 3 files from which I quote below, and of which this is a Dec 26, 2014 screenshot:

Note the 3 PC-log_files in the screenshot above.  Those are what I checked out.

!!!–> ADDED: A cleaner and even more telling alleged record of the communications has since been shared on Washington’s Blog (Dec. 31, 2014) @ Has the Largest Nuclear Plant In Europe – Located In Ukraine – Suffered a Major Accident? 

As per my DISCLAIMER, I cannot vouch for external information sources, and I’m not familiar with this one, nor with hacking, and so I have no way to gauge its significance.  But… I had a peek at these allegedly hacked communication logs anyhow, and – while I cannot verify their authenticity – I’m struck by the fact that they come rather close to what I have been suspecting:  that an experiment with Westinghouse nuclear fuel rods went terribly wrong at the Zoporizhia NPP and that as a result a radiation cloud was released across Europe, and effectively covered up (except for the few rumors and small articles mentioned already (with quotes and screenshots too)).

If these are truly actual communication that occurred between the chief engineer/director of this nuclear plant and his staff, then they sure were in quite the panic over the (made-up if you believe these messages) “harmless short circuit”…

First a quick who’s-who:

!  The Allegedly Hacked Communications between Vyacheslav Tishchenko and his subordinates… 

I took some screenshots on my visit into these ‘hacked files’ and include their rough Google Translations alongside with them.  So below, I’m sharing Screenshot + Russian copy-paste + the Google-Translated English version.  The English will be poor, but good enough to get the gist.    There’s 3 files:  Nov 28,  Nov 29 & Dec 2 (2014).  You can read through them yourselves by going to the source.

These are excerpts that stood out for me [my emphasis]:

  • Nov 28, 2014 


Russian text:  Блядь, мне какого хрена сразу не сообщили? Ты понимаешь, чем это нам грозит? ?? Сядем все, и ты в том числе! Выезжаю, буду через пол часа

English version according to Google Translator:  Damn, what the fuck I was not informed immediately? Do you understand what it is we are facing? ?? All sit down, and you included! I leave, I’ll be half an hour


In this case the Russian text is about the same as the English version, and mentions, “The window title: Westinghouse – Nuclear | Westinghouse Electric Company> Operating Plants> Replacement Parts> Customer Service Contacts – Yandex
Clipboard: 724-771-2305

A reverse search for that phone number indeed leads to Westinghouse’s Nuclear Replacement Parts Customer Service:


  • Nov 29, 2014


Russian text:  Від Вячеслав Тищенко, Не ной, ты же понимаешь, что у меня никто ничего не спрашивал!   Від Федор Красногоров, Я еще тогда говорил, что это плохо кончится, нужно было провести испытания, там не только с уплотнителями проблема, но еще и с топливом.

English version according to Google Translator:  Od Vyacheslav Tishchenko, not Noah, you know that I have no one to ask! Od Fyodor Krasnogorov, then I have to say that it would end badly, it was necessary to test, there is not only a problem with the seals, but also with the fuel.


Russian text:  Від Вячеслав Тищенко, Федор, как там у вас дела?
Від Федор Красногоров, Дела, Вячеслав Алексеевич, у нас неважные… Уплотнители верхнего блока не справляются с нагрузками, похоже, мы доигрались с этими левыми материалами.

English version according to Google Translator:  Od Vyacheslav Tishchenko, Fedor, how are you doing?   Od Fyodor Krasnogorov, Cases, Vyacheslav A., we unimportant … Sealers upper unit does not handle the load, it looks like we finished badly with these materials left.

  • Dec. 2, 2014


Russian text:    Від Вячеслав Тищенко, Сказано молчать, будем молчать   […]  Від Василий Турбаевский, Вячеслав Алексеевич! Вы понимаете что молчать уже нельзя? Это же катастрофа! Тут на сотню километров вокруг ничего живого не останется!!! Небо, блядь, уже светится!  […]  Від Вячеслав Тищенко, Не наводи панику!  […]  Василий, меня срочно вызвали в Киев, разруливайте без меня

English version according to Google Translator:   Od Vyacheslav Tishchenko, is said to be silent, be silent  […]  Od Basil Turbaevsky, Vyacheslav A.!  You understand that we can not be silent?  This is a disaster!  Here for a hundred miles around there will be nothing alive !!! Sky, damn, already lit! […]  Od Vyacheslav Tishchenko, Do not panic!  […]  Basil, I was urgently summoned to Kiev resolves without me


Russian text:  […]  Від Василий Турбаевский, Что делать с персоналом? Людей надо эвакуировать, радиация зашкаливает!  […]  Від Василий Турбаевский, Да и местных надо предупредить, мы уже начали сбрасывать в водохранилище воду из системы охлаждения. Тут очень скоро будет второй Чернобыль.

English version according to Google Translator:  […]  Od Basil Turbaevsky what to do with the staff? People need to be evacuated, radiation rolls!  […]   Od Basil Turbaevsky, and local should be warned, we have already started to drop in the reservoir water from the cooling system. Then very soon will be the second Chernobyl.


Russian text:  Від Вячеслав Тищенко, нам теперь лучше молчать, иначе поедем на Донбас добровольцами. понял меня?

English version according to Google Translator:   Od Vyacheslav Tishchenko, we are now better to remain silent, otherwise go to the Donbas volunteers. understand me?


Russian text:  Від Вячеслав Тищенко, Дзвінок закінчено, надіслано 2 Декабрь 2014 г. 08:55:39    Від Василий Турбаевский, Вячеслав Алексеевич, у нас утечка!, надіслано 2 Декабрь 2014 г. 08:57:09

English version according to Google Translator:  From Vyacheslav Tishchenko, call finished, to 2 December 2014 8:55:39 h   Vasyl Turbaevskyy, Vyacheslav Alekseevych, We are leaking!, 2 December 2014 8:57:09


Russian text:  Від Вячеслав Тищенко, скажи, короткое замыкание или еще какая-нибудь хуйня

English version according to Google Translator:   Od Vyacheslav Tishchenko, say, a short circuit or even some kind of garbage


Russian text:  Від Вячеслав Стефанский, Вячеслав Алексеевич, как только вы уехали, сюда журналисты приперлись. […]  Від Вячеслав Стефанский, у КПП ошиваются […] Від Вячеслав Стефанский, что им сказать?

English version according to Google Translator:   Od Vyacheslav Stefano, Vyacheslav A. as soon as you left, here journalists cornered. […]   Od Vyacheslav Stefano, at Checkpoint oshivayutsya […]   Od Vyacheslav Stefano what to tell them?

[On that last piece, this recent RT article comes to mind:  Dec 16, 2014,  66 journalists killed in 2014, murders ‘more barbaric’ – Reporters Without Borders, quoting from Reporters Without Borders latest press freedom report, which lists the Ukraine as the #1 country where most journalists get arrested, #1 for most Journalists ending up kidnapped, as well as #1 for journalists getting threatened or attacked, and #3 for journalist assassinations… : ““In Ukraine, both government forces and separatist rebels operate checkpoints in combat zones at which journalists may be detained and taken away in a heavy-handed manner […]” ]


I hope this does not cause further confusion, but somehow helps uncover the actual truth of what happened there, and perhaps is still happening…   I don’t know what to think of these alleged hacked communications.  What they imply honestly freaks me out a little bit.

According to mainstream news wire, like TASS, the latest (dec 26, 2014) is that, “Ukraine to repair two units of Zaporizhia NPP in February” (unit 2 & 5) and about unit 3: “On December 5, the Zaporizhia NPP finished the repairs at unit 3.”   Whose to say…? 

Very peaceful outside…   Still snowing…

— — — — — — — —

+  ADDITIONS (after the above was posted on Dec. 26)

  • Dec 27, 2014:  LiveLeak, @ ,  posted two low-resolution jpg. files about which it alleged the following:

    "Ukrainian hackers have uncovered the shocking truth about the accident at the Zaporizhzhya NPP.So, according to these documents on the day of the accident on the territory of Zaporizhzhya NPP was fixed background radiation of 14.6 times the permitted limit."  SOURCE:

    “Ukrainian hackers have uncovered the shocking truth about the accident at the Zaporizhzhya NPP.So, according to these documents on the day of the accident on the territory of Zaporizhzhya NPP was fixed background radiation of 14.6 times the permitted limit.” SOURCE:

The resolution of the files is quite low, and they’re posted in a way that is not self-evident to download or pull off, and I’m unable to just copy-paste for rough translations.  But it’s something…  The file of interest is HERE, of which this is a zoom-in of the second half of the page:


The text clarity in the jpg. is not good enough for an Optical Character Recognition tool like to give me good enough Russian (or in this case Ukranian, I think) text that I can then Google-Translate, but I didn’t get much further than that, “14,6 разів перевищує допустимі норми” does indeed mean “14.6 times the permissible limits“.   I would need to know the full translation to know what the actual measurements were (such as in microSievert or becquerel per cubic meter for an escaped radioisotope, or so) to gauge this more.

But it does fit, again, with the idea that the Ukraine government lied about there having been no radiation leak.   See Was there a causal link between the Nov 28 2014 Accident at the Zaporizhye Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine and recent Radiation Spikes in Latvia and Romania? for more striking examples.

[The Above Last Updated/edited:  December 27, 2014 + Jan 7, 2015 Insert]

  • Dec. 29, 2014 afterthought:   It is entirely possible, however, that all these documents are 100% fake, simply developed by pro-Russian separatists to make the US-backed Kiev Junta look bad.  


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39 Responses to Ukrainian Hackers Claim Zaporizhia Nuclear Accident Communications, mentioning Radiation Leak, warn of “Second Chernobyl” – Не наводи панику!

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  2. Majia says:

    Thank you very much for following up on this. I also was very suspicious of the early reports. I can only hope that a big release was avoided. Did you see the plant was officially shut down again?

    I am concerned that no warning will be made by the sociopaths running these death traps!

    • Tx Majia.

      That UK Yahoo news piece (from AFP) adds to this one from TASS:
      (AFP says Reactor 6 is off-grid. Tass said in February 2 & 5 will be taken off, as well.)
      There’s got to be ‘more to the story’, ’cause what triggered the generator’s “internal defence mechanism”? A power surge, or “short circuit” a la what was claimed re. ZNPP’s R3?

      I’m concerned too. The lack of skepticism about the official statements and independent inquiry from European media is the most concerning at this stage. It could set a precedent for more serious accidents getting covered up too. Hopefully what actually happened will come to light.

  3. Pingback: BREAKING – Zaporizhia NPP: CIA-run ‘Radio Free Europe’ Breaks Media Silence: Donetsk Separatist Official Warns Of ‘Second Chernobyl’ | Not All Alleged Is Apparent…

    • I’ve seen those. Officially all is normal. Polish detectors on Eurdep showed this too.
      WHo’s “he” in “where he previously wrote that there is no threat” ?

      And back to your first comment: What is this alleged “censorship” list (the googledocs document)?
      What is it?

  4. jan says:

    This is a list of newspapers and web portals that write that there was no threat to Polish.
    The website says that there was an explosion and that the people were evacuated within a radius of 30km.

    In Poland, always somehow, as there are some turmoil, the measurements either do not work or are being renovated at that time, a strange coincidence?

  5. jan says:

    Here in 2013, wrote that the measuring station in the “repair” just as it was going nowhere explosion at a Russian nuclear power plant.

  6. jan says:

    jakieś same dziwne zbiegi okoliczności, że w danym momencie pomiar “nie działa”

  7. jan says:

    themselves some strange coincidences that at any given time measurement “does not work ‘

  8. jan says:

    This is a list of links that Polish and foreign media websites goings of the event. The list is arranged chronologically would not mixed up days, times and topics. If indeed there was an explosion in the electronic systems that this list provides proof that all portals, newspapers and the media in Poland lie and expose people to the risk, if by such radio active cloud passed over the Polish.

    From your information it appears that the risk was and cloud went to Lithuania, because that’s where the measurement was off. Then you said that in Romania or public television station reported that the Romania of the radioactive cloud. It probably was also in Poland, and if so, these links provide all segments that in Poland there is censorship, and all media lie about the failure of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

    • That’s a possibility, yes. Personally, my opinion after weeks of looking into this, I honestly don’t know what to think of it. I find much suggestion that there was a radioactive cloud, but so much seeming-like-misinformation and speculation everywhere, that I cannot rule out the possibility that the reports of a radioactive cloud were misinterpretations of statements, hyperbole, speculation, fearmongering sensationalism … that then were incorporated into articles by seemingly more credible sources, making those claims / rumors sound legit. I really don’t know what to make of it anymore. I find it not that easy to come to a conclusion on this matter. In my checking of monitors (on Eurdep), I did not find anything abnormal for Poland or Lithuania, only for Latvia (the odd spikes and data outages and gaps), and data gaps in Sweden and here then elsewhere. In Romania the other network showed spikes, and Eurdep showed lots of radiation monitors being turned off. No data does not equate a cover-up. It fits the pattern, but it’s not enough for a conclusion to me. IF, and I certainly agree with you on that, IF there was a radioactive cloud, then it likely affected many other areas, including in Poland, and THEN (if->then [I’m being very logical here]) then those links indeed would document a massive cover-up. True. Big if. Nice list, though. Tx. definitely takes the cake with its last paragraph:

      “Tymczasem z informacji zdobytych przez ukraińską Interfax wynika, że przyczyną awarii był właśnie problem z reaktorem w bloku nr 3. Władze ewakuowały już 110 tys. ludzi ze wszystkich budynków w promieniu 30 km od elektrowni, co oznacza, że wbrew zapewnieniom, zagrożenie nie tylko istnieje, ale jest bardzo poważne.”

      which Google Translator turns into:

      “Meanwhile, the information gained by the Ukrainian Interfax that caused the crash was just a problem with the reactor in Block 3. Authorities have evacuated 110 thousand people of all buildings within a radius of 30 km from the power plant, which means that, contrary to the assurances, a threat not only exists, but it is very serious.”

      You really think it’s possible for a 100,000 people to be evacuated and not one picture of this massive logistical nightmare makes it out the Ukraine? Come on… ;-)

  9. jan says:

    And why do you stop? can someone turned off? UMCS in Poland also showed nothing, you would have to search the history googla maybe something will
    This is where the human panic, who claimed that they got the information from your friends at the uniformed services work?
    Too many puzzles….

  10. jan says:
    The radioactivity in the air in Lublin

    Last updated: Thursday, July 11, 2013, 12:00:02


  11. jan says:

    interesting event, anywhere in Poland did not talk about it

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