Was there a causal link between the Nov 28 2014 Accident at the Zaporizhye Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine and recent Radiation Spikes in Latvia and Romania?

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Seriously:  WAS THERE a causal link between the Nov 28, 2014 Accident at the Zaporizhye Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine and (likely/apparent) Radiation Spikes in Latvia and Romania that week?

NOTE:  This blogposts draws from two blogposts (Dec. 6 & 10, 2014), which I deleted (due to being terribly disorganized), and adds more content not previously shared on this blog.   – MVB, Dec. 16, 2014.  (comprehensive overview)

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In this blogpost:

I’m revisiting what got me wondering in the first place:  a couple abnormalities on radiation monitors in Europe, and some strangeness about that Ukraine nuclear accident, err “accident at nuclear facility’.  Excuse me for going over this one more time…

  • Radiological Incident, or not?    (Signs point to yes)
  • Radiation Cloud: in the News & Rumors  (Extremely weird stuff in there, at least if you think that no release of radiation had happened…)
  • Well?  (Hard to conclude otherwise: there was a release ánd thus a cover-up.)
  • Nuclear GeoPolitics At Play?  (Thís rabbit hole goes deep and dark…)

Radiological Incident, or not?

When it comes to that random set of spikes on European radiation monitors… at the very end of November 2014, early December, there are two areas that possibly fit the speculation that perhaps a radioactive cloud DID escape from the eastern Ukraine and drifted and dispersed over Europe:  most pronounced are Latvia & Romania  (see below).

Previous blogposts on this matter (for background and more data) were:

– Particularly striking were the radiation spikes seen on two EURDEP monitors in Latvia on November 28, 2014, also discussed in earlier [and later] blogposts.   Example:

It doesn't seem like such a crazy question.  What's unfortunate is that the mainstream press is apparently not investigating these abnormalities...

The mainstream press is apparently not investigating these abnormalities…, taking EURDEP’s word for it that they’re probably just calibrations or instrument malfunctions. I’ve already gone over why that is unlikely the case here.

A second set of spikes were measured in Romania, as relayed by an non-governmental network, Australia-based ‘Sunshine Coast Computer Club’ (SCCC):  http://sccc.org.au/international-radiation-monitoring-stations [h/t Vital1 on ENEnews’ Forum, “Post Your Radiation Monitoring Data Here” and preceding pages].  Among the observations were extremely unusual gamma spike events such as:

  • An independent monitor in Timisoara, southwestern Romania, reportedly spiked on December 1, 2014, peaking @ a whopping 2.41 µSv/hr  Screenshot:


  • Now, adding to the mystery of the above detection in Romania, a couple other spikes were reported there by SCCC, on November 26 & 27, clearly preceding the Nov. 28-date assigned to the ‘no releases’ accident at the Ukrainian site by 1 & 2 days, respectively.    That can mean a couple things: the calibration of one or both of those monitors was badly off and whatever data they spewed out can’t be trusted;  Or… they measured localized events, perhaps connected to a refueling of a nuclear reactor upwind;  Kinda high for that, though.   Or… IF it is connected to the suspected/hypothetical radiation release from the Eastern Ukraine’s troubled nuclear plant)s), then the problems at that site preceded Nov. 28.  I’m inclined to consider the latter not outside the realm of plausibilities.

Screenshots from SCCC show this earlier Timisoara, southwestern Romania spike (on Nov 26); and, below that, those two spikes on a radiation monitor in Carei, Northern Romania  (2x Nov 27,  5 hours apart):



To see if I could find anything more about these two locations, I checked EURDEP’s monitors and ran Gamma-T, max value, for 1 month data, for monitors near the borders of Romania.  I didn’t find such spikes, but that may have more to do with many monitors being turned off… ;-/    Some screenshots of examples:

In the eastern half of Romania, nothing unusual to be seen, except… that several monitors were turned off, and many have yet to be turned back on: ChartImg-3.axd ChartImg.axd ChartImg-1.axd ChartImg-2.axd

Basically: nothing new.  But no secondary confirmation of the spikes relayed by SCCC, either.   The fact that the spikes shown on SCCC graphs are so extreme (higher than what was observed in Tokyo after the Fukushima meltdowns), and that nearby monitors on either network didn’t pick anything up, makes me think those SCCC spikes might have been be instrument errors that can be discounted.  (AT the same time… who knows, right?)

Radiation Cloud: in the News & Rumors

I found some striking pieces of news…    Many clues are buried in piles of hyperbole and speculation.  I found some cases of folks taking my ponderings and running with it like I was making a claim.   I was wondering, not making claims.  Make your own claims!  (The fact that I could see my questions getting spun into something panic-inducing was also part of why I took my blog down.  I did not have the info I found later on.)

Many have commented in forum threads:  “You just can’t cover up a nuclear accident, not in this day and age.”   I beg to differ, although for full-on meltdowns that’s probably true.  For smaller radiation releases, not far-fetched at all.  IF the information flows are controlled (which appears to have been very much the case, see my Access Denied blogpost, just delving into how my blog was inaccessible in most of the world, starting right after I started writing about this…), and IF “journalists” at all or nearly all major news outlets just parrot Reuters, TASS & AP wires… (all of these were the case), THEN maybe it really does take a blogger in a tiny wintery mountain town with wifi and some extra time on his hands (and lots of coffee…) to expose it.

I did find some thing along my searches that I don’t think I would have found if there really hadn’t been some kind of release of radioactivity…  In no particular order:  Here’s a sampling:

  • Here’s someone, “Roudene from Poznan, Western Poland”, mentioning an interesting ‘rumor’ of a radioactive cloud (Dec 6):

Glad someone questions the reliability of my blog. ;-) If the reported rumors and crazy-behaving monitors and such are true… WTH, right? SOURCE: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1650961-Zaporozhye-Nuclear-Power-Plant?p=31001389

(Added Dec 29, 2014:  For an idea of word-of-mouth panic spreading on online Forums, have a look at the first 4 pages of the Polish Forum, no to jak??? – Forum – Polska (www.polskatimes.pl/forum/watek/635808,5,4,n.html), which documents how real the panic in Poznan was.)

  • Here’s some post on a Health Forum, allegedly by someone who just arrived in Kiev, Ukraine and was given a Potassium Iodine concoction (If that is true, that’s freakishly odd if no radiation was released, as officially claimed.  Bizarre…):

No one replies to that?  Perhaps it was a stupid joke?  Anyhow.  Weird.    SOURCE: http://ehealthforum.com/health/radioactive-contamination-hotel-pushes-tincture-of-iodine-t445577.html

!!!–> Now, check this out: News from Moldova & Romania!  

What do you make of these?  

  • Method Used:  I found this article by using Google Translator (https://translate.google.com/) and searching for specific news in other languages.  Then I would translate it back to English and Dutch to see what it said.   There are probably many more in other languages, but these stood out early on in my research:
  •  This is in Romanian, from MOLDOVA:     According to the Ziural National -MOLDOVA  [top of page shown above. Excerpt further below]  http://ziarulnational.md/verificari-in-r-moldova-dupa-accidentul-nuclear-din-ucraina-vezi-ce-au-aratat-testele/ ]:  If I’m not mistaken due to bad translations (for which these online translators are infamous):   Apparently in Moldova, between Romania and the Ukraine, air samples were tested for evidence of a meltdown (I-131), and no such ‘radioactive iodine’ was found.  Good.  However… they mention something really strange for an accident in the Ukraine that supposedly (according to ALL wire reports) ‘posed no danger’ and ‘released no radioactivity’…  A ‘radioactive cloud’ coming from that Zaporojie nuke plant in the Ukraine…  When I throw the middle part of this article back in the Translator, the English version it spits out is this [my emphasis]:

    “[…] Tests at monitoring stations showed that radioactive values were within the limits of the territory of Moldova, did not exceed the warning limits and poses no danger to the environment pollution.   “SHS conducted sampling and analysis for spectrometric range atmospheric aerosol samples collected at the station in Chisinau on 03 December 2014, which were not detected traces of radioactive iodine, which is a messenger radionuclides for triggering an accident or nuclear incident,” it said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Environment.

This morning, the National Weather in Romania announced that the north has identified a radioactive cloud will remain in the area for at least 48 hours.   “There are strict monitoring of radioactivity levels and were taken several preventive measures,” announced representatives of the institution.  […]”

Here’s an (annotated) screenshot of that Dec 5, 2014 article:

  • Or how about this one, dated Dec. 4, 2014, from a Romanian ‘B1’ news station… The rough Google translation (Romanian -> English) of the first part reads as follows [my emphasis]:

Radioactive cloud in Romania, after the nuclear accident in Ukraine   —  An article from: B1 TV | December 4, 2014, 9:27

Alert Romania after the accident at the nuclear power plant in Ukraine, where the plant’s reactor 3 of Zaporozhye failed.  Ministerial Committee for Emergency Situations met at a hearing to determine the seriousness of the situation caused by air and soil pollution.

This makes close monitoring of radioactivity levels and were taken several preventive measures. From the first data announced by the National Meteorological Administration, pollutant cloud will remain within 48 hours on the northern border of Romania.  […]”

Here’s a screenshot of that article, accompanied with a photo of guys in radiation protection gear taking soil samples:

That takes it to a whole other level of cover-up probability, doesn’t it?  Those, shown above, are news articles in a language not understood by many that literally quote experts who’re tracking a radioactive cloud.   A radioactive cloud.  The exact thing I speculated about, that mainstream news has been adamant about “not having occurred”.  

As far as I know, no changes or updates have been made about this incident.  Nicely covered-up for most of the world?  To refresh your memory, here’s the New York Times, Dec 3, 2014:


All of the above leaves me with the thought, merely ‘an opinion’ if you will, that it is most likely indeed, that:  There was a release of manmade radioisotopes somewhere, most likely coming from the Zaporizhye Nuclear Power Plant in Eastern Ukraine.  But, the good news in that is: that it was -also most likely– NOT a major meltdown.  

There is NO WAY news of a radioactive cloud being tracked would be written if there wasn’t at least “a relatively benign” radioactive cloud (one not made of radioCesium nor radioIodine, for instance, but perhaps less carcinogenic gaseous isotopes?).

Then what could it have been?  Perhaps it had something to do with a refueling attempt of these old Russian reactors by US’s Westinghouse, which is eyeing the profit potential of taking over Ukraine’s nuclear fuel supply chain.  No, I’m not making that up, either. There seems to be a lot of corporate maneuvering going on in the shadows of the fog of war plaguing the Eastern Ukraine…   In the below section, “Nuclear GeoPolitics At Play?” I share some bit and pieces and wonder out-loud some more about this, holding the idea (I hope you won’t mind) of a radioactive cloud released.   You’ll see what I mean.

And thát, that there was some kind of (yet-to-be-determined-(or admitted)-what-exactly) manmade radioactive release gives rise to…:  Yes, unfortunately, that leaves me little moving room to think otherwise: Namely that there wás a massive cover-up, as well, possibly even including a sophisticated covert news information disruption online.

That latter would be something only the most sophisticated internet companies (Google & Co.) or NSA-powered interests could pull off at that global level. (So I find myself guessing…)  And yet, all efforts to suppress what may amount to ‘the truth’ aside, it must be said: a few reports of a radioactive cloud, rumors about it, measurements and samples taken, weird radiation spikes that coincide with the time frame, monitors being turned off all over the place… did make it past the suppression efforts.  Those are the few but rather telling bits and pieces that made it out, after all.  So yeah: “really hard to cover-up a nuclear accident…”  yeah: …when *I* am paying attention!  (hehe)  Not to put a spotlight on myself, but it’s a fact that I was one of the only few people connecting the dots that early December week… And – ZAP! – Who’s to say that wasn’t the reason behind my blog traffic having been severely interfered with, for at least several weeks after first writing about it? Rather odd ‘coincidences’, wouldn’t you say?

So, allow me to look a little deeper into what actually COULD have happened… IF there was a release or radioisotopes…

Nuclear GeoPolitics At Play?

In the other weeks’ (now expanded!) blogpost, “Access Denied” – Blog Blocking Confirmed !“, I mentioned some links that can tell you more about the existence and workings of the western ‘Controlled Opposition’.  (I recommend you do some homework on this topic, if you haven’t yet.  If you can stare into that dark abyss and hold space for the dismal realities of manipulation and self-censorship that may be encroaching upon us all…).

I bring this up at the start of writing about geopolitics, ’cause, from what I’ve seen over the last couple decades (I turned 40 in 2014), that happens to be one of the arenas strife with misinformation.   At the same time, the way “controlled opposition assets” get a following is by including plenty of right-on and more-accurate-(or less overtly deceiving)-than-the-mainstream perspectives.   But you have to have a fine nose to discern the nonsense from the possible gems, to navigate through these information mazes.  My impression is that most people end up either manipulated, or they stay away from such sites altogether, often in favor of mainstream TV/paper/magazine & blog sites that do not require much discernment, only acceptance of the more easily absorbed messages.

The reason this is relevant is because, from my (subjective and certainly not authoritative in any way) observations is that news sites I took clues from, such as ENEnews and their active comment threads (especially their near-full-time active commenters, imo), need to be approached with a healthy dose of suspicion and common-sense skepticism.  (It would be too time-consuming to go into the details of why I’ve come to that sentiment, at this juncture.)

Without further due, I will just list blips of news and info first, in no particular order (!):

” […] In order to alleviate energy dependence on Moscow, the coup-imposed government in Kiev has resurrected a contract with a US company to supply fuel to Ukraine’s nuclear power plants. Using US fuel rods was banned in 2012 due to dangerous incompatibility.

The rivalry for nuclear fuel supply to Ukraine between Russia’s nuclear fuel cycle company TVEL and America’s Westinghouse took a twist when in April 2014, shortly after the armed coup, Kiev signed a new deal with America’s leading nuclear fuel producer, Westinghouse Electric Company, instead of the Russian TVEL company that has been supplying fuel rods to Ukraine for years. [..]”  Of which this is a Dec. 29, 2014 screenshot [h/t ENEnews commenters]:

” […] Trouble In Kiev

When civil unrest in the Ukraine erupted earlier this year, many expressed concern over the power plant’s security. If agitators took control of the plant or tried to destroy it, many feared another Chernobyl or Fukushima-like event would occur.  

Storming The Palace

Sure enough, 40 armed men associated with the “Right Sector” movement tried to storm the plant in May. The attempt failed, but no one really knew what the group’s intentions were. The organization disavowed the attempt, but many speculated it could of either been a ploy to take control of or destroy Zaporizhia.    

Disavowals All Around, But Is It Still Safe?  

The rebels disavowed the attempt, but many speculated it could of either been a ploy to take control of or destroy Zaporizhia. Whatever the case, authorities praised the security force’s successful defense of the plant and moved on without concern.  

Zaporizhia Shuts Down

Then energy minister Volodymyr Demchyshyn announced on Wednesday that all production at the plant was shut down due to a “technical fault.” The reactors were fine, and the problem (whatever it was) was to be fixed soon. Supposedly an accident involving a damaged transformer caused an automatic shutdown, but third party investigators based in France detected no evidence for such an event. As it stands, no one really knows what happened.

  • This may be entirely unrelated, but for thoroughness, I’m including it.  About a week earlier, On Nov 19, 2014, several videos were shared on YouTube, reportedly showing enormous bright flashes lighting up the entire night sky near Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine.  Some commenters speculated about unusual weaponry being tested out in the region.   Screenshot of one of such videos:  

“[…]  The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe shares Moscow’s concern on world nuclear safety and the potential threat that possible US atomic fuel supplies to Ukraine might cause as the country remains in crisis.

The head of the OSCE and Swiss president Didier Burkhalter says he is concerned about nuclear safety in connection with the US intention to supply the country with nuclear fuel, according to a reply letter to Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Industry Vladimir Gutenev.

Switzerland “shares the view concerning nuclear safety,” Burkhalter wrote, as cited by Itar-Tass,  “Nuclear safety is a key concern of the Swiss nuclear policy,” he added. In this regard, the Swiss leader recalled the proposal to amend the Convention on Nuclear Safety in order to avoid long term contamination in the event of a nuclear accident. “We would be delighted to welcome the strong support of the Russian Federation in respect of the preparation process, as well as strengthening the Convention on Nuclear Safety,” said Burkhalter.   However,  […]

[…]    In early June, Gutenev sent a letter to Burkhalter warning of security threats that European nations will face in case of a potential industrial nuclear disaster at one of Ukraine’s power plants, as Kiev is planning to sign a contract with American Westinghouse Electric Company. He highlighted the fact that Soviet made nuclear plants are not compatible with fuel assembly type TBC-W offered by the Americans, as previous trials have shown.

“The nuclear reactors in Ukraine are of Russian (Soviet) design, which are only designed for fuel that has passed a special certification. Therefore, further attempts to use non-adapted fuel assemblies of American production without a corresponding adjustment increase the risk of failure of the Ukrainian reactors and dramatically increase the likelihood of man-made disasters,”Gutenev wrote in June, calling on the OSCE to consider the issue.

In 2005, six experimental Westinghouse fuel assemblies, adopted for use in USSR-developed reactors, were tried at the South Ukraine plant in one reactor together with Russian fuel rods. By 2008 Ukraine signed a contract with Westinghouse on fuel rod supply. However, the experiment showed that Westinghouse assemblies deformed during exploitation and got stuck in the core. The reason is simple – Russian nuclear fuel rods are hexagonal in section, while Americans produce fuel assemblies of square section.

By 2012, after the failed test, exploitation of US nuclear fuel was banned in Ukraine and the fuel rods were returned to the producer “to get fixed” while Russian scientists came to the rescue. The Energoatom Company of Ukraine lost an estimated $175 million in this trial.

Now the Kiev regime has renewed the 2008 nuclear fuel deal till 2020, to replace 25 percent of the Russian-made fuel rods with an option to “provide more if needed.” […]”   Screenshot of excerpt:

Delyagin:  […]  I want to talk about things and information of a unique character, unfortunately. It is of a pretty nasty character and threatens us all very much. Chelyshev:  What kind of information? Delyagin:  It is connected with geopolitics. Why did Ukrainian crisis happen, what is the fundamental reason? Why did Americans get into it so deep? The Europeans got there because of the assets, as the Germans in 1941 – to take more land, factories, power lines and other existing businesses – ports, mines. The Americans got in because in the world objectively, there are three global players: the US, China and the EU. But the European Union is independent and a player equal to America and China only in case of cooperation with Russia. Not integration, of course, but at least close and tight relationship. The destruction of EU cooperation with Russia eliminates it as an independent participant in global competition, which is what we see now. The Americans did not get into this to get Russia. With all my patriotism, 2.5 percent of global GDP at market prices, up to 3 %, almost 4 percent of global GDP in purchasing power parity, it is not something that plays a global role. The global role is affected when instead of three actors in the global competition, if you tear the European Union and Russia, only two will remain. The EU will be  no more. And this was the strategic objective of the Americans, which, unfortunately, neither we nor the Europeans realized. We possibly realized, but we were focused on a local task – how to appease Yanukovych. How could we explain to him that he should take money from us, than give it to the Europeans. As a result, Americans have achieved outstanding success. We are in a real cold war. Ukraine is in a hot civil war.  […]”    [end excerpt.  read in full at http://fortruss.blogspot.com/2014/12/is-ukraine-preparing-for-nuclear-false.html]

And I could go on, but I think this suffices to sketch the point I wanted to make: I think there’s more to this.  The likely cover-up of a release of radiation probably ties into a huge global geopolitical chess game, which is why information flows were messed with, ’cause one front of this troubling scene is an intensifying cyber war, possibly even including interfering with the accessibility of perspectives that could interfere with really messed up misguided military objectives.    Didn’t mean to take this all the way into conspiracy land, but it’s kind of hard to not end up there when digging into this.   PEACE.


Wow…  :-( Well…  It’s pretty out.  I’m going hiking!   ;-) After I watch this…

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[Last updated/edited: Dec. 17 Dec. 29, 2014 (May 19 RT articles added, and link to “Pindostan”)]

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ADDED LATER (above left unchanged since Dec. 17):

  • Added: Dec 26, 2014 (& edited Dec. 28, 2014):   No idea about the credibility of this.   According to a sensationalistic YouTube video, a “Ukrainian hacker”, calling himself “Cyber Riot Novorossiya”, claims that leaked emails mention a radiation leak. (more details further below)   The video’ s titled “Truth about Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant accident: correspondence of the plant’s Director General Tishchenko” [= skip to supposed emails:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3P5It2zW8s#t=85 or do yourself a favor and ignore the video altogether and go straight to the source documents or the excerpts I show  !–> HERE.

–> The original SOURCE of this appears to be the individual or group’s Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/novorossiya.cyber.riot.en?ref=hl and related Twitter account, https://twitter.com/NRCyber_Riot by people describing themselves as,We are waging information war on the fascist and puppet government of Ukraine. We intend to make public all their darkest secrets.  http://vk.com/novorossiya_cyber_riot ”  from which this is a Dec 26, 2014 screenshot:

!–> More details, with excerpts from those 3 alleged hacked file logs in my Dec. 26, 2014 blogpost, “Ukrainian Hackers Claim Zaporizhia Nuclear Accident Communications mentioning Radiation Leak, warn of “Second Chernobyl” –  Не наводи панику!

“Tymczasem z informacji zdobytych przez ukraińską Interfax wynika, że przyczyną awarii był właśnie problem z reaktorem w bloku nr 3. Władze ewakuowały już 110 tys. ludzi ze wszystkich budynków w promieniu 30 km od elektrowni, co oznacza, że wbrew zapewnieniom, zagrożenie nie tylko istnieje, ale jest bardzo poważne.”

which Google Translator turns into [my emphasis]:

“Meanwhile, the information gained by the Ukrainian Interfax that caused the crash was just a problem with the reactor in Block 3.  Authorities have evacuated 110 thousand people of all buildings within a radius of 30 km from the power plant, which means that, contrary to the assurances, a threat not only exists, but it is very serious.”    Screenshot (for the record): 

  • Follow up on the above over-the-top Polish rumor:   A search at Press TV shows that Prawy.pl must have taken a statement about the 1986 Chernobyl accident and applied it to the Zaporizhia incident (!), a rather extreme error (left uncorrected so far).  Press TV ran the same basic history about Chernobyl when the Zaporizhia NPP had yet another glitch, Dec. 28, 2014.  Screenshot:

  • More additions are listed in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive (period: December 2014 – January 2015)

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