Blog’s Back On.

[During Dec. 17-20, 2014, this blogpost was a’sticky’ (top of blogposts). !–>  If this blog loads very slowly, use a proxy (see etc. for options) and access this blog through a proxy to get around the blocks and access interference.]

Greetings.  This Allegedly Apparent Blog is back up and running.

What’s new:  Almost all blogposts have been returned unchanged.  There’s 3 news ones (a New Painting, one on the ‘Blog Access Blocking’ (expanded), and one about the radioactive cloud from the Ukraine (yes, actually, there might have been one…)   Some more recent blogposts have also been lighted edited for accuracy, as well as to reduce the chance of being ‘misunderstood’ by some potentially dangerous peeps.  Or just to add some nuance and/or additional findings.

To elaborate:

I continued my ‘armchair investigation of what may have caused the radiation spikes in Latvia (and Romania, for that matter) at the end of November and early December 2014.   For sharing about that, I combined 2 [now deleted] blogposts (Dec. 10’s “(Re.: Latvian Radiation Spike, That “INES-0″ at the Zaporizhye NPP, Weird Blog Stats, and wondering about a Cover-Up.”  and “Zaporizhye Zaporozhye Zaporazhye Zzzzz” and combined those, with additional findings, into a new more comprehensive overview blogpost:

!–> See @:  Was there a causal link between the accident at the Zaporizhye Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine and Radiation Spikes in Latvia and Romania? 

I also continued my inquiry into what may have caused the very odd but apparent ‘blog access interference.’  I expanded the main blogpost about that (ad nauseum/absurdium, almost… [kinda long now…]).  If that distraction interests you,

!–> See @:  “Access Denied” – Blog Blocking Confirmed !

For that (totally amateur, with no IT studies background – Please cut me some slack if you’re an expert-) investigation, I used other proxy tools, such as other anonymizing proxies used to get around blocks (not just for hackers anymore), as well as sites such as GeoPeeker; as well a kinda-granted free trial run of the professional services of GeoEdge (‘Global Visibility Solutions’).  

In addition, as part of my attempts to clear up this issue, I took two measures:

  • It found strangely embedded links, potentially connected to malware, inside some blogposts.  It is quite possible that there was “access blocking” going on due to malware (malevolent software can be anything, including spyware) that had somehow made its way into the “text code” of some blogposts.  I discovered some examples through following links that were “clicked on” (according to blog stats), but that I never actually entered myself.  They were invisible and unfindable in the viewable version of the blog, but hidden in the text/code version.  I have no idea how this works, how they get in there, and how a “click through’ could even happen with nothing to click on.   Cleaning up the text code seemed to work.  I hope I got ’em all.
  • Although lacking solid evidence, I came to suspect a connection between these weird malware thingies with ‘comments’, yet I couldn’t figure out which comment or why.  Nearly all seemed clean, nice, passed the spam filter, and most of which I very much appreciated.  Nevertheless, because it would take an absurd time to comb through it all, more as a precaution than anything (okay: maybe a pinch of paranoia, too ;-) ),    I deleted ALL comments (some 1500 comments, most of which were (luckily) just the blog’s own internal ‘pingbacks’.  (I hope that won’t ruin the smooth clicking-through between blogposts… I guess I’ll find out soon enough.).  It was nice to re-read many comments, though.  Those who’ve commented and still visit here, please know I very much appreciate your feedback and contributions. Nevertheless and ‘oh well‘, those ‘pre-December 15, 2014’ are all gone now.   I hope it is for the better in the big picture.

What else…?  Hmm… Well:  I got a new painting finished!  ;-)  (This blog thing was a terrible distraction, I wanted to have it finished awhile ago…).   Check out my art work @My Paintings‘ (also a tab in the top blog banner).  (See also next blogpost)

 lamacorn… And ‘Absurdistan’ (the burning-flag-waving landless imaginary sovereign nation of mine, where nukes are banned and I live in peace and harmonious abundance with all my imaginary like-minded friends…, and maybe a couple flying pink llamacorns…)… yeah… it has allegedly been underthrown by an apparently returned blog.   — But I suppose that goes without saying…

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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