All is Well in Absurdistan…

FlagMVBAbsurdistan, Dec. 10, 2014

It was a bright cold day in December 2014, and the clocks were striking thirteen…  

Absurdistan’s Ministry of Blog Affairs decided unanimously to designate its one inhabitant an ‘unperson’.  On the facebook-telescreens memes for all types of happiness and optimism were widely liked and shared to celebrate this shift in global consciousness, all while reality was actually going in quite the opposite direction.  

From now on, he signed off with ‘Love and Light,’ and focussed only on ‘the possitive’…




Love and Light,

– The Government of Absurdistan.

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3 Responses to All is Well in Absurdistan…

  1. Dud says:

    This all makes perfect sense to me. D’oh!
    Have i lived here, under this Constitutional Demagoguery, too long? :lol

    Glad you are back.

    What shortlived isotopes could one expect to be released during a scram?
    see: “Update: 12/14/14, 8:06 A.M. – Record breaking Radiation detection in Texas Panhandle!”
    @ &
    Any relationship possible with Asian sources?

    PS: VirusTotal & Securi say “clean”
    Quttera (Israel):

  2. Dud says:

    Here are VT results for the domains listed under “List of referenced blacklisted domains/hosts: 6”, from the previous PS: link. Some might be falsely reported, yet i like the thought that it is better to be safe, than it is to be sorry (if only nukers ascribed to such thought, eh?). Perhaps it can help those other webmasters ensure they are clean too, like you.

    Note that some domain reports are previous reports (within 48h), and to access the Securi & Quttera scans, one selects “Additional Information” tab, and scrolls to the bottom.

    Other sites, i’ve noted Quttera cough out blacklists for CNN & WHO (via nukepro), so maybe not all are false positives?

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