“Access Denied” – Blog Blocking Confirmed !

 DISCLAIMER LAND, Saturday Dec 6, 2014,

Expanded upon + edited, reposted in this renewed version on Dec. 16, 2014:

Good morning good people of this beautiful world,

Stupa of ENlightenment in Crestone Colorado, on a recent sunny day.  Click to be teleported. http://teleport.to/

Stupa of Enlightenment in Crestone Colorado, on a recent sunny day.

Introduction & background

In this blogpost I share some of my investigative explorations into sudden and apparent blog access interference, using these proxy access tools:

  • Various anonymizing proxies used to get around blocks (not just for hackers anymore);  /  and internet services specifically designed to see what a website looks like from another country or area when one does not use proxies to get around potential access blocks:
  • Teleport.to
  • GeoPeeker
  • The professional corporate services of GeoEdge (‘Global Visibility Solutions’).

The background is that, on Dec. 3 & 4, 2014, I began to notice a very odd, quite pronounced shift in blog traffic, strangely coinciding with just having I published three blogposts (linked further below) about some nuclear energy stuff and known and suspected cover-ups.

The blogposts that first relayed these impressions of a suspected “Blog Access Block” were:

On  Sat. Dec 6, 2014 before noon (Colorado, USA), I added an ‘UPDATE’ that eventually grew into the massively expanded blogpost you’re looking at:

Widespread ‘Access Blocks’ of my blog confirmed.  Details below.

I do not know if these access blocks are related to my recent Plume Gate post, or a not-impossible cover-up of a radiological incident in Europe, that might have been the cause of radiation spikes and data gaps in Latvia, Romania and elsewhere.  Blog traffic from many countries dropped to zero shortly after the following blogposts were posted:

My process looking into this:

First I used the proxy server, teleport.to [h/t: JF/FF].  See further below.   Those results are what got me to feel that something seriously messed up was going on.  According to that site, access to my blog had been blocked or severely slowed down (same effect) for what might easily add up to over 80% of the world’s (internet) population.  I admit this freaked me out, especially since I couldn’t rule out the possibility that this was directly connected to what I had written about.  Spooky feeling!

Days later (’cause I was working on a new paintingcoincidentally also nuclear-themed…), I sent out dozens of emails to seek more info from various friends across the globe.  This wasn’t really helpful, ’cause only people from Access-OK countries (at the time of their testing access, and my teleport-confirming) replied in time to the email.  (This lead me to wondering if my email wasn’t free-flowing either.  Thank goodness I’m generally not paranoia-inclined.  hehe…).   By the time later responses poured in, those locations had already access-cleared anyhow too, so there wasn’t much blocking to be confirmed or discounted through this avenue.

Some responses suggested I use other proxies [h/t: BVB, KCT, and some others], such as those listed on proxy overview sites, like http://www.webproxies.org/ and proxy.org.  Various tests (http://proxysweden.nu/, http://www.uk-proxy.co.uk, freshproxy.nu/, and http://www.china-proxy.org/, etc.), made access to my blog from elsewhere very easy and smooth.  (Although sometimes still slow.)   Someone quite expert in IT matters interpreted this to mean that – ‘look! see: – there’s ‘no access issue whatsoever’, from anywhere, not even from China!  (Rrright…)  That’s kinda funny to me, ’cause China’s access has been blocked for years, personally confirmed to me by (“proxies-unaware”) friends in Bejing.  The China Proxy site points it out rather clearly:

Annotated excerpt from the description of http://www.china-proxy.org/

Annotated excerpt from the description of http://www.china-proxy.org/

So all that really showed me is that there’s ways around apparent blocks, if you know the proxy servers to divert your internet access through.  Good to know.

Made to get around obstacles.

Made to get around objects.  Cool.  Thanks for the tip.

So…, to get the internet experience of your average John Doe, about whom can be safely assumed that he/she’s just as unaware of such handy block-circumventing proxy tools as I was, I found an additional (albeit with a much smaller location selection) similar tools, one which was GeoPeeker.com.  GeoPeeker’s results further confirmed the initial findings (widespread access interference), and, as things cleared up, it also showed that the issue lasted longer in California than its 5 other places it can check on.  By Dec. 14, 2014, California-access had apparently returned to normal as well.

By the time I got to using the professional services of GeoEdge.com, I had already taken some extra measures, such as removing weird links embedded inside the text code of blogposts (mentioned also in Blog’s Back On), deleted all blog comments (ditto), and the situation (as assessed through GeoPeerker & Teleport) appeared to have already normalized anyhow (more the less, for most countries), with traffic returning from the whole world (Even though during this time my blog only showed the one “Absurdistan” post and there was essentially nothing to see here!  Interesting shift…), including from the UK, France, Latvia, Romania, Scandinavian countries (Norway, however, took until early Dec. 16 to normalize), and the Southern Hemisphere.

This blogpost follows a mostly chronological path (with red date stamps), with more recent findings further down.   

Dec 6 & 7, 2014

TELEPORT.TO Proxy Server Investigation Findings:

 !–> Using the proxy server toolhttp://teleport.to, to look at how a website appears when accessed from another country, revealed the following cases (:

1) My blog opens perfectly fine from countries that showed normal or elevated blog traffic.  These (at time of checking) include:  the US, Canada, Japan (see also #7), Russia, Ukraine (see update at end), Poland (see also #6), Romania, Mongolia, Colombia, Singapore, Belgium and The Netherlands.

2) For many countries, unfortunately, one doesn’t get further than an ‘error’ message, or a variation of “Can’t Open Page […] the server where this page is located isn’t responding”.   Multiple searches showed this result is most common for these locations:  China, Bhutan, the UK, Australia, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Chile, Norway, Sweden, Mexico,…


Multiple attempts resulted in the same message.  http://teleport.to/

3) There is an odd anti-robot wall, which serves as an obstacle to get here, and IF you don’t get ‘error’ or ‘can’t open’ after that, the loading is annoyingly slow.  It possibly also limits search engines from including me in their findings from those locations.  This is the case for at least these countries:  Latvia

4) Some countries spell it out:  ‘ERROR:  Access Denied’.  This is apparently the case for over a billion people on this planet. Countries for which this is the case include:  India, Brasil,

The Brazilian version of that:

5) Some countries do give normal access, but the page loads annoyingly slow, so slow in fact that if I was doing searches I would move on and try to find another information source.  This now appears to be a frequent occurrence in these fine countries:  Denmark & Germany,

6)  And then there’s the countries that a seemingly normal amount traffic from, but there seems to be an issue with the Proxy Servers used by teleport.to.  I found this to be the case for:  Poland  (from which there’s been higher than usual traffic, in fact.)

7)  A variation of (6) is the message ‘403 Forbidden’.  I found this to often be the case for:  Japan, and later, in a variation of 403: in Argentina (see further below)

8) Another type of blocking, by asking for a login and password (!), was found in South Africa:

Additional (annotated and dated) screenshots of how my blog supposedly might have looked, at the time I checked these (Dec. 14), as assessed through Teleport:

  • 9) “MikroTik” RouterOS v5.19 was encountered in: Afghanistan & Cambodia:


  • Argentina: (See case 7)


  • 9) And this not-seen-before one, “It Works!”  (Ha. Yeah… the access block does work, apparently…), for: Croatia


[End of Teleport results]

[Conclusion on Dec 6, 2014:]

Well well…


It happens… ;-)

That answers that mystery:  It was an accurate observation that there is widespread access blocking going on.

That, of course…, is the kind of stuff actual conspiracies are made of.  Kinda sucks… ’cause that tickles my something-s-up neural network some more, causing a variety of additional colorful thoughts.

Such as, “What if…?”

… to be continued…


  • UPDATE: Dec. 6, 2014 almost 2pm MT:  Using the above-mentioned proxy tool, access from the Ukraine is now blocked as well (case #2, “error”).  This change matches no more traffic from the Ukraine:
To verify, use http://teleport.to/

To verify, use http://teleport.to/

  • UPDATE: Dec 7, 2014 9:49 pm —  Some teleport proxy tests still suggest widespread blog access interference in India, South Africa, China, etc. including -sadly- the Ukraine (off and on), Belarus, Baltic States (except Finland, Finland’s been fine all along, it seems), etc. and -strangely- Norway still as well.  Russia apparently dropped off the map today (case #5).
  • On the other hand: Sweden, the UK, France, Italia and Ireland seem to be normalizing (both by proxy, email confirmation and as apparent in normalizing blog stats).  The above may be outdated soon.
  • Dec 7, 2014 after 10pm annotated screenshot:

    Apparently, the teleport.to access-by-proxy site, when compared to blog statistics,appears to be quite accurate as far as who gets to see this.    Now, WHY would any organization thát powerful want to blog access to this blog, unless I just wrote something they don't want to "go viral"?  Right?   Think about it.  Leave a comment if so inspired.

    Apparently, the teleport.to access-by-proxy site, when compared to blog statistics,appears to be quite accurate as far as who gets to see this. Now, WHY would any (assumed) organization thát powerful want to blog access to this blog, unless I just wrote something they don’t want to “go viral”?  Right?  Excellent food for ‘paranoia’…

 GEOPEEKER.COM Proxy Server Investigation Findings:

Dec 12-13, 2014

When I first checked geopeeker.com, it showed this result (shown below) of blank pages for this https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com personal blog site:

Apparently, on December 13, according to GeoPeeker, there was no access from Ashburn, Virginia; nor from Sydney, Australia; SaoPaulo, Brasil; Ireland, nor from Singapore.   And either a proxy glitch or a massive delay, or access block, in San Jose, Califonia:

Now, since I had seen the blocks and delays shift around over time (blocking one country for only part of the day, or changing a full-block to a mere slow-down, etc.), the fact that I had personal email confirmations of Access-OK from Ireland and Singapore (at the time Teleport showed those OK as well), had me re-check this result for this time with Teleport, which on Dec 13 gave the very same result: access blocks or debilitating delays from Australia, Brazil, and -at that time- even from Ireland and Singapore.

Checking GeoPeeker for various mainstream news sites, from CNN, New York Times, to the Wall Street Journal, as well as some Belgian papers, alternative news sources, other wordpress blogs, etc. showed this curious result, also on December 13, 2014:  Showing the example of CNN, below; but all others checked showed the same “Talking to  California” Seemed like they had A LOT to talk about… :-)  I gave up waiting for it to shift into another message):

Dec 14, 2014

Checking again the day after, everything looked OK for any site I checked for.  Here’s the views of my site:

The shift also showed in blog traffic, which is almost weird in itself, ’cause there was almost nothing to see here during my (Dec. 7-17) intentional “Absurdistan” blog outage.  I brought the tabs back, which was probably part of the draw, that way blog visitors can easily check on Radiation Units & Online Radiation Monitors.   But some blog access interference continued in some areas… (According to Teleport the issue had not yet lifted for Canada and Norway, for instance.)

SOme signs of normalization... especially given the blog had almost nothing to show for this day.

Some signs of normalization… especially given the blog had almost nothing to show for this day.

To make sure (if there is such a thing as certainty… especially online…), ’round the time the above screenshot was taken on Dec 14, I checked Teleport.to for Canada, India, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, Russia and some other places absent in that day’s blog traffic, and got either ‘Error’ messages, ‘Access Denied’, or extremely slow responses.  On Dec. 13, as well as Dec 15, many of these places seemed fine, at least as seen through Teleport.

On Dec 15, 2015,  GeoPeeker showed no problems in any of its 6 spots.

For fun, I checked GeoPeeker to see what Teleport.to would actually look like elsewhere (at that very moment of checking, @ 7:15pm Mountain Time (Colorado, USA)), and got this result:

Which lead me to do some additional searches…


… adding “anecdotal evidence” to someone’s allegation that, “teleport is run by the CIA.”  The proximity of Ashburn, VA to the CIA headquarters is only about 10 miles max.

I guess it’s time to insert the X-Files theme song here…).  ;-) 

An email I sent to Teleport (on Dec 8, before I had heard that rumor, and simply asking Teleport, ‘Who runs Teleport?’ (’cause its pretty vague and they seem strangely shielded from Google searches…), and if they knew of a way to undo the apparent blocks) remains unanswered at this time of posting…   Anyways: I have no idea, but I figured this sorta fits with the overall paranoid and 1984-esque feeling that was aroused by these abnormalities, so I’m including this for entertainment purposes only.  

I want to make it crystal clear, though, that I have no information, whatsoever, about who Teleport may be run by.   I also have a lovely DISCLAIMER for these sorts of things.  ;-)  According to GeoPeeker, the IP address for Teleport is located in San Francisco, CA. (Source: Use GeoPeeker’s IP findings for Teleport.to, and run that through http://www.ip-adress.com/).  That makes that result for Teleport itself all the more strange: issues in San José, but not right next to the CIA HQ in Virginia?   wee-woo-wee… 

Hi, CIA!  ;-)  

— Additional Findings

Dec. 17, 2014.  I did not get my explorations with GeoEdge.com off the ground due to some technical issues I had to clear up first.  Switched to FIrefox, downloaded the plugins and on Dec 17, same result with Teleport and Geopeeker:  Although some places are SLOW, all are OK, except China.

I guess things have returned to normal.  Hope it stays that way.  Yay!

— Actions Taken (in the Dec 7-17 period):

– First I took the blog down.  Since blog traffic had already dipped back to below 300 daily views, with less than 175 visitors that day, I wanted to see how Blog traffic would shift if I simply disappeared everything, except a whimsical blogpost, “Welcome to Absurdistan”.   So, later that day, Wednesday Dec 10, 2014: … poof!… It was all gone.  It was an Orwellian inside joke, not lost on some readers of this blog, who told me privately.  ;-)

I thought that if the content would be unavailable, perhaps access from some countries would return.  (It never seemed to have that effect.)  For two days, blog traffic was well below 100 views, per day.  Kinda high, I thought, with practically nothing to see here.  So, ready to shift things back, after a few days, I brought back the tabs (Nuclear, Meteo, Seismic, Paintings, etc.), with my lovely Disclaimer, which for  long has clearly stated:,

I reserve the right to edit or alter posts and pages beyond recognition […], or even disappear (temporarily or permanently) content after posting, as I see fit“,

and a note explaining the “Dec 10-17 Blog Outage”, also added on December 13.   

– I closely monitored blog traffic every day for a week.  Once a day I would go into town to get internet access and take a screenshot of the previous day’s blog traffic.  Anything that stood out lead me to do more tests with the proxy access tools mentioned above.  Often I would get distracted and dig into all kinds of side aspects.  Quite the time-consuming distraction, but one I learned a lot from about internet security, proxies, hacking basics, malware, spyware, and how “The Internet” is not a monolithic place, but quite the diverse experience, depending on your geographical location and know-how.   It would take too much of my time to delve into the blog stats day by day, but it was fun (in a geeky way) to observe the show.  

– I cleared mystery links from blogposts’ text codes.  By chance, I saw some links in what had been ‘clicked on’ in blog stats, that I did not recall having placed in any blogpost whatsoever, ever.   Long story short, inside some blogposts I found strangely embedded links (from sites with names like “newworldorderreport“), that (if I can go by the results of some Google searches) could potentially be connected to malware.  SO I wondered if there was “access blocking” going on due to these suspected malware-connections (malevolent software can be a lot of things, including spyware) that had somehow made its way into the “text code” of some blogposts.   This idea was part of what lead up to taking the blog down.  I placed letters before and after the mysteriously embedded links to find it in the visual appearance of the blogpost. They turned out to be totally invisible and unfindable in the viewable version of the blog, yet apparently present in the text/code version.   I have no idea how this works, how they get in there, and how a “click through’ could even happen with nothing to click on.   Cleaning up the text code seemed to work.  I hope I got ‘em all.

– And, although lacking solid evidence, I came to suspect a connection between these weird malware thingies with ‘comments’, yet I couldn’t figure out which comment or why.  Nearly all seemed clean, nice, passed the spam filter, and most of which I very much appreciated.  Nevertheless, because it would take an absurd time to comb through it all, more as a precaution than anything (okay: For a few days I’ll admit to a pinch of paranoia, too.  For sure.),  I deleted ALL comments (some 1500 comments, including this blog’s own internal ‘pingbacks’.  (I hope that won’t ruin the smooth clicking-through between blogposts… I guess I’ll find out soon enough.).

It was nice to re-read many comments, though.  Those who’ve commented and still visit here, please know I very much appreciate your feedback and contributions. Nevertheless and ‘oh well‘, those ‘pre-December 16, 2014′ are all gone now.   I hope it is for the better in the big picture.


As of posting on Dec 16, going by Teleport, GeoPeeker and GeoEdge data, unusual global access interference is not entirely gone yet.  Overall, access seemed to have normalized for most areas I’m used to see traffic from, at least by time of writing this.

As of Dec. 17, ALL IS BACK TO NORMAL.  

{I intent to not make a habit of obsessing over this sort of thing.  But I may change my mind about that any time… ;-P }

Was There More To All of This?

I’m just including this, ’cause I kept running into it: the fact that similar access blocks reportedly happened that week, those very initial days in fact, all over the place, as well as cyber attacks and good amount of typical American alarmist hysteria surrounding it.  It may somehow fit in to the grander puzzle of what happened.

 I passed along this advice I had received myself:

  • On a Mac, make sure to do a ‘RESET’ of the Browser.
  • On a PC, try these in commandline (cmd) windows:  ipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /release ; and ipconfig /renew .

Later that day, he emailed, “I checked with my local server in Anchorage and was told that the problem is isolated to Alaska.  Some of the sites have come back up. […]”

  • Also around the same time as my blogposts about the unusual radiations spikes in Europe and a reportedly “no-radiation-released” accident at the Zaporizhye Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukraine, there were these (Dec. 4, 2014) snippets of alleged ‘news’, mostly in the world of “alternative news” (where gems of news are buried in nonsense so the gems can be effectively downplayed due to association with a source that spews much nonsense); Couple examples:

– NaturalNews, a alarmism-prone conspiracy news, “health advice”, and random infotainment site, known to me as a site that spews quite a bunch of ridiculous unscientific reports, including vastly misleading reports about the danger of radiation levels and effects of the Fukushima accident in North America (example), ran a story, expanded upon from Before It’s News and others, that was widely spread from there:

Natural News (NN) used as its alleged sources mostly equally questionable conspiracy “news” sites, such as “Before It’s News”

Weird blank downloads, courtesy of "Before It's News"

Weird blank downloads, courtesy of “Before It’s News”

(–> I won’t link to them, ’cause strange  downloads pop up, dropping seemingly blank image files with no image through my download folder unto my desktop when I go there. +  Some pretty impressive fear-mongering going on there.  Almost funny.) and others, to make this (possibly containing some truths) assertion that [my emphasis added, and mentioned links linked],

NN:   […] a number of online news sites were blocked as the ISPs “tested” advanced technology that is capable of blocking access to the Internet.  As reported by Before It’s News, which cited reporting from regular news sources:  The blocking included popular sites like Before It’s NewsDrudge ReportCNN, MSNBC, Natural News, The Epoch Times, Instapundit and others. […]  A blank white screen and “couldn’t connect” message were the result after the request timed out. “

[Insert:  Hatrick Penry, who did a great job on Plume Gate (about Fukushima cover-ups), also had this to say about Natural News: ‘Former’ CIA and Military asset General Albert Stubblebind owns NaturalNews!;  And at True Democracy Party, they have this to say about these characters, “COINTELPRO: Alex Jones (Infowars/Prison Planet), Mike Adams (Natural News), The Intel Hub – Are All Dis-Information Agents/Websites (CRASH AND BURN)” – end insert, back to ‘Natural News’ (I suggest you try to read it like it’s actually part of a much broader CIA operation.  ;-)  Reads better, too.)  / End insert.]

NN continued: “The Before It’s News site and others noted that the outages lasted for several hours and ended around 10 am Pacific Time Wednesday [Dec. 3, 2014] .  And only news sites — certain news sites — were blocked.  Independent news site WorldNetDaily was also blocked for a time, according to published reports.  They “went dark” for hours.  […]

According to technical staff at Before It’s News, the blockage could have been caused by deep packet inspection used inside the routers that move information packets along the Internet,” the site reported. “This technology allows ISP’s to ‘look inside’ the packets your computer sends and receives and then make a decision to allow the packets through, modify the packets or block them. This technique can also be used to slow or speed up traffic.”  

The Washington Times reported that The Drudge Report and WorldNetDaily “went dark” as a “curious coincidence” in the midst of an FBI warning about a widespread malicious software (malware) attack that was launched initially against Sony Pictures Entertainment.  In addition, TheBlaze reported [partial screenshot shown below] that the two sites were offline for hours, giving visitors this message: “This webpage is not available.”

[…] I believe the coordinated cyberattack with destructive payloads against a corporation in the U.S. represents a watershed event,” said Tom Kellermann, chief cybersecurity officer with security software maker Trend Micro Inc., as reported by the New York Post. “Geopolitics now serve as harbingers for destructive cyberattacks.”   Attempts to block access to news should be viewed with suspicion.  The FBI issued its warning to businesses late Monday in a five-page “flash” memo, according to the Post. […] Days ago, Sony suffered an attack that industry experts described as unprecedented […]”  — Natural News‘ listed its used SOURCES for the above as:  http://beforeitsnews.com, http://www.imdb.com, and  http://www.washingtontimes.com.

Here’s a screenshot-composite (incomplete!) from The Blaze, wondering about what happened to the Drudge Report, as early as on Dec 2, 2014:

Nice that all went back to normal within hours for those sites.  I wish I could say the same.

And why did this happen?  That question remains unanswered.  Unless, of course, you take Before It’s News’ suggestion to heart:   Because “the government” (NSA/CIA/DHS ?) were doing a trial run of new cyber warfare tools directed at news information flows.

In addition to these well-known alternative news and conspiracy news sites, individuals (whether fooled or in on the event) ran with the ‘things to come’ fear-mongering slant as well.  All I came across cited the same questionable sources (Before it’s news, Natural News, etc.), most of those just accepted the idea that it was “a trial run”.  Why?  That seems ridiculous to accept, ’cause to know that (about a secret program ready to wipe out news sites) basically implies you’re in on it. 

The above was first brought to my attention through a link in my comments:  It was a link to a YouTube video by some dude going by the code name, “Dahboo7“, who simply used those same above-mentioned news sites, and incorporates much of it in his own angry-rant-style ‘news reporting’ @ http://www.undergroundworldnews.com,  also including the ‘just a trial’ and ‘worse it yet to come’ spin.  I don’t know the guy, but certainly won’t vouch for him, given the apparent lack of critical analysis, no questioning, and just more of the same ol’ tiring parroting of fear-mongering stuff…


So, anyways, I wasted a good chunk of my time exploring these sites.  And the ones questioning them, too, from simple stuff like, “Who is Dahboo7?” to higher stakes accusations a la “Alex Jones is a CIA asset“, with ever further splintering divisions, truths, half-truths and total nonsense sprinkled generously throughout.   Many of these folks may be genuine, but in my opinion the more known ones smack of being assets of what very well be a vast network of ‘controlled opposition assests’.

And getting to that point of inquiry, I have to ask myself, “How deep do I want to go down this rabbit hole…?”   See, at a certain point it isn’t about silly stuff like ‘Blog Stats’ anymore.  It ties into a vast information war, with different factions within government agencies, and with connections to geopolitical tensions and corporate arm-twisting.   So, just for those few folks among you who’re curious for more:

A Word About the ‘Controlled Opposition’ in the US

If you’ve familiarized yourself with the possibilities and likely dynamics of what could be called a ‘Controlled Opposition in the USA and elsewhere, then you already “know” of the existence of a vast network of “ultimaletly CIA-controlled” so-called “alternative news sites” (all the way from widely respected Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! on the lefty mainstream end, to Alex Jones’s Infowars.org on the big-mouth Texas ranting ‘winged nut’ xenophobic end, to (not particularly scientific, If you’d ask me…) “science-based natural health advocacy organization led by activist-turned-scientist” Mike Adams’ Natural News for health stuff, or even RT (Russia Today) in its own peculiar ways (with an overt (and sometimes amusing when you check many angles to a story) “pro-Russian” slant), and everything in between and beyond), which will -regardless of shortcomings- tell you A LOT MORE than the US and US-aligned news mainstream sites.

From what I’ve seen, though, having been in some real-life situations that were reported on in the news, some of these alternative sites often report more accurately (imo) and more usefully, but which –in the rare cases when push could actually come to shove if the facts were reported truthfully,– these alternative news players also, strikingly and sadly, act as ‘gatekeepers’ of extremely system-damaging information. (How reporting on the abnormalities surrounding 9/11 were steered from the margins into controlled opposition flows (making them more easily dismissible by mainstream pundits, etc.), and so forth, was quite telling, if you recall…).  

Through spin, omissions, choice of spokespersons (Arnie Gunderson for nuclear issues, Helen Caldicott versus George Monbiot for nuclear/climate blah-blah-blah, etc.); as well as what would be long-lasting organized commenting “infiltration” of YouTube and various forums, which (as far as I can tell from observing) seems to succeed rather often in steering comment threads into going off-track, burying meaningful contributions in information-overload, getting participants confused, annoyed and wasting enormous amounts of time, all ultimately resulting in a concerned person’s inability to affect positive change, as well as self-censorship, self-isolation, a profound debilitating sense of alienation, and/or bewilderment.  (For some of this I do actually speak from hindsight experience.)    Anyhow…

For more background info on the ‘Controlled Opposition’, check these links:


Too many unknowns to draw a conclusion.

However, it appears… that there was a widespread cyber assault on independent news sources, mainstream, controlled opposition, and independent bloggers alike, somewhere around December 2-3, and possibly lasting as long as 2 weeks in one way or another.  Access limitations were lifted quickly (within hours) for mainstream sites like CNN, Drudge, and so on; but for bloggers like myself, – and I’m saying this in the purely speculative ASSUMPTION that this blog’s access interruption was connected to those same cyber warfare events -, it lasted much longer (almost 2 weeks) and appears to have been more global and far more complex and able of shifting hour-to-hour over geographical regions.   I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else.

As far as what the sweeping blocks actually attempted to keep under control…  Goodness. I don’t know.  IF the cyber security issues may have absolutely nothing to do with nuclear issues, and it is quite possible it had NOTHING to do with what I was writing about, then it is quite weird that my blog’s access was interfered with so much longer than others.  Unless the timing is “purely coincidental” and I read too much into it.  That is always a possibility with these many unknowns.

However, IF I were to assume that the timing was ‘not coincidental…’ and that the sophisticated cyber-crackdown on free information flows took aim at precisely the sorts of things I was writing about; then that to-be-suppressed news might have had something to do with what actually happened at that Nov. 28 ‘accident’ at Ukraine’s Zaporizhya nuclear plant site…   That news was relayed to the world on Dec. 3, a full 5 days after we’re told it took place, which is odd in and of itself too.   If it were all connected, which is impossible to assess with as many unknowns as I’m looking at here, then – just to run this line of thought through- then the reason the cyber-lockdown itself was kept very short for most sites, and is not completely over for my blog, makes sense.  That the “Controlled Opposition assets” of the so-called “Alternative News world” ran stories to further mask and bury the actual secrets would make sense too.

There’s a lot more weird stuff related to this puzzle.  In my Dec. 15 compilation blogpost, “Was there a causal link between the Nov 28 2014 Accident at the Zaporizhye Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine and recent Radiation Spikes in Latvia and Romania?“, I explore some of the mysteries surrounding this aspect.

But after all this research I still don’t actually know what precisely happened (or is happening) and why.

To Close:

To close, I let out a big sigh, as I dream off and ponder returning to participate in that  world of Facebook Telescreens, and watch videos of cute kittens…


That’s it, on this topic.  I can only hope that, if not helpful or educational somehow, this was at least mildly entertaining.   ‘Cause you all know…

“It’s not because you’re paranoid, that they’re not out to get you!”


The government of Absurdistan wishes you Happy Holidays.


[Last edited/updated:  Dec 16, 2014] 

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41 Responses to “Access Denied” – Blog Blocking Confirmed !

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  3. Dud says:

    “anti-robot wall” – that would be robots.txt, would it not?

    Also, opening your site increases CPU usage, based on heat output of CPU fan alone.

    WPA2 wireless security “cracked”
    http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=10759 (suffered some similar problems yesterday)
    (and WPA, WPS, WEP)
    see: http://phys.org/news170679777.html, http://phys.org/news/2011-12-us-cert-wi-fi-hole-brute.html
    -Reconsider a wired connection if possible (don’t tell me, i have no need to know)

    Quote: “WiFi sucks compared to wired Lan anyway, and not just performance-wise.

    D.P.C. Latency Testing – http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?pid=48307#p48307

    Atheros WiFi modules might be worth avoiding.
    Quote: “I find myself unsatisfied with the Atheros WiFi Utility. I’ve seen it auto-connect to unencrypted wifi networks, even though i haven’t selected a network. ”

    Quote: “If you have Atheros WiFi, download the D-P-C Driver Latency Tester linked in my signature and compare with WiFi enabled versus disabled. The results have been dramatic on every such card i have tested thusfar. On the HD 4200 it added a lot of stutter to my graphics tests.” http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=5431

    It might be considered an “upgrade” to simply remove one!
    Broadcom WiFi modules seem to behave. (am not connected to any such company)

    May “The Force” be with you!

    • Dud says:

      PS: Am assuming it is the graphics features here that increase CPU usage and thereby also decrease battery charge faster. Not a complaint, just some independent observations.

    • Dud says:

      Also, a quote from Cryptome: “Cryptome warns visitors that it does not promise security, that is responsibility of visitors. To not believe security promises by others.

      SiteLock removed after reader noted it spies on visitors. A reminder that all site security programs spy on visitors and the host as does any “security” service, from personal to national and beyond.”


    • Dud says:

      PS: If any of my comments might cause you problems in any way, i don’t mind at all if they are “moderated”, or even deleted. This info is primarily for you anyway.

  4. Dud says:

    PPPS: I’m no expert either, just a concerned citizen of Canada.
    Here was some stuff i contributed in effort to assist –> http://nukeprofessional.blogspot.com/2014/11/virus-laden-troll-links-at-enenews.html?showComment=1415509264500#c1207325423888388797

    For you though, make sure your iDevice (or whatever) cannot reach temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, or 32 degrees Faranheit (or above 40 degC). It can drastically shorten lifespan. (oh, now he tells me!) Allow time to warm or cool to room temperature before charging. Check the manual for procedures and relevant limitations.

    Your milage may vary (YMMV).

    PS: earthschool is cool! hPa is apparently a measure of atmospheric pressure (hectaPascals, perhaps?) 10hPa would be stratospheric, would it not? (divide by ten for kPa – Quote: “The standard atmosphere (symbol: atm) is a unit of pressure equal to 101325 Pa[1] or 1013.25 hectopascals or millibars. Equivalent to 760 mmHg (torr), 29.92 inHg, 14.696 psi. (The pascal is a newton per square meter or in terms of SI base units, kilogram per meter per second-squared.)” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmospheric_pressure#Standard_atmosphere That would be the “Standard Pressure” in STP (Std. Temperature & Pressure in PV=nRT, iirc) I know that i was previously confounded by that notation, and am still uncertain if i have that all correct.
    What a website! It sure is a resource hog, though (but well worth it, imho!).

    I hope for you pleasent memorable dreams, and a good night’s peaceful sleep too!

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  6. Dud says:

    Title: “Is Your Antivirus Tracking You? You’d Be Surprised At What It Sends”
    Quote: “Your antivirus software is watching you. A recent study shows that popular antivirus applications like Avast assign your computer a unique identifier and send a list of all web addresses you visit to the manufacturer. If the antivirus finds a suspicious document, it will send the document to the antivirus company. Yes, your antivirus company might have a list of web pages you’ve visited along with your sensitive personal documents!”


    Read below about my previous experience with Avira, and site moderator reaction.

    & also Quote from AV-Comparatives:
    “a letter recently sent to 20 of the world’s largest antivirus companies by Bits of Freedom, a Netherlands-based organization focused on digital rights. In that letter, the group asked whether the vendors had whitelisted government-authored malware. Most of those companies gave a prompt response in the negative, but U.S-based AV giants McAfee Inc. and Symantec Corp. never replied”.

    If you are using Window$ for internet activism, give your head a shake. (i have no need-to-know)

    Clem Lefebvre’s LinuxMint v17.1 has been released.
    It’s a “pain in the butte” (so-to-speak) to run it from only the DVD, but it certainly seems “immutable”. Virus? Power off. >poof< gone :)

    Those "rescue discs" from various antivirus companies are worthy, even older revisions. Beware that some clean automatically, or demand internet access (see above?)

    For Firefox, Ghostery is good (imho), same with No$cript & changing (in about:config) "security.tls.version.min=1". Beware wine, as clicking links within wine can allow the host to become infected. Browse only on the host. ClamAV?

    Your Mileage May Vary.
    Remember the communities that work to make peaceful activism (hopefully) less risky.

    What is it with Quttera & google.de & greenpeace links anyway?

    After the ManBear of Pigs fiasco, i am sensitive to 'newsers that claim viral issues.
    If i have helped, don't tell anyone. Help the next peaceful activist, if the opportunity arises. Pay it forward!

    (to the tune of Salt 'n Peppa's "Push It") "Tip it real good!"

    • Dud says:

      oh, that was majia. my mistake.

      do make a backup. (i have no need-to-know)

      warranty for usb flash drive ~ 90 days. (also see “BadUSB”)
      warranty for dvd+/-R ~ lifetime.

    • Tx for all that, Dud,
      much appreciated.

      (By merely visiting ENEnews, my mac’s browser (in Preferences/Privacy) shows me that automatically results in at least 15 websites “stored cookies of other data”. When I sign in, it’s often closer to 50. Not an issue, just noting.)

      • Dud says:

        What works for me might not be entirely appropriate for you.
        However; i do believe that some of the best things in life are free (viruses not being part of that list though).
        It is entirely my liberty and freedom to share those things others have gifted me in the past, with an eye (hopefully my “third”, as a friend and collegue taught me, somewhat) towards the future.

        Is it paranoia to be concerned about others?
        I remember you are not prone to paranoia, from earlier reading.
        Just be careful. I hope these things help you and others achieve that in the face of opposition. Be not afraid, be proactive.

        “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin (son of my right hand) Franklin (free).

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