Blog Traffic Abnormalities: My Blog appears blocked in the UK, France, Scandinavia and Baltic States (!)

[Originally titled: “Blog Traffic Abnormality Suggests Nuclear Incident Cover-Up May Be in Full Swing:  My Blog appears blocked in the UK, France, Scandinavia and Baltic States (!)”]

Dec 4, 2014 3pm MT (Mountain Time in Colorado, USA) and after (more UPDATES at the end)…  Thought I was done… But… this is just too strange to leave unmentioned.  It was blog traffic that alerted me that something was abnormal in the first place.  Hence I wrote the previous 3 blogposts:

[ADDED]:   NEWS:  For situational updates, I suggest checking various sites on my Nuclear News links.  Crowd-sourced Simply Info ( has a decent summary so far, imo: Incident At Ukraine Zaporizhia Nuclear Plant.  ENEnews comments are sometimes useful, too.  Screenshot from SimplyInfo (Dec 3, 2014):

Click image to read full report at:

Click image to read full report at:

Now get this: Just as I was about to let this rest, I noticed something rather odd…:

Blog traffic is suddenly showing another very unusual pattern:  Since I wrote the above 3 blogposts, there has been No blog traffic from the UK (where much of my traffic otherwise comes from (#3 after the US and Canada)! See my recent blog stats HERE), NONE.  None either from France, or the (downwind?) Scandinavian countries Norway or Sweden.  Even more odd, given part of my writing is about the radiation spikes seen on the public monitors in Latvia, it seems rather remarkable that I suddenly get no blog traffic from Latvia itself, nor from its Baltic neighbors, Lithuania and Estland!  

Note the blank areas…


No traffic from the UK, Australia or France?   Zero.   Extremely strange:


Did I really write something that some very powerful people do not want their citizens to see?   Because of this apparent (or ‘alleged’, I suppose is correct too, ’cause I actually don’t know what’s up) ‘blocking of access to my blog’ across much of Europe (and Australia and India too, for that matter), I am pondering ‘sounding the alarm’.  Is something up???


—- —- —- Updates after 4pm on Dec 4, 2014 MT follow: —– —- —– 

  • UPDATE:  Thursday 4pm:  Within an hour of posting the above, ‘the UK came back online’, so to speak, with already 11 views , the first UK views in 48 hours:

WithinAnHour_of Posting_UKat11

  • UPDATE: Then, Thursday, Dec 4, 2014, 4:10pm.  Denmark appeared ‘back ‘On’ , as well: 12 views in past half hour.  However… curiouser and curiouser, just a couple minutes later, 4:13 pm the UK’s tally went back to zero.
Meow ;-?

Meow ;-?

If that wasn’t weird enough…  By 4:44 pm, both Denmark and the UK disappeared back off the Blog Traffic map, and now Australia showed up, similarly, with suddenly about a dozen views…   Huh?   Anyone ever seen WordPress statistics bounce around like that?  I hadn’t.   

4_44pm_Dec4_2014_nowAustraliaBack_Dk andUKgone...

Anyways, enough said:  I have a very weird feeling about all of this.  It leaves me feeling like this:

 Something’s up.

Peace. Out.  Leave a comment if you have more info.  Thanks.

—– —– —— ——

Last Updated: Dec 5, 2014, 11:11am MT (Colorado, USA).

[Last updated:   I made some small edits on Sat.  Dec 13, 2014 during the week this blog was temporarily disappeared (in early-mid Dec 2014) for a more thorough fact-checking.]

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