PLUME GATE – Internal NRC Communications Released under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) proof deliberate Cover-Up of Severity of global Fukushima Fallout in 2011. Recent SFP4 News May Have Been Part of Cover-Up

Crestone, Northern San Luis Valley, Southern Colorado, USA – December 1, 2014


Better late than never.  I really ought to have reported on this as soon as I read about them:  internal communications (from within the NRC and related agencies) from during the initial days, weeks and months right after the Fukushima-Daiichi disaster began in March 2011.  

They contain damning bombshells emails that strongly suggest (some might even say, ‘prove’) that an official cover-up has been in effect since the very beginning.  

The ever-growing contaminated water tank farm at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster site. (AP)

The ever-growing contaminated water tank farm at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster site. (AP)

Much of the documents were released last year [correction: most was actually already released in summer 2011, but not come to my attention until two years later] through various Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.  They have been pieced together and been aptly dubbed, ‘Plume Gate’,  With this blog post I intend to fill this gaping hole in my Fukushima Nuclear Disaster reporting.

What began with a few people privately raising some questions about the believability of TEPCO’s successful emptying of Spent Fuel Pool 4 at the Fukushima-Dai-ichi Disaster Site, which I shared about in “One Year Ago, I Woke Up in Fukushima…/ Meanwhile: Good News: All Spent Fuel Removed from Fukushima-Daiichi SFP4“, snowballed into a bit more extensive digging.  Through many internet searches, I found my way back to Plume Gate’, which raises a big question mark by the claims made in my recent blog post, or by all mainstream and most (controlled opposition?) “alternative” media for that matter, which spread the SFP4 “good news”, just like I did.

[April 3, 2015 Added NOTE:  The source appears gone.  At time of adding this note, all could still be found through   So, as a result of that, some of the links embedded in this blog post may no longer work. ;-/  ]

There are some very striking things in the released documents that can’t be dismissed with good-sounding press releases that came much later.   It’s about time I bring it up.

Some excerpts:

NARAC is... In its conservative estimates, based on all the best information known to the secretive agencies, they assumed a 100% release of Spent Fuel Pool #4's inventory.

NARAC is the National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center, tasked with plume modeling under the Department of Energy (DOE).  In its conservative estimates, based on all the best information known to these in-the-loop (publicly funded but apparently secretive) agencies, they assumed a 100% release of Spent Fuel Pool #4’s inventory, and that the release only lasted  ’96 hours’.   It is known that releases went on for weeks, even months, with flare-ups since.  It’s hard to believe that everything they based those models on, particularly in regards to SFP4,  somehow were completely mistaken and “nothing happened” there.  “Curiouser and curiouser…”

I had to re-read some of it to let it sink in that this whole recent “SFP4 has been emptied of spent fuel happy news story” may be nothing else than part of the ‘smoke and mirrors’ campaign of deception that all those aligned with the nuclear establishment have committed themselves to, “in one voice”.

And this ‘one voice’ statement really is their words (see excerpt below), not some 1984-esque fantasy conspiracy I concocted.  This conspiracy to cover-up the severity of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is for real and the NRC FOIA documents show it. 

While they were discussing the seriousness of the accident,  and using ‘source terms’ (estimates of radiosiotope releases from Reactors 1, 2 & 3, and from Spent Fuel Pools 3 & 4)  for trans-Pacific radioactive plume movement predictions, which interestingly put Spent Fuel Pool at “completely burned up” (100% release), they decided to play the public with calming talking points as ‘one voice’, one that as time went by turned increasingly deceptive in its downplaying of what actually went down.

The opinions of Gregory B. Jaczko, then-chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, speak for themselves as well.   Dr. Jaczko was chairman since May 2009 and was the longest-serving member of the five-member commission.  He was unsuccessful in his attempts to address some longstanding safety problems at the 104 nuclear power reactors in the United States, reportedly because his background in nuclear physics and nuclear policy was met with skepticism and mistrust by some industry insiders.  He resigned in 2012. [See NY Times, May 12, 2012, “Chairman of N.R.C. to Resign Under Fire”].   From a teleconference transcript:

Some emails and alleged text messages paint a grim reality:

Unit 2  ....   SOURCE:

Translation of text: “Unit 2 has breached pressure vessel containment*, Unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool has Zirconium fire, Catastrophe.”   SOURCE:  FOIA-released docs in  [*see comments]

Various models of radioactive plume movements were known to government and business insiders, but not shared with the public.  The deposition of fast-decaying Thyroid-hazardous Iodine-131 (which I previously reported on in my May 26, 2011 blogpost, IODINE-131 a basic map comparison: Fukushima versus Chernobyl, for instance) may have been much worse than that data released to the public suggested.

Consider this I-131 plume distribution simulation map (modeled, not measured – shown below), for example (on page 388), showing: Tokyo receiving 1 picoBequerel (1E-12  or “0.000 000 000 001” of a Becquerel) per square meter for every Becquerel I-131 released at the F1 disaster site, during the March 20-23, 2011 time window.   (For help with becquerels and other units, see my Radiation Units and Conversions page.)

Now, after reading and rereading much of those released communications, I find myself pondering the view of independent researcher-author Tony Muga, aka ‘Hatrick Penry’, who put them together and dubbed it ‘Plume Gate’:  

“The trick is to convince the American public, and indeed the world, that the worst-of-the-worst has not already happened at Fukushima.  Even if that means a media campaign of fear-mongering based around a fantasy doomsday scenario involving the collapse of Unit 4 and its spent fuel pool. Interestingly enough, all the alternative and mainstream media outlets that are promoting this bogus Unit 4 doomsday scenario are the same ones who have chosen not to report on the Nuclear Regulatory Agency’s Freedom of Information Act documents pertaining to Fukushima.”    – Tony Muga, aka ‘Hatrick Penry’

Tony Muga, aka ‘Hatrick Penry’, is self-reportedly a broadcaster, musician and author from Gainesville, FL. He’s best known for his work on piecing together ‘Plume-Gate, the orchestrated cover-up by U.S. authorities of the radioactive plume and fallout from the Fukushima meltdowns.’

!!!—>  See more at his website, his YouTube Channel, his Twitter feed, and his WordPress blog: ‘Uncovering Plume- Gate’ @ and his BlogTalkRadio broadcast.

My intention for this blog post is to sketch what ‘Plume Gate’ entails (if that is not already clear from the few examples shown above), give a synopsis of news coverage of Plume-Gate, and share some excerpts from Hatrick Penry’s exposé, the Plume Gate (PDF.) 

(, also backed up in duplicate text at,

and bring in some additional pieces of information that raise further questions about the true extent of radioactive pollution in 2011 and beyond, due to the ongoing Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.

In regards to the present, the vast and global-scale cover-up, proven through these FOIA documents, is undoubtedly still in full swing.  Because of this widespread deception, it is almost impossible to assess the situation as an outsider, though there are plenty of clues. It just takes time to connect the dots.   The current situation on-site in Fukushima and as far as cumulative contamination of the Pacific Ocean is concerned (end of 2014) is actually deteriorating and worsening, respectively, as I already shared about in my Sept 25, 2014 blogpost, “Strontium-90 skyrocketing in Fukushima’s On-Site Groundwater. German meltdown model that predicted this suggests worst is yet to come.”    Other related blogposts of mine are listed HERE.

The motive of this conspiracy is obvious: gigantic financial, economic and geo-political power interests, for telling the truth about current in-use fission technology would mean, no doubt about that, that all existing nuclear power reactors would have to be shut down IMMEDIATELY for the vast imminent danger they pose to humanity.   

Plume Gate, what it is:  

In short, while the US Nuclear Regulatory Commision (NRC), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), NOAA, EPA, President Obama’s White House, and various other top-level government and industry insiders told the public:

We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the United States whether it’s the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska or US Territories in the Pacific. Let me repeat that. We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast Hawaii, Alaska or US territories in the Pacific.  That is the judgment of our Nuclear Regulatory Commission and many other experts.

[=Obama’s Fukushima speech], they already KNEW, within days after the March 11, 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Disaster began, that the amount of radioactive fallout reaching the United States of America (and Canada and Mexico) was in fact of grave health concern far outside the relatively small evacuation zone in Japan.

  • For example, (below), NRC FOIA documents show discussions of dose estimates in California:

The FOIA-released documents are packed with indications that officials were concerned, alarmed, even considering much broader evacuations and distributing Potassium-Iodine (KI) pills, all the while downplaying the situation to the public.  To this day, the California Department of Public Health, to name one of many agencies in the nuclear cover-up loop, continues to state that, “Information from Federal agencies, State programs, as well as the Department’s own sampling results, conclude there are no health and safety concerns to California residents.” ( 2014 statement)

To contrast, in my April 2012 blogpost, “Data of ‘California Slammed with Radiation’, Kept Secret for Nearly a Year,” I already relayed the info that kelp from coastal California measured a whopping 2,500 Bq/kg I-131 of dry kelp, by far exceeding the maximum allowable I-131 level for food.  (This was reported, with a delay of an entire year and omitting much, in The Journal Environmental Science and Technology (March 6, 2012), written about on the George Washington Blog (March 30, 2012) with ENENews (March 30, 2012) weighing in on the matter).    

Since then, various other reports have surfaced, including the revelation that as far away as Florida, green leafy vegetables contained elevated levels of Iodine-131 when the plume passed through that area in spring 2011, with measurements showing over 45 Bq/Kg of I-131 in Brazilian Pepper from location 30 miles north of Palm Beach, for instance.  [See ENEnews, November 27, 2014:  Iodine-131 on 22-Mar: 1,220 pCi/kg (wet weight).] 

The documents suggest that agencies might actually have stepped up radioisotope testing, but that the data, which are believed to have been rather troubling, was not supplied to the public.

  • To go a little more into this, in Hatrick Penry’s Feb. 25, 2014 blogpost, “Plume-Gate Abstract“, he shares the basics in these two book excerpts:

Here are the Plume-Gate basics, condensed into a short, easy to read abstract.

(below) From [Hatrick Penry’s] book “Something Wicked This Way Comes: the Story of Plume-Gate the World’s Largest, Provable Cover-Up”: “my assessment of initial conditions at the Fukushima Daiichi facility as found in the NRC FOIA documents.”

(below) Also from [Hatrick Penry’s] book:  “fundamentals of the cover-up I call Plume-Gate”:

I suggest you download the pdf., save it on your own computer perhaps, and take your time reading through it.  It is rather revealing, leaving zero doubt of a very broad global cover-up regarding the true scale of Fukushima’s radioactive contamination of the entire Northern Hemisphere.

In regards to how even spent fuel particles, some even containing Plutonium, travelled all over the world, see Washington’s Blog, who put various scientific findings together in his May 6, 2014 blogpost, “Nuclear Fuel Fragment from Fukushima Found In EUROPE […] The Nuclear Core Has Finally Been Found … Scattered All Over the World  Fukushima did not just suffer meltdowns, or even melt-throughs …  It suffered melt-OUTS. […]

!-> More of my news sources are listed under NUCLEAR NEWS.  (See also more options in the drop-down menu of the ‘Nuclear’ tab in the top banner).  I pick a few of these sources to see what they reported on the matter, below.

Plume Gate in the news:

On October 21st, 2013, ENEnews relayed, “Nuclear Engineer: Pyrophoric fire may have already occurred at Fukushima Unit 4 spent fuel pool — Explosion possibly due to rods not being covered with water”, which quotes Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer, mentioning the Hatrick Penry website:

There’s a website I was looking at about, remember we talked a lot about the FOIAs, Freedom of Information Act responses, that were asked from the media and from the alternative media, back in the time frame of April of 2011, and see what was really going on, a lot of those were released. There’s a website named Hatrick Penry, I was looking at it this week, they just put out another blog, and I sent you a link to his website, what he did was he put a lot of those in order. Some of the things that we have done also, he had some good comments about it, I give credit where credit is due. And the pyrophoric fire on Unit 4 spent fuel pool, they may have actually had it. It’s not conclusive what was the cause of the explosion on Unit 4, it’s not conclusive where did the hydrogen come from, and would indicate that they did have uncovering of the fuel at one point. So there’s a lot of evidence in those FOIAs and it’s all strung together […]” 

It is the only time they directly linked to the comprehensive overview, but ENEnews did frequently report on individual FOIA releases.

– ENEnews:  A search for ‘FOIA’ on ENEnews brings up many related reports, from which this a small sampling:

– Ex-SKF:  As far as I can tell doing some site searches, Ex-SKF has been strangely silent on these FOIA releases:  he only mentioned FOIA documents twice, and only once related to Fukushima, albeit of just one instance:  MARCH 27, 2012 –  NRC to National Labs Last Year Who Wanted to Help With Fukushima Radiation Analysis: “Knock It Off” – Enformable – Nuclear News:  as search for FOIA shows many results, including this handy list of FOIA’s Related to Radiation Levels from Fukushima Daiichi:

See also Enformable’s FOIA Documents Related to Fukushima Disaster, and its extensive Fukushima archives.   I haven’t been keeping up on developments so much in recent years, but it appears has definitely become one of the better-researched sites out there.

– Arnie Gunderson‘s Fairwinds Energy Education has this Dec. 11, 2013 audio program and video, “Arnie Comments on the Fukushima FOIA Documents”:

From recently released FOIA (freedom of information act) documents about the condition of Fukushima Daiichi in 2011 it’s clear from the documents that the NRC believed a massive problem was occurring and they made choices that compromised the safety of Japan’s citizens.”

– Mainstream media have been rather complying with the spin the nuclear establishment has given the disaster.  You can get an idea of what they’d like you to focus on by browsing the Wall Street Journal’s Fukushima Watch site, for example.

Ending Reflection:

Given some NRC FOIA documents, like this (below) March 15th, 2011 one, “Japanese authorities inform the IAEA that the spent fuel pond at Unit 4 is on fire and that “…radioactivity is being released directly into the atmosphere,” it cannot be ruled out that the entire “emptying Spent Fuel Pool #4” media spectacle has been a media show and nothing else.  

I don’t know.  It is just a possibility that cannot be ruled out.   It is possible that much of the spent fuel in SFP4 was in fact released to the atmosphere on the one hand, and that another part of it melted down into the rubble, where it remains covered in sand, zeolite and somewhat cooled by continuous water flows.   Somehow I find this really too far-fetched, and yet…   it really cannot be ruled out.   A few things could have taken away lots of doubts.  For instance, all TV camera crews cut the footage between approaching Unit 4 and being on the inside, thus leaving the possibility that the inside footage (of the Spent Fuel Pool) was shot somewhere else or pre-dates the accident, as part of a massive cover-up.   Will we ever know?

The purpose of Japan’s disturbing anti-free-press State Secrecy Act last year, which I mentioned in my written-while-in-Japan Nov. 28, 2013 blogpost, “Orwellian Japan 2013” may very well be to keep the lid on the various mind-boggling deception currently being played out.   The rabid hole may go even deeper, perhaps all the way into a secret nuclear weapons program, which even mainstream NBC has wondered out loud about.  Even that would no longer surprise me at this point. But that’s a topic for another time, perhaps.

Sweet dreams, everyone…

I’ll be back with some pretty scenery photos of Southern Colorado shortly. ;-)

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    Fukushima Plume Direction Top Secret Infant Dose Rate 10 Times Over NRC Limit

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    “Translation of text: “Unit 2 has breached containment” – no, it is “breached vessel”, but not yet the containment.

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      Almost semantics, but I will correct it. Thanks.

      Technically that would be either “pressure vessel”, which is the first layer of containment, or “containment vessel”, which is the secondary layer. So yes, thanks, when the pressure vessel melts through, there is still some containment, the “containment vessel”, which really is just the containment building’s concrete. See May 29, 2016’s Land of the Sinking Sun… @ for some data of how long molten corium takes to disintegrate thát…

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