Sleeping in a Deep Freezer…

Beautiful sunny day; Crestone, CO; about 8500 ft or 2,600 m -ish altitude, -16C


My -16 Celcius deepfreezer bedroom. ;-)


A bit higher up from the town of Crestone itself, where I sleep in the tent shown above, it was -16 Celcius this morning (= 3.2 Fahrenheit), around 7:45 when I got up to go have coffee with a friend.   It remained pleasantly warm in my sleeping bag.   It’s unlikely to get any colder this week.  (I will have to resume my gear tests when it’s significantly colder, ’cause this experience qualified as ‘toasty’. ;-)  )

According to local meteorologist Keno, the low of the night was about an hour earlier,  further out in the slightly warmer valley, dipping to 8.1 Fahrenheit, or about -13.3 Celcius, with wind chill of -2 F (-18.9 C). 

CLick to see latest at SOURCE:

Source: KENO, Crestone, Colorado.

The NOAA put it at 10 degrees for the low, with a wind chill of -2 F as well.

North America looks mightily frosty this morning (white is 0 Fahrenheit or -17.78 Celcius):

The creek, also shown in the past several blogposts, continues to freeze over:


Meanwhile, the warmistas favorite “canary in the coal mine”, North Pole Sea Ice, has apparently suddenly been infiltrated by a couple million square miles of heretical rebel ice, not complying with IPCC climate models, reaching the greatest North Pole Sea Ice Extent for this date in a decade:  

No worries.  It will warm up…    Next year.*


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