Not that cold yet. Not much snow yet.

Crestone, Southern Colorado (USA) – November 15, 2014


The San Luis Valley escaped the extreme cold that’s been seen across much of the Rockies and Plains north of here.   It never even got colder than -7 C in my car so far.  The inch of snow on my tent was enough to dim the morning light, but it slid right of with a shake.

The creek I camp next to, 3 days ago:


And this morning:


Pretty. ;-)

Sunday might end on a colder note, with 7 F / -14 C predicted, still well above the sub-zero (Fahrenheit) temps felt elsewhere.  Wednesday I move into a home with walls and heating.  ;-)

Meanwhile, much of the Northern Hemisphere is seeing significantly more than average snow accumulation, especially across Siberia, Eastern Canada and the Northern Tibetan plateau:Source:


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