Blogging Hiatus


Nothing to see here.

Every now and then I question the merits of my blogging.  A few times I took it down, but eventually put it back up.   Somewhere in spring (2014) I quit Facebook and Twitter completely (deleted, not just deactivated) and I was pondering writing something about that.  I had a couple other blogposts in mind, like about last year’s visit to Japan, some about spirituality, about ‘feeling lost’ in a way that does not seem to be helpful to anyone, least of all myself.    Maybe I’ll resume to blogging some day, perhaps even sooner than it feels tonight…

On the other hand, I might wait until I actually live somewhere geographically, not some ‘roaming range‘, and in a house (with actual walls and heating and such; not a car or tent), and have returned a semblance of stability to various aspects of my life…


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