Autumn 2014 – Photos of Road Trip – 5/5

 Cowboy Joe Espresso, Etc., Elko, Nevada  – October 27, 2014

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This is the last in a series of traveling-in-autumn-2014 photo blogposts, as I drove with a friend from Belgium (Bas) from Denver to San Francisco; below sharing photos of Highway 1 north in Sonoma & Marin County, Point Reyes National Seashore, Muir Woods National Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, and a few from in San Francisco.  At posting time, I’m already some 800 kilometers inland, and Bas has returned to Belgium.

This journey began @ Photos 1/5.  Unless otherwise noted, all photos © Michaël Van Broekhoven, All Rights Reserved.  Disclaimer, Do-not-share policy & Fair Use Statement.  

After a roller-coaster drive, we made it to the mighty Pacific Ocean!

All Photos by © Michaël Van Broekhoven - All Rights Reserved.  All Photos by © Michaël Van Broekhoven – All Rights Reserved.

Looking south:

DSCN8981 DSCN8988 2

Coast Guard patrol:

DSCN8982 DSCN9366

Because the troubling news about wasting disease decimating sea stars along the entire North-American coasts, one of the first things I did was check out tidal pools.   A lot fewer sea stars than years ago, that was obvious quickly, but it wasn’t the horror scene found in other areas.

DSCN9003 DSCN9015 DSCN9010 DSCN9021 DSCN9053

An unintended self-reflectee, an attempt to photograph the sea anemone, below:

DSCN9035 DSCN9034

Near Fort Ross:


Raccoons! ;-)


Fort Ross (Russian: Форт-Росс), originally Fortress Ross (Крѣпость Россъ), shown below, was the hub of the southernmost Russian settlements in North America between 1812 to 1842.  Fort Ross is a landmark in the history of European imperialism.  The Spanish expansion went west across the Atlantic Ocean, and the Russian expansion went east across Siberia and the Pacific Ocean. In the early nineteenth century, the two waves of expansion met on the opposite side of the world along the Pacific Coast of California, with Russia arriving from the north and Spain from the south. The United States of America arrived in 1846 from the east. [= from Wikipedia]


Stormy seas…

DSCN9171 DSCN9175

Four Canadians, biking from Vancouver, B.C. to Tijuana, Mexico, raising funds and awareness for early detection lung cancer research.  See more @  The Tandem Tour 2:


After the first truly rainy night since Crestone, the sky cleared up once again and we stayed 2 nights in Olema, right outside the Point Reyes National Seashore:


Bas got the tent, just long enough diagonally; and I slept in my car.

Point Reyes Station…

DSCN9392 DSCN9393



Last time I visited the Point Reyes area, in Summer 1991, it was so fogged-in, I didn’t see much of it. Amazing region…


Tule Elk:

DSCN9230 DSCN9319 DSCN9355  DSCN9273

Tule Elk in the Tule Elk Preserve at the north end of Point Reyes NS, with Dillon Beach in the background:

DSCN9274 DSCN9290 DSCN9277 DSCN9308 DSCN9260

An invigorating swim near Drake’s Beach:


Freezing at first, but not bad.  The unpredictable undertow felt a bit too powerful for me to stay in long, though.

On the way to San Francisco, we swung by Muir Woods National Park for a couple hours of hiking in one of the few pieces left of Ancient Redwood Forest:


“Are you listening to me Neo? Or where you looking at the woman in the red dress? Look again…” Click image for The Matrix scene… ;-)

DSCN9404 DSCN9402 DSCN9408 DSCN9426 DSCN9425

Sausalito, Marin:


Perfect weather…


Alcatraz Island is visible on the far left:


the waterfront downtown San Francisco…


Dolores Park (with on the far left the Mission Dolores  (@ Dolores & 16th Street), the oldest building in San Francisco:



The Mission Dolores, built on indigenous sacred lands.

In the cemetery of the Mission Dolores is a replica of an Ohlone hut.  The Ohlone people (aka the Costanoan) are a Native American people of the central and northern California coast.  The Ohlone people practiced the Kuksu religion. In the years 1769 to 1833, the Spanish missions in California had a devastating effect on Ohlone culture (understatement)…


Along 18th Street, the Women’s Building, with its impressive murals:


Parts of the Mission District, especially along Valencia, has turned into quite the fancy ‘hood…


Taxidermied unicorns and all…

DSCN9569 DSCN9586 DSCN9576

A visit to San Francisco would be incomplete without browsing and buying some books at City Lights Bookstore & Publishers, and a drink next door…  Mmm…

Once upon a time, in what seems like a couple life times ago, one of my many memorable temp jobs (as a versatile Administrative Assistant) was on the 39th floor of the iconic TransAmerica Pyramid, at the end of Columbus Avenue…).  City Lights Bookstore is on the far right:



As seen from upstairs Café Vesuvio:

DSCN9502 DSCN9509

For a cocktail done right, try Comstock, down the street:


(Hangovers not shown…)


@ Arches National Park – October 2014.

This trip started with Part 1 in Denver, Colorado.

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