SLV – Early September 2014 Photos.

Crestone, Northern San Luis Valley (SLV), Southern Colorado, Sept 9, 2014.  More photos also in previous posts.

!–> Nuclear update:  Fukushima News update Aug 28, 2014.

A small selection (15 photos, by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2014 – Disclaimer and DO NOT Share Policy), from near Crestone, CO, all taken in the first week of September 2014:


This cool fly kept landing on a book I was reading…


Meanwhile the stitches of a deep cut (on sharp glass in a dish tub) have come out, healing nicely.


Colorful lycheon like these only grow abundantly where the air is clean.


The inside of my lovely MSR Fury 4-season 2-person tent, with Thermorest and Tundra TNF sleeping bag on top of wool flooring with indigenous designs.   Yeah… as a lover of beauty, I’ll gladly haul a heavy huge Pendleton blanket a couple thousand feet into the mountains to make my home feel even better. ;-)


The arrow indicated the spot I called home last week. Over the edge (top photo) is the tiny town of Crestone, Colorado.


Search and Rescue reportedly got a couple stranded/stuck folks off Crestone Needle.


Challenger Peak / Kit Carson Mountain (to me also known as “Ritro Gönpo”, Protector of Mountain Retreats).

–> To see a photo of almost the same shown above taken in mid-April (still snowy), see HERE.

DSCN6994 DSCN7084 DSCN7010 DSCN7145 DSCN7096 DSCN6979 DSCN7160 DSCN7141–> For the ‘Sangdo Palri’,Buddhist temple seen in the lower right, see also a zoom-in from another hike, HERE.  

PS:  I’m in retreat till Sept 25, and won’t be responding to emails or calls till after.

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