The Spectrum of Nuclear News – PART 2: A look at Galen Winsor’s “Nuclear Scare Scam” (+ Video Transcript!)

/In Part 1 of this “The Spectrum of Nuclear News series”Yummy Radioisotopes, 
the ‘Spouses Irradia‘, who claim to be from the “Radiation Dimension”
and love eating radioactive substances…/

In this Part 2, I have a look at claims made by Mr. Galen Winsor (Galen Hulet Winsor – born June 4, 1926, death July 19, 2008 / Source: ‘Billion Graves‘) in his video presentation, “The Nuclear Scare Scam.”  This blogpost is extremely long, with some side topics touched upon, in an attempt to be ‘thorough’.

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A sampling of what’s in the video:

After an long career in the humanity-disgracing nuclear weapons industry, he went on speaking tour for the ultra-right-wing John Birch Society, suggesting that:

  • Gamma radiation does not cause mutations;
  • Health dangers of Gamma radiation exposure are surface burns at worst;
  • Drinking radioCesium-contaminated water is perfectly safe; 
  • Even in his presentation’s more lax pre-Chernobyl times, he found nuclear safety measures already ‘ridiculous’, ‘absurd’, way too strict;
  • He believed that ‘steam explosions’ (just like at coal plants) are the only thing that can possibly go wrong at a nuclear power plant;
  • A nuclear power plant’s ECCR (Emergency Core Cooling System)’s only function is to intentionally destroy a reactor;
  • He claims that the Three Mile Island nuclear accident was no accident, but done on purpose as part of a movie-scripted operation to keep people fearful about radioactivity; as well as trick rate payers into paying more;
  • The radioactive waste disposal system exists primarily for the benefit of ‘organized crime’: so it can dispose of all its piles of dead bodies, weapons, etc. without ever getting detected.  
  • He asks, “Who owns the Plutonium?” and “How much is it worth?”  His answer boils down to his belief that “using it beneficially” threatens a number of powerful interests, most notably an alleged  “federal energy cartel” which controls the price and availability of energy. 

It turns out to be almost entirely nonsensical misinformation, somehow presented so confidently so people are tricked into taking this con man seriously.

He provides no evidence for his wild claims himself.  It’s all just talk.  Those who belief him are just taking his word for it.  I’ll point out in this exposé that you have to be pretty ignorant to take his nonsense seriously.  Moreover, -in my opinion, which grew out of doing research for this blogpost- Galen’s message ultimately has little to do with radioactivity, but everything with furthering a hidden agenda.  It appears to be part of a corporate deregulation oriented psychological operation.

Michael Van Broekhoven

‘To Break All Spells’
40″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvass
Painting by © Michaël Van Broekhoven

As you will see in my comments throughout the transcript (further below), there may be more to these unique (and somewhat odd-sounding) talks, easily missed without it being pointed out.  

My intention for this blogpost is debunking crafty nuclear propaganda, and as such increasing awareness about these sociopaths’ manipulative techniques so that one learn to better discern deception.   

Here’s some music to serve as soundtrack for this blogpost:  528 Hz DNA Repair

Why bother debunking an obvious nutter?

I combed through his nuclear rambles in search for possible truths and debunk nonsense, because, well… The nuclear propaganda machine doesn’t have much to go on, aside from a history of deception and destruction, (Example: see my (april 12, 2014) Debunking The Wall Street Journal’s “Radiation Reality Check”), and, at least among the rabid pro-nuclear crowd, Mr Galen Winsor continues to be presented as if being some channel for “unquestionable truth.”  So, in part just for fun, I gave his viewpoints a fair hearing, and all I can advice is:  Please don’t get stupid just ’cause he sounds confident… (See also the Dunning-Kruger effect.)  While much of what he claimed is simply utter nonsense, and that’s often actually quite easy to proof, there were also a few noteworthy points that rang true.  

I had no idea, though, when I started researching this guy, that it would lead me to pondering possibilities of shady PsyOps* at work (towards further energy market deregulation, etc.)…  

(*PsyOp = Psychological Operations,  also known as “Military Information Support Operations” (MISO), are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. See also Wikipedia:PsyOps)

Now, as crazy and surreal-stupid as much of the content of this video sounds, for a sampling the broad scope this unique piece of nuclear PR has reached, See  how the video gets “discussed” on the US Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Forum, in the Peoples United Community, of course on GodLikeProductions (GLP) and here, at this Lunatic Outpost, on one of David Icke’s forums, Cassiopaea.orgon Educate Yourself [Sidenote:  I (mvb) have been described there as “leaning toward the scare mongers side”- haha: see here.  Pathetic.  Some sources claim E.Y’s “Ken Adachi” is someone else, a disinformation agent, see here, here];  on the Project Camelot Portal, The Galactic Connection, and so forth.  It’s clearly being left unquestioned on numerous blogs/sites, including on Veterans TodayAtomic InsightsDaily Paul and here, at The Vatic Project, (–>made fun of on Max Keiser -hehe), Ascension With EarthProject Avalon (which includes correspondence excerpts with Ben Williams from after Galen’s death; and here + another extra video covering moretheless the same), and by commenters on ENERGY News and Activist Post, etc.   As you’ll see in this exposé, Mr. Winsor lies all over this presentation, so much that I wonder what’s up with all these people NOT questioning Galen Winsor’s claims.

And yet, still, nearly 3 decades after Mr. Winsor gave these talks, it is being pushed and promoted as some type of “lone voice of sanity in a sea of anti-nuclear delusions.”   If it were honest, I would appreciate, on principle, that he questioned ‘mainstream dogmas’, but, even if he was genuine, that does not make his counter-views any bit more sound or somehow less questionable.  Pro-nuclear folks seem eager to embrace just about anything if it resonates with their hopes or set agendas.  (Same can be said about so-called environmentalists’s opportunistic convenient blind acceptance of highly questionable climate change science.  My 2012 view on that also HERE.)  I can only encourage ‘independent inquiry’ as I aim for an agenda-free interference-free clear perception myself.  Since I beg to differ on quite a number of Mr. Galen’s out-there opinions, I’ll point out where and why.  Perhaps it will help you listen to his presentations more critically as well.

— —- —- —- —- —

“In some crude sense, which no vulgarity, no humour,
no overstatement can quite extinguish,
the physicists have known sin
and this is a knowledge which they cannot lose.”
~ J. Robert Oppenheimer, 1947.


Added in light of who most supported Mr. Galen Winsor, a known accomplice in the manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction.

Who was Galen Winsor?

At time of posting, there has yet to be a Wikipedia entry or comprehensive biography regarding this strange rascal, his wacko claims, or the pastor and his “library” that launched him to nuker cult status fame.  

Mr. Galen Winsor has often been described as “a nuclear physicist of renown” by the tiny circle of nuke enthusiasts who sat through his handful of rare taped speeches.  From what I’ve read, he was a self-described “cowboy from Nevada,” had a career as Manhattan Project chemist, and did related dirty work as an on-site hard laborer.

Galen Winsor seems to have been mainly promoted by a close friend: an American Christian Ministries’ Pastor Ben Williams, about which you can read additional history here.   It was through Ben Williams’ (almost entirely religion- and utra-right-wing US patriotism-oriented) The Ben Williams Library that Galen’s views first found a following.

Host of Radio show, “Living In The NOW,” Kimberley Jaeger interviews Ben Williams on BlogTalk Radio.  Mr. Williams shares about his meeting with Galen Winsor and how the video came about, and reiterates some of the nonsense found in Galen’s talks.  Ms. Jaeger goes along, not questioning anything Ben says.

Excerpt screenshot of FEBRUARY 13, 2001 The SPECTRUM

Excerpt screenshot of
FEBRUARY 13, 2001

Another interview, this one in writing, can be found quoted on Above Top Secret (ATS), another vast conspiracy forum, quoting from a Galen-sympathetic interview in SPECTRUM, Feb 13, 2001, in which there is a sign of some intelligence, namely his acknowledgement of Nikola Tesla (right insert:).

You can explore Mr. Williams’ “Biblical views” on various other topics through his website’s Sitemap.  Somehow I can’t wrap my mind around a nuclear-armed Jesus Christ…, but whatever.  That otherwise cognitive dissonance inducing absurdity is -not surprisingly- skipped over by both fellows.

Here’s the original source of that video:

“To promote the Kingship of Jesus Christ” – Annotated Screenshot -April 2014 – See latest at:

Galen’s infamous Uranium-oxide licking demonstration (see video below), in contrast with some aliens (see part 1), appears to have been more about upping his badass attitude, rather than dietary preferences.  His various tall tales of bravado and preposterous insights make for a unique form of deceptive infotainment:  “The Nuclear Scare Scam” Video.

Get some popcorn and enjoy:

The VIDEO: ‘The Nuclear Scare Scam’

Aside from the VIMEO link above, at time of posting, usually under the title, The Nuclear Scare Scam,” the same is also found on YouTube through Liberty In Our Time Channel“, (Atomic Insights’) Rod Adams ChannelEike Klima Energie” (German intro – search for it in its lists), Paradigm Shift documentaries [taken down], and in the above-mentioned blogs, sites & forums.

Example on YouTube:

CLICK IMAGE TO SEE @ Search for it by title if the video becomes unavailable on this link.

Transcript Notes

In order to ponder over all he said more thoroughly, I decided to transcribe it.  It seems that had not been done before.  [Added Sept. 28, 2014:  There’s another transcript out there, which could have saved me time, but no effort is made their to debunk the nonsense:  ]   Until this blogpost, [I believed] there was no transcript and point-by-point debunking of the main Galen Winsor video available online.  

Transcribing this video was a bit of a strange experience, though.  (Aside from taking forever, as I took weeks off doing so, as I frequently questioned the merit of doing this…).   I wasn’t a total skeptic until I did.  It appears that his accent, speaking style & mannerisms make him far more convincing at first than when scrutinizing what he’s actually saying.

His speaking style made me wonder… to what extent his use of ridiculously long mid-sentence pauses, odd word intonation stresses, grammatically incorrect English (esp. with past and present tenses), speaking about himself in third person (in first + last name style: “that is when Galen Winsor…”, etc.), -to what extent- this were intentional use of what some psychologists and hypnosis/NLP experts might classify as “subtle hypnotic mind control techniques.”   Check it out yourself.   Anyhow, whether or not his peculiar speech ways were coincidental or intentional,  and whether or not he was perhaps covertly being ‘used’ for a pro-nuclear (ultimately confusion-sowing) propaganda disseminating purpose, I don’t know.  More observations in my transcript comments…

— —- —- —- —- —


!!!–> Note:  The transcript comes with my emphasis and my added comments & some time stamps for finding excerpts more easily.

Galen starts off by telling a bit about his time in the military, meeting his “cute blonde wife”, studying chemistry at BYU, and landing a job at Hanford in 1950.

Part 1 starts to get more interesting @ 00:08:10, as he starts talking about handling Plutonium bare-handed, without precautions.  Getting acid burns on one’s clothing was all part of normal operations.  They pulled off their scientific feat (of creating weapons-grade Plutonium) hands-on, managing to run those plants through working in shifts 24/7.  He likes to stress how hard this war-time community worked.

Part 2, which starts @00:47:45, is in interview style, covering Three Mile Island and more of his conspiratorial views.   GW = Galen Winsor  BW = Ben Williams

Part 3, which starts @ 01:07:08, includes a couple hands-on demonstrations with a Geiger Counter, including him licking Uranium Oxide off his hand,  mixed with various other viewpoints.

After that I offer some additional commentary.

DISCLAIMER & Fair Use Policy.   For educational or cheap entertainment-hehe – purposes only.   NOTICE:  The transcript may contain unintentional errors.  

Here’s the transcript:

@ 0:00:17 —: BW:  I’m pleased to have as our guest, Mr. Galen Winsor from Richland, WA.  I first heard of Galen from a tape that somebody gave to me some months ago and I found his story to be absolutely fascinating.  His story is unique, to say the least.  Galen has been in 77 different cities, lecturing on the subject of nuclear energy.  The majority of his life, the last 35 years, he spent processing Plutonium from nuclear reactor sites.  He’s worked in the Manhattan Project facilities in Hanford, WA; Oak Ridge National Laboratories, a nuclear plant in oak Ridge, TN; General Electric’s Midwest fuel Recovery plant in Morris, IL; General Electric’s fuel fabrication facility in San José, CA; and Wilmington, NC; and he’s worked in every major reactor decommissioning project around this nation up to this present time.   His major work in these projects has been the analytical process inventory control, which means that he was responsible for measuring and controlling the nuclear fuel inventory for these projects.  Galen Winsor has few peers in the world in this area of expertise.  And those few peers admittedly know and agree with the things that you’ll be hearing on this tape.  However, except for two or three of these experts, they’ve all chosen to remain silent, for reasons that which they only know, leaving this man then the burden of leading this lonely battle of exposing what of we call, ‘the nuclear scare scam.’  He is without question one of the world’s foremost authorities in nuclear radiation measurement.  And he’s recognized by members of the Atomic Energy Commissions of all the major nations of the free world.  Mister Galen Winsor.

This seems to be nothing but an unsubstantiated ridiculous aggrandizement.  Outside of these few videos, Mr Galen Winsor is actually not known, not even mentioned in any scientific paper or study.  There is no mention of him in IAEA, NRC nor even Manhattan Project history papers.  If you know of solid documentations, please sign in and leave a comment.  I have found nothing about this guy.   Off to a good start…

BW to GW:  God Bless you.  GW: Thank you, Ben.

 0:02:35 [Galen Winsor starts speaking] —:   We’ve been considering today how best to approach this subject so that you would feel comfortable with where I am, and we thought ‘ be appropriate to start with how I got involved in this ‘game…’.

‘We’ in this case is most like himself and his pastor-friend and possibly involved handlers.  Calling what he made a career out of a ‘game’ diverts attention away from the true nature of what they manufactured: nuclear weapons of mass destruction.  

GW:   Now… In 1945 I was a Navy radio man out in the Pacific on a destroyer, aim’n for Japan.  We had a one way ticket.  That’s all you get: just one way.  So, as we … um, as we’re becoming proficient at our business of fighting war, the Manhattan Project caught up with us, and did a job.  Now, the weapon that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945, was a U-235, fully-enriched U-235, weapon … where the material was seperated and purified in Oak Ridge, TN.  The one that was dropped August 9th, on Nagasaki, was a Plutonium weapon, made at Hanford.  But to those of us out in the Pacific it was quite interesting.  It had a ticket on it; and says, “You get to go home.”  I was impressed.

Note the emotional detachment: neither acknowledgement, nor remorse, for these unbelievably attrocious war crimes, which, moreover, were in fact a purely evil plot to start the Cold War, having nothing to do with ending WW2:  See my 2013 blogpost Genocidal War Crimes Not Forgotten.  Also, the pitch of a “one way ticket” is just rhetoric to portray himself as if being on a risking-everything patriotically-sacrificing-his-life heroic mission (while in actuality he was simply obeying the military draft of FDR, and was already so indoctrinated with patriotism propaganda that resisting the war machine didn’t even arise in him), as well as to describe the atomic bombings as somehow bringing ‘the good news’ of unexpectedly going home.   

@ 0:04:08 —:  Now, I was stuck out on Guam after the hostilities quit, and running a radio broadcast that communicated with 4,500 ships west of Pearl Harbor, quite a few to listen to every dot and dash that I made.  So I was used to having people listen to me.  They couldn’t see me, but they could sure hear me.  I had all of the good messages that were to come to them: from fleet movements to Red Cross messages.  They came along one day and said, “We’d like to have a radioman go down to Enewetak for the atomic bomb test.”

“They” here is the United States military command, which he sometimes also refers to as “we”.    Enewetalk Atoll, west of the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in the Eastern Pacific Ocean was made part of the U.S. Pacific Testing Grounds and obliterated with 43 nuclear bomb tests between 1948 to 1958.

‘Not me! [laughs] No way!   I wanna go home.’  So they went through and took every third radioman to go down to Enewetak.  I didn’t go.  They let me come home.  But I wanted to go home.  I had a driving need within me that says, “That big firecracker… I wanna know how it works.  I wanna know everything about how it works.”

@ 0:05:18 —:  So, back to the ranch in Nevada where I grew up.  Stacked hay all summer, gained back the 40 lbs that I’d lost out there in the islands…

(Must not have been stacking much hay…)

Into Bringham Young University in the fall of 1946, taking Chemistry classes. Dr. Joseph Nichols could make an ol’ farm kid like me LOVE chemistry.  I hadn’t had any chemistry in high school, but the way Joe Nichols taught it, I wanted to know.  So chemistry it was.  And… so… neat guys like Carl [Iring?] taught me physics.  Along in ’47, I ran into a cute blonde from Richland, Washington.  This girl had been telephone operator for General Leslie Groves and Dr. Rico Fermi on the Manhattan Project.  She got to put through the calls to Franklin Delano Roosevelt for these guys.  So, she talked personally to FDR, and she told me some of the stories like you’ve never heard.

Note on these people:  Maj. Gen. Leslie Groves had demanded that Kyoto be the initial target of the atom bomb.  Enrico Fermi was an Italian physicist, best known for his work on Chicago Pile-1 (the first nuclear reactor), one of the men referred to as the “father of the atomic bomb.”  Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), was an American lawyer and statesman who served as the 32nd President of the United States (1933 to his death in April 1945); In 1939, Albert Einstein, writing on behalf physicist Leo Szilard and other leading physicists, informed President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Nazi Germany was carrying on experiments in the use of atomic weapons. In October, 1939, the US federal government began a research program which grew into the two-billion-dollar ultra-secret Manhattan Project.  Its purpose was to produce an atomic bomb before the Germans.

GW:   She says, “Oh, in those canyons great things are done.”  This cowboy from Nevada couldn’t even imagine what she was talking about.  Well, in 1947, after we were married… See I ran until she caught me, ‘cause I wasn’t gonna get married any way; I wanted to get my education.  I had to get on with this thing.  So, we went to Richland, WA for the first time in September 1947.

Some of these buildings visible from the road on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the site of ongoing enormous clean-up operations. Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2013. (Click image for ‘Visit to Hanford Reactor B’ blogpost)

GW:   I saw that those buildings she was talking about were there:  Thousand feet long, 11 stories tall, 5 of ‘m below ground… [smiles]… Uh… Tremendous things. And people all over Camp Hanford for those days… there was a whole army camp just there to secure that place, to provide security, thousands of soldiers.  You move around out in the desert and out of a fox hole pops a soldier with a gun in his hand.  There wasn’t any horsing around.  It was all business.

Back to school: In 1950 I applied for a job up there before I had graduated, and they were in such bad need of chemists, I had a job before I had my degree.  And so, the last year of chemistry, mostly English, I did on a bus, riding to work 25 miles in the morning and 25 miles back at night.  And I did advanced grammer and business writing, all of those things, on that bus.

@ 0:08:10 —:  But in September 1950 I got into this thing called, “Plutonium processing”, when we did it barehanded, without instruments, without coveralls… We had some of the most peculiar acid burns on some of the shirts… I found one of those the other days [chuckles] It’s got acid burns all up the front of it.  Plutonium on it too.  Amazing.  That was normal operation in those days.  We ran those facilities and we ran them so well… that by 1965 we had separated enough Plutonium… When it only existed in the parent Uranium matrix to a half of a single weight percent: 0.005 weight fraction of Plutonium, maximum, in that fuel.  And we processed enough tons of Uranium to recover enough Plutonium by 1965 to meet the weapons needs of this country, ten times over for the foreseeable future.  Now, we’re talking about a massive amount of work.  Hands-on ‘do it!’ type thing.  And there was a couple thousand dollars, and we were happy as could be, just working like mad, making those plants run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a community that ran on shift work: A, B, C, D shift.  The whole community that way.  A war time community:  People dedicated to doing a job.  And we were doing it.  And we did it well.

@ 00:10:03 —:  No pretense…  Oh yes there were: Up in the reactor began to sneak in people who wanted a radiation monitor behind every reactor operator.  WHY?  We know how to makes these things run.  When we got a metal fuel element stuck, and it fell down a  the trampoline back to the reactor, we’d go in with a feet and kick it back into the pool, smoking, burning.  If you didn’t have an instrument, you didn’t know it was too hot, so you just went in and kicked it. [smiles]  Finally, along came a rule maker that says, “Thou Shall Not Do That. You’ll get burned.”  Oh? I didn’t get burned when I did it last week!  “But you exceeded ‘the limit’”  Oh, Where did this limit come from?   @ 00:11:03 —:  Turns out that in 1934 the International Commission on Radiation Protection fabricated a limit for X-rays.  It was no longer permissible to be burned by them.  Erythema, reddening of the skin.  You now had to keep a limit: 2/10ths of an ‘R’ per day.

No longer permissible to be burned?  If people are getting burned, obviously safety standards were substandard.   At the ICRP 1934 meeting in Zurich (ICRP wikipedia) recommendations were made for preventing getting harmed by X-rays, as well as the gamma and beta burns associated with handling Radium.  It wasn’t until 1950 (in London), that the non-profit group established permissible dose recommendations for external radiation, internal radiation, protection against X rays, and beta rays and gamma rays, protection against heavy particles, including neutrons and protons, disposal of radioactive wastes and handling of radioisotopes.

Mr. Winsor is completely baseless here.  The safety standards came as a consequence of well-documented health hazards.  The new protocols were a first step to prevent scientists and laborers from getting injured. For a clue on what was already known in the late 1930s about the dangers (as well as promising radiotherapy health effects), see this historical 1937 infomercial, ‘Romance of Radium’, which features (reenactments of) Marie Curie and Henri Becquerel, who both died due to radiation poisoning effects.  Worth checking out.  

Related: Radium Girls [Wiki]: 

female factory workers who contracted radiation poisoning from painting watch dials with glow-in-the-dark paint at the United States Radium factory in Orange, New Jersey, around 1917.  Featured in this 1987 documentary: RADIUM CITY:

The ICRP included notable scientists such as Rolf Maximilian Sievert (a medical physicist whose major contribution was in the study of the biological effects of radiation; the dose unit ‘Sievert’ is in his honor), George Kaye (of the British National Physical Laboratory), Lauriston Taylor (radiation physicist and a pioneer in the field of radiation safety), Ernest Rock Carling (Home Office pathologist, surgeon and pioneer in radiation therapy, and others.

Now, the interesting thing is that Mr Galen Winsor belittles this organization, when it was comprised of mainly people who were actually setting extremely LOW safety standards.  From listening to Winsor, one might think that the safety standards are unreasonably strict, but they were merely the minimum to avoid the worst (standards from which Galen likely benefitted also).  For an idea of how industry-friendly these “rule makers” Galen demonizes were, the ICRP included characters like above-mentioned Ernest Rock Carling, who, showing his eugenics sympathies, literally hoped that nuclear fallout would lead to a race of ‘radiation enhanced humans’.  He was the British Chair of the ICRP at the time of the British nuclear bombing of Australia. (See  HERE).  Lauriston Taylor, in turn, argued that small doses were not dangerous  at all (here)  Exposed in the lab to an unknown series of external small doses, he lived to age 102.  

If anything, the ICRP model underestimates the potential long-term health effects of small internal doses due to fallout.  (I’ve suggested that years ago already in Radiation Health Exposure Effects.).  

The ICRP became formally affiliated with the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1956, and later with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), UNSCEAR, the International Labour Office (ILO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and UNESCO.

Galen Winsor is without question NOT one of the world’s foremost authorities in nuclear radiation measurement, and his claim that ICRP standards are far too strict makes him very much NOT recognized by members of the Atomic Energy Commissions of all the major nations of the free world.

GW:  How much is thát?  Well, you got to have one of these Beckman Instruments to read it, and you have to keep time of exposure.  You know there are four requirements on this thing:  [1] the size of the source, the… therefor the strength of the source; [2] the distance from the source; [3] the time of exposure; and [4] the intervening shielding, to keep from getting burned.  Oh fine… We’d been doing this thing for years now, and we’ve never been burned.  Why we got these rules?  And they said, “Yours is not to ask questions.  Yours is to do and die.  Don’t you ask questions.  If you do, you might disappear.”  And those who broke the rules didn’t appear the next day.

It’s almost funny.  They had hands-on rules that kept them safe for the short and medium term, and -from his own account- this try-and-error do-your-best can-do approach did cause some accidents, including acid and beta radiation burns, and several deaths.  What they knew firs-hand badly needed improvement if they were to prevent the types of accidents that were happening (duh), as well as prevent otherwise predictable long-term negative health effects.  Who’s to say that the people who ‘broke the rules’ didn’t get injured and “disappeared” ’cause they were actually being treated in a hospital?  

GW:  Military rule?  Oh yes, absolute.  What was your appeal?  And people you were working with one day, who weren’t there the next day… You didn’t inquire why.

So he does NOT KNOW.  Anything he claims is pure speculation, including a possibility he was just being paranoid delusional.  Or… See further below! :-)

You were just grateful you still had your work to do and you kept right on doing it.  Now this in the United States of America.

Obviously the type of abusive master-slave (Gulag-like) situation he’s portraying would call for an emancipation movement, such as through grassroots labor organizing.  Instead he was resigned to be a de facto slave.  By stating this, without questioning it more deeply, and mixed with patriotic sentiments, the less-overt message includes that this attitude is normal, perfectly acceptable somehow.  

@ oo:12:47 —:  Well, in 1960, we found out that the materials we were working with… the thing that we call, “high level waste,” … that if you waited 3 years, these million gallon tanks these high level wastes went into, boiled off 15,000 gallons of water a day.  Fairly hot?  Oh yes.  This material that if it ever broke a line, it would seal itself off in the ground within a foot, make its own glass.  It wouldn’t go any place.  We did that a time or two… [chuckles] accidently, of course.   And so, we started packaging this Cesium-137 in casks and railroad cars, like that, and shipping it to Oak Ridge, TN.  And they take it out and make it into a Barium Titanate, and press it into a pellet, and those things were so hot that they actually glowed in the dark from the infrared heat.  Now, thermal ionic conversions came along at this time, so you hook these little heat sources up to thermionic converters and you took electricity out the side. No moving parts.

What he left out is that the early thermionic converters were highly inefficient.  The cost of of isolating useable radio-isotopes from the waste piles, plus the cost of required investments in new plants, made little financial sense given the relatively small amounts of electricity that could be created with this technology at that time.  

Nowadays, however, they are very promising for all kinds of applications.  See also article in Physics World, Dec 9, 2013. (image insert:)  For more information on how it works, see here.

GW:  These things went into the SNAP Program

SNAP stands for Space Nuclear Auxiliary Power, see Wikipedia.  The technology has been used in satellites already.  

GW:  and these early SNAP power generators, or what powered the underwater power transmitters for our nuclear Navy…  We’ve got a regular road map under the sea.  [smiles]  All you have to do is have an instrument that knows how to find it, and you got eyes on a submarine.  You didn’t know that, did you?

Not enough info for me to figure out what he’s referring to.  Some pulse network for underwater navigation that can be picked up by devices similar to thermionic converters?   I don’t now.  I haven’t bothered to contact the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program or the folks running DARPA; they’d probably know (if they’re at liberty to comment).   It’s possible Galen had no clear idea what he was talking about either.  

His quick, You didn’t know that, did you?” plants the idea that he told you something special you now “know”, while in fact, with as little as he said, you didn’t actually learn anything.  He’s creating an impression he’s privy to military secrets.  

GW:  The power from that came from this material that the now call, “waste.”  We processed that stuff and packaged it outside at Hanford, where we had rules that said, “3 R per year is your allowable exposure; that amount of gamma energy that will expose a film pack, but that was for the people that didn’t know.  We weren’t about to follow those rules.  We just went ahead and did the job.  They sent around an investigation slip that says, “Your dosimeter was overexposed two weeks ago.  What did you do?”  And it had a cute little form on it that says, “Accidentally exposed to light”, and that was the one I always used to check.  [chuckles] ‘Cause it’s the same amount of light… You know, if you get gamma through the film pack, it’s the same amount of light as you get when you click the lens on a camera.  They wanted to limit US to thát.  And one day we looked up and they had.  They had limited us to that amount of exposure.

It just happens that the chemicals used in photo-film that are sensitive to light, 0198662718.electromagnetic-spectrum.2used in original analog photography, are also sensitive to Gamma radiation.  This is part of how Gamma radiation was discovered.  It is ridiculously incorrect, however, to equate natural light and gamma rays.  So when he says, They wanted to limit US to thát” in reference to normal sunlight, as if sunlight and gamma rays are practically the same, that’s highly deceptive.  This is so basic that this sorts of straight-faced nonsense hints of being pre-planned INTENTIONAL deception.  

@ oo:15:41 —:  Then the fun part of the game begins. You say, “WHO limited this to that?  Are they powerful?”  Yeah, they control the purse strings.  They live by the golden rule:  Them that’s got the gold, makes the rules.  “If you like your work, you keep the rules.  If you don’t keep the rules, you disappear.”  Sure enough, some of us disappeared.  Some of my friends: gone.  Where did they go?  I don’t know.

Again, super basic: Whether in traffic or at a high-risk job, on a construction site, anywhere where safety is important: You break clear rules: you either get hurt and need to be treated, or you’re considered a danger to others.  Maybe you get placed in a different job assignment; or maybe you get fired.  Common sense.  If you drive drunk you might “disappear” too (certainly when you hit a pole or worse…).  Anyhow, again: numerous cliché statements mixed with unverifiable allegations do build his macho hero image… but there’s zero substance here.  None.  

GW:   Well, two years ago I started traveling for the American Opinion Speakers Bureau, and one of the documents that they had was Major Jordan’s diary: a story of our shipping the technology and the material that was developped at Hanford in 1944 directly to Russia on US Air Force planes, out through Great Falls, MT, Fairbanks, AK, under the auspices of of Harry Hopkins, and with the, at least tacid, approval of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Whoa! I had to re-read that a few ties.  Did he just slip that in there?  “…two years ago I started traveling for American Opinion Speakers Bureau…” (!!!)  I’m not sure that people who fall for Galen’s show are aware of this: the American Opinion Speakers Bureau is the propaganda dissemination arms of the John Birch Society.

Again that

Again that “religious” theme wrapped around an ultimately pro-corporate agenda…  PS:  Fred Koch, of the infamous Koch Industries, was a founding member of the JBS, and later key financier.

The John Birch Society (JBS) engineered hysterical waves of “anti-communist” attacks on labor, intellectuals, public education, liberal clergy members, and other pillars of society which the far-right group viewed as a threat, often through crafty, deceptive and hyperbolic rhetoric.    

Now… Here’s something noteworthy:  Galen’s not “an isolated incident” here.  Dr. Edward Teller, a key Manhattan Project physicist, ended up being ‘an advisor’ to Western Goals Foundation, a right-wing private intelligence dissemination network active in the USA, staffed by prominent members of the John Birch Society.  In 1979, Gen. Patton‘s cousin, Congressman Lawrence McDonald had founded the Western Goals Foundation as a front for the JBS intelligence network (here).  Explore the links to learn more.

So here we have it: Mr. Galen Winsor worked as a lecturer for the John Birch Society’s Speakers Bureau, pushed by a Christian Right pastor (whose views are, not surprisingly, completely in alignment with the kinds of stuff the John Birch Society disseminated as part of its manufactured deceptive Christian Right offensive), right at the time that Manhattan Project physicist Edward Teller was part of the JBS-dominated Western Goals Foundation in the 1980’s, intimately tied in with high-level US intelligence agencies.  So now you know who Mr. Winsor’s “handlers” were, or, at the very least, what group he was apparently an active participant in.  

Galen was more than likely provided with specific public speaking training, further indoctrination, and -given JBS’ history- it lies very much within the possibilities that he was a mind-controlled subject, which may explain his unusual speech patterning.  

Dating back to the 1950s, the newly-formed CIA initiated studies in mind-control programs (‘Project Bluebird’/’Artichoke’ and soon after MK-ULTRA) to devise insidious new methods of re-shaping the human will.  Years before Galen’s speaking tour, Mr. Edward Hunter, a CIA contract employee operating undercover as a journalist, and later as a prominent member of the John Birch Society, pushed the idea that the Communists were ‘using mind-control techniques’, quite likely (in typical JBS style) to cover-up the fact that “Soviet mind-control research consistently lagged years behind American efforts.” (= CIA deputy director Richard Helms, in the Warren Commission, 1963 – and here).  

Now if you’re curious how deep thát rabbit hole goes, I suggest this exposé on the ties between the John Birch Society, covert intelligence gathering for FBI, CIA and NSA, use of Christian front groups for political purposes, funding by industrialists, etc. @  (Read more also re: John Rees, COINTELPRO, The Belmont Brotherhood.).  

This knowledge wraps the entire presentation in an air of NOTHING about anything said here can be believed at face value.  This presentation is most likely part of standard JBS PsyOps.  

GW:  Now what are you gonna do?  That thing that we had been doing and feeling so good about had been shared at no expense with Russia.  You check the record and you find: Russia did not develop their own regular atomic weapon until 1949, even when we supplied them the material and the knowledge, four years after we touched them off at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Note the use of ‘we’, even though he portrays himself as being unidentified we whom supplied Russia with the nuclear know-how and materials.  Also, in reference to Russia: “after we touched them off at Hiroshima and Nagasaki” directly refers to why the atom bombs were dropped in the first place: to start a pre-planned Cold War, unrelated to the end of WW2.  Again, see Genocidal War Crimes Not Forgotten.

!!!–> Very relevant to better understand the context the John Birch Society has been part of, namely as a deceptive covert agent of social engineering in support of the military industrial complex, and as a part of the very conspiracy that has subverted democracy and the foundations of the republic the United States once was, are these two presidentail speeches: one by Eisenhouwer, the other by John F. Kennedy, both from 1961:  

  • Eisenhower’s Farewell Address (Jan. 17, 1961) Listen the whole thing! (transcript here), in which he warns of a vast “military industrial complex”, and towards the end he resigns and sadly says,

“…Disarmament, with mutual honor and confidence, is a continuing imperative. Together we must learn how to compose differences, not with arms, but with intellect and decent purpose. Because this need is so sharp and apparent, I confess that I lay down my official responsibilities in this field with a definite sense of disappointment. As one who has witnessed the horror and the lingering sadness of war, as one who knows that another war could utterly destroy this civilization which has been so slowly and painfully built over thousands of years, I wish I could say tonight that a lasting peace is in sight. …”  (knowing full well it wasn’t yet at all.)  

“… The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.  We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.   […]   there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. […]  If the press is awaiting a declaration of war before it imposes the self-discipline of combat conditions, then I can only say that no war ever posed a greater threat to our security. If you are awaiting a finding of “clear and present danger,” then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent.   It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions—by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and by every newspaper. For  we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence  —on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.   It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.  It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match. […]”

GW (in reference to US nuclear secrets handed to Russia):   We weren’t happy with that.  We were just happy doing our job.

This is one of operative messages:  “You may dislike what you see and find yourself being part of, you just “happily” keep on doing “your job”.”  This may the real ‘message’ of this video.  

GW:  Well, in 1965, General Electric was ready to leave Hanford.  I had worked for General Electric for those 15 years, and they took me out to California: San Jose.  And we had in mind to design and build this nuclear fuel reprocessing plant at Morris, IL.  They told me they were going to build it at San Luis Obispo.  That’s how they got me away from Hanford.  But that was just to get me away from Hanford.

Same recurring us versus them confused identity patterning:   I worked for THEM… THEY took me… WE had in mind… THEY told me… They got me…   And then the second ‘they’ seems to refer to a bigger agenda: not to go were the work with GE was next, but an implied secret agenda to “get him away from Hanford”.

@ 00:18:03 —:  I got to design the sampling analytical system for this plant.  The sample cell was the hydrolic heart of this place.  I got to dictate where they put the columns, how high the columns were in relation to my sample cell.  One man standing in front of a lead glass window could sample any liquid stream in that whole plant.  It took crews of man at Hanford to do the same thing.  I wasn’t happy with that, so I built an efficient system.

As you can see throughout his monologue, his objectives are primarily in tune with corporate profitability goals: an obedient work force, keeping safety standards at a bare minimum (adamantly insisting on keeping risks higher than necessary!), and in this case: glorifying workforce reduction through automation.  While he pitches himself as the ultimate all-American hard working stereotypical self-determining individualist, his agenda is extraordinarily aligned with money-obsessed upper-management of utility companies and big corporations in general.  

GW:  I got to design that.  I got to build it.  Conceptual design, detail design, build it, operationally test it.  And in 1973 they said, “Forget it, friends, you don’t get to run it.”  We had 170 tons, metric tons, stored in the basement under then-president of the United States – Remember who it was?  Gerry Ford.-  Said, “no way, you don’t get to run it.”  

It is highly questionable that Mr. Winsor ever played any such roles, since he wasn’t an engineer, nor architect.  If he somehow had worked his way up to that caliber, it’s rather unlikely he would have been treated for so long like a voiceless slave on a military ‘plutonium plantation’, so to speak, doing the dirty work.  As far as his rhetoric, stress here is on him ‘doing it all’: *I* this, *I* that.  

I have been unable to figure out which project precisely he referred to.  It sounds like  Integral Fast Breeder, but research on that reactor project didn’t begin until 1984, and took place at Argonne National Laboratory in Argonne, Illinois.  Or was he talking about the ‘Nuclear Fuel Services at West Valley, New York’ (Operational from 1966 to 1972)?   Perhaps he’s referring to the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project in Tennessee, an effort to design and construct a sodium-cooled fast-neutron nuclear reactor.  That project was first authorized in 1970, but the U.S. Congress terminated funding on October 26, 1983.  Did he mean 1983 instead of 1973, and just tried to smear Gerald Ford?  In any case, Gerald Ford was US president from August 9, 1974 to January 20, 1977, so Galen Winsor’s suggestion that President Ford shut down his pet project in 1973, has no basis in reality.

President Gerald Ford, in “987 – Statement on Nuclear Policy. October 28, 1976” did made the following relevant statement in relation to Plutonium processing, though:

” […]  On the other hand, nuclear fuel, as it produces power also produces plutonium, which can be chemically separated from the spent fuel. The plutonium can be recycled and used to generate additional nuclear power, thereby partially offsetting the need for additional energy resources. Unfortunately–and this is the root of the problem–the same plutonium produced in nuclear power plants can, when chemically separated, also be used to make nuclear explosives.  The world community cannot afford to let potential nuclear weapons material or the technology to produce it proliferate uncontrolled over the globe. The world community must ensure that production and utilization of such material by any nation is carried out under the most stringent security conditions and arrangements. […]”

As far as Galen’s reference to California… The main nuclear power stations have been: Diablo Canyon Power Plant near Avila Beach in San Luis Obispo County (designed by Westinghouse, not GE); the (finally shut down) San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in San Diego County; the short-lived Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant near Eureka, and Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station near Sacramento; as well as the research centers Santa Susana Field Laboratory near Los Angeles and The Vallecitos facility in the Bay Area.  

I’m left with the impression he was just talking out of his ass and had been well-trained to do that in a confident convincing manner.  

GW:  That’s when I started to kick over the [traces?].  Up to that point of time I’d thoroughly enjoyed my work.  I had no limitations, practical limitations.  I had all the money to spend.  I was in charge of the design effort.  I built it the way that I wanted to, because I knew it was technically correct.  All I had to do was check with engineers and make sure that it was right.  @ 00:19:28 —:   And all of a sudden, I was told, “You MUST reduce your limits of exposure by a factor of 10.”  I said, “Huh-uh [no], I won’t do it.”  First thing you know, you got the word that says, “ho-ho, yes you will!”  Now, I says, “no way!”  Well, that’s when the rebel, Galen Winsor, started to show up.  And when I found out that, by management conference- [that] I couldn’t get to these guys, I figured out another way:   Now, in this pool is, in this plant is a beautiful pool.  It’s got, um, a place to store spent fuel bundles [holds up a picture @ 00:20:09] that won’t stop:  660,000 galons of water, de-mineralized, just as clear and pretty as it can be.  Heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit when outside temperatures are -20 F, windchill factor is down to -60 F…

I think he may be referring to the Dresden Generating Station, near Morris, IL, which was a General Electric creation, operated by Exelon.  Exelon Nuclear, a division of Exelon Generation, operates the largest fleet of nuclear plants in the nation.  The fleet consists of 23 reactors.  On a somewhat related side-note:  Exelon’s political activities have included very large contributions to the American Energy Alliance, a nonprofit led by former Koch Industries lobbyist Thomas Pyle.  Before that Mr. Pyle worked for (John Birch Society positions-alignedGeorge P. Radanovich (R-CA), see OpenSecret’s Revolving Door data.

RascalGW:  And I found out that I could swim in that rascal.  You turn off the lights at night and it had a light blue Cherenkov effect. This kid from Nevada, that could never pass up a warm swimming hole, used to go swimming in that pool.  There wasn’t anybody that had the nerve to swim with me, but since I was Manager of Safety and Analytical Services of this plant, it was MINE TO USE.  

Cherenkov effect.

Cherenkov effect.

Oh boy… I found out that I could do that.  I showed some financial types one time that I could stir that pool with my bare hand and check out through the same radiation monitors they did without triggering it.  GE didn’t like it: I got a letter from ‘em; it says, “Thou Shall Not Tell Financial Types that you can swim in the pool, that you can stir it with your hand, because if they find that out, they will STEAL the inventory.  They will know that the inventory can be stolen.”

 It is an absurd allegation that GE would put such a thing in writing.

GW:  Oh, Is that a valuable inventory?  The same material that is labeled, “high-level waste,” by our current government, our current Congress.   @ 00:21:44 —:   Now Plutonium is an interesting chemical element.  It is CREATED in a nuclear reactor.  The Manhattan Project built 8 of these reactors at Hanford.  The first one took 12 months from sagebrush to nuclear steam, to build, and it had never been done in that size before.  How could they do that?  Why did they do it?  To create this element called, “Plutonium.”  Plutonium has been assessed as being the most hazardous material on Earth.  Now, from the standpoint that you can make, that you can make an atomic weapon out of it, yes, it is quite hazardous, because a piece of it that big [hold his hands up less than a foot apart], 2.5 kilograms, that’s only 5 lbs, is the force that delivered 20,000 times of TNT equivalent over Nagasaki.  Indeed, it is hazardous.  The one over Hiroshima, that had fully enriched U-235 in it, was five times as big.  So Plutonium is more dangerous than U-235, is it not?  By a factor of 5!  It takes five times as much U-235 as it does Plutonium.  Therefore it is the most hazardous thing.

Partly correct, but while he’s at it, he’s actually, again, diverting attention from the fact that Plutonium, aside from some beta, also emits alpha radiation, a highly ionizing form of radiation, rather than beta or gamma radiation. External exposure to alpha particles isn’t much of a health risk, because they have a low penetration depth and are usually stopped by skin.  This is why it can be handled bare-handed for short periods without causing any harm.  When alpha-emitters get inside cells, however, they are extremely hazardous.  Alpha rays sent out from within cells cause somewhere between 10 and 1,000 times more chromosomal damage than beta or gamma rays (See LiveScience, and also documented by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, as well as by the UN.  Unlike the discussed propaganda-spewing charlatan, the far more authoritative Los Alamos National Laboratories’ Los Alamos Science, in Plutonium and Health makes these observations:

” […] Gram for gram, plutonium would be roughly as dangerous as radium. […]  

The amount of energy for external radiation depends on the particle.  Energy ranges for x-rays vary from less than 30 kilo-electron-volts (keV) to 25 MeV; for gamma rays, from 1 keV to 10 MeV; and for beta particles, from 1 keV to 2 MeV.  Unlike alpha particles, x-rays, gammas, and betas generally travel far- ther and leave a less-dense track of ion pairs in their wake.  For all types of ionizing radiation, the effects depend on the dose. High radiation doses usually manifest their effects soon after a person has been exposed.  These effects are deterministic, or predictable, and their severity increases with dose. External radiation may cause skin burns, a temporary decrease in the number of blood cells, cataracts and even death—only a few possible health effects triggered by the severe dysfunction or death of large numbers of cells.

If enough cells are involved, tissues may be affected or entire organs may be impaired.  Early symptoms of acute external-radiation doses are fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. Radiation primarily affects systems that contain rapidly dividing cells, such as the blood-forming system (whose cells originate from the bone marrow) or the gastrointestinal system (the cells that line the small intestine). It also affects the central nervous system. For example, bone-marrow stem cells can die when they are irradiated.  Their death diminishes or stops the resupply of circulating red and white blood cells and other blood constituents. After about three weeks, the reduction in blood cell supply leads to immune deficiencies, infections, fever, bleeding, and even death unless the bone marrow starts to regenerate.

At lower doses, acute radiation effects become less noticeable, and below certain levels of exposure, effects cannot be predicted. It is at these low levels of exposure that stochastic, or probabilistic, effects become apparent. Cancer is best known among them.  Ionizing radiation of any kind can lead to alterations of a living cell’s genetic makeup, and sometimes those alterations trigger the uncontrolled growth and multiplication of that cell’s progeny, more commonly known as cancer.  Stochastic effects occur randomly and are assumed to have no threshold dose.  Their probability increases with dose.  Their severity, however, does not.  Moreover, there is a substantial delay between the time of exposure and the appearance of the effect.  If the effect is cancer, the delay ranges from several years for leukemia to decades for solid tumors. […]

Plutonium Toxicity.  It is important to remember that, because their power of penetration is limited, alpha emitters are hazardous to human health only when they have found their way into the body.

No humans have ever died from acute toxicity due to plutonium uptake.  Nevertheless, lethal doses have been estimated from research on dogs, rats, and mice. Animal studies indicate that a few milligrams of plutonium per kilogram of tissue is a lethal dose.  For example, the LD50(30) for dogs after intravenous injection of plutonium is about 0.32 milligram per kilogram of tissue.  Assuming this animal dose also applies to humans, an LD50(30) by intravenous injection for an average human of 70 kilograms would be about 22 milligrams.  By inhalation, the uptake would have to be about 4 times higher.  Because the levels of plutonium exposure have been kept extremely low, even cancer cannot be linked to such exposure with any certainty in epidemiological studies of workers in the United States.  So far, only one plutonium worker in the United States has died of a rare bone cancer, which may have been caused by exposure to plutonium.  But epidemiological studies are not very sensitive to low risks, especially because the number of plutonium workers is small. […]”

GW @ 00:20:18 —:   Enter ‘the great pretenders’: They said that FIVE GRAMS of Plutonium, properly distributed over the face of the earth, would kill everyone on Earth.

Here Galen exaggerates the imposed policies, and denies internal dose risks.  

Using the Los Alamos data cited above, 0.022 g x 4 = 0.088 g Pu-239 injected is calculated to cause a deadly internal dose.  So, it would take some evenly distributed 616 metric tons of Pu-239, injected, to kill 7 billion people. Wikipedia:Plutonium also mentions, A commonly cited quote by Ralph Nader states that a pound of plutonium dust spread into the atmosphere would be enough to kill 8 billion people. However, calculations show that one pound of plutonium could kill no more than 2 million people by inhalation.”

GW:  Now if you can get a 120 kiloton weapon to go on 2500 grams [= 2.5 kg], how’s 5 grams going to kill everybody on Earth?  Early on, I had a fear that said, “If there is this much fissile material that they can undergo a chain reaction – as we called it in the beginning – then if you set a match to it, all the fissile material in the world is just going to keep right on going!”  Totally unfounded fear.  It turns out that when you’re in this business, recovering Plutonium, like we ‘covered so much of it at Hanford, we found out that: if you have it in a solution where its less than five percent Plutonium, it won’t go critical any way you kick it.  And when you get it to 100% Plutonium, you better be careful.  Because, if you put it in more than a five inch diameter cylinder, you’re playing with fire.  [smiles]  You can undergo what is known as, “an uncontrolled criticality.”  Accidental criticality.  The air turns blue.  If the cylinder is sealed, it will explode from steam pressure.  Now, steam pressure builds up in a millisecond, which is, um [snaps his fingers], about that long.  No, you don’t horse with it.  And then you find out that those 8 foot thick shielding walls on those canyons were put there because they didn’t know how much was a critical mass.  They said, “If we make a mistake, we don’t want to die, so we will provide the shielding.”   And so the shielding thing started for no other reason than that they didn’t know what was a critical mass.

Here he’s sowing confusion about the meaning of ‘shielding’ in radiation protection by referring to bunker-like protection from an explosion, rather than ‘mass’ used to shield radiation.  Alpha particles can be stopped by a couples inches of air, Beta rays by cardboard, Gamma rays by thick lead plates (or any other similar amount of mass).  

GW:   Well, through the years we got pretty good at telling what a critical mass was.  And I have worked in a plant where I had half a critical mass in this hand – barehanded, dressed in street clothes – half in this hand, wearing a lab coat, and I put this half in a pocket on this side, and this half in a pocket on this side [gestures left and right], and walked down the hall.  If those two ever got together, there would be a blue flash.  They never got together, because I was in between them.  And we’d do that every day.  And each half had to meet definite dimension characteristics.  We’d take ‘em down and pass ‘em one half at a time, and they measure ‘em and say, “yeah, that will pass,” and then we pass ‘em the other half, and that will pass too, but they were carefully put in separate bird cages, so they couldn’t get together accidentally.    @ 00:20:17 —:   Well, those of us who worked with it… enjoyed it.  We knew what we were doing.  We worked at it.  When the President of the United States decided not to operate that fuel reprocessing plant, I started scrambling to find out what was going on.  Many things have been done in the name of health and safety.  “Don’t get burned.  You got to have safety record.  You have to be safer than anybody else.”  We were already safer than anybody in the whole world!

Preposterous bullshit again.  A series of government-sponsored studies conducted over several decades has established that cancer and illness rates among nuclear workers are much higher than for the average population.  See also NY Times, April 13, 1994: Study of Nuclear Workers Finds High Canver Rates:

 GW:   “Well, you can’t afford to get burned with this, you got to enforce the limits, you got to keep it.”  And I says, “Hey, that’s not what the ball game is at all!”  I’ll bet you the ball game is something else.  And in 1982 when the Congress passed the Nuclear Waste Policy Act… 1982 – A guy by the name of Udall – I don’t know if the people in Arizona never heard of him or not – authored that bill.

They might have heard of him, since they elected him…  Morris King “Mo” Udall (June 15, 1922 – December 12, 1998) was an American politician who served as a U.S. Representative (Democrat) from Arizona from May 2, 1961 to May 4, 1991.  

GW:  It’s called, “the High Level Waste Disposal Act of 1982.”  The material he called, “waste”, is the reusable Uranium fuel that I had been working on for 32 years.  Needless to say, Mo Udall and do not agree on whether that material is ‘waste’ or not.  The name of the game then is… ‘Who owns the Plutonium? And how much is it worth?”

There is no logic in his “the name of the game then is…”  It is just the beginning of his asking this question fully spelled out three times.   The Plutonium obviously is ultimately considered a national security issue and as such controlled by the Department of Energy, which essentially grew out of the Manhattan Project (wiki). 

GW:  @ 00:27:56 —:   The government says, “Bury it, 3,000 feet deep in basalt.  And we’ll hold a contest among the states to see who gets to bury it.”  Oh?  Why do you want to bury it?  Did you ask the owners?  Who is the owner of the Plutonium?  May I submit that it’s most likely the nuclear power rate payer.  He’s paid for the mining, the fabrication, of the parent Uranium… power generation, and is being charged in advance for its burial.  If you’re paying for it, to whom does it belong?

This is as ridiculous as if I were to assert that I ‘own’ the factory in China where this laptop was made, as well as all the mines, its ores, etc. and other enterprises involved, just because I bought the laptop.  By buying electricity, you do not get to own any or all aspects involved in creating it.  If you’re paying for a taxi ride, you don’t get to ‘own’ the refinery from which the gasoline came, nor the oil field it was pumped up from, either.  Buy a bottle of wine and ‘own’ the orchards?  How anyone can take this guy seriously is beyond me.  

GW:  How much is it worth?  In inflated dollars, a ton of reusable Uranium fuel contains useful metal isotopes worth upwards of ten million dollars a ton.

He doesn’t mention how much it would cost to extract these.   It’s as if he’s pitching a cost-benefit analysis by only presenting the possible benefits.  

GW:  Mo Udall says it’s high-level waste.  The value of reusable Uranium fuel, scheduled for permanent disposal, probably exceeds the national debt.  Naturally-occurring Plutonium quantities – You know Plutonium does occur naturally: Pu-244 is found at the residual activities of the several (8 at least) Oklo Phenomenon reactors across the world.  The first one found at Gabon, Africa. – naturally-occurring Plutonium quantities have been enhanced by transmutation of Uranium.

Oklo in Gabon, Africa is the site where existence of this natural nuclear fission reactor phenomenon was discovered in 1972.  

GW:  That’s the reason we built reactors in the first place!  Our ability to detect and measure emissions from these elements is useful in inventory control.  When fissile elements, fissile isotopes are present at less than 5 weight percent Pu-239 equivalent and the heavy metal oxide matrix is stored dry in air, it has no critical mass.

Remember we talked about shielding? Was because they didn’t know what a critical mass was.

Repetition to more deeply imprint confusion around ‘shielding’.  

GW:    If it is Light Water Reactor fuel, at less than 5% equivalent fissile content, you can handle it, you can do anything you want with it.  You can stack it up, you can have a room full, you can have a handful.  As long as you keep it dry it will not sustain a chain reaction.

“As long as you keep it dry?”  Submerging it in water won’t set off a chain reaction either.  It requires a critical mass to do that.  If water would set it off, spent fuel pools, which is also were unspent fuel rods are put when a reactor is being inspected for safety, would otherwise blow up in one giant uncontrolled nuclear explosion.  In short: more Galen nonsense presented as expert knowledge…

GW:   What then is all this folder-on about a little bit, “5g will kill everybody in the world”?

None of the agencies setting safety standards have ever claimed that.  

GW:  Uh-Uh, they don’t know what they’re talking about.  And when they say that, they’re thumbing their nose at measurement experts like… Galen Winsor.  I am insulted when they say those things and get away with it, because it has no bearing on the truth.

Winsor Galen does not know what he’s talking about IF he were honest.  It appears he does know what he’s doing, though: manipulating his audience through deceptive half-truths, omissions and outright lies.   He sketches Galen-imagined idiots, just to sketch himself an expert who knows “the truth”.  This way people unaware of his  trickery  are more likely to buy additional, even greater, lies:

@ 00:31:33 —:  It cannot be mishandled.  It will not expose any person to an unshielded nuclear reaction.  In other words: no controls are necessary,

Ignoring decades of documented health-hazards of radiation doses, he spews utter bullshit again, reducing all the various risks, from external radiation (such as beta ray skin burns), and long-term effects internal radiation (as discussed above), to Plutonium lung burden,… to ONLY the impossibility of an accidental nuclear detonation.  

GW continued:    except to prevent the pilferage of the inventory.  Have you got that one?  Let it register.  

Interesting story he just fabricated there, not?  After nothing but lies, discounting everything known about radiation’s health hazards, he fabricates his own boogeyman:  Plutonium thieves lurking in the shadows.  

GW:  Do you need governmental rules and regulations and instructions?  No way!

Notice again that recurrent theme of a corporate deregulation objective.  

GW:  Then why do we have all of those rules?  Inventory control practices capitalized on the fear of under-educated masses who work in the industry.  I’m not saying anything about ordinary people now.  I’m talking about the people who have worked in the industry and those who cast stones from without:  the Ralph Naders, the Jane Fondas.  Now, it doesn’t take you much thinking to find out that, “Maybe the industry is the source of the problem?”  The industry is the one that made up the committees that made the rules that the Congress enforced.  You ever thought of it that way?  The strangest kind of featherbedding that’s ever been dreamed up; it makes the railroad engineers look like pikers.

The strangest kind“… because, perhaps what he’s referring to isn’t actually featherbedding at all.  Featherbedding is the practice of hiring more workers than are needed to perform a given job, or to adopt work procedures which appear pointless, complex and time-consuming merely to employ additional workers.  What Galen is doing is part of a disguised assault on intellectuals, as well as labor standards.  On intellectuals, by way of blaming the people who have worked in the industry, excluding ‘ordinary people’.  On labor standards, because those protective measures are there to protect workers, especially the hands-on workers he pretends to be speak for.  

GW:  The only amounts of fissile materials that are of health concern to the handlers are those that can accidentally cause an unshielded nuclear chain reaction or that will cause Erythema from the shortest wavelength, highest frequency, and therefor the most easily shielded …UltraViolet Light emissions… of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The “shortest wavelength, highest frequency” is Gamma radiation, which is highly penetrating.  Erythema, or skin surface burn, is generally caused by Beta radiation.  He’s mixing it all up.  Gamma radiation is the most difficult shielded.  

GW:  Big words! Let’s see what they mean:  @ 00:33:55 —:  The emissions from Uranium, Plutonium, Cesium,… all those things, are only important if you assemble an amount and getting this amount and this amount together [gestures with his hands], it can go critical.  You can get a blue flash, and therefor get burned.  And that’s happened 34 times in the business and 8 man have died as a result of that: accidental criticality.

26 burned and 8 dead… part of the ‘we’ in “People dedicated to doing a job.  And we were doing it.  And we did it well.”  He calls ‘m “friends”, but doesn’t even care they die, and even years after leaving the job, he pleads to NOT improve safety standards, even at this basic level.  “No government interference” is his dogma.  As you can see, this typical ultra-right wing fascist agenda (cleverly disguised as “anti-collectivism” through various perception management tricks) is the thread that operates at the core of this PsyOp.  

GW:  Documented in Los Alamos document 3611, if you want to check the source.

That document is at

GW:   Orrr… if you get enough of it together, there’s giving off UltraViolet Light of this particular wavelength and frequency, without any intervening shielding, enough to burn you: sunburn you, Erythema you, reddening of the skin.  If it’s less than that, if the effects is less than that, then what is the problem?  Excessive government regulation, that’s what’s the problem!

He’ll repeat it until the gullible might think he may be right…

@ 00:35:06 —:   Tritium: heavy water… Deuterium is hydrogen-2, Tritium is Hydrogen-3.  If you let an inventory get away from you, what’s going to happen to it out in the biosphere?  Nothing other than that it will become diluted.  And join the naturally occurring inventory of Tritium.  ‘Cause Tritium is created in the upper atmosphere by sunlight.  We have a natural inventory of Tritium.  Then the only thing that happens when you release Tritium – which is the trigger mechanism for bombs, it’s the source of the push that makes it go – is that you lost a valuable inventory.  Ten what of these people that are pretending that a little bit of Tritium is going to do you in?  It is not so.  What are those two points?  [1] Only if it is an economically recoverable concentration, or [2] if it has a natural re-concentration mechanism…  You know, there isn’t anyone of the radioisotopes out there that has a meaningful level of re-concentration in any of the species, not even the oysters in the bays in Maryland below Calvert Cliffs.

Bioconcentration or biomagnification of Tritium in biological systems does not occur that I know of, but focussing on only Tritium in regards to this environmental issue is a typical case of omission, as bioconcentration or biomagnification DOES occur with various other manmade radionuclides, including Cs-137, Sr-90, Pu-239, Zn-65, etc., many of which do not occur in nature at all.   

Out of the 11 nuclear reactors in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, 9 are located on rivers or a lake that flow either directly or eventually into the Bay. The other 2 reactors are located at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, which sits directly on – and dumps into – the Chesapeake Bay, site of an alleged complete blackout re. significant nuclear groundwater contamination.  

Speaking of radioactive oysters, The Washington Nuclear Museum and Educational Center (WANMEC) mentions it in relation to Hanford, here:  

During the 1950’s and 1960’s, radioactivity from Hanford was found at high concentrations in shellfish in Willapa Bay at the mouth of the Columbia which extended for at least 200 miles into the Pacific Ocean. Beginning in 1959, zinc-59 levels in the oysters at Willapa Bay were being monitored. At that time, levels of zinc-65, a radioactive byproduct of plutonium production, in Pacific coast oysters were 300 times greater oysters from Japanese and Atlantic waters. In the 1960’s a Hanford employee set off radiation alarms when he entered the Hanford Site. Upon investigation it was determined that he had become radioactive from eating a can of oyster stew that contained oysters harvested from Willapa Bay.”  (Compared, here, as being “250 times that of Chesapeake Bay oysters, which were considered highly contaminated due to atmospheric fallout from nuclear weapons testing.”)

Again, Mr. Winsor is exposed as disseminating lies.  Various radioisotopes out there concentrate to meaningful levels in various species, including in oysters. 

GW:  U-Uh [no] Why then are we still playing this game that ANY amount of this material is of hazard?

(Because not everyone is a mind-controlled drone slaving away for the the democracy-ruining military industrial complex, spewing lies, trading away empathic inter-connected human dignity for money.  Could that be why?)

GW:  Reusable Uranium fuel, which has been ‘isotopically enhanced’ in power-producing reactors is a valuable national resource, not a high-level waste.   The utility operators recognized the future worth of this commodity.

The thing he’s likely correct about is that ‘utility operators’ can probably make money off ‘nuclear waste’ if only environmental and labor regulations were completely abolished.  And the dead workers from their operation could then also be disposed off in nuclear waste barrels and dumped in the ocean? (He’ll get to that in a few…)  Right…  [sarc.]

GW  @ 00:37:09 —:  Mo Udall, in that Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982, imposed a tribute of a mil. per kilowatthour, a dollar per megawatt hour, on all electricity produced in a nuclear plant, so that they can research and develop methods to throw it away.  Why do the utilities willingly pay this amount to the Secretary of Energy?  To limit their liability exposure!   Who pays that amount anyway?  The consumer of nuclear-generated power!  You have no choice.  Therefore I call it, “a tribute.”  At the same time, they are provided their own storage basins at these reactors at rate payers’ expense, to retain ownership control of the Plutonium resource.  So, you-consumer, you-rate-payer, you-taxpayer, are paying for the storage of this fuel and WMP2 at Hanford has storage that will take them through the turn of the century, and yet every day they are paying a tribute to the Secretary of Energy.  With the concurrence of the United States Congress, and signed by the President of the United States.  In 1982.  ’83, who was that?  Ronald Reagan.

’83, this time he at least gets the president right.

GW:  They have provided those storage basin at ratepayer expense to retain ownership control of the Plutonium resource.   @ 00:38:55 —:   I started playing a game one day 7 years ago.  I says, “Okay, Portland General Electric, you’ve got the Trojan Reactor, you got a storage basin problem, I’m gonna make you an offer.  I made them an offer that says, “I will take all of your spent fuel, F.O.B. your basin, if you will give it to me.  In other words: I will take it off your hands at no expense to you.  I will ship it.  I will store it.  I will do everything that needs to be done to that fuel.  And you know what they told me?  Can I quote them?  “Go to hell, Galen Winsor.  We value it more valuable than Platinum or Gold.  We’re gonna play the Plutonium futures ourselves.”

@ 00:39:43 —:   Now, where did I learn that the name of the game is, “Who owns the Plutonium? And how much is it worth?”  The first Plutonium I saw, was in a glass tube, on the news reel, when I got back from the Pacific in 1946.  And that they had in a glass test tube, they said was worth a half a million dollars.  Certainly they had less than 5 grams of Plutonium in that tube.  That’s pretty expensive stuff.

In the beginning there was no Plutonium trade, so a “price” is not really relevant as nothing is being ‘sold’ after production.  The enormous Costs of The Manhattan Project hint of what this “half million dollars for the contents of a test tube of weapons-grade Plutonium” is likely in reference to.   Expensive stuff?  Um, yeah, the Manhattan Project was insanely expensive.  Somehow he glosses over this fact.

GW:   So, for the show, they put a pot underneath it, in case they dropped it.  I said, “We don’t want to have to pick it up from out of the rug.”    When we decided… when it was decided for us… not to operate this plant, Plutonium was guaranteed on buy-back by the federal government at $43/gram.  That’s quite a price drop, don’t you think?  When that price guarantee went a way in October 1971, the price of Plutonium became $10/gram.  It steadily went down to where its present worth on the market… is a minus two dollars per gram, per year.  That’s what it costs you to hold on to a Plutonium inventory.  On a material that has been declared, “worthless”, by the utility owners, and rubber-stamped by the United States.  And they’re spending billions of dollars digging holes in ordinary rock so they can throw it away, dispose of it.

Hard to find clear data on this.  Here’s a document that sheds light on the various costs associated with different parts of the Uranium/Plutonium fuel cycle:  Nuclear Energy Agency – Plutonium – An Assessment – 1989.

This is an example of how corporate rule “socialized the costs, while privatizing the benefits”:  the costs of developing this technology were “socialized” (ultimately paid for by the US taxpayer) as part of the war efforts of the 1940s; same goes for subsidized studies and efforts to safely store the various wastes.  The profitability, however, is  for utilities.  Mr. Winsor flips from the early gigantic ‘socialized costs’ to the later ‘minimized private operational costs’ that are part of the scheme for making nuclear power highly profitable for private utility companies.  To learn more about this, perhaps check out the book ‘Profit Over People: Neoliberalism & Global Order’, by Noam Chomsky.

GW:  Okay, what are you gonna do with it?  Reusable Uranium may be properly stored in air-cooled dry storage in a cost-effective manner.  NUKEM in Germany offers this as an immediate and necessary step prior to reprocessing.

Meanwhile, post-Fukushima, Germany has sworn off nuclear and handed the UK its Plutonium stockpile (see here).  NUKEM’s site is

GW:  They’re doing it in Europe.  At least four regionally located facilities are available in the United States, where this concept can be used right now.  Barnwell Nuclear Fuel Plant in South Carolina, Midwest Recovery Plant in Morris, Illinois; this one [shows photo quickly] … Nuclear Fuel Services in upstate New York; and Redox Processing Plant at Hanford, Washington.  These fully shielded already radioactively contaminated storage areas have secure limited access.  All have been operated under processing conditions of 10-CFR-50, and the MFRP has a 10-CFR-70 storage license, the only licensed storage facility away from a reactor in the United States. It, singly, all by itself, is capable of storing all the reusable Uranium fuel that needs to be moved away from power reactors for the remainder of this century.  We had that storage designed in 1975.  We had approval of the design.  Why then are you spending money over here in New Mexico on the Waste Isolation Project, why are you spending money at Hanford at the Basalt Waste Isolation Project, why are you spending money at Bating, Nevada… for storage, when I can already store it in this building that’s already built?  [Holds up photo]  I guess I named you three others that can do the job all by themselves too.  And I know where there’s 14 more buildings that can do it.  What are we gonna do?   @ 00:43:55 —:  Redox and other excess facilities at Hanford are capable of dry-storing all commercial REF until Plutonium recycle, at least till 5% enrichment is re-established, or until the 22th century, whichever comes first.  RUF can be cost-effectively stored in already-existing facilities.

Not sure about all these claims for 1986, but regarding the cost-effectiveness of nuclear fuel reprocessing, Wikipedia/Nuclear_reprocessing#Economics states (April 2014):

“The relative economics of reprocessing-waste disposal and interim storage-direct disposal has been the focus of much debate over the past ten years.  Studies have modeled the total fuel cycle costs of a reprocessing-recycling system based on one-time recycling of plutonium in existing thermal reactors (as opposed to the proposed breeder reactor cycle) and compare this to the total costs of an open fuel cycle with direct disposal. The range of results produced by these studies is very wide, but all are agreed that under current (2005) economic conditions the reprocessing-recycle option is the more costly.

If reprocessing is undertaken only to reduce the radioactivity level of spent fuel it should be taken into account that spent nuclear fuel becomes less radioactive over time. After 40 years its radioactivity drops by 99.9%,though it still takes over a thousand years for the level of radioactivity to approach that of natural uranium.However the level of transuranic elements, including plutonium-239, remains high for over 100,000 years, so if not reused as nuclear fuel, then those elements need secure disposal because of nuclear proliferation reasons as well as radiation hazard.”

GW:  Morris Mo Udall then came saying, “You cannot use this plant for its intended purpose unless it is owned by the United States government.”  He has said that.

Is there more to Galen’s picking on Congressman Morris K. Udall?   Mr. Mo Udall unmistakable critiqued the John Birch Society’s modus operandi in his essay, “Khrushchev Could have Said It” by Morris K. Udall  (The New Republic, 1962).  

Also, in “THE DISMISSAL OF MAJ. GEN. EDWIN A. WALKER. A Special Report by Congressman Morris K. Udall,” he points, “testimony revealed that Gen. Walker is a member of the John Birch Society, an organization whose leader says former President Eisenhower, John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles and other high officials of our government have been Communist dupes. Also, it was revealed that Gen. Walker made public statements which were derogatory of other present and former officials of our government. Such statements, of course, are wholly out of keeping for a military officer.”

GW:  The waste isolation projects are politically mandated wasting of national energy and construction resources.  Plutonium proliferation, by diversion, of stored reuseable Uranium fuel, is of minor importance compared to global availability of fully enriched Uranium by laser isotopic isolation.  Let me explain that last thing that I said.  @ 00:45:04 —:   Jimmy Carter said, “You can’t ship Plutonium to India,” but in the same paragraph said, “you may ship them fully enriched Uranium.”  Oh Jimmy Carter, that peanut brain!  What did he just say?  He says, that when the Israelis took out the reactor in Iraq, they had fully enriched Uranium from France; and they says, them rascal Iraqis are gonna take that fully enriched Uranium, put it in that reactor, irradiate it to Plutonium, and therfor have to recover the Plutonium in a plant like this, and we stopped them.  When the fully enriched Uranium makes a better weapon than Plutonium in the first place.  Now, when the President of the United States says things like that, and when the press gives it credibility, I get insulted.  And right after I get insulted, I get angry.  And I’ve been angry for quite awhile now.

Little background, from Wikipedia/Nuclear_reprocessing:

“[…]  In October 1976, concern of nuclear weapons proliferation (especially after India demonstrated nuclear weapons capabilities using reprocessing technology) led President Gerald Ford to issue a Presidential directive to indefinitely suspend the commercial reprocessing and recycling of plutonium in the U.S. On 7 April 1977, President Jimmy Carter banned the reprocessing of commercial reactor spent nuclear fuel.  The key issue driving this policy was the serious threat of nuclear weapons proliferation by diversion of plutonium from the civilian fuel cycle, and to encourage other nations to follow the USA lead. After that, only countries that already had large investments in reprocessing infrastructure continued to reprocess spent nuclear fuel.  President Reagan lifted the ban in 1981, but did not provide the substantial subsidy that would have been necessary to start up commercial reprocessing. […]”

@ 00:46:07 —:  And finally, one day, I said, “My own personal security is not important.  I think I’ll go tell this tale.  All I want is to tell my story.”  The commodity that I communicate is called, “truth”.

Careful when people claim ownership of the truth!   As I have illustrated at length above,  Mr. Galen Winsor is obviously a professional liar.  In line with the patriot-individualist image he’s built up in this presentation (to appeal to large numbers of patriotism-indoctrinated Americans), the element of “risking everything for the greater good” obviously is part of his ploy to sway people to perceive him as ‘noble‘, while a more fitting description might be ‘a vile corporate scum propagandist.’  

GW:  And so then I ask you a question, a very brief pointed question:  Who owns the Plutonium and how much is it worth?  And then I’m going to latch on to that question… I want you to think about till we talk again:  If you haven’t been burned by this particular source of radiation, what is your problem?  You obviously have one.  Otherwise you would join with me in telling the truth about this particular commodity.

You could apply his same type of sociopathic logic to guns:  “If you haven’t been shot, what is your problem with people shooting at innocent people?”  

And so, yes: I’m recruiting helpers.  What happened to the guys who taught me the business?  Thousands of them.  The hands-on business.  Where are they?  They are still there.  Why don’t they talk?  Who are the “they” that say, “This is the way the business is gonna be run, whether it makes sense or not”?

Crafty, but see-through. “They” is us. By rallying perception of ‘an overstepping governmental elite’, and ignoring the fact that workers’ and environmental protections in all actuality exist to protect ‘We The People” against the dangers of unfettered corporate greed, he manages to pitch “people against government”.  This is best understood in light of the JBS-orchestrated role he’s playing to bring about a new social order in which corporations have free reign. His agitation propaganda serves only to polarize and thus destabilize society: it creates a diversionary conflict to prevent recognition of the true conspiracy.  

For more about the John Birch Society, see also

/// cuts to next part ///  ———- PART 2 ————-

@ 00:47:45 — Host (Ben Williams):   We’re back with Galen Winsor and we’re talking about the nuclear scare scam.  Galen, it seems to me that, from what I’ve heard you say, that this scaring of other people is better than a lock and key to keep this stuff out of the hands of those who might be interested in investigating and keeping this valuable material hidden for just an elite few.

@ 00:48:12 —: Galen Winsor resumes:  This is probably the way that it works best; and so then… The secret was to keep other people know from that it could be handled, ‘cause first of all we weren’t accepted by the community and the material that we were working with they feared.  But there were certain few people that realized its real worth, its potential to be used in ways other than to support our national defense.

BW:  Let me ask you a question, Galen.  Are you worried about… do you have reason to be worried about… your personal safety, because the kind of people that you’re describing are powerful people.  I wonder… You’re still around… I wonder how much longer we can expect you to be in this game.

GW:  Well, on the 13th of December last year, the NRC – Nuclear Regulatory Commission – region 5, turned out a federal SWAT team to get me on a federal warrant issued by Bob Thomas out of Walnut Creek, California. It was kinda funny, in a weird way: They turned out this federal SWAT team at Hanford and they had my picture and along side it said, “This is an irrational individual. He poses a threat to our security.  Take him at any cost.”   Now the reason that I’m still here only has one logical conclusion: I have lots of help.

Unable to find any reference to this incident online (It sounds significant enough to have made it into a paper), it wouldn’t surprise me if this actually never happened and is just part of his ‘game‘.  The “irrational individual” assessment sounds spot-on, though.  If it happened, ten receiving lots of help from people in places of power could also be part of why it didn’t even make the news.  It is even possible that the SWAT raid was a staged event, part of a series of events that resulted in him becoming un unwitting propaganda pawn.  The way he frames it (“the reason that I’m still here only has one logical conclusion: I have lots of help“) could also suggest that he didn’t quite understand how he got out of that perilous situation himself.

BW:  Well, you’ve told us about how that you and others of your friends and colleagues have handled, many times, this so-called deadly… nuclear energy… material… that the whole world is so scared of.  Um… Why weren’t you afraid of it?

GW:  Because we did silly things like, um, recover some of the unresolved fuel elements out of the redox dissolver, that burned a hole in it… and we went in and sampled these things by remote process.  We’ve got it out under our hands and found out that we could walk around the lab with ‘em barehanded and that they wouldn’t hurt us.  We were standing in the lab tossing ‘em back and forth: Uranium metal that wouldn’t dissolve in the boiling nitric acid… Well, if you find out that you can play with it, and it’s only been 90 days since that thing came out of the reactor and it doesn’t burn you, why should you be afraid of it?

BW:  So, in other words, you’re telling me that… you learned to not be afraid of it because of practical use and application and hands-on experience?

GW: Hands-on.  We might even been playing games.

BW:  Okay, you say that you swam… in this water that was straight from spent fuel, used to cool that fuel, that you swam in it.

GW: Yup.

BW: You told me earlier that you went a little bit beyond that.  Would you share a little bit of that story?

@ 00:51:04 —:   GW:  Well, swimming in it did not have the desired effect, so I decided I had to be more direct with these people that were giving me trouble.  They’re kinda hard to teach.  So I went to drinking a glass of it a day.  I had a bottle of it… Last time I went swimming, well I filled this 2 liter bottle with water and washed it off on the outside in the shower when I washed me off on the outside so that we didn’t taddle-tail… You know, radioactive material’s just a trace or a taddle-tail:  You gotta get it off, so that they won’t know you’ve been swimming in the pool and drinking the water.  So I took this bottle in and sat it on my desk.  And who would suspect that the manager of safety and analytical services had a bottle of spent fuel pool water sitting on his desk and he drank a glass of it every day?

BW:  And this was unheard of?

GW:  Nobody ever did that crazy stuff anywhere [laughs]

BW:  How has that affected you, Galen.

GW:  Well, as far as I can tell, it made me a about 6 foot 4 in my cowboy boots, 210 pounds and really quite a nice fellow.   [audience: laughter]

Perhaps this is a good place to share some comments that appeared on the conspiracy discussion site, GodLikeProduction, just for the record (my emphasis):

A comment (By User ID: 18601180 (USA), on 06/28/2012 02:54 AM) on a GodLikeProductions (GLP) forum thread, “Re: Man Eats Uranium, Drinks and Swims In Reactor Water, Ignites Plutonium In His Bare Hand” mentioned something reportedly once reportedly found on  

References to Galen Winsor were removed from all FUSOR Forums, and the quoted below cannot be further verified:

“Galen Winsor already debunked here…in 2003…

[link to]

Yeah I’ve met him.   I put him in the Bob Lazar school of stunt showmanship.  Idiots can do all those things.  They won’t die immediately from them.  He rambles way too much and is about as welcome these days as a copperhead at a pik-nik . The nuclear industry used him as a stunt dummy to try to dispell the dangers in nuclear power.   To no avail. The folks they were trying to reach had few brains anyway. Besides any moron could break free of rational thought in the sixties. It’s no big mystery but you can swim in a triga reactor pool provided you don’t dive. They run at low power usually..about 1 watt to preserve the fuel rods. People have fallen in and survived with little damage. If you look at any training reactor site you will find rescue rings all over. Most triga reactor have pools that are in the 15 foot range at 1 watt the neutron range is low say 3 ft. .. four feet max.  Spent rods about the same risk!   Most intact spent fuel rods emit mostly beta particles with some gamma rays. Betas can be effectively be stopped by two feet or less of water. The water is distilled in rod storage pools and beta and gamma irradiation does not screw up the water one little bit! The only thing that would make that water unpotable is if the fuel rod had cracked releasing raw fissile products into the water.  Ala Silkwood!  Most waste pools are 20 feet deep… so swimming on the surface would be a fairly safe stunt. Even with the glowing stuff below.  Gotta keep the kids safe ya know!  Low quantities of urainium oxide is pretty harmless if unirradiated.   You can’t dissolve uranium oxide in stomach acid…takes fuming red nitric to do the trick. In a few days you have radiactive poo.  Just as dangerous as eating dirt in Arizona or Colorado.  It’s the lungs not the gut where the highest risk occurs.  The lungs can not expell tiny particulates under a micron. ….”

Further in the same GodLikeProductions Comment thread a comment by User ID: 10818676 (USA), on 06/28/2012 03:13 AM:

He defined his qualification. Radio operator.
Light water reactors don’t render the shielding water radioactive. If the pile is shut down swimming in the water is no big deal.
You sure as hell wouldn’t swim in the pool if the reactor was running.
Read “Health Physics” publications to familiarize yourself with radiation exposure to humans. Nuclear medicine is another topic with dosage information.  These effects are well documented and there are enough documented accidents and observed effects to empirically validate the health physics.  I have no idea why this guy is minimizing the danger. Read Feynman on the topic of his participation in the development of the bomb. There was a scientist with a chunk of plutonium on his desk. He died. So much for this stuff isnt dangerous.  The LD50 tables are real.”

In the same GodLikeProductions Comment thread a comment by User ID: 18360362 (USA) on 06/28/2012 03:43 AM:

“Sounds like Admiral Rickover. (R.I.P.)”

Note:  Actually, he doesn’t.  At a congressional hearing Rickover testified that (see Wikipedia:HymanG.Rickover):

“I do not believe that nuclear power is worth it if it creates radiation. Then you might ask me why do I have nuclear powered ships. That is a necessary evil. I would sink them all. I am not proud of the part I played in it. I did it because it was necessary for the safety of this country. That’s why I am such a great exponent of stopping this whole nonsense of war. Unfortunately limits — attempts to limit war have always failed. The lesson of history is when a war starts every nation will ultimately use whatever weapon it has available.” Further remarking: “Every time you produce radiation, you produce something that has a certain half-life, in some cases for billions of years. I think the human race is going to wreck itself, and it is important that we get control of this horrible force and try to eliminate it.” (Economics of Defense Policy: Hearing before the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United States, 97th Cong., 2nd sess., Pt. 1 (1982))

Also in the same GodLikeProductions Comment thread a comment by User ID: 17924066 (Sweden) on  06/28/2012 05:16 AM:

Galen is the swedish word for insane. Someone apparently pulling your leg here.

A self-declared friend of Galen shows up in the same GodLikeProductions Comment thread, commenting as “Joey Ford”, User ID: 18553266 (USA), on 07/10/2012 05:51 PM, responding to a previous commenter (in purple):

First of all – this guy works for the gov’t, enough said.
He did not work for the government. He used to work for GE until he couldn’t anymore due to the fact that he wouldn’t lie for them anymore about nuclear radiation. They didn’t like that very much.
But also – how do we know it is uranium he is licking?
We knew it was because he had a Geiger counter, and he welcomed anyone else with their Geiger counters to come up and measure it. The Geiger counters went crazy – I watched and heard this. I was an eye witness at this lecture and others.
Do you think that the audience would remain in the room if someone ignited a piece of plutonium inside?
Yes. Why do I think this? Because we remained in the room. He explains what the “flash” is. If it is further confusing you can also listen to this interview: […]
Do you have a link to a vidoe of him swiming in the reactor pool or of him spreading nuclear waste in his basement?
I don’t believe that he ever spread nuclear waste in his basement. He never told us anything like that. He did tell us about swimming in the pool that they cooled the rods in. He also drank a glass of this every day for as long as he worked there to prove a point. No, we don’t have a video of this. It was part of the information he shared with us. I knew Galen Winsor to be a truthful man. He had to be. When you present information like this and are in the public eye you get scrutinized. He had his act together and could answer any questions put to him. He was the real deal.
If he worked for the gov’t, maybe he had an antidote that we don’t know about.
He did not work for the government. I knew him and his family for a long period of time. He was a normal guy who was an educated nuclear physicist – and that’s all he was. He lost his career over this whole thing. The establishment doesn’t like it when you expose the lies.   And lasty – there was absolutely no need for an antidote.  There were no harmful effects.”

–> Obviously this ‘J. Ford’ is invested in perpetuating the myth, not unlikely a plant.

That’s it as far as related quote-worthy GLP comments.  Back to the interview:

BW:  Alright… What then happened as a result of your doing this strange experiment on your desk with this water. What was the result?

GW:  Can corporation have a heart attack?  I think General Electric had one, because after they ran me through a whole body gamma scan in December of 1974, by the time I got out, ‘cause I had a plutonium lung burden – it took 45 minutes to an hour to count that

Here he contradicts his claim to have been unaffected by handling Plutonium.  For more information on Plutonium Lung Burden and related health effects (some documented through animal testing), see Toxicological Profile for Plutonium – by the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

GW:  – everybody on site knew that the manager of safety had been swimming and drinking in the swimming pool, the spent fuel storage pool; it has Cesium-137 at a ferociously high level, it even exceeded the NRC’s limit, and I had been drinking it?  They knew the fat was in the fire.  Now, where do we go from here?  Well… First of all I got a poison pen letter from the people in San José [laughs], and they says: “Thou Shalt not do those things.  They’ll find out that the inventory can be stolen.”

Again, as if ‘they’ would put thát in writing…

GW:  Well, that didn’t sit very well with this cowboy, because nobody tells me what to do, particularly when what I do is right, and hasn’t harmed me.  Who are they to tell me what I want to do?  This didn’t sit very well [laughs]… “I gotta do something about that!”

BW:  What was your motive in this?

GW:  Correct information.  As an expert in the measuring system, it was very obvious that I knew the parameters of inventory control, the disintegration rate of each of these  isotopes, how to measure ‘em; that’s how we regulated our inventory.  And then to have these rascals come along and start playing games with the information that I was very expert in, that I had designed the analytical system for this plant around, disturbed me a little bit. Now it made me fighting mad. [chuckles]  I got angry.  And, I have to admit in retrospect, that for the next 5-6 years I was more than angry.  I was hard to live with.  Just ask my wife.  [laughs]

BW:  Well, in your estimation then, how dangerous is a nuclear reactor plant?

GW:  A nuclear reactor plant is just a way to boil water; that the cleanest neatest most economical way to boil water that you’ve ever seen.  And so, in my estimation, nuclear reactors ought to be insured under the same insurance policy as any other steam boiler plant, power generating plant.  And to have special consideration under the Price-Anderson Act, means that the insurance industry has already paid off the Congress so that they can have a rip-off:  charging ever and higher and higher insurance premiums… total coverage much much greater… for a non-existent risk, what a racket!

BW:  Can a nuclear plant explode?

GW:  Only like any other steam plant.  Like Laughlin, Nevada had a steam explosion.  It’s a coal-fired plant, but six men were killed there last year.  That could happen at a nuclear plant.

The people who worked at the Chernobyl plant on April 26, 1986  (lots of documentaries with interviews are available on YouTube and VIMEO) fuel as well as those who worked at the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on March 11, 2011 (ditto), and the thousands of people involved in clean-up operations disagree with this sociopath.  A steam explosion blowing melting-down fuel rods apart, hydrogen explosions, core meltdown, etc. are among the risks.  Massive amounts of radioisotopes leaking into the groundwater, as is in motion at the Fukushima nuclear disaster site, is another.

GW:  But as far as an atomic explosions?  Good heavens, no.  No way.

Why an atom-bomb-style nuclear explosion can’t occur at a nuclear power station, you can read about here, but uncontrolled criticalities may occur.   At least 60 criticality accidents have been recorded since 1945. These have caused at least 21 deaths; see Review of Criticality Accidents.  At the Fukushima site, there’s evidence suggesting fissioning was still occurring in the rubble in 2013.

Watch the first couple minutes.

Watch the first couple minutes.

That what can go wrong at a nuclear power plant is underscored by the incredible eye witness testimony of Chernobyl’s Reactor 4 Machine Operator Youri Korneevis @ 00:01:50 in The True Battle of Chernobyl Uncencored, describing the rainbow-colored column of fire that reached a thousand meters into the sky.

BW:  What kinds of accidents can actually happen at a nuclear reactor generator plant?

GW:  You could lose your moderator… and the reactor ‘d shut down, the control rods stick down… you wouldn’t be able to start it up.. um… You might do several things that would invalidate some of the safety controls, for instance an emergency core cooling system.  The only reason the put ECCS on a reactor is to destroy it.  When you start these big babies up, because they’re so big, they only warm ‘em up 50 degrees an hour.  And they say, “we got an emergency; throw the emergency core cooling system on”, like they did at THree Mile Island too, you’re gonna thermally shock that big machine and ruin it so it can never be used again.

Complete nonsense.  The emergency core cooling system has been an integral part of reactor design since Reactor B at Hanford.  If you take the tour, the Hanford tour guides, some of whom worked the plant, will explain it to you in detail.   

@ 00:56:31 —:  BW:  Let’s talk about Three Mile Island.  What, what really happened there?  We’ve heard kinds of stories… about meltdown, and made movies on it, that this this meltdown could melt right through the earth clear through to China, and um… we’ve seen lots of scare stories.  What really happened at Three m’ – Do you know what really happened there?

GW:  Yes I do. I followed that one very closely.  In fact I know the guys personally who wrote the script for China Syndrome, and also wrote the script for the Three Mile Island fiasco.  Dale Bridenbaugh, Dick Hubbard and Greg Minor – he used to work with me at General Electric, for the MBH Asscociates, who wrote that China Syndrome script.  And not only that… Remember that was the time China Syndrome came out.  Jane Fonda’s story, 14 months ahead of the TMIa accident, it was predicted in writing in New York State that that accident would happen, one year to the day that that Three Mile Island 2 reactor started up.  It started up in March 1978 and it went down March 28, 1979, right on the day (laughs) one year anniversary.  In other words: with 14 months in advance notice, the industry still went along with the sham.

@ 00:57:49  Nothing happened there, except that they owner, the operator and the regulators conspired to turn it off.

BW:  What melted?

GW:  The top of the fuel rods, the 3rd time that the core got uncovered, due to internal pressure blew the top off some of those rods.  They got internal  [or in-canal?] springs in them to keep the pellets, fuel pellets, from vibrating when it’s running.  Most things are under compression and when they reduced the outside pressure, and the fuel rods were still hot, it blew the top off some of those fuel rods. The fuel rods in TMI-2 were internally pressurized to about 1200 PSI with Helium gas, so that they don’t reverse [them?] when they’re hot and running for 5 years.  And when they dropped the outside pressure while that internal pressure, where those hot rods, blew the side out of some of those rods, at the top.  But melting?  The fuel is already an oxide ceramic, it’s a pellet, it’s been pressed into a ceramic.  When you pick it up and feel it, it feels like a metal; it’s pressed so very very tight, hard,… and so: No, the fuel didn’t melt.  The China Syndrome is a scriptwriters’ fantasy.

Here’s the movie trailer:

@ 00:59:06 —:  Right here I’ll tell a story , I guess… [laughs]  See, I spent three weeks on the island in March 1981, the two-year anniversary of this particular “accident”; and Tom Hall, who stood alongside Enrico Fermi when they pulled the control rods on 100B on October 1944 at Hanford, and I, were delegated to go to the island and find out what happened and so we did.  We went over all the records and everything else and there, as we could tell from performance records… 51 thermocouples for instance… only one of which went over a 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit… the center-lying temperature of those rods… when they’re running is 4,032 degrees Fahrenheit, [laughs] and so… They say things like, “over 50% of the core was greater than 4,000 degrees.”  Yes it was, if it wasn’t running at 100% power.  So they take that kind of information and bugger it all up so that you don’t understand what’s going on.  They’ll give you a little bit of it.  Well, the worst joke that people could dream up and they says, Do you know what the NRC’s worst nightmare is?  “No, I don’t know what that is.” [answer:]  Galen Winsor and Tom Hall in the TMI-2 Control Room for an hour by themselves.  [hehehe – Ben Williams is heard chuckling]  You know why people that know laugh?  These crazy guys from Hanford would ‘ve started that baby up and showed that it would run.  We would have started it up.  And they were afraid of us.

BW:  So there was no accident at Three Mile Island?

GW:  No, they did it on purpose.

BW: Very interesting.

@ 01:00:54 —: BW:  Can nuclear radiation cause mutation in people and animals?

GW:  If a cell gets too much radiation it dies.  And so if it is a sperm or an ovacite, the die.  They don’t reproduce. And there are no mutations.  I thank the good Lord built that safety factor in.

BW:  So you’re saying that mutation in future generations is an unfounded fear?

GW:  Yes, and the studies of the people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki have born that out.  Most people do not have that.  Now, they show the immediate effects of too much radiation. The women who were pregnant showed… the embryo showed the effects of… very similar to rubella, measles.  Some deformity, certainly, from that in… radiation insult, but that’s not the kind of mutation that’s gonna go to the next generation.

May I suggest one have a look at Photographer Paul Fusco’s Chernobyl legacy photos @ of which this is just one example:   

Chernobyl legacy Photo by © Paul Fusco Click image to see more of his work at Magnum Photos

Chernobyl legacy Photo by © Paul Fusco Click image to see more of his work at Magnum Photos

Watch ‘Chernobyl Heart’ Learn about the effects of Depleted Uranium used in Iraq…  (etc. etc.).  Again, Galen’s spewing lies.

BW:  Galen, what and where are these burial sites and what’s in them, for this so-called nuclear waste.  I’ve been hearing about these stainless steel containers buried in concrete under the ocean… boiling for over 2,000 years.

@ 01:02:13 —:   GW:  That sound like a real story. Let me start out by saying there are no nuclear wastes, only materials created in a reactor to be recovered and used beneficially.  Now, high-level waste: radioactive and self-heating.  And so, fuel, like reusable Uranium fuel, fits that definition.  But, if you disregard its intrinsic worth, why then, yeah, it would fit the definition of high-level waste.  But let’s say there isn’t any high-level waste, only material to be recovered and used beneficially, then what’s the low-level waste fiasco?   

Now that you already know the guy just makes up shit, these allegations may say more about Galen Winsor’s sick mind than what’s actually happening:

GW:  That’s an excuse for a federally mandated non-inspectable disposal system, so that organized crime can get rid of any evidence that they want; and it can never be dug up again.

@ 01:03:07 —:   BW:  They’re afraid to look in there.

GW:  Not afraid.  They don’t want you to.  They’ve got rules on the transport so that if you have an accident with a low-level radioactive waste shipment, well you call out all the State Police, make sure nobody looks at it, that nobody gets exposed, that there’s no spreading of the contaminated material.  It’s also that you don’t find out whose body’s in that drum.  The situation got so bad that the smell of human flesh was so great that they made it so that you can ship animal, biological waste, in refrigerated vans, so that it wouldn’t stink up before you got away…

BW:  Then what is in these low level, or whatever, containers under the ocean?

GW:  Nothing.  But if you… see… They were one time dropping barrels of radioactive waste off barges in the ocean.  You know what was in ‘em?  Not high-level self-heating radioactive waste.  It probably had a few bodies and a few guns, and a few knives, and a few evidences in them too.  If you drop ‘em in the ocean, they are truly disposed of.  You know there’s an international trade in that right now?  You can’t do it in the United States.  SO they trans-ship it across the ocean to SOuth Africa and they can bury it off-shore.

BW: So…

GW:  What is in those drums?!

BW:  That’s what you’re telling me… That I needn’t worry about boiling drums under the ocean for 2,000 years.

GW: No.  No way.

BW:  Thank you.  I’m glad to know that.   Well, one more question, Galen, what do you feel like a good portion of these men in congress know this already?

@ 01:04:51 —:   GW:  I know they do.  I went there four years ago and sat down with the Senate legal staff and told them an hour and a half long… sad… story and Sam Bolinger, one of the lawyers, stood up and he says, “Galen, if I understand you right, you want to have President Reagan snap his finger and have this thing come up straight.”  And I says, “Hey Sam, terrific.  Go ahead and do it.”  He didn’t take that challenge.   He says, “No… I’ll tell you what, Galen:  Industry likes it the way that it is.”  I says, “Sam, you really know how to hurt a guy.”  And he says, “Well, if we change it, what are we going to do for an encore?”   Yeah, they are fully aware that this thing goes on as far up as the president of the United States.  It’s the way the industry wants it.  The industry is its own problem then.

BW: So the question is then, “What is the industry?  What is the real story here?  Is this an industry of nuclear energy?”

GW:  The industry has been ripping it off for years and years.  In 1975 we knew that large nuclear reactors were dead, that large is not the way to go.  The way to go is small mass-produced nuclear reactors sitting right in the middle of town, one every ten blocks, producing power. We haven’t built a reactor right yet.  Time that we do it.  Why haven’t we?  Because of the federal energy cartel.  These guys control the amount of electricity, the availability, and the price.  And they say, “You do not have a choice.”

GW @ 1:06:32 —:  I have a choice.  I’m gonna take one of those decommissioned nuclear subs up in Puget Sound, refuel it, and generate my own electricity.  Save the government five million dollars, ‘cause that’s what they want thrown away.  I will use it for my own power.  Quinn Millon up in Omaak, Washington, and I are moving on that. And if  one of these days I hook one of ‘m up to pier 91 in Seattle, don’t be surprised.  [laughs]

BW:  Well, good luck.  [Audience laughter.]

——  /// cuts to PART 3 /// ———

@ 01:07:08 —:  I’m Galen Winsor, and I though I’d show a few hands-on practical things that have to do with ‘nuclear scare scam’.   Now, you’ve heard that gamma energy, the kind of energy that comes off a rock like this [holds up rock], is the most penetrating, most damaging of all radiation.  And not only that. here is uranium, the parent of Radon, and they say: “If you can measure, detect, Radon in a home, then it’s bad.”  If you exceed the EPA’s limit, it’s reason to run you out of your home.  They spent 13,000 dollars, like they did with Stanley Roger’s house in Pennsylvania the other day, to get rid of the Radon, to ventilate it out through.  Ridiculous.  Let’s take ‘m one at a time…

@ 01:07:56 —:  This is a rock that I picked up in [?], Colorado:  16 weight percent Uranium.  High-grade Uranium.  Hot.  I read a thing the other day that said they had high-grade Uranium… and lo and behold, it’s too hot to transport, so they had to bury it on-site.  Oh wonderful.  Let’s talk a little bit about radiation.  If we can -um, yeah, yup… we’re picking up.  If you put the… right there, the meter goes up the scale… You can hear it, alright? [ticking sound of Geiger Counter detecting more radiation near rock.] Hot!  Radiation, Gamma radiation, the most penetrating of all radiation… Oh, is it?  All I got between the rock and the tube is my hand.  Doesn’t count for very much, does it?  What if I put the rock behind me?   You don’t suppose they’ve been lying to you, do you?  I suspect they have!  Well, let’s do a little bit more.

This is really pathetic: he’s insinuating that gamma rays are being shielded by his body (less Geiger Counter ticking when he puts his body between the radiation source and the Geiger Counter), yet while doing so, he increases the distance.   

@ 01:09:15 —:   I got a black bottle.  This stuff comes in white bottle.  A bottle of nodo’s {?}  You can send children down to the drug store to buy nodo’s; all they need is money.  In this are 6… 60 white caffeine pellets.  And this one is Uranium Oxide, U-308, you can’t buy it for love nor money.  The State of Washington sent two of their Gestapo agents over to my home to confiscate my Uranium samples on the 17th of December last year.

I got a challenge. I’d like to have somebody in the room volunteer to take all of this bottle or all of this bottle.  The only thing is that one of them won’t hurt you, and the other will kill you. You want the white stuff, or the black stuff?  The white stuff?  If you do, there’s enough in there to kill four men your size [points at audience].   The government says, “We’ve got to ban this material. It’s radioactive.” [hold up other bottle]   Let’s check it…

From the bottom of the bottle… not very radioactive…  Let’s take the cap off… [heavy ticking]  Oh my goodness… very radioactive.  This instrument will only count gamma energy.  It’s just energy, like what’s coming off those lights.

Again he’s equating gamma rays and visible light.  So stupid… 

GW:  Only you’re getting a lot of infrareds from the lights as well as ultraviolent.  Energy responds.  And it’s very carefully [… ?] to only discriminate it, so it only gets the energy that comes from this. [holds up Uranium Oxide];  I don’t want it to respond to a light, just to this.  ‘Cost me a 1,000 dollars to get an instrument that would just respond to this and not to that.

@ 01:11:23 —:  This is radioactive by any definition.  Radioactive material giving off radiation, that is read by an instrument like this.  The daughter of this, Radon, cannot be read on this instrument ‘cause it gives of Alpha particles.  An Alpha particle’s a bi-positive… a particles that comes from the nucleus.. .has tow protons and two neutrons, therefore and atomic weight of four, and it’s minus two ecltrons, and if you grab it with a high ionization potential counter, it will count, but if it travels two inches in air or through a piece of paper, it picks up two electrons, two beta particles if you will, and becomes Helium gas, and it won’t count on an ionization chamber.  Did you know that this thing right here [U-208 rock] is giving of Helium … gas.  Alpha, comes from Uranium, okay.. radioactive material.

@ 01:12:23 —:   You pour it out in the hand… [pours it onto his hand]  and that’s radioactive contamination.  Is it radioactive? [tests with counter]  Yeah, it is, very radioactive.  Now, decontamination is nothing but scooping it back up and putting it back in the bottle.   I just now decontaminated my hand.  No, I didn’t do such a good job.  Not good at all.  Is it still radioactive?  Yeah.  That’s called residual radioactivity.  Now, under the decontamination rules of the government, when you decontaminate somebody like this, who’s that contaminated – and this is certainly a reportable incident under current DOE regulation – when you decontaminate, it has to go down a controlled drain, so that you don’t disperse radioactivity.



@ 01:13:20 —:   Do I qualify as a controlled drain?  [licks his Uranium Oxide contaminated hand clean, tests tongue with Geiger Counter]  That material that I just ate, is not soluable in body fluids.

[odd audiovisual disturbance: two videos overlap briefly] ///… it’s been this… /// [cross-video-talk]

GW:  Prior to this, it’s been 942 degrees… where it become U-308 [???] known in the industry as HCL insoluable, in other words it will not dissolve in concentrated hydrochloric acid. Ha!  Your stomach has […?] hyrdochloric acid in it, so it won’t even dissolve.  The stuff is so fine that it has no texture to it, doesn’t even feel rough.  SO it’s tastless, odorless, has no texture, how is it supposed to hurt me?  Because I’ve been eating this on lecture tour for two years, the State of Washington felt it neccessary to confiscate my Uranium samples, so that I would be safe.  Dr. Fulton from the Hanford Environmental Health Foundation called up and said, “Hey, I heard one of your guys overdosed on Uranium today, Galen.”  And we talked for a little while and he says [laughs], “Oh that was you!” And I says, “Listen, I can eat all that stuff I want.”  he says, ‘It will ruin your kidneys.  How are your kidneys?”  They’re fine.   “Well you should have been chelated within four hours.”  Follow me around the country, give me chelation every four hours on lecture tour?  He says, “We’ll give you any medical assistance that you need, Galen.  We don’t want anything to happen to you.

(Wiki: Chelation Therapy.)  So while he started touring, he had the full support of the nuclear establishment, who promised to provide “any medical assistance that you need, Galen”, including chalation therapy any time he would do his nutty demonstration.  Rather unusual that when one verbally attacks the government that they’re there for you to make sure you don’t get hurt in the process.  Or are we supposed to ignore all these inconsistencies? 

GW:  I said, “Does that include turning out the federal SWAT team four days ago to get me?”   Where are these guys coming from?

@ 01:15:19 —:   Well,… Here’s a piece of metal.  Density at 19.  19.0  If you now your chemistry and physics, you know that there are only two metals that have that density: Plutonium and Uranium.  Radioactive pyrophoric density of 19.  Outside a laboratory, none of you can tell me if this is Uranium, Plutonium, or a mixture of the two.  Now I said that it’s heavy, and it is… Lets see if it is radioactive. [tests with Geiger Counter, heavy ticking]  Yeah it is.  Pyrophoric, what does that mean?   Pyro = fire .. black on the end… [sparks ‘m]  The spark that just came off there is pyro, fire,… if it’s Plutonium, I just contaminated this area of Arizona, in excess of the EPA’s limit for one square mile of surface.  Somebody laughed.  It’s serious!  The under progress altogether says that I just contaminated you in excess of the limit for one square mile.  It’s now silver on the end.  Tomorrow it will be black, because it self-oxidizes, all by itself.  Plutonium does that and Uranium does that.

@ 01:11:16 —:  Is it hazardous?  Yeah, ‘cause they take depleted Uranium metal and make it into .50 caliber bullets, fire ‘em from shoulder-held weapons.  In 1976 they obsoleted tank warfare with these things, because it only takes one dog face, with one weapon, to knock out a 65 ton tank.  It will go through 3 inches of armored plate; and when it comes out the other side, it’s that white hot spark that we just made.  And the five men in that tank are dead, because it will burn all the oxygen out of the air, and burn their flesh.   1976, they obsoleted tank warfare.  And you never even knew that.  They make 10,000 of those bullets every day in the United States.  We have enough of an arsenal to sink all of Russia’s tanks.  And our boys in the defense department don’t even talk about it.  Yeah, it’s hazardoes to your health.  Reminds me [laughs]… um..

Effects of Depleted Uranium (Democracy Now! report):

And, to counter his next set of utter propaganda bullshit, Lead poisoning is actually very serious.   Comprehensive overview of symptoms, & treatment of lead exposure in children and adults. 

@ 01:18:01 —:  Lead is hazardous to your health too, particularly if it’s in a .45 slug like this and hits your right here [chest], going about 600 feet per second.  It’s not the material.  It’s the impact from the velocity. 

Lies again.  See also hereherehereherehere, etc..  

GW:  We must be very specific in the words that we use.  This particular chunk of lead came out of a human body.  My son, who’s a deputy Sheriff, thought maybe I could use it on tour.  That’s called, “dying of lead poisoning.”  Anything less is a figment of the imagination, because it’s not soluable in body fluid either.

Another lie.  He just doesn’t know how to stop lying, does he?  Key aspects of the solubility of lead and its compounds in serum or body fluids, how lead is carried in the blood stream, how it is absorbed from the mucous membranes and respiratory tract, has been known since the 1920s – see here.    See also this Cornell University study about the  Gastrointestinal Absorption of Lead.

GW:  This is a pellet of Cobalt-59.  If you put it in a reactor into a neutron field, you can convert Cobalt-59 to Cobalt-60, which gives off a Gamma; it becomes the source that doctors use to irradiate patients at 27,000 Roentgen, for one patient.  The total dose absorbed by radiation workers at Three Mile Island in the last six years is something like 1,500 Roentgen.  Five times more given to a single individual in a doctor’s facility.  Now do you know why I say that the federal regulations are absurd?  And if you live by those federal regulations maybe you’re being absurd too?

@ 01:19:24 —:   Now, a pellet of Cobalt-60 this size got shipped, by mistake, to Mexico, got dilulted into 5,000 tons of iron.  Some of the reinforcing rod(s) came up to Los Alamos, New Mexico, and they says, “Hey that’s stuff is radioactive!”  Understand that this single pellet, diluted roughly a factor of 1 billion, is what they were reading on with a detector like this at Los Alamos.  And so they pulled back table legs that were made of it in Spokane, Washington, made out of the same batch, ‘cause it was hot.  And radioactive.  And it would burn you.  When the pellet itself could be held in your hand like that for a few minutes without it burning you.   Now Christ walked the Earth a billion minutes ago.  If I could stretch this pellet out into a wire and it went clear around the Earth and right back here to Phoenix, a billionth of this amounts to 1.7 inches of that wire so stretched out.  Stagger your mind?  It ought to.  Now, let’s try a little game.

@ 01:20:44 —:    The EPA says that 5 picoCuries per liter of air is the limit for 222 Radon.  And they handle that like it’s a real number.    Madam Curie says that one gram, one gram of Radium equals 1 Curie, equals 2.22 times 10 to the 12th disintegrations per minute.  And that’s the basic definition of radioactivity.   How many disintegrations is this [points at 5 pCi] Shall we find out? [writes on squeeky dry erase board:  0.00000000011 disintegrations per minute]  and the EPA, in its wisdom, says that 11 disintegrations per minute from one liter of air… you’ve exceeded the limit.  You know what I did the other day?  I’ve been having some little tough with these legal authorities up in my house, so I took one of these bottles of Uranium, like this, and I dissolved it in an Earlmeyer Flask with nitric acid.  I got a crack in the basement floor, and I squirted that whole bottle into the crack in the floor, in acid solution, so it will drive that counter off-scale anywhere along that 10-feet section that I put.  When they bring the Radon measurement in there, you know what the Radon’s gonna do?  It’s gonna go off-scale their measurement.  I won’t go that high.  If […?’s] house with 17 times this limit was made to spent 13,000 dollars, given National TV coverage, press coverage, think what Galen Winsor’s house is like?  [audience laughter]  I went to the trouble to notify my Congressmen about it.  Mike Lawrence, the manager of the Department of Energy in the Pacific Northwest, my State Representative Ray Isaakson, a few other few people, including the banker and the liars in appeal court.  What are they gonna do with that?  I sat ‘m up on that last Thursday and I went down to Phoenix. [laughs]  I escaped the falder-all.  What I’m saying to you is that the federal regulations are absurd.  The congressmen that put ‘em into place ought to be fired, they ought to be sent home.  The regulators, what do you do with them?  Quit paying ‘em!

@ 01:23:47 —:    The taxpayer, the electorate, elects those people to go out and do a job.  Why do you continue to pay ‘em when they’re teaching you baloney?  When they put in regulations that put in any sense?  Cut it out!  Quit paying ‘em.  Fire ‘em! Send ‘em home!  The term I grew up with says, ‘Can ‘em!’  Is it easy?  Apparently not. You haven’t got’n the job done.  The majority in the congress is irresponsible, amoral, atheistic, irresponsible,… let’s see how many more adjectives can I drum up? But that many.

Let me tell you:  We as a people sent a bunch of rascals out to the energy store with assigned blank check.  And we say, “hey fellows, if you run out of money, just go build us a good power plant.  If you run out of money, we’ll give you another signed blank check, and guarantee the payment out of the rate payer’s pocket.

@  01:24:49 —:    Tennessee Valley Authority has the most nuclear reactors of any outfit in the place.  Not one of them has produced any power since last August.  Brown’s Ferry 1, 2 and 3 in Mississippi hasn’t produced any power since last March.  And they don’t plan on producing any power at Brown’s Ferry until mid-year in ’86.  At a million dollars a day in lost power revenue per plant?!  And held off in the name of health and safety?  Now tell me we didn’t send rascals out to the energy marketplace with a signed blank check.  They’re still getting paid.  Those reactors are all fully fueled, fully staffed, and just sitting there.  Who’s getting taken?  The ratepayer.  Your’re still paying more and more for your electricity, all of the time.

@ 01:25:52 —:  Now, Bonneville Power Administration says that 57 % availability is okay for a nuclear reactor.  Maine Yankee is often run at 103% availablility, which means it’s running over nameplate rating and of the days out of the year that it’s average it’s 100%.  Bonneville Power Administration [of the?] Dept. of Energy says the 57% availability is okay.  That means you can let those things sit down 43% of the years and that’s judged as an acceptable performance on the part of the government.  There’s an obvious answer: put the government out of the energy regulating business.  Turn those plants over to people who will run ‘them efficiently 100% of the time.  When we put in 0% release containment, we started playing games.  By the time we prove that a nuclear power plant has no measurable effect on the environment, that’s when they bottle them up, put catalytic re-combiners on ‘em.  Some of the reactors in Texas were designed not to breath for 8 years, at great expense.  Why?  When you bottle up a reactor like TMI2 does, then you get radiolitic hydrogen, indeed.  They had a radiolitic hydrogen burn at TMI too.  And they moan and the groan about that.  And all they had to do was open up the windows and let the breezes run through.  You don’t need containment on them.

@ 01:27:23 —:  I’m going up to Colorado this weekend to meet with the Iranian Producers Association.  And they’re upset because the government is dumping Uranium on the market and ruining the price of the commodity they get bread and butter from.  But what they’re totally unaware of is that the Grant Junction operation office is going to issue a contract so that the new operator has a $25 million budget over the next 5 years, 80% of which will be spent on remedial action.  Where you take this material, dig it up, if it counts on a Geiger Counter, you can have ‘em come in and change out the whole front yard, give me a new front yard, new foundation on your house at government’s expense.  If you don’t do it, they’ll take you down to the courthouse, blacklist your property so that you have to remove the radioactivity at your own expense before it can be sold.  Now, do you know what I did when I took that Uranium solution and poured it in the crack in my house?  I set up the United States government, and that episode is about to be played.  Did I do it on purpose?  Yeah I did.  Just like I used to dive into that swimming pool and drink that Cesium-contaminated water.  I found out that it doesn’t hurt me.  You need to find out that it doesn’t hurt me or you.

@ 01:28:49 —:   In fact, the only reason for the existence of these big trans-continent distribution lines  would be is they could compete with a small mass-produced reactor sitting in your backyard.  WHy don’t they want you to?  Because they are the federal energy cartel.  They like to set the price, the total availability, and whether you can hook onto it.  And if you don’t pay your bill, they’d cut you off.  That’s called, power, domain, and control.  And they like that.  They do not want you to be energy independent.

@  01:29:31 —:    If you had one of these sitting in every 10-block area in Phoenix, you could tell the rest of the world to get lost.  Oh, they’re not used to that heat.  You could heat your homes in the winter times, or you could cool ‘m in the summertime with it.  Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, they call it: HVAC.  In countries where it freezes, you can run that hot water out, chase the frost away in the spring and in the fall.  And they found out that plants grow faster in warm water anyway, so you could irrigate with it all summer.  So, cooling towers are called wasting towers.  They throw over 50% of the heat away.  The other morning, coming out of TriCities, WMP2 was putting its 700 megaWatt electric up through the clouds 870 they’re running at, and the clouds were running all over the ground and there was a little ice cream cone right out there and there’s WMP2.  It snows 5 inches every night at WMP2 and the rest of us don’t get any.  Where did the water come from?  That’s cooling the heat from the condenser-cooler.  You should have a business right out there, an oil cracking plant, something, taking that heat and using it.  Like they built in Midland, Michigan, ten years ago and they’ve never used.  And so Dow Chemical is suing the utility because they never produced the steam for their chemical plant right alongside it.

@ 01:31:08 —:    We’ve got troubles in this country.  I’m telling you what the problem is.  Doing something about it, ‘ responsibility is yours.    /// End video @ 01:31:19 — ///

——–   ——–   ——–   ——–   ——–   ——–   ——–

If it is true that he lived another 12 years after these videos were shot, Mr. Winsor stayed awfully silent about Chernobyl and all that followed.  The internet era took off over a decade before he allegedly died, and yet… nothing else than those few videos… no remnant website, nothing on Wikipedia, never mentioned on official nuclear history websites, nothing…   It’s only strange if you believed a word he said.  Here’s another oddity:

More Inconsistencies: Galen interviewed in 1993?

How does Galen WInsor show up on Radio Free America in 1993 if he died in 2008?

How does Galen Winsor show up on Radio Free America in 1993 if he died in 2008?

I was trying to find anything on this nutcase’s tall tale of having had the SWAT team come to his door.  Found nothing online about that.  But I stumbled upon this 1993 interview, in which he’s allegedly reporting about Israeli briefcase nuke technology in relation to to the 1992 World Trade Center’s bombing.  For the whole excerpt, see HERE, or see it at CONTACT – The Phoenix Project, April 20, 1993 for the same mention of the same March 23, 1993 interview on Radio Free America by host Tom Valentine, of Galen Winsor… (Paranoid Conspiracism and the Right) mentions Tom Valentine’s “Radio Free America”:

“[…]  The Sun Radio Network, essentially owned by Liberty Lobby, carried a popular daily program that churns the conspiracies “du jour” : Tom Valentine’s “Radio Free America.”   Midwest bureau chief for “Spotlight” , Valentine is a member of the advisory board of Liberty Lobby’s Populist Action Committee[…]”    (PS:  Wikipedia:Liberty Lobby:   Liberty Lobby attempted to promote a public image of being a conservative group with an emphasis on anti-communism, similar to the John Birch Society.)


My assessment is simple: Given the apparent false and deceptive propaganda throughout Mr. Winsor’s presentation, particularly the undeniable misinformation about what has been known about radioactivity for a long time, as well as the various observations made about connections to the sinister John Birch Society (and to a lesser degree the unusual speech patterning), my assessment is simple:  He’s a liar spreading disinformation.  Any claim made by, or story told by, Mr. Galen Winsor and his promotors can simply not be taken seriously.

Those who do not question the contents of his presentations are either disturbingly ignorant, or part of the same underlying right-wing corporate agenda to make people more easily  exploitable.

That there is a cartel-like power structure that keeps very cheap energy at bay does sound correct, though.

****** DISCLAIMER ******

May All Discord be Pacified

May All Discord be Pacified

Next:  Not sure yet…  (Making up this series as I go.)
[Last updated: April 30, 2014 + couple small edits since

Sept 28, 2014: link to another transcript added]

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19 Responses to The Spectrum of Nuclear News – PART 2: A look at Galen Winsor’s “Nuclear Scare Scam” (+ Video Transcript!)

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  4. Scout Paget says:

    Very well done. It’s disconcerting that there are folks out there who would discount years of science and visible evidence to believe a con-man of this type. If there is anything that is certain, it’s the dangers attached to nuclear power/energy. For anyone to claim that these realities are a scam and con the gullible and uneducated into believing it is to either be the lowest kind of charlatan, or a person with no human conscience. Or Both.

  5. Good work! Great Article…

    Galen Winsor – Hormesis Theory; Claims That If An Acute Dose Of Radiation Does Not Kill You Quickly, Then It Is Good For You

  6. jay joffe says:

    you’ve got no proof either. You have no access to gov’t installations or utility company installations. You don’t own any plutonium. So why should anybody believe you?

    • MVB says:

      Science not about believing. Mr. Galen makes enough bullshit statements to discern that you’re dealing with a con man. You’re free to believe anything you want, though.

      • jay joffe says:

        please tell me some of his statements which are bullshit and how you know they are bullshit. Without the precision I can’t know if you are just choosing to believe others over him or whether you really have some science behind what you say.

        • MVB says:

          Dear troll from Paris, please read the blog post…

        • Scout Paget says:

          Yeah, I think that you should go back and read MVB’s very detailed post, jay. There’s way more science backing up the Winsor was a conman theory than there is backing up this wacko’s suggestions.

          Winsor suggested that Hiroshima was hit by a firebomb (i.e. non-nuclear). Go look up how many families from that area are still dealing with cellular and DNA mutations and deformities from the radiation released that day in 1945. Shit, you have to be a moron not to see that as evidence – it doesn’t take a quantum-physicist to understand it either. And that’s just one example.

          • jay joffe says:

            [Admin: Troll Alert! Future comments from this non-contributing nonsense spewer will be ignored. Last comment left as-submitted:]

            I”ll overlook that perhaps you’re calling me a moron. It’s not hurtful as I don’t even know who you are. I don’t believe that winsor suggested that they wouldn’t have put nasty nuclear products in with the TNT. So it was dirty bombs. What does that prove? Marie Curie died. Does that mean she died from an atomic bomb? Please try again.

          • jay joffe says:


            Fuck your stinking blog.

            [snip: You’re banned: non-contributing drivel & vulgarities]

  7. Mat Dickie says:

    “Here’s a piece of metal. Density at 19. 19.0 If you now your chemistry and physics, you know that there are only two metals that have that density: Plutonium and Uranium.”

    Unlike him, I know my chemistry and physics. Gold is a metal.

  8. Raymond Windhorst says:

    I came across your blog by Google but not by any means to take sides.

    At the moment I do a feasibility study on whether these assertions of nuclear energy hold any merit. A case in particular has caught my interest lately, that being Chernobyl’s state of decay. Something rather strange is going on around Chernobyl.
    The radiation levels in its hot-zone show properties contrary to what we should see. In fact, there’s a large population of Wolves with no health concerns. Other wildlife shows no signs of radiation issues, including Chernobyl’s flora. This is strange, considering proposed adverse health effects in the long-run. The measured radiation levels in the hot-zone conclude a hazardous environment best avoided. But, animals in the area don’t follow the warning signs of a Geiger-Counter. Also, mutation markers found have not provided any conclusive material so far. That is to say, there are no zombie-like creatures waiting for humans.

    Chernobyl can show and teach us a lot of things about radioactivity and its effects. That is not to say we can be careless with radiation but we need to study both in theory and applied scenarios. I don’t propose that Chernobyl is safe to return and start a new life there. By any means, I have to assume Chernobyl to be unhealthy for the time being. Until Chernobyl, longterm radiation was not studied. In this regard, Hiroshima fails to be suitable for an isolated trial. But Chernobyl is the best clean cut material to study real effects of longterm radiation.

    My critique on your blog post is that you don’t foster an unbiased discussion. Sure you have your reasons.

  9. Pingback: Do you have any clue how dark it gets further down these corium-dug rabbit holes? | Allegedly Apparent Blog

  10. Paul Robert Mobley says:

    Hell hath no fury like a designer of a section of a nuclear plant thay got his program shut down and all that money he thought he was going to make disappered. This man died of lukemia for christ sake, and well regarded people in science still believe this man today. He was a con man mad at the government for taking away his golden goose and thats all.

  11. Joe says:

    what a load of crap. The moment I got to the “but they are a new source of power for satellites, I knew you’ve done no real research… Satellites are fake,

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