The Spectrum of Nuclear News – PART 1: “Yummy Radioisotopes”

DISCLAIMER – This is the beginning of an overview of examples of how reports on radioactivity and nuclear accidents has a rather incredible spectrum of views.  I’ll share some of my thoughts about it along the way.    In this blogpost:

  • Yum Yum Radioisotopes… – The view of Other-dimensional Beings:

On the most celebratory end of nuclear viewpoints we have the Spouses Irradia, extraterrestrial people from “the Radiation Dimension” itself, currently incarnated on Earth in humanoid form, who excitedly go uranium hunting to eat radioactive elements.  I’m not making this up, and would encourage reading up on this with an open mind.

Photos by Spouses Irradia

Photos by Spouses Irradia

This married couple, Ziria and Erkrieal (, known as “Spouses Irradia” (not to be confused with “The Irradia Couple”, as Ziria and her now-ex, Radiy (or ‘Radium’) were known!), share the following about themselves about their origins:

Ziria of the 'Irradia Couple' finds uranium and Thorium tasty.

Ziria of  ‘Spouses Irradia’ finds uranium and Thorium tasty.

Our enter to Planet Earth was implemented in different ways. Ziria’s incarnation was in Chernobyl, and was born at the time of the accident on 26 April 1986. Part of her mind came together with Halley’s comet in the night April 26, 1986 [mvb: Halley’s comet passed by earth April 10th 1986]. 

Erkrieal of 'Spouses Irradia'

Erkrieal of ‘Spouses Irradia’

Erkrieal’s consciousness was awakened inside the reactor Fukushima after incident at Fukushima in March 2011, his mind started to return to his body.

Aside from Ziria “having been a bird” and claiming to have carried over a different throat (she’s really good at bird imitations), they literally seek out radioactive rocks to eat them:

Ziria, of ‘Spouses Irradia’, eating radioisotopes.  CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH:
link changed to

!–> More Videos on the official Spouses Irradia YouTube Channel

For more information about them, see About Spouses Irradia and HubPages’ Extraterrestrial Spouses Irradia – Ziria and Erkrieal – the exclusive interview”.  If you don’t want to read the whole thing, here’s some excerpts, with my emphasis:

A necklace with radiation symbol, triangle and "all seeing eye" combination, worn by Erkrieal in below interview video

A necklace with nuclear radiation symbol, triangle and “all seeing eye” combination, worn by Radiy, the ex of Ziria (from whom she has distanced herself), as seen in below old Moscow interview video.

We love radiation […]  It does not tolerate dishonesty and lie. [..] 99.9 % of people think that radiation is dangerous. This is greatest misconception, created to slow down development of human race. […] There are many races in universe, more or less advanced than humanity. More advanced races faced the same problem in past and they already got rid of radio-phobia, which allowed them to develope in a new universal beings without resistance to natural flow of universe. […] The future is not to look for protection from radiation, but to look for a way to adopt to radiation and live together in harmony. […] People with good lifestyle have much better possibility to adopt to higher levels of radiation. But it takes patience and preparation at all levels (body, mind, soul).  Radiation is our daily life. We irradiate our bodies, we feel very pleasant close to very powerful sources of radiation. Most of people would get burned and could die close to so powerful sources, this is not our case. Radiation allows us to communicate with different dimensions, beings, we are able to feel what is hidden to most. […]  We come as a messangers from different dimension (radiation dimension) and we want to show you new direction.  […]  Our essence, soul and consciousness – is Radiation.  Radiation – a part of us, this is what we are.  Radiation – is the freedom of thought, freedom of perception, it is our life, a life that speaks to us and loves us!  In our diet we use our senses, what and when we specifically need and in what quantities.  Saturate our cells by radioisotopes, in order to obtain energy from them. […] A very important point is that we have genetically different chemical composition of the body. If the basis of a person’s life are the chemical elements such as nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, then for us it is elements like: radium, plutonium, uranium, radon, Deuterium / Tritium.  Our body works on the principle of “living nuclear reactor “, it is able to get energy from Radioactive Isotopes due to process of radioactive decay and radioactive synthesis. In our body occur a very complex processes of transmutation ( conversion ) radioisotopes due to the presence of neutron radiation in our bodies , as well as elementary particles at high energies. It means that our body is able to work on nuclear fuel (in the truest sense of the word).  We especially choose to live close to old uranium mines in Czech Republic, because we can easily find food here. […] People ask us, how it is possible we are still alive. We tell them, because of radiation. Radiation is our life.  […] We dream of working in the field of radiation research, close to powerful radiation sources. For example, help in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, in Chernobyl or space programs.  We would be very happy to cooperate with people that would be interested in our abilities and use them for good purpose. So far no offer like this came to us. […]  When we are in contact with radiation, we do not seek confrontation with it, due to this we are moving deeper and stronger in cooperation with it.  We accept radiation itself.  We do not resist it, we let it flow through ourself, it is a part of us and we are part of it.  We ask only one [thing] from people. Open your minds, hearts and souls to new knowledge. In past people thought earth is flat. Why cannot humanity change their view on radiation too? We are here to help.”

Another interview, as shared on

Predating ‘Spouses Irradia’, and not always with the best translation, this interview of the Ziria and her now-ex Radiy/Radium (not to be confused with Erkrieal, of ‘Spouses Irradia’!), done by Steward Swerdlow back when they were in Moscow, provides some more information, including their reflection on getting in trouble with the Russian FSL for gathering radioactive substances, and many more very interesting alternative perspectives about the nature of ionizing radiation.   It’s a bit slow, but worth attentively sitting through as well.  (Added: But please be advised that the current Spouses Irradia informed me that they no longer vouch for some 50% of what was said in this below video. I’m including it as it was the first video I saw on the alledged phenomenon awhile ago.)

!–> For more up-to-date information, see the Spouses Irradia Interview.



Back to the present, the services Spouses Irradia offer include: “Encrypted (Radiation) language — Development of a personal symbol/print for any purpose“,  “Adapting to Radiation“,  “Deprogramming of the mind – Healing” and more.

Note: Mentioning this here does not mean I vouch for any of it. (see my Disclaimer)

[Added]:  More perspectives offered by Irradia Spouses to be found in these links:

  • About theory of Radiation hormesis: More info:

Note:  There have been so many changes since posting, even their domain names, that I encourage visiting THEIR website: for the latest.  Added: April 17, 2014

Note: There have been so many changes since posting, even their domain names, that I encourage visiting THEIR website: for the latest.   [Updated: April 17, 2014.]

Some Reflections:

I might revisit this topic after additional research.  For now:

Before I went to Japan last fall for sightseeing, friends and a low-key set of exploratory shamanistic ceremonies intended to help shift the underlying dynamics of the horribly misguided nuclear era (See “Archetypal Dynamics of Nuclear Era“, “My Visit to Fukushima” and “New Painting: ‘Prayers for Fukushima’“), I befriended a kind musician in the Colorado Rockies region, who generously shared with me that he had tracked his celestial & dimensional soul origins to the Sun.  In other words, in many previous life times he remembers to having been a ‘Solar Being’.   He shared his understanding of bits and pieces of insights that had dawned on him since his time on the Sun:  Any one soul (being, spirit or ‘karmic package’, if you will) which/who comes into this solar system normally needs to first pass through the Sun, which acts as a gate.  The gate is well-guarded by advanced solar beings, who live inside the Sun.  If you’re not meant to be here, you don’t come in.  Nuclear explosions (2050+ atomic bombings) and the 435 nuclear power nuclear fission reactors around the world (+ an unknown number of military ones) have literally ‘made holes in the karmic-protective energetic fabric of this solar system’.  The result is that a growing number of souls being born in the physical and other-dimensial space in and around planet Earth are increasingly “of a soul background” that is “not aligned with the biological life dimension.”

When I first saw these Irradia videos over a year a ago (h/t JG), I wondered if they could be part of a covert pro-nuclear psychological operation (a crafty deceptive government, military or corporate PsyOp), but my gut feeling impression is that they’re not.  Not in that sense.  These souls truly might very well be whom they claim to be:  Emissaries (or is it “emissionaries” in this case? -j/k) of the “Radiation Dimension”, which means we could learn from them, but… “Radiation” may also be able to learn “from us” biological-reality loving beings.  That aspect doesn’t even seem to be on their radar.  I sense very little hearty humility.  It still could, however, – who knows, right? – be a beginning of an interdimensional dialogue (?) .   Now, listening to them, I’ve had plenty of yellow and red flags go up… They may be genuine in their convictions, but unaware of how ignorant they really are.  Think of European settlers invading the Indigenous-populated Americas… It might be similar, yet inter-dimensionally so.  And fighting these out-of-place souls with their “we’re here to help” (save, civilize,…) beliefs might be just as futile.

My friend from the Sun claims that many of the people in influential places of power, including higher-up politicians and industrialists, slipped in through these nuclear holes as well (not from the Radiation Dimension per se, but from other places in Space), managed to incarnate and that ‘the real reason’ nuclear power isn’t abandoned is that it is in these extraterestrial beings’ interest to keep the unguarded gates open.  They don’t want to get cut off from where they’re from, they’re actively ensuring “we” (who belong here) get run over by the tidal wave of their immigration.  He was very concerned.  These extraterrestrial or other-dimensional beings’ tools of deception (and claims of being ‘not that’) are so powerful many terrestrials, sedated with television, pop music, and toxic food, fall for it.   ‘They’ actually don’t care what people think.  I’m more inclined to take the concern of “the Solar Being” serious than the apparent self-portrayal of some of these “Radiation Dimensionals”.

As far as their “dream of working in the field of radiation research, close to powerful radiation sources such as at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, in Chernobyl or space programs”, I would be extremely careful to let these beings anywhere near.  After all, they “love radiation” so much that a more radioactive planet would be in line with their other desires… .   

Now, look at Japan, whether the current cabinet is infested with extraterrestial souls or “merely” incapable to courageously shaking off the influence of “The Nuclear Spell“, I don’t know, but, given 80% popular opposition,  it’s pretty striking that Japan is going forward with Plutonium production anyways, and -the face of shortsightedness – Japan has announced they’ve “withrawn their commitment to a nuclear-free future“, aiming to restart 1/3rd of its nuke plants…   Madness.

All of this surely is “food for contemplation…



Next in this series:  Part 2: Enthusiast of weapons of mass destruction likes swimming in spent fuel pool.  What’s the fuss about Galen Winsor & his so-called “The Nuclear Scare Scam”?

[Last edited: April 17, 2014]

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