Documentary: Chernobyl Heart (2003) – Must See! + Implication Fukushima…

Chernobyl Heart, just by itself, is a worthwhile independent on-site report of some of the effects of Chernobyl’s legacy on children in Belarus.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:

!!!—>   <– WATCH IT !

Click image to watch it at:

Click image to watch it at:

About the documentary:

Chernobyl Heart is a 2003 documentary film by Maryann DeLeo. The film won the Best Documentary Short Subject award at the 2004 Academy Awards.

In the film, Ms. DeLeo travels through Ukraine and Belarus with Adi Roche, the Irish founder of the Chernobyl Children’s Project International, observing the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on the health of children in the area. Many children suffered from a previously unknown cardiac degradation condition known in the area as “Chernobyl heart”, in addition to other severe radiation poisoning effects.

Why I’m sharing this now:

I’m bringing this up ’cause the nuclear industry’s propaganda machine is going at full strength and some people are falling for their outright lies, omissions and deceptions.   This is a very serious crossroads the world is at, and if we collectively fail to move away from nuclear fission technology, more INES-7 level nuclear accidents (or worse) are practically guaranteed.

It is not because I’m finding that likely most of the food in Japan and abroad, at least those from the less-contaminated regions (!), is still relatively safe (see HERE), or just because I discovered that the 2012-2014 ‘radiation scare’ on the US West Coast amounted to little else than hyped fear-mongering. (See my 2013 lab tests of Japanese kelps HERE and related sample tests results from Northern California HERE; with additional key observations in ‘Cs-137 vs. K-40‘ and ‘Pointers to see through Nuclear Deceptions‘), that the situation in the badly contaminated regions is something go be in denial about. It remains extremely dangerous in the long run, especially for young children.

Most of Chernobyl's Cs-137 fallout is shown on this map.  Most of Fukushima's fallout blew east into the Pacific Ocean and beyond.  The small part that did deposit on the Japanese Islands is similar in contamination levels seen at the worst affected parts of Europe after Chernobyl.  Click Image for more.

Most of Chernobyl’s Cs-137 fallout is shown on this map. Most of Fukushima’s fallout blew east into the Pacific Ocean and beyond. The small part that did deposit on the Japanese Islands is similar in contamination levels seen at the worst affected parts of Europe after Chernobyl. Click Image for more.

As I mentioned, already way back (March 29, 2011, Cs-137 fallout rivals Chernobyl), and reiterated (Nov 17, 2013 – How I Prepared to visit the Fukushima Prefecture), the contamination of some UNEVACUATED areas, such as in and around  Nihonmatsu City, Koriyama, Kawamata, and Fukushima City (combined un-evacuated populations: over half a million) is on par with the worst contaminated areas in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.  (See the Fukushima versus Chernobyl Fallout Map comparison yourself)  Without more thorough decontamination, nutritional education and other preventative measures (including evacuating families with young children), this ongoing nuclear disaster is unfortunately bound to give rise in the coming decades to very similar health problems (and similar cover-ups) discussed in the above documentary.   Rumor has it, it’s already much worse than acknowledged by Japanese and North-American so-called authorities (See NosebleedsLeukemia, testicular cancer, thyroid problems, rectal bleeding, brain tumor, immune system weakening, etc.)

Added: Fairewinds Energy Education, Mar. 20, 2014: Cancer Risk To Young Children Near Fukushima Daiichi Underestimated

On that note…, :-(  the radioactive leaking into the groundwater is getting worse with no end in sight yet, and contamination of the Pacific Ocean continues; things have only gotten worse since my July 31, 2013 *Red Alert* on the groundwater contamination.  Most notably, Strontium-90 contamination is on the rise and yet barely monitored in food.

I recommend this documentary especially to those in denial of the seriousness of the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters, as well as those who fell for the unbelievably deceptive nuclear propaganda bullshit marathon, known as Pandora’s Promise“.  If you’ve sat through that, do yourself a favor and watch Chernobyl Heart (= the YouTube link) and educate yourself on Dose Deceptions and the nuclear industry’s ongoing banana nonsense. It is only one little glimpse behind the scenes of a massive (ongoing) official cover-up.

And this view of mine does not take away either that through positive intentions, prayers (see additions under my latest painting, ‘Prayers For Fukushima’) and various subtle-energy-shifting ways (pondered here and on my Visit to Fukushima), and who knows what helpful technologies have yet to be invented, that the region and people can’t be healed.  I hold the vision that it can.   I think a lot more is possible, and I hold a lot of hope for the  badly contaminated areas too, but denial about the actual current situation is not a helpful part of moving in that direction.   Just felt like saying that.

Some of my other blogposts on this topic, see HERE.


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