New fractures appearing all over planet: Fukushima may break Earth in 666 pieces (!!!). 200,000+ blog views.

Just kidding.  That’s a joke.  This blogpost is actually about Blog Statistics, and the kinds of blogposts that get viewed, and the ones that don’t:

Totally irrelevant, this blog zapped by the mile post, “200,000 views“.  But what actually is “interesting” (sort of…) is the fact that when I expressed serious concern over radioactive seaweeds I found for sale in Japan (see, for instance, my “Visit to Fukushima…”), it drew unusual heightened attention, yet when I finally found out that my alarm was overblown, and that the radioactivity was due to nothing more than naturally occurring Potassium (Lab Results Full Disclosure and Summary; and Cs137 versus K40), there was, very clearly, … notably: not that much interest (whatsoever actually), even if I went through the effort of posting many more comments on Facebook and EneNews about this finding.   Blog stats showing the recent weekly traffic:

Bad news sells.  Good news that proves my concerns wrong... doesn't.

Bad news “sells”.  Good news that proves my concerns wrong… -interestingly – doesn’t…  (so far)

The reason (and “unreasonable motivations”) for taking my blog down completely for 3 weeks, I have not touched upon since “Dec 23, 2013 – Blog RadioSilent“, but traffic resumed back to “normal levels” (100+ visitors & 150+ views per day, on average) very shortly after returning.

The way I see this: the reason is energetic: many people may  not really be seeking the truth, they might simply be seeking “triggers” for what they wish to heal.  ‘Bad news’ that could trigger al kinds of fears, intimidations, deep sadness, feelings of despair, powerlessness, etc… all of that has (apparently) an unconscious appeal… it pulls.  And so, not surprisingly from this viewpoint, when FACTS dispel the previous grounds for concern, … nah… Ef thát!   That simply does not pull.  No charge to it.  It’s just undeniable data that cannot be spun into a freak’n monstah’ story.  Just boring truth…  They seek ‘healing’, not ‘truth’.

I’ve come to ponder… perhaps most people are not seeking truth, maybe they’re all just “seeking healing”, and “bad news” is just ‘a way to heighten’ (energetically) what they deep-down wish to heal…   That is the sad, very sad, impression I’m left with; after seeking the truth myself.  Yet, from a healing perspective, it’s no sad, it’s awsome.  I just wish people were more deliberate and conscious about it.  There’s a lot of help out there.

No idea about new fractures, by the way, just thought I’d pick a silly subject title.

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