Why I Oppose Nuclear Energy Production (+ pretty pics ;-) )


Now that I got to the bottom of those radioactive seaweeds I found for sale in Japan (See the SUMMARY of my ‘Independent LAB TEST RESULTS’ (Hokkaido Kelp, etc.) The Potassium-40 data has been added!!! – or the blogpost before the summary if you want all details); I’m finally ready to shift my attention back to other fields.

An overview of my blogposts on the topic will become easily accessible on the “Fukushima & Hanford Blogposts” page in the drop-down menu of the Nuclear tab (top bar, above).

Intention:  JANUARY 2014 is the last month of 2014 that I will write about Fukushima, unless things take a dramatic turn (I sure hope not).   As part of “signing off”, I want to say a few things…  I want to leave “reporting on Fukushima” (for the time being) on the right note.   So…

Just to reflect on Fukushima for another moment…  

It is not because I busted one aspect of the deception surrounding nuclear energy production and its consequences (Geiger-Counter-driven ‘scary radioactive food reports…’ see here), very ironically a rampant self-deception within the growing anti-nuclear movement, that I would suddenly fall asleep and pretend that “it isn’t so bad what happened”.   It’s AWEFUL what happened and is happening.  The nuclear industry LIED and caused immense suffering for thousands of people (Documentary).

My little bit of very relieving good news doesn’t make the very troubling situation much closer to the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Site go away, nor the fact that more of these monstrocities are under construction any bit madness.  Before hyping-prone anti-nuclear fear-mongers frame me as having fallen to the dark side, or climate-warmista pro-nuclear masters of deception claim to have gained a new believer, let me make this crystal clear:

I remain 100% opposed to nuclear energy generation for at least these five reasons:

1) When I track that technology shamanically, it is anti-life and “archetypically ruled” by extremely harming- ánd deception-prone warring energy patterns (therefor alone it should be considered ‘not an option’) – briefly touched upon HERE;

2) If it goes badly wrong (which keeps happening), the technology does not exist (see here) to deal with the disaster (therefor alone it should be considered ‘not an option’);

3) There is no solution for the safe storage of long-lived radioactive waste which needs to be thought of in terms of geological time scales, for which this planet is known to be anything but stable (seismically, climatically, politically, economically, etc.); (therefor alone it should be considered ‘not an option’);

4) If you’re serious about nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament, nuclear fission reactors themselves, as a technology, needs to be banned (therefor alone it should be considered ‘not an option’); and –

5)  If sanity and common sense were to matter – there’s actually many better, cleaner, & cheaper alternatives (example of just one simple recent solar development HERE).

Anyways, to reflect back on my somewhat embarrassing misinterpretation of high measurements of food in Japan,  I hope I’ve at least done the world a service by pointing out, backed-up with solid data, that Geiger Counter measurements alone cannot be relied upon to find Fukushima contamination in the US.  The hyped alarm of recent was extremely overblown.   Lab Tests are an absolute must for drawing any conclusions.  I hope people will keep doing independent research, alongside NGOs and government monitoring, and publish whatever they find,  just like I did: Tell the truth, regardless of whether it is troubling, or not at all.

My short list of mostly alternative Nuclear News Links is where I’d go check first if curiosity about that radioactive mess across the Pacific were to return in force again.

Effects of Nuclear Contamination on Pacific Seafood may remain relatively okay, I think.  If I see clear evidence to the contrary, I will very likely return to write about this topic.   Some thoughts from January 21, 2014: 

From what I’ve been reading, Pacific Ocean sea water Cs-137 concentrations may end up peaking around an average of 30 Bq/m^3 along the California to Alaskan coasts, which could mean levels of 100 Bq Cs-137/cubic meter water, or even more, may occur in some areas.  I urge widespread weekly (or more) monitoring along the entire North-American West Coast.

Note: 100 Bq/cubic meter is 0.1 Bq/liter, which for many analysis machines is still below the minimum detectable concentration.  You might have a bigger chance ‘getting cancer’ from jogging around in a smoggy city, getting a bottle of wine from your Radon-filled badly ventilated basement, or from incessant worrying (!), than from enjoying  swimming and surfing in such water.  Mad that I dare utter such a non-threatening viewpoint? Go HERE.

Personally, I do not expect radioactive contamination of regional seafoods to get past 10 Bq/kg Cs-137 (I think 50 Bq/kg Cs-134+137 combined MAX ought to be the cut-off, not Japan’s 100 Bq/kg, nor the FDA’s 1200 Bq/kg), and less for many other isotopes.

More dangerous isotopes, like Strontium-90, Cobalt-60 and maybe even Plutonium-139/240, could become a considerable factor in a few years, depending on how things evolve on site in Japan.  Based on my Hokkaido kelp lab tests, however, apparently even areas that quite likely saw more radioactively contaminated water than the North-American West Coast did in the past two years, just 300 miles north of Fukushima, didn’t see any significant impact on kelps, and my review of thousands of Japanese food tests show that, for the most part, outside a 150 mile radius, almost nothing of concern has been detected in the entire past year.   Granted, nine samples isn’t much, but it’s the ones I had analyzed myself and trust the results of.  If there was a cover-up, I would have exposed it.  Well: there obviously was no cover-up, not about radioactive seaweeds.  If the scare stories were true, I would certainly have found much more contamination in the kelps I had tested.  So, I’m stepping back from this realm of causal-scientific investigation for the time being.  I may still revisit the other-dimensional and shamanic aspects when so inspired, though.

If the US and Canada also step up monitoring, and find nothing alarming, I see no point in boycotting the seafood industry for health reasons.  I have returned to eating seaweeds, including the super-nutritious ones from Hokkaido; and at this point I see no reason to abstain from Pacific salmon yet, either.  Caring businesses with the ethics to do testing themselves have my full support.  Smakelijk!

The world remains an amazing magical place, filled with mysteries and beauty… 

Here are some pictures I took recently:

Blue Herons at Farmington Bay, Great Salt Lake, sunset January 20, 2014
Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2014 – All Rights Reserved.


I love those magenta-colored shoots. They only look like that in winter. Somewhere above Provo in the Northern Wasatch Mountains off I-84.
Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2014 – All Rights Reserved.


A detail of the Toelle Valley in Utah in the last light after sunset…
Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2014 – All Rights Reserved.


Ancient petroglyphs in Southern Utah
Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2014 – All Rights Reserved.


Another spectacular sunset over the Great Salt Lake, during one of the few smog-free days.  Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2014 – All Rights Reserved

All photos by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2014 – Do not share.  Click any photo for Disclaimer & Share Policy.   – All Rights Reserved.

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  1. MVB says:

    Oh how many times did I aim to QUIT writing about nuclear news? haha

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