‘AMRITA’ – A New Painting (October 2013):

The Great Salt Lake region, Utah, USA – early November 2013

Amrita’ (Sanskrit: अमृत) literally means “immortality”, one of several synonyms of “soma” as a “drink which confers immortality upon the gods”.   It has various significances in different Dharmic traditions.   See this great presentation by Graham Hancock (as well as many other Ayahuasca documentaries) for hints of why I combined an extrapolated Shipibo (Amazonian tribe’s) mapping of a common ‘Ayahuasca pattern‘ (Which I’ve seen myself in such ceremonies), combined with a ‘Double Dorje’ of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism.

The pattern was traced upon the canvass in the same Canadian mountain basement I finished the painting, ‘To Break All Spells’ (June 2013).  This one was, again, one of those paintings with a strong intention, leading to the situation that I could only work on it when in a very clear interference-free mind-space.   Working from friends’ homes on both the eastern and western side of the great Salt Lake, it was finally finished in late October 2013:

'Amrita' 40" x 30" Acrylic on Canvas, by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2013

40″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas,  (low res. image, looks better in real) ;-)
by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2013

For more art of mine, see also my PAINTINGS tab.

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